2009-05-27: Flyaway Worry


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Summary: Owen happens upon a worried Robyn and decides to try and cheer him up.

Date: May 27, 2009

Log Title: Flyaway Worry

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Right Path

A brick path off the courtyard cuts through the grass to lead to the other areas on the outside grounds of Xavier's. There are a few benches that line the path so students can sit and enjoy outside. Either side of the path the grass is well manicured and has enough room for students to have a picnic, play Frisbee, or relax and study. At night there are small lamps that raise three feet off the ground to provide light.

Even though it's a nice warm day, and Robyn's outside, he's not enjoying the weather as much as he'd like. Not to far from the hedge maze, Robyn's lying in the grass with a tray in front of him and he seems to be working with some clay, just something to keep his mind off of things. He's dressed in his usual black with a pair of shades, just like Headmaster Summers, right on top of his head.

Whistling a cheerfull tune, Owen Folger comes levitating over the wall of the hedgemaze. Strange connections to Erik aside, Owen's really enjoying the powers he's been given. Just in shorts right now, t-shirt slung over his shoulder just because he likes to show off his body, Owen blinks when he notices RObyn and the shades. "Howdy, Robyn!" he greets as he walks over. "Guess Ah know what powers ya'll ended up with."

Robyn looks up at Owen and gives a small smile as he squishs the clay flat. "Hey Owen, what's up?" He says sitting up with a sigh. He doesn't look like he's in the best of moods as even though he might be giving Owen a faint smile it's definately not reflected in his eyes. "Yeah, somehow got Mr. Summers eye things, I can't really control them that well." He says as when he feels the power building up he quickly slides the shades over his eyes.

Owen flops down onto the ground next to Robyn and glances at the flat clay. "Whatcha makin'?" he asks. "Not too much. Just out for a walk," he says. He regards the other mutant for several moments before nodding. "So ya'll got Mr. Summers' eye-of-doom," he chuckles. "That what's got ya lookin' do down?"

"I don't know, I'm not really feeling creative lately." Robyn says brushes his bangs to the side. "Yeah, I have his eye powers, and they're not easy to control. Not like I had much control with my other powers but at least they're not on all the time like with the Headmaster. I did blow a hole in my roof though." He says smiling a bit at that. Hey, he does see the humour in it. "I dunno, do I really look that down, I'm trying not to."

Owen arches both eyebrows. "Ya'll blasted a hole in the roof? You an' the roommate are okay, right?" he asks just to make sure. "Must be nice havin' a skylight now," he muses. There's a pause where Owen smirks and points at Robyn. "That may jus' be why ya'll look down. Tryin' too hard tah not," he reasons. "So what's got ya so depressed lookin'?"

Robyn nods. "I'm fine and Antonio, I haven't seen him around lately. I think he had to go do his foriegn stuff." He's not saying it to be mean but he really doesn't know his roomate that well. "It's a lovely piece of plastic above my bed to keep the rain out though the sound of the rain was nice last night." He takes a deep breath and doesn't answer for a few seconds. When he does answer he looks down at the grass and says it quietly. "Jordan's missing."

Owen shrugs, having not seen Antonio around either. "Well, good tah hear you're okay an' enjoyin' the sound," he says. When Robyn says what he does, Owen's eyes go wide a moment. "What? What do ya mean, missin'?"

"Exactly what I said, missing." And that's all Robyn knows, he hasn't been told anything else and there isn't anything besides the rumours that the five who vanished haven't been seen for a while. "He's not here, he's gone, Mr. Summers said missing when I told him that I haven't seen him in a while." And that's what really seems to bother Robyn, the unknown.

Owen bites his lip and sighs. Scooting a little closer, he moves to put an arm around the other teen's shoulders. "Hey, don' be all down. Ah'm sure he's okay," he says. "Big, stron' guy like Jordan…probably fine wherever he is."

Robyn tenses a bit as Owen puts his arm around his shoulders and takes a few breaths. "I miss him." Besides the fact that they were just becoming boyfriends, Jordan was the person he was closest to at the school. "I hope so, I just don't know where he is, if he's okay or what happened. Jordan's the first guy…" He doesn't finish the rest due to the fact that he's really shy in regards to his sexuality at the moment. He has trouble admiting to Owen Jordan's the first guy he's kissed.

