2009-07-04: Flag Smashing


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Summary: Four Xavier-ites run into the ULTIMATUM on the way to the Fireworks.

Date: July 4, 2009

Log Title: Flag Smashing

Rating: R

NYC - Times Square

In the center of Manhattan is Times Square. Many stores, theatres, and restaurants are brightly lit in the area. The big screens at the center of Times Square constantly flashes the latest commercials, and the latest stock prices revolve around the buildings. It's one of the busier areas of New York City, especially during New Years, where the infamous ball is dropped here. If you're lucky you might even see the Naked Cowboy.

With a cloud of Dark Force and a chilly breeze, Owen Folger and his passengers appear in an alley in Times Square. It's the 4th of July and they're on the way down to the fireworks. THis was just the latest in a series of teleports, Owen's range not unlimited. Right now, the fuzzy mutant is leaning on a wall and catching his breath. "Alright, ya'll…we're walkin' from here. Ah'd like tah be awake tah watch the fireworks so…gimme and minute tah rest and we'll get movin'?" he speaks to the group. Of course, as this is an outing of Xavier School Students during a holiday…it can't be peaceful. Nothing has happened yet though. Maybe it's an exception to the rule…

July brushes her hair and adjusts her clothes after that last teleport as Owen leans onto a wall to catch his breath, "Sure thing, Owen." she says, nodding softly, "Thanks for bringing us this far. That was quite a feat." she nods, before stretching for a moment, "How's everyone?"

There are several reasons why Skyler has tagged along with this crowd to see the fireworks. One is that Owen is his current roommate, and Sky was easily talked into going with him. Two, he can always pretend to be Logan if the cops ever question them about a bunch of teens running around without a chaperone. Three, the fireworks are friggin' awesome. Even though he looks like Logan, anybody familiar with the X-Man and two brain cells to rub together could figure out that this wasn't him. He's clean shaven, his hair is neatly trimmed, he's wearing something other than blue jeans and a wife beater, and his posture is easy and relaxed. "I'm doing good," he says to July, "I still don't like going through the Darkforce, though."

Shelly shivers just a little bit from the Dark Force teleport. She hasn't ever teleported in any capacity before, so she's not exactly used to that sort of thing. "Walking is fine by me," Shelly says in response to Owen's statement. "Doing alright," she says in response to July. "Arrived just in time for classes to end, but I think I'm mostly settled in. Got all my junk organized in my room at the very least". Organization is always a pain in the butt when moving.

Owen finally catches his breath and pushes off the wall. He frowns at the fuzz and shrugs. "If anyone asks…Ah lost a bet and Ah'm in a costume," he mutters. "Let's get movin'," he says, heading out of the alley.

Ofcourse, now is when Xavier-luck kicks in. A group of about twenty-five men in trench-coats and fedoras, black boots and white pants visible at the bottom of the coats, are stalking towards Military Recruitment office in Times Square. And they don't seem to care about shoving some teens and a short Canadian out of the way.

July nods, "Yeah, don't worry, Owen." The girl says, smiling lightly at her friend, but then she notices the coat-wearing group of people and blinks, "Huh? Who are those—? Hey!" she says as she's shoved out of the way, losing her balance and hitting her back against a wall, but she remains solid, the impact nowhere strong enough to cause any deformation.

Skyler is shoved roughly out into the street by the mafia hit men rejects. "Hey," he growls at them, "Watch it, bub!" Surely 'bub' couldn't be a genetic trait of the mutant, could it?

Shelly lets out an "Ooof" as she shifts aside when a couple of the men jostle into her, though she doe manage to at least keep her balance when she's shoved to the side. "Geez. Pleasent group of individuals," the tall girl says, watching the men walk and shove past the Xavier teens. "Seems they've gotten right in the festive mood," she adds under her breath to the rest of the group.

Stumbling and earning an odd look from one of the men, Owen frowns. "Now that's jus' rude," he mutters, straightening out his clothes. The fuzzy teen was all set to move on his way when glass is broken. One of the men just hurled a brick through the window of the Military Recruitment office. Suddenly, coats and hats are being flung aside to reveal men in black and white uniforms holding clubs. At the center of it all is a man in a similar uniform, his with a cape. And he's got a spiked mace too.

