2010-07-10: Forgotten Accident


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Summary: Lucas asks Robyn about what happened, Robyn doesn't remember what caused his injuries.

Date: July 10, 2010

Log Title: Forgotten Accident

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

The rumours have spread that Robyn's in the medbay, something about a car accident, but not much is known. He's been unconscious since last night and is currently in the corner of the room with several machines monitoring his condition. One arm is in a cast and the other is completely bandaged, his chest is bandaged, he's in a neck brace and there's a bandage around his head. Over all he's got a broken arm, several broken ribs, internal injuries, road rash on half his body, a concussion, a head wound and an injured neck, though he doesn't know about it all yet. He's hooked up to an IV and oxygen for the moment as he is still apparently either sleeping or unconscious.

Lucas was in the cafeteria when he heard the news. He's still wearing his flannel sleepy pants and a wife beater, and he makes his way into the med bay. After a short exchange with the nurse, who gives him a stern warning about breaking anyone out, he moves over to Robyn's bed. He takes a minute to check all of the machines and monitors, then he moseys to the medical file folder with Robyn's chart in it, and spends another minute studying what's wrong with Robyn. He closes it, and then moves to the bed's side. "Hey," he says softly.

The soft voice causes Robyn to open his eyes and he realizes this isn't his room. "Where am I?" His voice sounding groggy and that's when the dull pain hits him and Robyn can't help but let out a small cry of pain. His eyes fill with panic as it dawns on him how bandaged up he is. "Lucas? What..what happened?" He says as he doesn't remember how he ended up down here, or how he got injured to begin with and Robyn looks a bit scared.

Lucas furrows his brow a little, "They're sayin' who was hit by a car." He shakes his head, "You ain't so stupid for me to completely buy that, but the injuries DO seem to support it…" He sighs, and lays his gloved hand on Robyn's forearm in a rare, outward showing of caring. "Your arm is broken, couple of your ribs. Took a good knock to your noggin, too."

Looking the best he can at Lucas, Robyn gets confused. "Hit by a car?" He says wincing as it hurts to breath at the moment. "How'd I get hit by a car?" He says struggling to remember but it's blank. "The last thing I remember is going for a walk in the woods." Then it's blank. Nothing. "I don't…I don't know Lucas." He says as it scares him, the fact that he can't remember what happened to cause him to wake up in the medbay, it's unnerving. "Lucas..thanks."

Lucas shrugs, "Ah ain't done nothin' to get thanked for." He looks at one of the monitors as it beeps, then back at Robyn. "Anyways, assumin' the charts right, you ain't got nothin' what ain't recoverable from. An' Ah reckon the Doc'll do some woogy heal on you, too, which'll help." Lucas would rather discuss the tablecloth than his feelings. Yuck.

"That's good." Robyn says in regards to recovering. He's quiet for a bit as he's trying to think about yesterday then something dawns on him. "Lucas…need to talk. To you." He manages to get out between labored breaths. "James…Jinx told me some stuff. You are the only one I feel comfortable telling this too." He says slowly.

Lucas tilts his head, and gets a little confident smirk. "Jinx was talkin' about me?" he asks, seeming pleased by that. "What'd she say?"

"That you're shallow?" Robyn jokes with an attempt at a chuckle before it turns into a cry of pain and gasping for breath. Okay laughing is painful. "No…just your theory, about James. I promised him I would keep this secret." Robyn says closing his eyes and trying to relax the best he can. "If he isn't James, I don't mind breaking the promise, if he is, then you're the only one I feel comfortable breaking it to." He admits as he pauses a bit before saying what he does next. "His powers…are different."

Lucas' smile fades a little, "Oh." Then he creases his brow, "Ah ain't shallow." He rolls his eyes, and then pulls up a chair. "That's because it ain't James," he says, already working out how he's going to clear the security tapes of this conversation. "Ah dunnow what to do yet. Ah'm workin' on it."

"I was teasing you Lucas." Robyn says though something she did made him seem a bit shallow. "Telekinesis." He gets out. "I sensed it, some sort of psychic power in him, then he used telekinesis." He didn't question it at the time more because he didn't want to. "I had an idea. If something is in his brain, I can posses people. Maybe I can push it out." Little does he know that he tried it and it didn't work, at all.

