2009-03-02: Forming a Plan


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Summary: Eddie discuss the plan he has to Daisuke.

Date: March 2, 2009

Log Title Forming a Plan

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

It's the afternoon at Xavier's and the snow outside has managed to distract several students from the stress of the events going on. Several can be seen either out front or out back having snowball fights and the like. Hot chocolate is a common drink coming from the kitchen, and most are trying to enjoy themselves. Eddie Parker-Mayfair has parked himself in the Rec Room though. Dressed in jeans and a Thor t-shirt, he's lightly chewing the end of a pencil as he peers at a notepad. Occasionally he checks on some papers in a nearby folder, scribbles something, then goes back to thought. It's quiet in there.

Walking into the rec room wearing a blue and black stripped sweater over a faded pair of jeans is Daisuke. He has a mug of hot chocolate in one hand as he leans over the couch and smiles to Eddie. "Hey Eddie, what's up. Man that's a lot of snow we're getting today." He walks to the other side of the couch and plops down next to Eddie. "So what's on the agenda today?" He says raising a curious eyebrow at the papers Eddie's going through.

Eddie jumps slightly at the sound of someone speaking to him, looking around quickly before spotting Dai. "Hey, Dai," he says. Settling back, he nods. "Yeah…snow…" he trails off. "Just…planning."

"Just planning? For what, this whole thing going on?" Daisuke says taking a sip from his hot chocolate. "Well that's why I said you should be the leadery one after the Crab Crew guys. So what's it that you have planned, if you don't mind."

Eddie blushes faintly and sighs. "Planning…different ways to breach the barrier. And different groups that could go do things…even us…" he says that last part very quietly. "So far I'm just figuring out who or what can get through the barrier and comparing data though…"

Daisuke nods as Eddie talks. "Interesting, do you even know what's keeping the barriers up or what it's made of? And what is it that even you and I can do?" Daisuke says full of questions. He's just curious. "And do you think Summers will listen to you?"

Eddie blinks. "Well, I have nothing concrete…just theories and guesses based on what's been going on but," he chews on the pencil again. "I think the barrier's psionic in nature. Judging by the figures they have flying overhead, Mr. Falk and the Alternate Ms. Frost, and the fact that it's Shadow King…" he takes a deep breath. "And if I'm right, you and me might just be able to take it down or atleast hit it pretty hard and hopefully weaken it since sonics really screw with psionics," he explains. "I…I hope he will."

Daisuke nods slowly and smiles faintly, running a hand through his hair. "Are Addi…Mr. Falk and Ms. Frost still here? And what do you know about this Shadow King?" Daisuke says knowing that Eddie is a rolladex of super hero knowledge. "Well good luck Eddie, you know I've got your back. What are best friends for right?"

Eddie takes a deep breath. "I don't know. I hope they are. I haven't seen either since they got released from the medbay and I really wanted to talk to them…" he trails off. There's a pause before he starts listing Shadow King's powers and past encounters with the X-men as well as theories as to just what he is. He smiles slightly as he finishes. "Thanks, Dai."

"Wow sounds like he's a pretty tough guy to be up against, I mean to be able to get almost an entire group of super powered uses from another dimension under his control." Daisuke says and shrugs with a grin as Eddie says 'thanks'. "No problem. So what's up for today besides planning planning planning?"

Eddie bites his lip. "They have their dimension's me…and not all are under control. Several are just being fooled," he says. "So there are some weak spots even people like us could strike at. And I don't mean fighting. Negotiation and non-violence can be useful too…" he trails off. "I dunno. I was gonna work out and…I dunno."

"I don't think I'd like to run into alternate me. It'd just be really weird." Daisuke says shaking his head. "So you really think these guys will negotiate with you? I hope you're right Eddie, for the sake of things. So you going to try to get any help out of Pallaton or is he still off crying over you attacking him a few nights ago, which shocked the hell outta me."

