2009-04-09: Flirting And Sunsets


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Summary: Daisuke and Jared cuddle and chat for a bit by the beach.

Date: April 9, 2009

Log Title Flirting and Sunsets

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Spuyer Devil Cove

This little cove leads off to Breakstone Lake. Students can go fishing, boating, and swimming in the fresh water. There is a small beach off to the side of the dock where students can also go sunbathing.

It's after dinner and the sun's just set, leaving it that not quite night but darkness of dusk. Dai's decided to just walk around out side now that it's spring. His walk has lead him down to the cove where he now lays down on the ground, looking up at the sky, listening to his music on his head phones. He's been in a good mood over all lately and right now his mind is a bit away as he's lost to his music and his thoughts.

Daisuke is not the only person that has been in generaly good mood of late, and not the only one lost in thought. Jared Stone, Daisuke's room mate and of late boyfriend, has been noticably happy as well. Not quite as sullen and angery as he normaly tends to be, obviously Daisuke has been good for him. Being that it is a chilly spring day the equal of a winters day for the California native, Jared has taken himself out for a walk as well, wrapped up in his sweat pants and dark grey hoodie he is simpley walking along the lake wondering what it is like to be a fish for no reason at all. )

Sometimes two people are just good for eachother and Daisuke's confidence has even been becoming a bit more stable. Though at the moment Daisuke doesn't notice Jared in the area. He's still lying on his back, hands behind his head, looking up at the sky and after a bit he starts singing. It's all in Japanese and Daisuke's voice, well it's not anything to be proud of. He's not horrible but there's a reason why he plays drums and doesn't sing.

Jared blinks as his revery, and trying to get his powers to sense life to focus on just the fish in the lake, is broken by the sudden sound of singing. After a moment he grins and changes the direction he is walking so that he can find whom ever is singing in Japanese, as if he did not know already who it was. Grinning slightly the young man trys to sneak up lounging Daisuke to pounce on him.

Daisuke doesn't have any speical life detecting skills or movement or anything so he doesn't notice he's about to be pounce until it's to late. At the last minute he gasps with surprise but ends up with a Jared on top of him and the inital scare turs into a smile. "Jared!" He says taking off his headphones and it's obvious his music was pretty loud. "You almost scared the crap outta me you jerk." He says teasing him with a big smile.

Jared can't help but laugh and grins like a maniac, or possibly like Leo, whils deciding to stradle Daisuke's waist. "Not my fault your not paying attention. You and Eddie are the ones that want to be the big time heroes right? Got to be on the look out for random atacks all the time."

"Well I guess it depends on the random attacks, if it's you randomly attacking me, I think I like it." Daisuke says wraping his arms around Jared and sitting up for a kiss. "So how's your day been today beautiful?" He asks as he looks at Jared with that smitten look in his eyes.

Jared girns and leans in for a nice deep kiss with Daisuke. "You say that now, but you always seem to be annoyed at first when I pounce you out of nowhere. My day was pretty good, normal stuff for a thursday…of you can call anything in a school full of mutants normal. How about you? How was your day?"

Daisuke takes a deep breath. "It's not annoyed it's just…reflex I guess you can say." He says as he pull Jared so that he's lying down with him. "It wasn't bad, I was taking with Eddie for a bit and I have something to give you later." Daisuke says with a slight blush. "And to me, this place is normal, I like it here."

Jared grins and kisses Daisuke on the forehead as he says that it is not annoyance that he called him a jerk for scaring him, enjoying the fact that he is talle nough to do that with no difficutly. "All a question of perspective I guesse since normal for me normal is a transcestite Russian coach and spending most of my time alone." Jared makes no move to fight bing pulled over to lay with Daisuke, but he does not do much to move his legs from where they were while stradeling the other boy. "Oooh, something to give me? Can't you give it to me now?"

Daisuke wraps his arms around Jared and smiles up at him. "Me normal was…well…I told you about that." He doesn't like to talk about it cause it sometimes gets his mood down and right now, he just wants to be happy. "Well I'll be taking up a lot of your 'alone' time now." He says chuckling. "And I can't give it to you now, it's up in the room but I can always give you something else." Daisuke says with a bit of a mischevious smile on his face.

