2009-03-28: Foundling


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Summary: Addison heads for a workout and brings the new student with him.

Date: March 28, 2009


Rating: PG

A cloud of inky, black darkness seems to just suddenly manifest itself in the lobby this morning at the Xavier Institute. It's only there a second before a student stumbles out of it, and then fades away. It's Owen Folger, newest addition to the school, dressed in boots, jeans, and a tank top. Ofcourse, since he used his powers, he's covered in red-brown fur much like how Nightcrawler's covered in blue. "Woah, gotta try tah land on the floor next time instead of above it," he chuckles to himself.

Coming down from his room at that time, dressed only in a pair of sweats, is the VERY tired looking Addison Falk. As the blackness manifests, a sound like a screaming bird comes from the air around him as he lights on fire, lifting into the air slightly, arms arched out. As the kid lands from the center, stumbling, he reaches out to telekinetically assist him from stumbling. Sensing no threat, he calms down. "Sorry. Hair trigger. Are you alright?" He asks, floating down the stairs.

Owen looks up, slightly confused by the voice. He takes a moment to look Addison over before grinning. "Howdy! Ah'm okay. Jus' ported over from the dorms," he pauses. "And Ah appear tah have left mah other shirt behind," he remarks, looking down. "Oh well. Least Ah kept mah pants," he laughs.

"Well, practice does make perfect, but if you tend to lose things, should you really teleport to public places?" Addison offers a laugh, flowing down next to the new one. "You must be new. I haven't seen you here."

Owen shrugs. "Ah don' mind if people get a peep. Ah work hard tah make sure they've got somethin' good tah look at," he delcares, giving a few flexes. "But Ah don' always lose stuff. Usually keep it all. Guess Ah wasn' payin' attention this time," he sighs slightly. "That's right. Owen Folger, jus' arrived yesterday and Mr. Gilpatrick brought me up here from the city," he replies, offering his hand.

Addison can't help but laugh and makes a soft grin. "I can't say I blame you." He's the one walking around shirtless, after all. He usually does. He accepts the hand, trying his best to shield, but failing, because he's so tired. Surface thoughts carry over. ~~Another new one. From here or elsewhere? Lots of foundlings here. Many new mutants. Most younger, but near my age.~~ "Addison. Falk. I'm… from the invading dimension." He doesn't lie. "But I'm here with them now."

Owen jumps at the sudden telepathic contact, blinking a bit. "Uhh…Ah suppose Ah'm from elsewhere. From Tennessee down south," he explains. "Whatcha mean by foundlin'?" he asks. He tilts his head at the news of where Addison's from then shrugs. "Alright with me. Don' matter where ya're from, jus' what ya do and who ya are."

"Sorry." Addison says, tugging his hand back. "I'm tired, andI lose a little control. What part of Tennessee?" He asks, softly. The state is very wide, after all, and each area is different. "Foundlings… uhm… newly found people. Usually war victims in my world. Here, it's mutants that aren't with their families."

Owen just chuckles and grins. "No need tah worry. Ah'm certainly not one tah complain about someone else's lack of control," he says. Slowly, the glow is fading from his eyes and they're turning back to a more human appearance. His 'fangs' are returning to normal human length, and his fur is fading away back to plain skin. "Foundlin' eh? Well, Ah'm here without mah family, they're back home expectin' written updates on how Ah'm doin' monthly," he chuckles. "Jus' a small farm on the border with Kentucky is, Fulton." smiling a little. "Took convincin' tah get mah parents tah let me come up here."

"Ah, that works, then." Addison nods softly as he watches the changes. "Hmm. The fur actually suited you." He says with a nod. "Well, I'm sure you'll fit in just fine. We have a lot of students closer to your own age out there." Of course, he's not really older, but he tends to act it.

Owen blinks, surprised that anyone actually liked the fur. "It…comes and goes when Ah use this DarkForce stuff," he says, shrugging a little. "Haven' met too many of 'em actually. Didn' even meet mah roommate yet," he, looking up thoughtfully. "You're not a student here?"