Eddie hangs his head and slumps down. "I hope some of theme would at least talk to me…" he trails off. He gives Dai a sad look. "I had to do something or he was gonna run off and get himself killed and I only used non-lethal options…"

Daisuke raises his eyebrows. "But…" He says sensing a but in his first sentance. "Well now we know Fuzzy's weakness is any type of toxins and such. I didn't bother looking for his weakness before since I didn't think we'd ever have reason to know it. Or his emo anger is his weakness I haven't decided yet…"

Eddie looks down again, rubbing his eyes with the heels of his hands for a moment. "But I don't know if I can convince Mr. Summers or anyone else to let me try talking to them or how to tell who's being controlled, who's going along willingly, or who's being fooled," he says. "I feel like crap for doing that, Dai."

Daisuke shurgs. "Well you did it, if you feel that bad tell him your sorry and see what happens. And right now, you don't know. Hell even the other verision of you or me, could be doing this willingly. It's kind of creepy to think about. I swear though, Pallaton wants to believe he's more wolf than human, he's a mutant like the rest of us."

Eddie keeps his hands on his face. "I already apologized. He just yelled at me and ran into the woods," he says. "I hope they're not. I mean…Vanisher didn't even mention people being fooled until he thought I was his version of me," he sighs. "No, he just doesn't seem to -think- at all."

Daisuke shakes his head. "Well he wanted to be our friends so badly when he first arrived, said all that pack shit, and now he won't even give people like us a chance to be his friends and look out for him. It annoys me." Daisuke says leaning back against the couch. "So how the hell do you find out all this stuff Eddie? LIke with the Vanisher and Shadow King and everything?"

Eddie sighs, leaning back as well. "Vanisher and Doctor Octopus from their dimension showed up in the park awhile ago after the X-men went to investiage the dome. He gave me, Ricky, James, and Wave some information. And I was getting e-mails from Vision from the Young Avengers before the barrier went up."

"Many you have friends everywhere now, don't you Eddie?" Daisuke says shaking his head, but then he probably should have contacted Billy and Teddy at somepoint since he does know the two. "So since you seem to know everything, when do you think the X-Men are going to send their next round of people to the field around Manhattan and take out the other two?"

Eddie frowns. "I don't know everything, Dai…" he trails off. He sounds a bit hurt by this for some reason.

Daisuke looks at Eddie a bit confused. "What? You know a lot about this stuff, I didn't mean it as a bad thing just, you're curious and want to know. And somehow you're good at information gathering."

Eddie gives Dai a frown. "Somehow?" he asks, sighing a moment later. "I don't know when or if the X-men are doing anything. I'm not one of them…"

Daisuke sighs and shakes his head. "Man I try to give you a compliment and you frown at me. But seriously, how many kids here know that the Shadow King's behind this, how many kids know that some are willingly going with his plans and others are under his control? How many kids are drawing up battle plans based on the knowlege they know? Serioulsy Eddie."

Eddie pauses. "Sorry, Dai…" he trails off. "Just not feelin' right," he leans back again. "…everyone here knows the Shadow King's behind it. Mr. Summers put out a notice. Didn't you get it?"

"Was it with one of the other anal notices about the school being on lock down so we can keep all our kids in once spot incase something happens and the school gets attacked so it's a giant target notices?" Daisuke asks as gives Eddie a smile and nod. "No worries, we're all stressed."

Eddie tilts his head to the side. "So we should all go off and scatter so we can get picked off one by one? And so the school doesn't know where people are in case something happens?" he asks, confused. "It was the last notice he sent out after James snuck out again."

"Oh man, I must have missed it or just scanned it and read it as Scott crying more." Daisuke says with a shrug. "Well I'm eighteen I could go off if I wanted and you can at least go back and fourth from home to here. And honestly, either way is a bad opition, unless locking us all in the Danger Room in an emergancy situation is a comforting idea."

Eddie just sighs and leans back. "I don't know, Dai," he says. "I really don't know…"

Daisuke looks at Eddie and tries to give him a reassuring smile. "Well how about we go into the kitchen and see if we can get something to eat. Like one of those frozen pizzas or something. They might still have some hot chocolate left and this is really good hot chocolate?"

Eddie looks up and nods slowly. "Sure thing, Dai," he says, stuffing his notebook and file folder into his backpack. "Lead the way?" he asks, giving a small smile.

Daisuke stands up and nods. "Right on. Later tonight we can see if you can find Scott so you can tell him all that you've been thinking about."

Eddie nods and stands. He stretches and pulls his backpack on. "Sure thing, Dai."

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