Jared grins and hugs Daisuke to him, trying to get as much of himself as he can in contact with Dai as possible. "Good, had enough alone time already, and you deserve way better than you have had. Hmm, well if it is all the way up there I guesse I can wait and be patient…although what ever you might want to give me while here could always help me wait."

Daisuke kisses Jared again and snuggles against him as well. "I don't know if I deserve anything but I'm happy and I like what I have now." Daisuke wouldn't change anything about his life right now for the world. He has great friends and a great boyfriend. His hands reach into the back of Jared's pants to goose him but his hands don't remove themselves from the spot. "I figured I could give you some 'us' time out here."

Jared yelps like Eddie when surprised as he gets goosed and says, "Cold hands, cold hands." With a grin though he lets one of the hands he has around Dai slip into the back of his pants as well. "Mmm, some quality us time is good, very good. You do deserve great things though, I say so thus it is so."

Daisuke gives Jared a squeeze with his 'cold hands' and grins. "Well I'll just have to warm them up here." He tenses and grins with an intake of breath. "And you're hands aren't exactly warm either, and it's cause you say it, it is thus so? You're word is that mighty?"

"Now I know you're lying but I like hearing it." Daisuke says as he doesn't think he's that good looking but if he is in Jared's eyes, that's fine by him. "To me though, you're the best looking guy in New York, no doubt about that. I just lost looking into your eyes." He says kissing Jared again. "you can have the liberty to warm your hands anywhere you want on me."

Jared kisses Daisuke back, and just grins evily as he is given cart blanche to put his hands where ever he wants on him. "Oh really now? You know if I did not half suspect that there were cameras hidden watching here too I might take you up on that offer. And I will have you know, I am not lying the slightest bit, not even to exagerate."

"Well you make me happy." Daisuke says as he leans up to nip at Jared's neck. "Well maybe we'll have to take this up to the room in a little bit. Also it's getting quite cold out here." But cuddled as close to Jared as he can be provides some warmth. "And it's not just you that makes me happy it's everything, friends, but you, you've been a big factor in that.

Jared shivers a little as his neck is nipped and squeezes Daisuke's buttox with his hands that are now nice and toasty warm. "Mmm, its a good thing everything is making you happy, you deserve good friends and everything else. Hmm, might be fun to go up to our room where things are nice and warm, and there is no sand to get in akward places."

Daisuke leans up and rubs his nose against Jared's. "I am, I'm really happy." As his butt is squeezed he manages to somehow press againt Jared even more, if possible. "You deserve to be happy to Jared and to have good friends and good family. I'd move a hand to run through your hair but they're nice and warm down here." He says with a chuckle.

Jared laughs and nuzzles Daisuke. "You know I was thinking something like that myself, about the whole hands and hair thing. Good friernds I got, thanks to you and Leo, good family I have in spades already and I hav'nt even had a chance to meet any uncles and aunts of mine that Jericho and Christopher might be hiding."

"It's funny I'm best friends with your adopted brother, you dad's my psycologist and here I am, falling for you. And if it wasn't for Leo I would have never had the courage to do this." Daisuke says leaning in for a kiss, opening his mouth so it's anything but chaste. Once he pulls away he smiles. "Maybe we should head over to our room." Thought the walk might be a bit difficult.

Jared kisses Dai back, and his kiss really is anything but chaste and if anyone reviews the tape might get him a talking too since he trys to not let Dai pull back at first. "Hmm, maybe we should go back to our room. Well either its fate, or everyone we know got together one night and decided we would make a cute couple and went to work pushing us together."

Daisuke doesn't mind not being allowed to pull back and it prolonged him from actaully pulling back. "Cute couple? I have to agree with that one." He says as he finally, and reluctantly, pulls himself away so he can stand up, adjust himself a bit before putting out his hands to pull up Jared. "I'd like to think for once luck was on my side."

Jared pouts as Daisuke pulls away, and while Dai is adgusting himself to be…less obvious pulls his feet under him to stand up in a single smooth move.

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