"I'm… older than a student. I'm probably going to take college classes, but I DO need their help regaining the control I once had. Farouk ripped my control away from things like shielding my mind." Addison explains. "Though, I have been teaching some one on one power focus classes with people, so I may try to teach that, if they'll allow me."

Owen gives Addison a blank stare for a few moments. The grin returns to his face and his nods. "Sounds good tah me," he declares. "Maybe Ah'll end up in your class if ya teach."

"Well, I do one on ones with people. I don't do full classes. I… have to join my mind to theirs to see how their powers flow, though, so I tend to see things when I do." Addison chuckles, shrugging. "Who knows. If you need help with things, I may be able to down the road."

Owen nods. "Ah gotta say…Ah'm happy tah have so many people offerin' tah help me out with these powers," he says. "They've…been givin' me trouble and well, guess Ah wouldn' be here if Ah didn' need the help," he chuckles. "Know anythin' 'bout stoppin' people from transformin' intah other stuff?"

"I can't even shut off the flaming bird aura I get when I use my telekinesis. But, I'd have to see how it works and why. Has anybody given a clue as to what your powers are?" Addison asks, tilting his head. He doesn't really know, all he saw was the sudden darkness and POOF! A student.

Owen nods, tugging on a belt-loop. "Mr. Gilpatrick explained tah me it's all DarkForce. Some kind other dimension energy. Didn' know why it makes me go all fuzzy though. Said he though the…other thin' that happens is cause of an overload though," he sighs. "Gettin' close tah that time," he murmurs nervously.

"Ooooh. Hmm. Dark Force. What was it that… oh yeah. We had a Dark Force user that was bound to a Living Light user in my world. Cloak and Dagger. Who… both happen to be students and NOT this world's Cloak and Dagger here. Well, one's a student." Addison rambles.

Owen gives the blanks stare again. "Livin' Light?" he asks. "The school has spies?" he adds, wondering about 'cloak and dagger'.

"Nonono. That was their name. BEcause Dagger, who controls Living Light, shoots daggers of light. And Cloak, who's the darkforce user, wears a big Cloak that works with his powers." Addison chuckles softly. "Though, we probably DO have spies. I don't know. I'v eonly been here a few weeks."

Owen nods. "Ah suppose that makes more sense," he concludes, grinning once more. "Well, spies'd certainly explain how the woman that told me about this place found me. Ah thought Ah was hidden away pretty good too."

"That? No, that I know all about." Addison nods quickly. "That's through one of our special devices here. Telepaths can use it." Addison taps his head. "Did… Did you have me in your head the other night? I felt for anyone with superhuman abilities with Cerebra and called to them. Cerebra lets us do things like that. It amplifies our telepathic abilities supremely."

Owen just blinks. "In mah head?" he asks. "Ah don' think anyone but me's up there…" he trails off, ruffling his own hair. "Ah felt…somethin'. Someone askin' for help but Ah figured it was jus' a dream…"

"Like this?" Addison asks, replaying the exact same scene as he did before, but this time, one on one. "If so, then yes. That was me. It's one of my gifts." He tosses his hair over his shoulder softly.

Owen stumbles a moment as it's replayed. "Okay…that was it…" he trails off, shaking his head as if to clear it. "So you can do mind-talkin', make a big fire bird, and move stuff with your mind? Sounds interestin'."

"Pretty much." That, and he's just Addison. "Sorry. I'm a little strong sometimes. Physically, just normal. My mind…" He shrugs, reaching out to ruffle Owen's hair in apology.

Owen chuckles as his hair is ruffled. "Don' worry about it. Ah'm still gettin' used tah bein' around other mutants. Not too many back in Fulton 'cept that time the travelin' carnival came by," he remarks, tugging a belt-loop again.

"Oh, those. They're usually not even real." Addison chuckles, looking down at the tugged beltloop before looking up again. Cute kid, really.