"I am the face of rebellion! I am Flag-Smasher! And ULTIMATUM is gonna smash this imperealist regime's city to liberate you all!" he laughs out, swinging his mace to shatter other window. Owen meanwhile just blinks. "What in tarnation…" a pause. "Ah really gotta stop sayin' that."

July grumbles as she dusts herself after pulling away from the wall, "Who in the hell do those guys think they are?" she mumbles, but then she blinks and pauses as she hears the gang's leader's shout. She can't help but blink again, "What… the hell?" She's as shocked as Owen, but then she sighs, "Great. A cult."

"Flag-Smasher?" Skyler asks disbelievingly. "That is a really stupid name," He sighs resignedly and steps forward of the group and mutters, "Time to get more detention." Louder he points at the man with the spiked mace. "You! You in the Space Ghost reject costume! Cease and desist!"

"Seconded on the extremely stupid name. What, was 'Flag-Burner' already taken?" Shelly comments with a roll of her eyes as she straightens up and also steps forward once Skyler speaks up, taking a second to focus and look for both space to run and to see if there happens to be any metal bars or poles that are grabbable or rippable if needed.

Owen blinks again as Skyler and Shelly step forward, frowning a little. "Don' ya'll thin' we should like…call the Avengers insteada fightin' them ourselves?" he asks even as he's stretching a little for an impending fight. There's not much in the area for grabbing and ripping other than the occasional street sign and there's plenty of buildings and alleys to run and hide in.

Flash-Smasher laughs and points his mace at Skyler. "Look what little fools those Government pigs sent! Smash them down! Show them the might of ULTIMATUM!" he demands, the nameless soldiers charging for the assembled group with clubs at the ready.

July looks at the gang as Skyler and Shelly play heroes. "Well… they don't seem to have any powers.. but they outnumber us five to one…" she bites her lower lip, frowning, until the Flash-Basher orders his goons to attack them. "Drats. Guess there's no way out." she says, readying herself in position as the gang rushes at them.

Skyler nods at Owen. "Call them if you've got their number," he says. "I think we can handle these guys until the cops or the Avengers show up." As the goons charge, he clenches his fists and with a *snickt* his bone claws pop out. "All right," he says, "Let's do this."

So much for subtle. Of course, that's just very clearly a Hellion thing. Shelly watches the goons come towards them. "I'll see if I can't slow them down a little," she comments quietly to the others. She doesn't have a lot of experience fighting with the team, but she does have a lot of speed. Sixty miles per hour of it, in fact, combined with some extra strength. Which is why she decides she's just going to dash forward at high speed and make use of a bunch of sucker gut and knee clothsline-style moves with her arms and see if she can't knock some down or knock the wind out of them. She's not out for doing serious damage to them, but more for encouraging them to make a tactical withdrawl.

Owen just sighs, calling up some Dark Force around his arms. "Well, so much for the fireworks," he mutters.

Shelly's charge does cut the incoming group in half, breaking them into two small masses of twelve instead of one big one of twent-four. Once group attacks Shelly and July with swung clubs and thrown punches. The other group goes after Skyler and Owen, the fuzzy teen quickly vanishing under a pile of them as two men try to grab Skyler's arms while another aims a club-swing at his head.

July smirks as apparently all the weapons those guys have are clubs "This is too easy…" she mutters. Clubs can't hurt her. And, as half the gang rushes toward her and Shelly, and so she decides to act. She then lashes both arms forward, stretching them toward the goon leading the group toward her, in an attempt to grab and immobilize him, and throw him back toward his group.

While Skyler might not have the kind of fighting prowess that Wolverine does, he does have the man's body, and a solid understanding of combat basics. He strikes out at the three coming after them, aiming at arms and wrists to disable them, and, unlike the man he's copying, trying not to cripple them in the process.

Shelly scowls. Not exactly the result the girl was hoping for. She slides to the side to avoid one club blow and tries to grab her attacker's wrist. If she's able to catch hold of that wrist with her self-defense training, she's going to attempt to play Bowling for Goons and throw the man into the mass and try to knock them down. She'd have noticed Owen getting buried, but she's a tad tied up herself at the moment.

