Portrayed By Juanes
Gender Male
Date of Birth Unrevealed
Age Unrevealed
Zodiac Sign Unrevealed
Aliases Maker, Cheyenne
Place of Birth Unrevealed
Current Location Westchester, New York
Group Affiliation X-Men, X-Factor
Known Relatives None
Significant Other None; A few EXs!
Identity Known to authorities
Known Abilities Technopath, Mystic, Soldier
First Appearance Uncanny X-Men #184


As a young man, Forge was trained by his teacher and friend, Naze, to be a medacine man. However, Forge soon became resistant to this idea as his warrior spirit became restless. As a result Forge joined the U.S. Army and, was later discharged after loosing his right leg and arm to an explosion. Afterwards, Forge found himself working with the U.S. government as a weapons designer after Stark Enterprises had ceased manufacturing weapons under contract.

The contract lasted until one of his weapons was used against Storm in an attempt to remove the mutant abilities of the then-fugitive Rogue. Forge became involved with Storm’s recovery after she was shot by using this device. Forge was next involved with the defense of the Earth from a mysterious race of aliens bent on its siege.

Soon afterwards, demons from Forge’s past (literal demons at that) would rear their ugly heads. At the heart of the problem was The Adversary; a rather nasty spirit whose freedom Forge was responsible for. With the help of the X-men, Forge was able to seal the demon away—but (appearing to be) at the cost of his fellow X-men’s lives. Upon the team’s return, Forge moved to Xavier’s to help out which his teammate’s need for technological advancements. Feeling rebuffed by Storm, Forge left, returning to Dallas to help his former teammate, Mystique, rehabilitate from trauma received by the Shadow King.

Forge was then next offered a position on the new version of X-Factor. While working with X-Factor, Forge found himself leading the group in Havok’s absence. The group later went underground, divorcing it from government control. After a rather bad encounter with Sabertooth, Forge left X-Factor, returning its leadership to Havok.

Forge reappeared after being contacted by Charles Xavier who needed a team to infiltrate Genosha which was being controlled by Exodus in the guise of Magneto. Afterwards, Forge returned to the X-Men where he acted as a member of the team's support crew. Forge left the mansion yet again to build a new base of operations in Baltimore, MD, only to be contacted by Xavier yet again. Teaming up with Mystique yet again, Forge became her technology supplier for the duration of the mission. Since then, he has been in regular contact with his old teammates, providing help, advice, and devices when asked.

As historical events such as M-Day never came to pass, Forge never received the injuries that eventually sent him over the edge.

Most recently, Forge was attending to some business in South America. While conducting exploration in the field, Forge began to receive visions that Inferno had reignited. After dismissing these idea, he suddenly found his trip repeatedly sabotaged by dark forces bent on keeping him from returning to Westchester. Convinced that something was indeed afoot, Forge made his way back to civilization and arrived just in time—to miss the whole event.

Taking some time to revisit his old haunt, and reconnect with his friends, Forge has set up shop on a temporary basis, leaving his Eagle Plaza facility safe, secure, and self managed.


Forge is loyal, a forward thinker with patients to spare and the willingness to lend a hand—and more—when asked. However, he can also be curt and to the point—using very factual descriptions for situations, personalities, and outcomes. Forge sees this perceived gruffness as honesty and as a way to cut straight to the heart of the problem. In his mind everything can be solved by a simple fix, repair, or through the creation of an object. To that point, he’s analytical in the sense that machines will always behave a certain way given defined parameters. People, however, do not. As such, Forge doesn’t always take the human condition into account and may come off rather…blunt at times.


Most of Forge’s abilities come in the form of his technopathy. However, with a background in mysticism, soldiering, and more, Forge offers a wide-variety of skills that have come in useful more than once.


February 08, 2010 The Maker returns to the Mansion Forge Arrives
February 23, 2010 With the Jet as a backdrop, Forge and Jono have a quick talk Hanging in the Hanger


  • For now, I'm just replaying some kindness; figure a 15% increase in fuel efficiency is a start.

Theme Song

"I am the Highway" Audioslave (Audioslave) Song Lyrics


  • Has had an estimated 204 in-print appearances. Cyclops has 1,075 (source:
  • Said to have built S.H.I.E.L.D.'s original Helicarrier


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