2012-10-22: Food And Terrorists


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Summary: Nigel brings in junk food and talks about being labeled a terrorist.

Date: October 22, 2012

Log Title: Food and Terrorists

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

Warlock made the stupid mistake of mentioning to a family member that he had a bit of a headache so has been ordered to head back down here, christ it was hard enough getting out the first time around. Dressed in jeans and a dark hoodie the only sign of any injuries is some bruses and a couple of cuts and scrapes on his face, entering the room he looks around hoping no medical staff are about so he can skidaddle again, staying in one room is something he very much wants to avoid considering.

If Warlock came down here ten minutes earlier, he would have run into Dr. Reyes talking to Nicholas, but she's since gone back into her office leaving him alone. Quenton is still asleep in the bed next to him with Shane curled up asleep next to him. He flips through one of the Batman comics Jill got him. As the door slides open he looks up. "Hey Lock!" Most of Nick's bruises have seemed to been cleared up just leaving the broken limbs and various scarring cuts. "How are you feeling?"

Spotting Nick Lock smiles and decides to risk heading further into the medbay, "Hey Nick, I'm good", he waves the arm he couldn't even move just a couple of days ago, wasn't broken luckily, "What about you? how're you holding up?", he leans against the wall trying to stay partly hidden from any med staff who might reappear while he's standing next to Nick.

Nicholas shrugs a shoulder. "Okay I guess. Well not okay, it all feels very surreal right now." He puts the Batman comic aside and does his best to push himself up. "How'd you get so lucky and end up confined to the medbay?" He knows he's stuck down here for at least a week. "I thought I was seeing double the other night."

Warlock shrugs, "I'm doing a lot better than you guys so I managed to slip out while no one was looking, everythings so busy that no one has tracked me down to make me come back", he raises an eyebrow at the seeing double comment, "Oh, do you mean my dad?, well I did say that we're a lot alike, I think he did mention that someone called him Lock that night".

"Probably was me, I don't even really know what fully went down that night just that we were saved and Quenton started to rage and I knew I had to stop him." Nicholas than looks over at Warlock and beckons him over with his good hand. "I'd get up to walk over to you but Dr. Reyes told me being on the broken leg so much is what made it worse. So your Dad came…" There's a relieved sort of smile that crosses over Nick's face. "Tell him thank you, I know he just came for you but, I appreciate it. I'm really happy you're alive Warlock."

Next to Quenton, there's a soft noise, and the sound of a body shifting on the mattress. Slowly, Shane's head rises over Quenton's shoulder, eyes squeezing shut and opening again to clear away the bleariness. "..Sup?" she mumbles, the word really only understandable thanks to its simplicity; anything more complicated wouldlikely be completely indecipherable.

"Probably was me, I don't even really know what fully went down that night just that we were saved and Quenton started to rage and I knew I had to stop him." Nicholas than looks over at Warlock and beckons him over with his good hand. "I'd get up to walk over to you but Dr. Reyes told me being on the broken leg so much is what made it worse. So your Dad came…" There's a relieved sort of smile that crosses over Nick's face. "Tell him thank you, I know he just came for you but, I appreciate it. I'm really happy you're alive Warlock."

Nigel pokes his head into the med bay and looks around. "Everyone decent? I've got food." Not being immediately told to take off he steps in clutching bags from about a half dozen local fast food chains in his hands.

Warlock gives the waking Shane a smile, "Hey Shane", he walks over to Nick, "True my dad was only there cause I was but he didn't just grab me and leave, he was staying to help everyone. He figured that while I'm his kid, you, Connor and Quenton are still someone's kids", he grins, "Good to see your still kicking too, this a bad time for an 'I told you so'?", he jokes. Nigel's arrival with food has Lock grinning again, "If there's pizza in there Nigel, I will love you forever".

"This is the perfect time for I told you so." Nicholas says pushing himself up the best he can so he can give Lock a hug. "You know you helped keep us together in there, right? Without you, I know I would have broken. I'm sorry Warlock, I'm sorry that I never got to know you better before, that I judged you and called you spineless cause without you….you're a great person Warlock." Then as Shane talks he breaks the hug and looks over. "Shane!" Before he can say anymore Nigel enters and he gives a wave at Wildcard. "As long as it's not food from a can, good to see you Nigel."