Owen smiles. "Well, they seemed pretty real," he shrugs. "The one girl had four arms and the ring master was shootin' lasers from his eyes," he looks up, remembering that trip. "Ah dunno. The woman that found me jus' said Ah'd be around a lot more mutants."

"Yeah, almost every person who's here is one, except for a few people that do staff positions." Addison says with a nod as he looks about. "Has anyone shown you around? I was just getting ready to head to either the pool or the gym. I was still deciding."

Owen nods. "Yep. Got the big ol' tour from Mr. Gilpatrick after we got here," he declares with a grin. "Those sound like some pretty good ideas there, Addison. Mind a little company?"

"Not at all." Addison nods. "Gym, I think." He says, and leads the way down.


Owen grins as he gets an answer he was hoping for. "Well thank ya," he remarks as they go. He's not worried about gym clothing, having been told the school provided some work out attire to those that needed it during the tour. "Used tah have a weight set in the back of the barn back home but this place has some amazin' stuff."

"Considering some of our teachers are X-Men who can lift in the tens of tons, yeah. We need stronger things." Addison says, walking to the locker room, and opening his own. He begins to strip down openly, tugging a pair of green workout shorts out of the locker before putting his sweat pants in them. Along with it, he pulls out a tank top, putting it on and then the shorts. He grabs a towel from the stack nearby.

Owen snags a pair of shorts and a t-shirt from the cabinet he'd been shown and picks an empty locker. The teen glances over as he watches Addison change and grins. He certainly appreciates the sight. Owen makes zero effort to hide or cover himself as he gets changed, letting it 'all hang out' as he changes. "Tens of tons? Wow…Ah'm not even sure if that…thin' Ah turn intah can lift that much…"

Addison picks up on the mental notes and blinks. He turns immediately, only to turn away blushing. "Sorry, Owen." He says bashfully before he moves out into the gym to let the guy finish. When Owen does make it out there, Addison's working out mentally, lifting thirty tons worth of weight on the benchpress with his mind.

Owen is a bit surprised by Addison's reaction, blinking as he watches the man go. Shrugging, he finishes up his changing and follows. "What's there tah be sorry about?" he asks, watching the weights befor flashing a grin. "Ah liked the view and it's not like ya got anythin' Ah don' or haven' seen," he says, heading for another benchpress machine.

"Sorry. I just… I couldn't tell if it was physical or mental. Sometimes I see people's thoughts when I don't mean to. That's all." Addison says, continuing the mental workout. He does his body in other ways.

Owen shrugs again, setting up his own weights. "No need tah worry," he says. "Like Ah said, ya look good. Nudity's no big deal tah me."

"Uhm… thanks." Addison says, blushing brightly. Of course, the majority of his thoughts have been for someone in particular lately, when he's not working on his mental trap for Farouk.

Owen chuckles. "You're very welcome there, Addison," he says, starting to work the weights. He's lifting a lot for a 'normal' guy. Close to about a ton and a half. He's close to a transformation so his strength is amped. "Had tah stop and buy a bathin' suit on the way here. Got so used tah jus' strippin' down and leapin' intah the water back home that Ah didn' have one," he remarks with a laugh.

"Yeah, they don't allow that kind of thing here. Me, I'm so used to having no privacy at all. There are six people that know me inside andout. Every square inch of my mind and body." Addison says with a soft sigh as the machine stops, making some adjustments to itself, and then begins rising with 40 tons.

Owen shakes his head. "Such a shame," he muses, half joking. "Ah can see why though. 'Least back home there was the excuse of bein' so tired and hot from workin' all day that we were too tired and dirty tah care," he laughs. He pauses, setting the weighs on the rest when Addison reveals this. "Woah…how'd they learn so much about ya?"

There's a wince from Addison. "The guy that's leading this army against our world. Farouk. He controlled us all. He put all our minds together, never able to block the others out. We knew everything about each other, from our likes and dislikes, what we hated about ourselves, our genetic structures, and even forced us all to share sleeping quarters. One of them was my biological mother, though I didn't know it until later."

