2010-02-08: Food And The Future


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Summary: Kaden pays Xane a visit at work.

Date: February 8, 2010

Log Title Food and the Future

Rating: PG

NYC - Nolita

It's just another day at Nolita. Prepping for dinner, his brigade dices, chops, steeps, and marinates. "Alright, lamb's done, steaks are cut. Soup's on to simmer. Great job guys." He compliments his team before stepping out of the kitchen, dressed in his chef's jacket, he checks up on the waitstaff doing sidework. "Hey guys, how's it going?" He says, a light smile still on his face. The interior of the restaurant is contemporary and modern, with reds and light wood tones.

Kaden has walked into the resturant in hopes of seeing Xane, class is over and he has time to kill. At least some of the people there know him so they don't give the fire spirit a hard time as he goes back to the kitchen to see Xane. A part of the reason he's here is to maybe score some food as well, after all he's gotten to love Xane's cooking. He walks into the kitchen and just stands out of the way until Xane acknowleges him.

It sure doesn't take long for Xane to notice Kaden. "Kaden,how's it going?" He asks, before smiling. The chef's always happy to see others visit the restaurant. And of course, being him he'll offer up some grub. "So, what brings you over here?" He asks, motioning over to the chef's table. "Take a load off."

Kaden walks over and puts his backpack on the ground and sits at the chef's table. "Eh, just thought I'd visit. I'm done with my GED class for the day, thank god Ethan helped me with the home work. Some of it's making a bit more sense." Kaden has to have things move at a slower pace to understand them. He's not stuipid like he likes to think he is, he just takes a while to get things. "I figured before I just run home to mope about homework, I'd hang here for a bit."

"Ah well that's good. Ethan definitely has a good head on his shoulders." Muses Xane for a little while. And of course, it doesn't take long for the chef to offer up something. "So, I bet you're hungry, what's your pick? We've got steaks, and seafood, chicken, duck, whatever you want." Xane is glad to make whatever Kaden wants. "How far do you have left on your GED anyway?" He asks, not remembering how long Kaden has before he finishes.

Kaden nods and smiles. "I like Ethan, he's…a good person to have around." And like Drew, Ethan's just a positive influence on the fire spirit. Someone he can feel like himself around and just open up to. Xane's like that too but on a different level. "Hrm…I don't think I've ever eatten Duck. How is it?" Kaden asks wondering if he should try it or stick to the chicken, it's usually safest.

"Duck's kinda different, not weird, just tastes…meatier than chicken. You know, like there's more there." Xane offers. He keeps his mouth closed on himself and Ethan, buthe will comment further. "I like the way he thinks, very analytical, it's rare to see that in a youngin." The chef starts to prep some duck, he himself has not eaten and he's feeling like duck today.

Kaden nods and pushes his hair back. "He's kind of like me, in the fact that his parents don't really give a shit about him. I'm glad we found him. He needs us." Kaden says as he's thinking about something other than himself and his own needs. Very few people he does that with. "I don't get the analytical stuff, I'm not smart like the rest of you guys are. Drew, Ethan, you, you're all smart."

Xane has to chuckle a little when he's grouped with Drew and Ethan. "I'm not that smart, C-B student in high school, I'm sure I wouldn't be able to hold a candle to Ethan or Drew." Xane was never really a brain, he had street smarts. "Technically I am just a high school grad. CIA doesn't really count as college."

"You're smart enough to have opened your own resturant and have it be a success. You don't /need/ to live with Keith like I do, you choose to." Kaden says looking up at Xane like he's just had a thought. "Okay so after I do the whole GED thing, the test is in late May, I wanna go wander for a bit, you know that. When I get back, if it's needed, you think you'd have room for a bus boy here? Maybe help me get my first job?"

"Yeah, I guess so." Xane admits. "You have any idea where you're gonna wander around?" Xane asks, he honestly doesn't know if Kaden would go around to Europe, but who knows? "A bus boy? What, you don't think you'd do good as a waiter? Naa, if you need a job, you've got one here." Xane's damn sure of that.

Kaden shakes his head. "Me a waiter, that involves interacting with your customers, not a good idea. A bus boy, that's easier for me." And it will really help him. "I haven't told Drew or anyone about wandering off yet, I wanna keep it kinda secret still. I think I'm going to stay in the US and see the Appalachian Trail. I just don't know anyting about hiking or camping but, I wanna be in the woods. I know that. Where's it's quite." He wants to be with nature, maybe it's the Spirit inside him that gives him that desire.

"You know I won't say anything." Xane offers, knowing it's not his place. "The trail would be cool. The US has a whole lot of forests, despite what environmentalists say most of the time." THe chef had at least seen some of that growing up. "Though I bet it's not so quiet at night."

"I want to do this so that it helps when Drew and I move out." Kaden says finally breaking the news to Xane about that. "Drew got a job already to start saving up, I'm gonna get my GED, and then get a job here so I can help pay bills and stuff." He then grins a bit sheepishly and blushes. "Well I'm used to not so quiet nights." Is he talking about living in NYC or other thigns?

Xane had a feeling that it was about time for some of the spirits to go their separate ways, he's feeling a little the same himself. "Good for you two." He says, a smile still on his face. Though on the inside, he's thinking about what Angelie told him, and if so, does this mean that the immanent danger is subsiding?

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