Lucas shakes his head, "That don't sound like a good idea." Lucas sighs, resting his elbows on his knees. "He's possessed by something 17,000 years old. He's got some kind of life zap. He used it on me, Ah slept almost a day and a half." He shakes his head, "Until Ah figure out a plan, you all need to not do anything risky."

Listening to Lucas, Robyn nods. "That's..old." How can someone live that long, it's just strange since written history is only dates back about six thousand years old. "Well I can't do anything right now so being stuck in here might be good for that." Too bad he doesn't know he did anything risky already. "Why James?"

Lucas shrugs, "Because he's a fuckin' magnet for bullshit?" He smirks, "Because they know better than to try an' possess me?" He shakes his head, "Ah dunnow. Ah think it had to do with that spear, but Connor thinks it goes back farther than that. Ah don't think it does, but who knows."

"Addison checked his brain, remember?" Robyn tells Lucas as that's why he agrees with him that it goes back to the spear. "I think, it's the spear. And, I know Jono messed with it before when Jono was evil." He says but he doesn't think that's a part of it. "So what entities are there that are 17,000 years old? Do you think the school would have any info?" He asks.

Lucas shrugs, "Ah dunnow. Right now, Ah'm tryin' to find out what the Hellfire Club is. He's apparently a member of that, and he's got this side goal of becoming it's leader." He sighs, "Ah'd be lyin' if'n Ah didn't say that Ah worry that's the REAL goal, and that he could give a shit about James, or which body he's in when that happens."

"So the team really is all a joke." Robyn says as he can't help but feel disappointed by that. "Internet, google it. See if anything comes up. Let me know." He says trying to fight the pain to stay conscious. "So James is just a convenience, well, we give a shit about James and have to do something..well I don't know about me but I know you can Lucas." It's more he doesn't know when he'd get out of the medbay.

Lucas nods, "Yeah. Well, as soon as James said he'd be leader an' not me we knew it was a joke," he responds, with a smile. "Yeah, Ah've been tryin' to find things online. Secret societies typically don't have web sites, though, Robear." He shrugs, "Ah don't know what to do next. Connor an' Jinx are lookin' to me to lead this, an'…" He sighs, "Ah ain't a hero. Ah don't wanna be an X-Man. Ah don't know that Ah can do this…"

There's a smile from Robyn and he tries to suppress another painful chuckle. "None of us are." He says as he's no hero. "I'll help how I can but…I just wish I could remember. How can someone not remember getting hit by a car?" Robyn asks really confused. "Lucas, you don't have to want to be an X-Men do to this, this isn't about being a hero. It's about our friend. Someone who…I don't know what you, or I, would do without." James is just a very good friend to the both of them. "He's been there countless times for us, we have to find a way to be there for him."

Lucas nods, looking down for a moment, and then back at Robyn. "You gonna be okay down here? Can Ah get you anything to pass the time?" he asks, changing the subject instead of responding with anything revealing.

"Please, can you get my laptop and some movies?" Robyn asks as that would help to pass time. "I really can't do much more than lie here so…oh and tell Connor not to worry to much." He knows his roommate will. "I'll think on things and let you know what I come up with."

Lucas nods once more, "Ah'll see if Ah can get them. Ah dunnow about Connor though. We aren't…" He thinks a moment, and then looks across the med bay. "Ah ain't sure we're really friends anymore." He looks back at Robyn and stands. "Any specific movie you want?"

"Any that's not too boring. I have movies in my room." Robyn looks at Lucas and offers him a smile. "And with Connor…we have to work together. You. Me. Jinx. Connor. He singled us for a reason. If we….don't stick together…" His face contorts with pain and he lets out a cry as the painkillers are starting to wear off. "And..I think on things."

Lucas scratches the back of his head, "Ah think it's about our power set, and nothin' more. Regardless, he's somehow communicating with James. Readin' his thoughts about us so he knows how to get to us, what we're capable of." He chews his lip, and then nods, "Ah'll get you some shit to keep busy. Try to feel better." He gives a quick pat on Robyn's forearm, and then turns to go.

Robyn smiles at Lucas. "Thanks again." Not expecting much in response. "Don't give up on Connor." He says as he closes his eyes as the nurse comes over to check up on him and give him a nice dose of pain killers that will put him into sleepy land for a bit so that he can recover.

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