Shane blinks again, shaking her head to clear the cobwebs, then pushes herself off Quenton's bed, raking a hand through her hair and looking at Nigel's mound of fast food. "…Okay y'know what you're fucking awesome, dude… Seriously." Arching her back, to the dry-pinecone sound of multiple pops of the back, she edges around the bed to drop into the chair next to Nicholas. "Was tellin' Q yesterday… thought y'all were dead, Nick. Glad y'ain't."

Nigel steps towards the gathered folks "Well lesse, I got burgers.. fish and chips, tacos, some genersl tso's, couple beef Kababs, some Gyros, closest I got to pizza are a few of these Pizzone things. Was running out of hands and since I can't Wildcard back and forth from Salem Center without risking being spotted I had to get all this back on my scooter." He piles the bags on the nearest flat surface as well as a case of pepsi max.

Warlock hugs his friend quite happily with the added use of his left arm too!, "Nick without you, Quenton and Connor I wouldn't have stayed hopefull for long, and the times I was talking to you reminded me to keep going, you got though so much even before all this and stayed strong, that gave me hope", he helps Nigel unload, "P'Zones work!", he's a little red, it's getting kinda emotional.

Nigel sighs "Sorry I got to the party late.. was on my way after putting that big construct together and spotted a couple vans of those jagoffs heading for the stadium to reinforce the others.. so I gave them somthing else to focus on. I figure the road crews will be busy putting the street back together for a week or so.. so you guys holding up ok?" He looks to see if anyone is going to need help with their selection.

Nicholas is hungry but all the greasy food is making his stomach feel a bit off. "I think I'll stick with a hamburger. Thanks again Nigel." He looks over to Shane and squeezes her shoulder with his good hand. "I thought we were too, I won't lie to you. I'm glad we're not, he couldn't stop talking about you." He says about Quenton with a smile. "Why is everyone sorry about stuff?! There's nothing to be sorry about Nigel. Warlock, thank you, really, for everything." He then shrugs a shoulder, obviously not able to get out of bed with his left arm and leg in a cast, not to mention the various bandages. "Shane, I'm sorry but I'm going to have to get your boyfriend drunk."

Shane snorts, shaking her head. "Good fuckin' luck," she mutters, eyeing the pile of food brought in, considering. "Hot's he runs, prolly it'll just make fire shoot out his ears'r somethin'." Slipping off the bed, she plucks up a pair of chopsticks and takes one of the General Tso's boxes, returning to sit next to Nick's bed. "Wanted t'go. Didn't. Figured 'f just fightin' a bunch of'm off made me a terrorist, showin' up there woulda just got me dead. 'S bullshit, though… betcha fifty bucks whoever's suckin' Purifier dick in the capital's gonna make it all your fault."

Nigel shrugs "They can call Wildcard a terrorist all they want.. hell not like I havn't earned the title at this point. Been tearing up every meeting of those jagoffs I can find.. but hey they've yet to see me change so they can put an APB out on a six foot cartoon till they're blue in the face. Fact is SHEILD got there and secured the place.. they have whats left of the Sentinel. Good luck putting a spin on the church having an anti-mutant death machine. With Miss Frost tied up in this legal crap we're all just pretty much running around doing our own thing out there."

Nicholas isn't really ready to hear what's been going on in the last month and remains quiet as he picks at his burger. "Wow, so things have been pretty bad here." His voice still has that raspy tone of someone on the verge of losing it. "They kept saying stuff about having their reach everywhere, but they didn't really talk to us much unless it was to ask us questions, eventually the questions stopped but the torture didn't. Nigel, just be careful, you don't know how bad these guys can get and if they find out who you are…" The burger just doesn't seem appetizing anymore. "What do you mean legal crap?"

Nigel sighs and cracks open a pepsi "Somone is sueing the school.. I don't know the details but it's somthing about discriminatory acceptance practices. Like it's not fair that we don't allow normal humans here or some crap. Plus the usual allegations that this place is just a training ground for mutant terrorists. Whatever it all really is it's just a ploy to keep Miss Frost and Doctor McCoy busy and out in public. Things here havn't been bad.. just no direction, no leadership. We're all just doing our own thing waiting for the other shoe to drop. Theo's trying to trace the church's money trail and figure out where they're getting their weapons from so I can go destroy the stockpiles. Course I got him one of those collars from the stadium so hopefully he can figure out how to bypass them or at least make a skeleton key or somthing to get them off anyone else they put them on. Also got some of their guns and darts.. mabye he can come up with some kind of vaccine against their power blockers."

