2010-02-08 Forge Arrives


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Summary: Forge arrives at the school one night.

Date: 2-8-2010

Log Title Forge's Arrival

Rating: PG


It's late, it's cold, and Forge is over traveled and over tired to boot. Standing in the cold, at the front gate he tries his code one last time. He shrugs off his last attempt and decides to use the call box. After a push of the button, he waits for the response, hoping for a quick one. He idle contemplates stripping the thing down and doing a simple bypass to keep himself entertained while he waits, "How can Logan come and go as he pleases, but I get stopped by something I built?"

No one says anything for you hitting the buzzer, but there are signs that someone is using the system to look at you. No real hesitation though, for the gates open almost immediately. You didn't even have to wait that long. Security system recognized you, so he let you in. Jonothon will be waiting for you on the front steps if you opt to come onto the grounds. Didn't say anything because he actually can't use such communications systems. So you get a skinny Brit in black to greet you. «Hullo. I'm Jonothon Starsmore. Can I help with anything?» Not dressed for the cold either, yet seems to not even notice it.

Forge carries two military-style duffle bags, one in both hand. He stops in from of you and sets them down gently. He holds out a gloved hand and offers to shake yours. The response is simply, "Forge. It's a pleasure Jonothon." He shakes his head and looks down at what passes for his luggage, "No, but thank you. I have it all well in hand." He gives you a passing glance—it's not polite to stare, "Sorry. I'm unannounced. Had a heck of a time getting up here. I heard about the 'gas leak.' But it appears as if I might be a little late."

Jonothon has no issue shaking your hand. «I've heard about you.» And to be honest he's confused as to why you were blocked at the gate. «Don't worry about it. Nothing's been easy out this way for some weeks now. Come on in? We can get you set up in one of the guest rooms.» Since it appears you brought your things with you. «Scott isn't in right now, but unless you want to do it, I'll get him to add you to the access.» There's laughter lurking in those dark eyes. Like you couldn't do that in your sleep. There's a motion that says he'll take one of the bags if you want. And if he can lift it.

Forge smiles, "That would be appreciated. But, honestly, I think part of the problem is operator error. I've been up for about 4 days. So, I'm not quite operating at 'peak efficiency.'" His eyes can vouch for the time spent awake. Without answering the unsaid request, Forge bends down and lifts both bags. There a slight 'plastic on plastic' grinding noise that speaks of small shipping casespossibly toolsthat emerges from the right one. "And the room would be even more appreciated. I'd give my kingdom for a bed right about now." He gives you a friendly enough look and awaits your signal to enter.

You want to carry them both, he's certainly not going to argue. Jonothon holds the door for you, closing it behind you both, and motions the direction you need to go. Doesn't know if you've been here since the school was made open for the public. He certainly didn't know the layout when he arrived. The man guides you as he replies, «Bed we can arrange. Might want earplugs though.» As if to prove that there are some shrieks of laughter echoing down the hall. It's brief, but he rolls his eyes at it. «How did you manage to get here? I heard transportation was down. You didn't walk, did you?» Then again, Jono did walk here. He understands.

Forge laughs, "Yeah, thankfully I brought my own. Worse comes to worse, I'll sleep in the jet." The look in his eyes is one of humormostly. "Actually, I didpart of it at least. But, that was in Peru." He runs his fingers over his eyes, "And that's a very very long story." He gives you a rather disheveled look, "The rest was back-to-back lay overs, cancellations, and last minute flight changes." There's a long sigh, "As for the latter part of my trip, that was thanks to a rather talkative bible salesmen who was more than happy to tell me about his version of what he thought happened in New York." He manages the bags like someone with too much experience doing so and takes a look around, "Never gets old." He looks around and back at you, "Coming in, that is."

Being all about looking disheveled, Jonothon doesn't even notice. There's dismay though, for the account of your journey. Sure he's no lower face, and nothing shifts beneath that black, but his eyes are expressive. A bit wide with the horror of four days, ending with a bible salesman. «Gorden Bennet.» An exclamation of surprise that. «I'd have rather walked. You'll have to tell me the long version sometime if you like.» It sounds like a whopper. As for the school he shakes his head in amusement. «If you haven't been here since it became public, you are in for a shock. It's very unlike the school I attended. Dozens of kids, power training is nothing like what we dealt with… and there are kids here who don't have useful mutations. Noticed Xavier talked, but never much followed through in some ways. Expect a lot of kids.»

Forge turns his head to give you a mildly-suprised look that mixes well with impression, "Really?" He breathes in heavily, "So the school's finally a 'school?'" He smiles at that thought, "No disrespect for Charles, of course, but, well…there is always room for improvement. Glad to see Scott took to the mantle well." Forge takes a moment to set his bags down and disrobe from his winter clothing. Off with the gloves, off with the coat. He doesn't bother hanging them up, instead they go into a bag with everything else, a rather metallic-looking hand shoving the items into the duffle, "So, who 'is' here?"

A nod about the school being a school. That's something Jonothon approves of as well. «It's about bloody time too. Does mean you should lock your door though.» There's some laughter lurking in eyes for that too. Standing in the doorway, not expecting to stay long due to you wanting to sleep, he makes no mention of your hand. Certainly notices though. Really, what's a guy without heart or lungs, much less lower face, to throw stones at someone missing a hand and leg? «Hmm.. Scott, Hank, Rogue, Bobby, Sam, Jean-Peal, and Lorna. We've a couple of others I'm not sure you'd know. Doc, Addison, and some guys I haven't met either. I was gone for a few years and returned right when the demon bollocks started.» He pauses, then adds, «The X-men are still based here, but we've been too busy protecting the school to do much else lately.»

Forge shoots you a smile at the mention of a locked door—obviously a new need for the school he remembers. The man nods and listens, nodding again with each name he recognizes, "Good. And, it'll be my pleasure to lend a hand where I can. I'll try to get with Scott as soon as I can to see what his needs are." He gives the room one last look, and asks one last question, "Anything I should be warned about before I sleep for the next two days?" The question is followed by a wry smile, the type that also asks if he's going to be attacked by a lobster boy in his sleep.

«Try Hank too, if you can pry him from the lab.» Those two can handle pretty much everything here at the school. Jonothon isn't even a teacher here. Just one of the X-men who helps out. «There are some student issues that you'd solve in minutes, if you're even a fraction as good as I've heard, but none of it is remotely critical. For now, sleep. The guest area is off limits, but lock your door anyway. Call me if you need me. I always carry my comm.» Motions to the gold and silver (X) at his collar bone. «And sleep well. That door there is a private bathroom. You can hide here as long as you need. I'll let people know.»

Forge laughs, "Hopefully I'll live up to your over-rated expectations of me," he says, hoping that didn't sound like as much of an insult as it might have. "And thanks Jonothon. I'll come by as soon as I've recovered from my journeys." He picks up both bags and begins to make his way to the guest room. He gives you an exhausted nod and say, "Night."

Jonothon shrugs, «That's kind of what I do around here.» For all his tone claims he's highly amused at it more than anything else. Ironic really. He lifts a hand in farewell, and leaves you to settle in. You can sleep and he'll find Scott. Or leave the man a message anyway. By the time you wake you should be added into the security.

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