Owen keeps his arm on Robyn, giving him a little side-hug. "Ah understand. Ah'd miss a close friend like that too…" he trails off. "Ah'm sure the school'll tell ya what happened when they find out and he'll tell ya when he gets back," the telekinetic offers a smile.

"I doubt the school would tell me, I'm just another student." Robyn says realisiticly. "It's not like anyone knows we're…together." He finally says turning a nice shade of red. "I'm sorry I'm getting so embarassed and I'm so upset, I'm just worried is all."

Owen chuckles and wags a finger. "They'll give ya'll a cover story. Then Jordan'll tell ya the true story," he says, big grin on his face at this. Owen's weird sometimes. "Tahgether…oh! More than jus' close friends then," he says, giving Robyn a little shoulder-squeeze. "No need tah get embarassed. Ah'm intah guys too ya know," he says. "And Ah understand bein' worried."

Robyn shakes his head. "They'll just say he's missing, that's about it." He then looks at Owen with surprise and blinks. "Huh? You are?" And that gets a bit of a smile from Robyn as it's kind of relief to hear. "It's just with losing my powers and then getting these eye thingies and then Jordan disappearing, it's a lot."

Owen nods, poking Robyn gently in the arm. "That's their cover story then. You'll get the real one from Jordan. Jus' be patient," he says with a smile. "And yeah. Ah am," he says. "Sounds like ya'll need somethin' tah get your min' off thin's…" he trails off. "And Ah got an idea."

"Yeah I was trying to get my mind off of things with scuplting, it usually helps me to relax but I'm not feeling that creative." Robyn can't help but smile and shake his head. "My Mom would probably smack me upside the head for saying that." He says noone before giving Owena curiuos look. "What's this idea that you have?

Owen grins. "Mah Ma'd put us tah work if we said we needed distractin'," he chuckles. "We'd be cleaning and fixin' before we could get another word in," a laugh. "Well, pack up all the sculptin' stuff and Ah'll show ya."

Robyn starts to pack up and shakes his head. "My mom isn't the put to work type, well not like chores work more here's some crayons and paper, have fun." It's what happens when your mother is an artist for a living. "And just as long as you don't have me doing some crazy fixing and cleaning stuff, I'm game." He says after packing everythign up.

Owen laughs, pulling his t-shirt back on. "Don' worry, we're gonna do somethin' fun," he says, getting to his feet. "So, let's go," he says, offering a hand and a grin.

Robyn takes Owen's hand and stands up, brushing off his pants, which are black of course. It's very rare Robyn doesn't wear all black. "Sure, and thanks Owen, for trying to cheer me up." He's appricitive of the fact that he's trying to do that and also that everyone at the school is pretty friendly.

Owen grins a bit wider. "Hold on tight now. We're goin' flyin'!" he declares, lifting them both up high into the air with his new telekinesis.

Robyn grabs onto Owen as he lifts him into the air. It's a bittersweet feeling for him. The feeling is great but at the same time Jordan did hover with him for a bit in the air and he kind of remembers that.

Robyn takes a deep breath and he's trying not to be depressed. "Whose powers did you get?" He asks as he's trying to think of who can fly like this.

Owen lifts them higher and higher off the ground, getting to open sky. "Dunno," he admits. "But Ah got this telekinesis and this weird mental link tah Mr. Anderson," he says. "It's weird. So…got a good grip?"

"I hope so." Robyn says clinging to Owen. He doesn't have any powers that'll allow him to fly, even if he had his own. He can just blast stuff with his eyes. "Whose Mr. Anderson? The guy that that creepy guy from the Matrix played by Elrond was always "Mr. Anderson." about?"

Owen laughs. "Naw. He's one of our teachers. White hair, used to have magnet powers. Bit weird," he explains. "Alright. Get ready…cause here we go!" he laughs, taking them soaring over the school, the lake, the woods. He pulls various loops and rolls to make things more enjoyable, just focusing on keeping Robyn distracted and happy.

Robyn is distracted all right, distracted with making sure he's not going to fall as he clings to Owen. There's a few choice swear words that come out of his mouth as he's mainly hoping Owen doesn't drop him to the ground below. After the inital surprise and fear, Robyn starts to open his eyes and enjoy the ride.

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