"What he said," Shane mutters, picking at her Chinese food. "Somea th'kids're sayin', the ones who been here awhile, they think th'Purifiers're gonna try'n take us out, soon's they can find th'place. Good fuckin' luck, though… Figure not even thinkin' 'bout kids that stay here, 'n the adults, but they got enough hardware inna walls'n'lawn out there t'stock an Army base. Only reason the school got so fucked when Heather's parents screwed the place was 'cos they'd brainwashed some 'f us t'go in an' make holes."

Nicholas doesn't say anything, just lets the two of them explain things. It's just becoming apparent that what's happened is far from over and he's not really as safe as he thought he was. The burger is disregarded all together and pushed to the side. "Be careful with the collars." He says eventually. "We temporarily blinded Warlock trying to remove it." He leans forward and points to a bandage on the back of his neck. "It actually works by cutting into your neck and blocking the powers there."

Nigel shudders "Yeesh these guys are hardcore psychos.. well you rest up and try to get back to some level of normal. I gotta go check on some things and hit the danger room again. I'm sure you're gonna have plenty of visitors and I don't wanna bring the mood down any more than I already have. Enjoy the munchies and if you get an urge for somthing specific lemme know and I'll see about making a junk food run." He downs the rests of his drink and tosses the can in the waste bin.

Shane looks up, twitching her chin upwards in Nigel's direction. "Thanks, guy. 'Preciate th' food. Prolly Q's gonna wanna down half of it after he waes up. Later." Looking back down at Nicholas, she raises an eyebrow, nudging the trouble'd boy's shoulder. "…Hey. S'cool, all right? Out there, they got us, 'n took you guys. In here? They'd be totally fucked. Like, prison pretty-boy style, yeah?"

Nicholas nods to Nigel and waves. "Thanks Nigel, for everything. Don't get too caught up in all this and get yourself in trouble." He says before looking to Shane sadly. "I just lost all my appetite and talking about it, just, I know it's not over and I'm scared Shane. I'm still scared and I know I shouldn't be but this is twice, /twice/ I've escaped being killed by them by the skin of my teeth."

"Fuck yeah y'oughta be scared," SHane says, popping a bit of chicken in her mouth and falling silent for awhile. "…Just so y'wondering, now y'know what's like in m'head." Another piece of chicken is plucked up, examined. "…An' I hate that y'know. But y'do. So I'm'a say this, even though it ain't gonna mean jack shit f'r awhile. But th'best cure for bein' scared like this is gettin' pissed. Cos it ain't right. It's fuckin' *bullshit* what they're gettin' away with doin' t'you. An' th' only way y'gonna be able t'get outta bed some days, is when you get so fuckin' pissed that gettin' up's a good enough way t'shit in their Wheaties."

"I want to go outside." Nicholas says blatantly trying to change the topic. "I want to see Orion but I really can't move much. We were gonna have Connor teach us self defense but in response they broke my arm and and leg. It was awful Shane." He then lets out a sigh. "It's not the first time they've gotten away with it either, and it sucks. At least this time I have friends still." He looks at Shane and smiles again. "Treat him well okay? I'm not sure how much he told you but Quenton, you're the world to him."

Shane looks away, clearing her throat. "…Can't sleep in m'room anymore," she says after a moment's silence. "Keep havin' t'come down, make sure he's still alive. S'why I keep sackin' out next to him… can't even sleep otherwise." Scrubbing at one eye with the back of her hand, she looks up, shrugging. "…So yeah, guess I know 'bout someone meanin' th'world t'ya." She falls silent again, and takes a deep breath, poking at the set-aside hamburger. "Get y'outside when y'can. F'r now… keep shittin' in their Wheaties. Every bite's another 'fuck you' in their face."

"I've never been good at sleeping, going to be worse once I'm off the pain killers." Nicholas knows that he's on meds to help him sleep right now and is grateful for it. "For the first few moments when I wake up I think I'm either back in the cell or in the torture room. Then I realize I'm in a bed and got a blanket on me." He then nods to Shane. "I'll have to get someone to push a wheelchair for me so I can go outside. At least we can say they didn't beat us, Q and I were ready to die, well not ready but we'd decided to face them unbroken."