The combined efforts of Shelly and July result in a strike. They're quickly surrounded by a pile of groaning and bruised ULTIMATUM men. THey're not staying down though, getting up quickly.

The men around Skyler aren't expecting too much of a fight. And as such, they're easily disarmed. Several of them stumble backwards, rubbing wrists and arms. THe pile behind Skyler-Logan seems confused as it breaks apart. No Owen, just fading Dark Force. Meanwhile, Flag-Smasher is watching with a psychotic grin.

July grumbles as the group she just hit start standing back up, and she looks at the tall girl, "Shelly? How good is your throwing arm?" She smirks, having an idea. "Never mind, just pick me up, and toss me against that gang, as hard as you can! Don't worry about me, k?" She nods, before jumping toward Shelly and changing her shape into a round ball, as big as a beach ball.

Skyler doesn't let the guys who have jumped on his roommate have a chance to gather their wits before he charges in on them, again going for the tactical strikes to disarm and immobilize them.

One Fastball Special coming up! Shelly takes hold of the ball-form July as she comes forward and flings her right towards the group of bad guys. "You should have stayed down," the teenager says as she sends July hurtling towards them.

The leap-attack from Skyler catches a a lot of the men off guard, knocking several out with yells of pain. Of course, Flag-Smasher has elected to join in down. MAce raised high, he yells and swings the weapon at Skyler's back.

The men don't seem to listen to Skelly's scolding. They continue on and attack, one of the men takling Shelly from behind once she lets go of the heroes.

July flies toward a group of those gang members thanks to the force of Shelly's throw. Half-way through her flying trip, she starts changing forms again, widening her poles, forming some sort of tube as she attempts to wrap around and gather as many of the gangsters as she can and hold them tight in a grip.

Flag-Smasher's mace catches Skyler by surprise, knocking him off his feet and putting a decent dent into the back of his skull. While on a normal person this would cause a severe concussion and most likely brain damage, Skyler has the regenerative abilites of Logan, and so after shaking off the initial pain, and wondering at the feeling of his skull putting itself back into shape, get gets to his feet, more wary about who's around him.

Shelly gets a thud in the back. "Yeouch!" the girl lets out, turning to face this newest assailant. She reaches out to attempt to grab the man and throw him at Flag-Smasher. If he's going to join the fight with his mace, then she's going to see if she can't surprise him with some friendly fire, so to speak. Also, hopefully it'll keep Flag-Smasher from attacking Skyler while he's recovering.

Owen reappears in time to get backhanded into a pair of ULTIMATIUM men by Flag-Smasher. The caped villain laughes as Skyler goes down, turning towards Shelly. He doesn't see Skyler gettingg back up as he knocks aside SHelly's projectile man. Meanwhile, July has managed to lasso herself a nice sized chunk of them enemy. They struggle and curee as they try to get free.

July tightens as much as possible to not let them out. But, as apparently Flad-Smasher goes after Shelly, July decides to intervene again! She extends a tentacle lightning-fast toward Flag-Smasher's legs, and attempts to wrap her tentacle around the man's ankles and
bind them together to prevent any further progress forward of the man.

Skyler takes the opportunity that Flag-Smasher has given him by leaping at the man's back, attempting to sink his claws into the man's mace-wielding arm. This guy he doesn't mind maiming quite as much as the hapless goons.

Seeing Skyler and July both gun for Flag-Smasher, Shelly dashes towards the man and reaches back to deliver a punch in the direction of his face. She's hoping that Skyler's clawing combined with July's leg-wrapping will distract him enough for her fist to land with full impact for the knockout attempt.

Flag-Smasher, or atleast his costume, proves quite durable. As Logan-Skyler stabbs, the claws glance off to only cut hhe arm instead pf stabbing it. After taking a punch to the masked face, Flag-Smasher reaches back and then flings Skyler at Shuttly. July's able to bimd Flash-SMaher but one must wonder how long it'll last!

July keeps Flash-Gnasher's legs bound, and she keeps stretching her tentacle longer and longer, coiling up the man's legs to wrap more and more of him, hoping to fully immobilize the guy, praying he doesn't have super-human strength.

