2010-04-25: Forest for the Trees


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Summary: James has questions, Lucas offers answers. The hyena comes up with a way for both to achieve some normalcy.

Date: April 25, 2010

Log Title Forest for the Trees

Rating: PG.

Xavier Mansion - Woods

Pine, Oak, Birch, and many other trees can be found in these woods. Paths lead all through out them for students to take walks. The occasional bench can be found along the paths. Students shouldn't worry about wandering too deep in these woods as its almost impossible for them to get lost here.

A few feet from where he’s come to stand in the woods, James carefully sets down the sculpture Robyn made for him. Next, he removes his comm pin and drops it in his pocket. before crossing his arms and coming to rest against a tree. Silent throughout the entire process. Giving Lucas a rather intense gaze, Spotty clicks his tongue and eventually asks, "How much do you like me?"

Lucas sort of freezes, his head tilts a little, not quite a double take, and his face scrunches slightly in some confusion. "Ah don't… Ah don't understand." His arms drop to his side, and he licks his lips, baffled. "Have, um… Ah don't understand."

James' ears lean forward, his body staying stationary, "How much do you like me?" It's repeated, no changes. "You know…a little…not at all? Friends?" There's a pause, a sigh, and a questioning glance, "Maybe more?"

Lucas swallows, and he tilts his head again, taking a half step closer to James. It's not an intimate closeness, but it's to make sure they're alone, and it's close enough. "You're…" He tries to find a word, fails, exhales quickly and tries once more. "Ah'm sorry." He runs his hand through his hair, pushing it back up out of his face. "You're right." He sighs, looking down, clearly having difficulty with saying this. "Ah'm sorry Ah've been such a dick lately… Ah just… Ah got a lot on my mind, Ah'm worried about my maw an' mother's day comin' up, my birthday what Ah know she's gonna want to see me for but Ah ain't got NO idea how to afford that trip…" He shakes his head, "You're the only friend Ah got, really. Ah take it out on you 'cuz Ah reckon you can take it, but… That ain't fair." His eyes come back up, meeting James. "Ah'm sorry."

James' gaze turns much more kind than it might have been already. There's an uncrossing of arms, hands held open for a moment as if inviting Lucas much closer than he already is. There's not much an option given, and in a second Lucas finds himself held tight against his roommate, "You're like the brother I never had, you know? We're 'that' close. You wanna be a dick to me? I hardly notice, to be honest. The hallway stuff? I was more mad that Connor woke me up. Well, that and it kept me from telling you stuff." It's not a tight embrace, and Lucas can get out of it easily…but it is one nonetheless. One James offers to few individuals.

Lucas stiffens slightly at the hug, not because it's James, but because no one hugs him. Slowly, he relaxes, and his left hand reaches around, giving a little pat on James' back. He nods, and shrugs a little, not pulling away. "Has somethin'… Is somethin' wrong?" he asks. "You, um… You ain't normally… touchy feely…"

James shrugs, "Tryin' something new. Though I draw the line at anything past close friends. And, you tell anyone? I'll send you back to the med bay." He huffs the last part, but it’s probably not serious. "Big things happened. I got over them. Trying to keep them from happening again—you know the story." Probably all too well considering events the two have in common. "So…we're friends right? Friends that can tell each other anything without the other one freaking out? Cause, now's your chance to tell me anything before I drop the subject."

Lucas nods, "That's good. To be honest, Ah hadn't really given much thought to makin' out with a muzzle, so it saves me the work," he says at James' line drawing. "Though, Ah might chase a piece of your tail from time to time," he teases, with a smirk. When James gives him a chance to share, his face becomes a little more serious. He swallows, opens his mouth as if there's something, and then he gives his head a little shake. "No. Ah, um… Ah've told you as much as Ah can."

James gives a Lucas an understanding nod, "Okay." And like that, with no pressure, no teasing, and no questions the subject is dropped. There's one last hug; the hyena's arms wrapping tight against Lucas' back, his chin atop the roommate's head. And then, the arms slide away. There's a half smile, "So…you wanna get home? Then take the money I'm gonna offer." He shrugs, "My parents can't afford anything, so I'm on the school's fund. I get like $50 a week or something. I haven’t used any of it because I never leave…so put it to good use. Buy a ticket, get your mom a present…and don't refuse it. Because, if you take it maybe I'll stop hurting myself for hurting you."

Lucas furrows his brow a little, "Ah don't… Jimmy, you should really use that to go see your own folks…" He sighs, "Ah mean," he shrugs a little, "Ah'll figure somethin' out, ya know?"

James shakes his head, "No, don't. Seriously. Just take it so I can feel like I'm doing good for once. Okay? It'll help. Sides, it's not like I can hop on a plane looking like this." He shrugs, "I need to go anywhere, I get to take the X-Express." He smiles, "I've got pull now, you know?" He doesn't. But, he's going to pretend he does so his roommate will just take the money, "Just gotta touch the Comm."

Lucas slowly exhales, and he nods. There's an instant, where Lucas' eyes actually get wet, and he looks away. Anyone else without enhanced night sight probably wouldn't even notice, and Lucas doesn't seem to think James saw, either. "Thanks," he says, blinking it off, and then looking back at James. "Ah should go. Ah need to get my shit put up."

James only smiles, "Sure thing roomie." He pulls the Comm unit out of his pocket and puts it back on his collar before picking up the sculpture Robyn made for him, "What are friends for?" Lucas gets a light smack on the back and a shoulder squeeze from a large oversized paw, "I'm gonna go hang out in the woods. Be myself for awhile. Need anything, just call." Unnoticed or not, James is offering Lucas some space.

Lucas shrugs, "Nah, Ah'm fine." He glances back at James, "And dude… Just… Don't tell anyone Ah'm goin' home for my birthday. Ah don't want anyone doin' shit for me on it, okay?" He shrugs, "Ah mean, Ah'll tell Rash, Ah just don't want any stupid party or nothin', okay?"

James shakes his head, "Nadda' word. I HATE parties…so your secret is safe with me." James actually fluffs out a little. He 'really' hates parties…gifts…compliments…the list goes on.

Lucas nods, "Thanks." He turns, and heads back.

James grins toothfully and waits several minutes before heading back the same way, allowing Lucas to make the trek alone, "Night, Lucas."

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