Shane nods once. "Sounds about right. Dunno 'f I coulda done it… F'r me, was mostly just sittin' in my corner shakin', or runnin' like a little bitch with'r hair on fire. Figure you guys did it better." Sighing, she shoves nother piece of chicken in her mouth, chews, swallows. "I'll call th'nurse. See 'f she don't mind gettin' a wheelchair f'ya."

"We had each other, if we didn't….I don't think any of us would have made it." Nicholas than smiles at Shane. "I'm also glad Jill's back. Really happy for that." Shane would probably know that Nick thought she'd left him. "So you're holding up okay? What was that about being a terrorist?"

Shane lifts a shoulder. "Q probably told you. When they got 'im, we were playin' hooky at th'mall. Buncha those fuckers came in, started shootin' at us. My fault they're callin' me that, really… Like four of'm grabbed hold'a me, held me up 'n one put a knife to my neck. Was scared f'r a second, then got pissed. Asked dude 'hey… y'know what they call me?' Then boom," she says with a soft laugh, recalling the giddy triumph of the moment… a smile that passes soon. "'Kiloton, bitches!' So that got slapped all over th'news, with m'face, said I hurt a buncha people 'n killed one. 'S what I get f'r openin' my mouth."

Nicholas pushes himself up and reaches out a hand to grab onto Shane's. "Shane, no, don't ever, ever /ever/ blame yourself. Believe me, I know it's hard and I'm a hypocrite saying this but you can't blame yourself. It's all their fault, all of this. Everything damn thing that's happened in the Purifier's fault. Especially when it comes to sticking up for yourself and protecting someone you care about, don't blame yourself. And if you hurt those Purifiers and killed one, I just have to say good."

"S'reflex," Shane says, shaking her head. For a moment, she lets Nick keep hold of her hand, but eventually it's clearly uncomfortable for her, and she squirms free of his grip. "It's like, just used t'thinkin' it's my fault a little when shit goes down. S'bullshit, 'n I know it, but it's hard t'ignore, y'know?"

"I know it's hard, you know how often I think 'if I wasn't a mutant my parents would still be alive'? It's not that I blame myself for it happening but there's this unreasonable guilt that won't go away and just consumes me some days." Nicholas admits to Shane. "In this case, it's like you said, anger. Just get angry at them and blame them. But your right, things are bullshit and we know it and even though we know it, we can't ignore it."

"Fuckin A," Shane says, raking a hand through her hair. "Thinkin' 'bout seein' what it takes t'be an X-Man. Just so fuckin' *sick* o' seein' this bullshit happen over and over again. What fuckin' school you ever heard of got bigger things t'be scared of than someone smugglin' a gun t'school, Nick? That's bush-league shit here, y'know?"

"I'm just thinking about tomorrow." Nicholas says putting a hand over the bandage on his chest. "I just know I need to get over crap ya know? Just get past everything cause I froze when we were attacked. Sophie kept wanting me to..I don't know, rescue her? And I couldn't…." He then shakes his head. "Shane, my school we didn't even have to worry about someone smuggling a gun to school, there were so few of us that, it was -safe- for the most part in Martin until..well you know the story."

Eventually stirring on the bed he's on, Quenton's hand immediately goes to his neck, where the fading imprint of the collar still is. When nothing is there, his hand drops and he lets out a sharp and drawn out breath, jerking up to a seating position. He blinks, then glances over at Nicholas and Shane, before he relaxes, letting his body go limp and onto the bed again. "Hello, Heaven," he tells the room.

"Yeah, I know. Just, I'm an LA kid, Nick. Bein' scared 'a guns is normal enough that everyone completely lost their shit when it turned out the big bully target at my school was a walkin' bomb." The slight, mouse-haired mutant shrugs. "Ain't a matter o' getting over shit. 'S more like bein' scared… doin' shit even *if* y'freakin' out. 'S different." As Quenton jerks up, Shane's head snaps up to look at him, frowning faintly. "Y'ain't dead, Q. Knock it off, 'fore y'start convincin me too, 'n then y'gotta deal with me freakin' out 'bout a zombie apocalypse, an' ain't no one gonna be happy then."