Skyler is tossed bodily into Shelly, somehow managing to end up on his feet after the collision. With a growl of frustration, he launches another salvo at the villain, this time not holding anything back.
Shelly takes the collision right in the midsection. The girl gasps for breath a few times before she takes a few steps forward towards Flag Smasher. She takes aim at the man and sends a pair of punches his midsection with a renewed sense of supernatural strength, unconsciously taking advantage of her internal strength burst thanks to gasping for air and triggering the power. This won't last long though, but hopefully it'll break through his costume or supernatural resiliance.

Flag-Smasher isn't super strong but he is much stronger than a normal person. Reaching down, he starts quickly unwinding July from himself. "Little Bubblegum girl should've stayed on then bottom of someone's boot!" he growls. When Logan-Skyley and Shelly charge back in, Flag-Smasherer is knocked off his feet. The man loses his mace and gets a few slashes from Logan-Skyler bur sets about using July to wtap Shelly up.

July tries to make it as difficult as possible for Flag-Smasher to untangle himself, but when her tentacle is used to wrap Shelly up, she quickly retracts her tentacle away to not tangle around Shelly, freeing the girl. If possible, she'll then attempt to wrap it around Flag=Smasher's waist and toss him against a wall, hard.

Skyler backs off a bit to grab the dropped mace, and swings it at the villain's back as hard as he can, trying to knock the wind out of him.
Shelly is rather glad she doesn't have July grappling her once the girl retracts her tentacle. The teen doesn't want to waste time, so she again moves forward and tries a double-fisted slam down at Flag Smasher's head, going once more for the knockout strike.

Flag-Smasher laughs as July tries to throw him, managing to hold himself this time and avoid being thrown. Getting up, he sends a hard kick into Shelly's midsection as she gets close, knocking the girl away. He reaches for his mace but pauses when it's not there. "Where the hell?" he asks moments before the mace swing connects. With a yell he's send sprawling onto the pavement. Looks like he's done for.

July would grumble if she had a mouth, but right now she doesn't. As Flag-Smasher manages to hold himself to avoid being thrown, July withdraws her tentacle. She wishes she could do more, but right now most of her focus is keeping all the bad guys nicely tied up in one big pile with a thick fleshy 'rope' holding them all nice and tight.

"Hah!" shouts Skyler triumphantly, adding this to an ever increasing list of bad guys he's taken down. He turns to the rest of the goons and snarls, with claws out in one hand and giant mace in the other, "Anybody else wants some?"

Most of the men are groaning in pain, rubbing various bumps and bruises and generally not wanting to fight much. Most have started to run for it but a handful get caught by July. WIth another cloud of DarkForce, Owen, clothes torn and looking like he's been fighting goons while the others dealt with Flag-Smasher, appears. "Guys. We should get movin' now," he says, frowning at the sound of sirens. A lot of them.

Skyler nods in agreement, tossing the mace to on top of the prone figure of Flag-Smasher, and retracting his claws. "Yeah. Let's get the heck out of here. I don't want the police thinking that Logan had anything to do with this." He winces at the though. "He'd crucify me."

July forms a head from that big rope-like body of hers now, "But… what about these guys? If I let go, they'll run away!" She says, not knowing what to do now.

Owen frowns, looking over at the July-rope. "First off…never do that again," he says, gesturing at the girl. "Second…" he frowns, walking over and placing a hand on one of the men. Within seconds, they're gone, leaving July to fall to the ground. They reappear atop the Military Recruitment office and Owen teleports back down. "There…that should keep 'em busy till the cops get here. Someone get Shelly and we can teleport outta here."

July blinks and plops down to the floor as the bad guys disappear, then she gooey-like reassembles herself into her human form and nods, "Alright, let's get out of here." she looks at Shelly, and her heavy size, "Oh boy…" she mutters, "Help me over here, Skyler." she says as she moves to try to lift Shelly, but her big size also means big weight, "W-what do you mean by… 'not do this again', Owen?" She asks.

Skyler helps July gather up Shelly and trots over to Owen for extraction.

Owen places a hand on each of the others, frowning slightly as how dirty the fur is. "Ah meant the creepy July-worm thin'," he replies to the girl. One look around and they're gone in a cloud of DarkForce. Moments later, Times Square is filling with NYPD cruisers.

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