2009-05-18: Food Court Conversation


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Summary: Robyn runs into the Invisible Man!!!

Date: May 18, 2009

Log Title Food Court Conversation

Rating: PG

Westchester - Salem Center Food Court

Entering the mall brings its visitors right to the Food Court. A wide open area with tables and chairs sprinkled around it, its edges lined with a wide variety of fast food choices. Pizza, burgers, ice cream, chicken, Chinese, smoothies, you name it, you got it.

After last night, Robyn just felt he needed to get away from the school. He's okay, physically, but he's lost his powers. He's only had them for about a month but he liked them and he's felt that he's lost a part of himself. He's not upset because he couldn't do anything, even the Headmaster got hit for the worse but it doesn't make the loss easier. So skipping all his classes, Robyn now sits on a bench at the mall, picking at a large Oatmeal Rasin cookie in his hands.

"Stupid, useless thing…" Robert Weyrin sighs to himself. He's in jeans and a t-shirt today, using his bandages, a pair of sunglasses, and some gloves, to hide the invisibility. Sure, he gets a lot of strange looks walking around like a mummy but it's better than the invisible man look. He's got a map of the mall in hand and seems to be lost. With a sigh, he looks around and shrugs. "Mind if I sit down?" he asks Robyn as he approaches the bench, gesturing to the free spot.

Robyn swallows his mouthful of cookie and looks up at..the invisible man and his face doesn't grow with shock or concern, it's more one of awe. "Wow, the Inivisilbe Man, like in H.G. Wells…" Yes Robyn knows all about that genre and he loves it. "Um..sure."

Rob quirks an eyebrow slowly behind his bandages. "Invisible Man…right…" he trails off. Sitting down, the man sighs. "Thanks. Been wandering around the mall tryin' to find the autosupply place for awhile," he comments idly.

"Sorry you just look like the Inivisble Man from the old H.G. Wells type stuff." Robyn says as he takes another bite of his cookie. "Autosupply store? I wouldn't know where that is, I'm not into cars." Nor does he know how to drive. "I'm here for the cookies."

Rob glances back and forth . "Well…" he pauses, taking off one of his gloves. There's no hand underneath. He wants to see just how calm this kid is. "I may not be anything related to H.G. but I fit the description," he mutters, pulling the glove back on. "Oh. Is the cookie atleast good?"

Robyn can't resist and reaches over to poke the gloved hand lightly, he has to make sure there is something solid under the glove. "Woah. And sorry, sometimes I'm just really curious." He says feeling bad if he's invading the man's privacy. "Well the cookie is one of the best things about today."

Rob is indeed solid under there. And the glove is nice leather too. "Don't worry about it. I get it all the time," he mutters, apparently too tired to be angry or irritated right now. "Just don't attract a crowd…" the man trails off. He listens about the cookie then nods. "What kind is it?"

"Oatmeal Raisin, I like any kind of oatmeal cookie." Robyn says as there's something on his face that says something's bothering him but he's not about to talk about it with a stranger. "And what do you mean by attracting a crowd?"

Rob nods slowly. He picks up on the expression but isn't going to bug the kid about it. "I mean don't go all 'Ahh, invisible guy'. I don't need people swarming around me with cameras like I'm some kinda sideshow act…or people panicking and calling cops or whatever."

Robyn shakes his head. "No, I'm not going to create a scene. A also have a habbit of looking at something and linking it to various sci-fi, horror characters." He just likes the genre. "No, that doesn't sound like it'd be fun."

Rob chuckles quietly. "So ya go around imaginin' the world in terms of science fiction and horror? Let me guess…you're a writer?" he takes a stab in the dark there. "Or maybe an artist?"

Robyn shrugs. "Sometimes and I guess I'm an artist, I like to scuplt." He explains as he doesn't consider himself an artist. "I've never been good at writing, well it was nice meeting you. I should get back to school now, I've skipped class enough today." He says giving Rob a smile and wave. "Nice meeting you."

Rob nods slowly. He frowns at the mention of skipped classes, inner-teacher going 'grrr!'. "Yeah. Get back to school. Good seein' ya…" he offers an idle wave.

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