"This is totally Heaven right now." Nicholas says in agreement to Quenton. "Right now, there's a part of me that still finds it hard to believe we are alive Shane, but I think he's referring to the medbay being heaven compared to where we were. I missed having a blanket." It's nice to feel comfort and warm. "There's junk food that Nigel brought down if you want any.

Rising from his bed with a groan, Quenton stretches, then stares at his good hand, flexing. "I feel like a million bucks," he tells Nick. "You got a little more fucked up then I did, so the doc's probably going to keep you here a while, and I'm taking advantage of that and treating this place like a bed and breakfast," he decides, heading over to where Shane is and ducking his head to give her a bit of a sloppy peck on the cheek, though it's with paper-soft gentleness. For the time being, he seems to forget his face looks like it does.

Shane chuckles at the kiss, tilting her head to look up at him, and reaches up to wrap her arm around his waist. "Enh… 'S different, I guess. No big deal, then. But yeah, Q… Nigel went to like every fuckin' fast food joint in the food court 'n hauled it all down here. So 'f you're hungry, start eatin' 'fore th' nurse makes us take it all out t'keep from stinkin' up th'place." Drawing in a breath, she looks at Nicholas, eyebrow rising. "Gonna go back t'combat lesons after y'heal up, Nick?"

"I'll probably be here for a while, Dr. Reyes gave me the 'no trying to walk' lecture. Like it was my fault I couldn't stay off of it after The Handler broke it." Nicholas says with a bit of a frown. "She's going to take more X-Rays tomorrow and see if my arm and leg are healing okay and if I need more…advanced treatment or not." He makes a face at that. "I miss being outside." He looks over at Quenton and smiles. "If I'm not sick of your prescience yet, I don't think I'll ever be. Milk it for all you can, after the last month, we deserve to have some comforts."

"I didn't get any broken bones," Quenton comments, looking over Nick and just pressing his lips together a little tightly together. He does peer over at the food, moving to grab some burgers and wondering a little sheepishly to Shane, offering them out, "Mind opening them for me?" He clears his throat now. "I wanna go see Zoey, but I'm scared she doesn't wanna come see me."

Shane takes the burgers without comment, opening them up and setting them on the table one after the other. "Gonna have to sometime. 'F any o' th'rumors're true, we're gonna be holed up here awhile. Don't see nobody in the school goin' along with this relocation shit 'm seein' in th'news."

"Oh, it's healing alright." Nicholas says to Quenton in regards to his face. "Now that I can see, I can answer that for you. Just looks beyond painful." He finally starts picking at his burger from before, his appetite back for now. "I'd go see her Quenton, if anything, having made it out of there alive, you can't wait on that. You don't know what'll happen…wait relocation?"

"What relocation shit?" wonders Quenton, beginning to stuff his face a little messily with burgers, though he's constantly wiping his maimed lips with the back of his hands, he is PIGGING out on the fast food, just ripping into it and shoving it in his mouth, enough that he's starting to get some hiccups. *HIC* *chomp* *swallow*.

Shane glances at Quenton briefly, eyebrow raised, and snorts. "Toldja," she mutters, and shrugs. "S'why there's rumors flyin' round the place's gonna get hit. Was all over th'news round about when y'guys got brought in; Purifier cock-goblins up in DC're gettin' this law passed, mutants all gotta sign up 'n get moved t'ghettos. So yeah… not seein' Ms. Frost stickin' around the courts much longer, pretty soon she's prolly gonna just say 'fuckit' an' head on back."

Nicholas looks down at his cold burger. "I wish I could inhale my food like you Quenton, just all this talk makes me feel sick." Like if he eats anything it'll come right back up. "I wish those morons didn't ruin Campbell's Soup forever for me." Soup sounds good, it sounds comforting. "I'm not leaving this place, I'm not letting them take me anywhere again." He grumbles. "I'm definately getting a tattoo after all this is over."

"I need to eat. I need something in my stomach that's not Raviolis," Quenton mumbles, scarfing down another burger, just chomping into it, before wiping his mouth again. "I'm going to miss Spaghetti-Os. I can't get enough of those. Well. Couldn't.' He wipes his mouth again, and then moves his hands down to snatch up another burger, which he rips into peices. "I'm going to see Theo about getting a suit made. Something those darts won't get through."