Owen winces as well. "Oh…" he trails off. There's a pause before he goes back to lifting. He's not sure what else to say so he just works out.

"It's alright. It's in the past. And most of them are going home, soon." Addison says with finality. "We're going to win this war. Get Farouk OUT of my people's heads, and take this world back."

Owen nods. "So whatcha gonna do with this Farouk-fella once ya get him out?" he asks. "Life in the slammer? Fire him intah space in some kinda rocket?"

"He's not physical. We're working on a way to trap him, permanently, in one person's head. Elisabeth has volunteered. We know that your world's Elisabeth was able to hold him until she died." Addison explains. "We're trying to amplify her and build the trap so all she has to do is hold it shut.

Owen blinks several times. "Oh…" he trails off. Most of that went right over his head. "If there's some one Ah can help, jus' let me know and Ah'll give it a shot."

"This is entirely mental. Telepaths only." Addison chuckles. "I'm not one of the strongest, but I'm good at seeing ways around things." He offers, already sweating lightly from the mental exertion.

Owen nods, sweating slightly as well but not noticing. "Well, if ya need a teleporting guy covered in fuzz for somethin', tell me. Figure Ah should be useful tah the place somehow. Puttin' up with me and givin' me a place tah live after all."

"That's more of a Scott thing. This is a place of education." Addison chuckles, reaching out a mental tendril. ~~And we all have things we do here to make everything work better.~~ He's got a good handle on this one. It's not so forceful.

Owen is startled once again, hands slipping. He drops the weights…one and a half tons of metal about to crash down on him…and suddenly he's gone in a cloud of DarkForce. When it clears, all that's left are his shorts, boots, and t-shirt. A few moments later and Owen strolls back into the weight room with a sheepish grin, in just his boxers. "Whoops, startled me there. Who's Scott?" he asks, moving to get back into his clothes.

As Owen reappears, fuzzy, the mental link is still there. Poor Owen gets questioned images from the Addison that he doesn't mean to send. Basically, images comparing a fuzzy body in interesting places to a non-fuzzy. "Sorry. Didn't mean to scare you."

Owen blinks, smiling after a moment. "Mah palms and the bottoms of mah feet are fuzz-less. Same with certain parts of mah privates. The low-hangers are fuzzy though," he say with a smirk. "Don' worry 'bout it. One of the first things Ah checked first time Ah turned fuzzy too," he chuckles. "Jus' caught me off guard is all. Like Ah said…still getting used tah this mutant stuff."

"Oh, sorry. Didn't realize I was still in there. Just natural wondering." Addison murmurs, turning away slightly. "Well, the fuzzy is definately interesting. I'll give it that."

Owen chuckles, pulling his t-shirt back on. "Ah told ya, no need tah worry. Ah don' mind people bein' curious," he says, starting to lift again. "It is?"

Addison remains back to Owen for the moment. "Yeah. We have one other fuzzy person, but he's not here lately. Just a fine fur all over his body from what they say. Then we have the ones with lots, like Dr. McCoy."

Owen perks up suddenly. "Ya do? Who?" he asks, very curious about someone like him. "How many fuzzy people around?"

"Oh, Mr. Wagner. There are pictures of him around here somewhere. Blue fuzz." Addison says, displaying a mental picture and turning around while he's doing the touch.

Owen pauses at the mental image, smiling a bit. "Ah'd like tah meet him sometime," he says quietly. When Addison turns around, Owen just smiles and shakes his head. He's not one to tease of make comments.

There's a sudden pause in Addison as he looks forward. "Sorry, I'm being called. I have to go meet with my world-mates." He says, ignoring the earlier problem and reaching out to ruffle Owen's hair. "See you around?"

Owen sits up in time for the hair ruffle. He laughs, starting to turn back to 'human' form. "Ah'll be around. Nice meetin' ya, Addison," he says, grin still in place.

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