2009-03-05: Footrubs and Relaxation


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Summary: Clara and Erik chat, James joins.

Date: March 5, 2009

Log Title Footrubs and Relaxation

Rating: PG

X-Mansion - Living Room

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Erik sits at a table in the rec room, currently devoid of students as it is past curfew, writing on a legal pad as he sketches something out. He has a diet coke in front of him (product placement).

Clara strides quietly into the room as she moves for a chair and slumps down into it with a content sigh. "Off my feet, finally," she murmurs. Clara cracks an eye to glance over at Erik. "Hey you. Whatcha got going on?"

Erik quirks an eyebrow as he looks over. "Well, this may just be the fact that I've lived in the city my whole life, but are those comfortable?" Erik asks. "Just working, writing an amicus curiae."

Clara glances down to her feet, boots wiggling thoughtfully. "Well, I grew up with 'em. Just as god as sneakers to me. But they take some getting used to for people who are new to them. I wouldn't hit the town in them if you're planning on trying them out," she advises, curling her knees under her, chin in elbow as she settles it on an arm rest. "Is that a legal term?"

Erik chuckles. "I promise I won't tell anyone if you decide you want to take them off, Miss Clara." He chuckles before he nods. "Yes, Amicus Curiae literally means 'friend of the court'. It is a legal brief filed for a court case by someone uninvolved directly, that offers supporting reasoning and evidence for one side or the other."

Clara grins devilishly as she starts to wiggle the boots from her feet. "You're awesome. I could run in these things, but it doesn't mean I want to." Her brows wrinkle thoughtfully. "Alright, so yes, it's a legal term. A sort of testimony for an expert witness? Is that halfway right?"

Erik grins. "I will warn you, that I am prone to giving random footrubs." He comments with a laugh before he pauses. "Kind of. It is helpful lawyers and interesting parties who may be experts giving extra information. It is not sworn testimony, and the court can totally ignore them if it wants to."

"Oh yeah? I may have to take you up on that after my first day of classes. Switching to heels and standing in them all day is going to mean havoc for my feet." Clara curls her toes before stretching them back out with a thankful sigh. Much better. "So you could work for a week on this, well written and well thought out and nobody could even look at it?"

Erik chuckles and shifts, reaching out to take her ankles and put her feet on his lap. If she allow him he will begin to roll her socks off, chuckling. "Yes, you've got it on the nose."

Clara switches position to allow easy access to her feet, no complaint heard as the socks are pulled off. Who argues a free foot rub? Nobody in their right mind. "Don't you get tired of doing stuff like that? Knowing it could just be tossed aside without a second glance?"

Erik chuckles. "Isn't that true for everything though?" He asks with a raised eyebrow as his warm hands begin to rub at the sole of her left foot. "We teach, but our students can just walk out and ignore us. Counselors can try to help their patients but if they aren't willing to change…"

Clara shrugs and leans back against the chair, enjoying the foot rub, toes flexing again. "Yeah, it's hard for them to just ignore me. It's part of why I enjoy teaching theater so much. They have to pay attention or they end up embarrassing themselves in front of all their friends. And they never want that."

Erik chuckles at the flexing toes and cannot help it, he gives the flexing toes a quick tickle before he goes back to the rub. "Fair enough, with me they just fail a test."

Clara acks and wiggles her foot in a gentle kick. "Hey, watch it you. Wouldn't want you to be beaten up by hair. That'd be pretty embarrassing," she laughs. Her head tilts curiously. "You have a lot of thankless jobs, it seems."

Erik chuckles. "I think that, as part of your training, it is my duty now to see how much you can take the tickling before you start to use your power." Erik teases, waggling his eyebrows. "Not thankless all the time. And important regardless."

"I think that's a very bad idea. My hair has a lot of strength and it's still not entirely under my control. I'd really rather not snap you in half. Not a good way to get into people's good graces, you know?" With a shrug she waves a hand. "It is important, you just have to find a way to peak their interest."

Erik chuckles. "I wish I could say that it was the first time I was poised to make a stupid decision in the face of being snapped in half. I think you are just afraid of being tickled." He teases as he continues to rub, switching to the other foot. "Well, yes. Although in teaching I can do that with power point and movies, I cannot do that with the amicus brief."

"Power points and movies aren't fun, Erik. Not for kids. You should try a mock trial. You'd be amazed what can happen when you thrust the children into a situation where they have to get seriously hands on. It may make them take more notice. Pay attention more." With a thoughtful tap to her chin, Clara shakes her head. "Can't do anything about the rest of it though. And I'm not /afraid/. I'm just warning you," she grins.

Erik chuckles. "I am planning on a mock congress, actually. We're doing Congress right now, so I am going to do that. Mock trial comes when we look at the Judicial system." He says with a laugh. He has Clara's bare feet on his lap and is giving them a foot rub as they speak.

James walks into the rec room just looking to kill some time. He looks around and sees the two teachers together. "Ah…hello." he says nervously.

"Ooh, that actually sounds like it'd be fun. I've never seen a mock congress before. Except.. you know, the mock congress that congress actually is," Clara jokes, glancing to the door as James enters. "Hello, James." She wiggles her feet from Erik's grip and slides them underneath her to hide their bareness.

Erik chuckles a little bit and tickles Clara's feet as they leave his hands, and then notices James. "Hello, James, how are you doing tonight."

James shrugs "Ok I guess, just a little worried. If what I heard a couple of days ago is correct the enemy not only knows where we are but quite possibly the abilities and weaknesses of at least some of us but they aren't attacking and that worries me."

"I know it's a scary thought, but you just have to rest assured that the X-Men and the others at this school have been through, and lived through worse. You're safe and everyone here will fight to make sure you and all the others will stay that way." Clara offers a reassuring smile and subtly tries to slide her boots back on. Barefoot in front of a student is probably not the best 'teacherly' persona she could muster.

"SHIELD headquarters, NORAD and this mansion." Erik says somewhat cryptically. "If I had to rank the top three most secure locations in the world, I would rank them in that order. And for surviving a mutant attack, I would put the mansion first." Erik says reassuringly. "There is no place I would rather be than here, if danger is coming. We have defenses, and we have some of the most powerful people in the world here to protect you."

James shrugs "I just wish I could do something to help. The fate of the world is literally on the line and I'm doing nothing to help."

"A lot of us are in the same boat. Just focus on school and working on your powers for now, it's all we really can do for the moment. And just know that you're in good hands." Clara offers them both a wide smile, pushing up from her chair with a stretch. "But, speaking of school, I have to go work on my syllabus a little more. I'll talk to you both later. Thanks Leif," she says with a smile, heading for the door.

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