Shane says, "Need a suit too, 'r somethin'," Shane says. "Can't take a punch, 'n 'f I'm gonna have to splode all over more of those fuckers, that ain't gonna fly. But yeah… Been thinkin' 'bout gettin' a tattoo too, Nick. Somethin' like a sleeve, an' it's not like I got anythin' else t'spend my money on anymore. I'll go with ya, when you do.""

"I need a suit and a codename so that way I'm not just Nicholas, Mutant Horror." Nicholas says. "But that's a good idea Quenton, just something with a bit of armour, aren't there superheroes that have used something more bullet proof in the past?" He knows he isn't bullet proof. "I have to learn to stand up to them, I can't freeze up again." He raises his eyebrows at Shane. "Really, I just want to have something on my body that they didn't put there. I need to do something I wouldn't normally do after that."

"You know, Nick, we can get you a wheelchair that you can push with your powers," Quenton comments, while he takes up another burger, his arm slipping about Shane's waist carefully while the other feeds him the burger. "So we can get you moving about in the hallway, instead of being confined one room like we have been. I know you're probably not ready to face the world again, and with my face, I probably am not either. But…" He shrugs.

"Been thinkin' 'bout a tattoo f'r awhile," Shane mumbles, leaning into Quenton's side. "Figure, *I* gotta get useta not freezin' up either, 'n I hear tattoos hurt like a motherfucker… Can't reallythink of a better way t'beat that kinda scared than saying 'yes please, stick me in the arm with a needle a couple dozen hundred million times and I'll come back for more next week?'" Glancing up at Quenton, she squeezes his waist. "World gotta problem with what it did t'you guys, it c'n get fucked."

"Shane you know as well as us, it's not as easy as that." Nicholas says in a kind tone. "And that's a great idea, I can push it with my powers. Wait a second…" He hasn't used them since he's gotten back, he just hasn't thought of it. Nick's eyes glow blue as he starts floating a glass around the room using his right hand as a guide. "It feels like I'm whole again. Something they'll never understand, our powers are a part of us and it's not something we can choose not to use or have removed from us easily." He places the glass on the table and turns to look at Quenton. "You should come with us get tattoos when it's safe out there. I mean, that's if Shane wants to go together."

"If you guys are getting a tattoo, I -have- to get one. I have a rep to protect," Quenton mumbles, though he peers down at himself a moment. "Just… what if the needle can't get through my skin unless the tattooist does it extra hard? Then they'll know I'm a mutant. That is, if he doesn't look at my eyes." He watches the glass float about the room, his eyes following it. "Anyway, I'm the fighter. If you guys go out in public, I'm going to be right there with you. Watching your back."

"Ten bucks says someone here's gotta way t'get one f'r you," Shane says. "But yeah, when we go, want you with us. Ain't gonna be f'r awhile, 'less we c'n get those hologram thingys. Still. Feel better havin' you there."

"We'll find someplace that works for us. I want the constellation Orion, for my horse." Nicholas says as he tries to adjust his position on the bed. "Oh Quenton, Jill brought down some Batman comics for us to share, my first time reading a comic." He looks over to Quenton and nods. "We're in this together. I'm going to drag Jill with us too, maybe she can get one as a vampire, I don't know how that works, if it'd heal or not."

Having slipped out a while back to answer a phone call Lock is back and he looks pissed, storming into the room he turns the nearest tv onto the news and sits down without saying a word, waiting for the bulls*** on the screen to make his point.

"Yeah," Quenton says, staring at the screen. "At least they don't know your name, cupcake." His maimed lip twitches. "It's going to get to a point where Genosha is going to declare war," he predicts, shaking his head. "I don't know how well they're going to take this all. I wonder if they're going to try to shut down the Embassy next." His fist clenches. "I'm not going to let them touch us," he promises the people in the room.

"Probably already tried," Shane mutters sourly, watching Warlock storm across the room and turn the TV on. With a quiet sigh, she shakes her head and closes her eyes, leaning her head against Quenton's side. "Here we go…"

There's a crack as Lock accedentaly breaks the remote in his grip, "How the f* are they doing this? has no one in this country got a f*ing working mind? people must have seen some of this and know something is up".

"Well. I plan to get Nigel to interview me on what was done to us and then upload it on YouTube," Quenton says over to Lock, shrugging his shoulders, eyeing the remote a moment. "Happens to me all the time," he adds.

"Problem is, Lock," Shane grumbles, "Th' people with the workin' brains ain't nearly half so loud's the dumbfucks standin' in line to give the Purifiers their hummers. An' until someone kicks each an' every one o' their asses out the fuckin' country, this is what we got."

Nicholas just stares at the television long since the broadcast ended. "This….is real. I'm not just dreaming and I'm going to wake up in the cell, right?" It's just unbelievable that they could let that happen. "We've got to do something, don't we?"

"I'm going to do something, if no one else will," Quenton mutters. "And whoever does? I'll help them, too," he decides, just shaking his head as he stares at the television.

"Not on y'own you ain't," Shane snarls, eyes narrowed at the TV. "But b'fore we do that, I'm'a see whoeverthefuck I need to 'bout signin' on with th'X-Men, an' them I'm'a take a dump on those Purifiers' Wheaties y'c'n see from *space.*"

"As soon as I can get out of here, I'll figure out something." Nicholas says finally tearing his gaze towards Quenton and Shane. "That guy, speaking out on the television, they called him Father something. I recognized him, from when we were taken and from North Dakota."

"He was one of the people who had a one on one with me back at the camp," Quenton growls, staaring at the screen still. "If I ever get my hands on him, I'm going to —" He lets out a breath, steam rising from his back, while his head shakes and his gaze shoots to the side, down at Shane. "I know you didn't join this school to become a superhero or whatever. So just… do what you want to do."

"What I want t'do," Shane says, voice low, "is find every last Purifier I fuckin' can an' put *my* boot on their neck. Only problem f'r me's gonna be, actually *doin'* it. Cos bein' a coward's th'only way I stayed alive all this time. So I got a hill t'climb, is all."

Nicholas clenches his fist a few times and starts to shake. "I swear, if I see that man I'm going to kill him." He frows a bit. "He's the one who did this." He motions to his chest. "I just…everyone will know we're mutants, what else is there to do. I'm going to do what I can to heal as fast as possible."

"We'll be alright. I got homework to catch up on," Quenton grunts, while he rolls a shoulder, then sighs. "They might have my pen, though, I kept my superpen in my jacket. Good thing my unbreakable laptop's still in my room. Probably smelling like Sage. I'd bet he'd protect it."

"Yeah," Shane mutters, letting out a slow sigh and shaking her head. "Fuck… Wanna curl up inna Rec Room now, 'n have me a God of War marathon. Screw the TV, there's enough around people c'n camp th'news if they really want."

"You should bring it down here and let us watch you. I'm so bored down here and I missed them." Nicholas says taking a few drinks from a cup of water on the table next to his bed. "I don't think I'd want to see that report again, I'd probably break the Television."

"Nothing like seeing Kratos beat on the Gods to get a man's inner warrior going." Quenton blinks at his own words. "Uh, not that -that's- the kind of thing that would get MY inner warrior going. I need a bit more stimulation then that." He blinks at something, before blankly mumbling, heading for the door, "I'll be -right- back."

"….Y'think one of these days he'll remember t'let his brain catch up with 'is mouth?" Shane murmurs Nick's way, as Quenton leaves the medbay. "'S cute as hell when it happens, though…"

Nicholas laughs and shakes his head. "At least now Shane knows how to get you in the mood, just play God of War for a bit." He teases. Looking over at the junk food, Nick asks Shane. "Can you please pass me one of those P'zones, I know they're probably cold but I'm kind of hungry."

Outside, though muffled by floors and walls, there's a loud whooping.

"…So yeah," Shane says a few beats after the jubilant sounds outside die down, and she hands Nick one of the P'zones, "I'm'a go grab m'laptop, 'n set God of War up." ANythin' else while I'm up there?"

Nicholas looks up and smiles. "Lucky bastard." Is muttered as he is pretty much bed ridden for the time being. "I have to learn to fly." Looking over at Shane he grins. "Snack food, like soda or cookies or chips if you can manage, if it's too much don't worry about it, we have cold…stuff, that fish and chips has got to be gross by now. Thanks Shane." He says. "Really. You're awesome."

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