2009-04-29 Fourth Meal


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Summary: The newest student meets Ororo in the kitchen, and within minutes the Headmaster as well.

Date: 04-29-2009

Fourth Meal

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

Currently, the kitchen is occupied by the weather witch. Her hair pulled back into a loose ponytail and wearing a full, rich purple sun dress. She was slicing fruit and placing it into a small bowl for herself. Clear blue eyes on her hands as she moves with a practised ease. Humming softly to herself and idly nibbling on a slice of apple she stole from the bowl.

Heading into the kitchen, slightly finding his way around the mansion still, is Kael. One of the newer students in the school. The boy looks around the kitchen a bit before he catches the sight of Ororo and he bites his lower lip. He stays silent for a moment before he starts to head towards the fridge.

Storm looks up to Kael and smiles softly, "Do not be shy." Her voice lilting with an accent, though she is very careful to make sure that each word is enunciated properly. "You are one of the newer students to the school, yes? I still have much catching up to do with the populace of Xavier's once more." Her demeanor is warm and friendly, though not without the air of nobility that she can never really shake free.

Kael smiles softly, closing the door after he takes out a hug of juice. "Sorry… Just… wary of meeting new people, I guess." He sets the jug on the counter and looks around for a moment. "Yup. I'm one of the new kids." He lets out a small laugh before he looks around once more. "My name is Kael. Kael Langford. And… do you know where the cups are in here?"

There's a soft, warm chuckle from the X-Man, "It can be quite daunting being in a new place as well as a new school." She walks over and opens one of the cabinets and smiles at seeing not much has been moved around since last she was here, handing Kael a cup. "I am Ororo Munroe, though most tend to call me Storm. It is nice to meet you Kael, and I sure that you will soon be free of your reluctance."

Kael takes the cup with a soft blink. "Storm?" His eyes gain a slight brightness as he asks, "Do your powers revolve around wind?" Slightly elated that he might have found someone that shares something in common with powers. He moves back to the jug and starts to pour himself a drink, still listening though.

She smiles at the reaction, "I was once and still am by a few, called a Weather Witch. My powers allow me to control the weather itself. Wind, Rain, Lightning…all manners of weather." She moves and seats herself at the small island after cleaning up some to enjoy her bowl of fresh fruit sliced neatly. "I can assume you have power over the wind?"
X-Mansion> Erik says, "Well, then more for me."

Kael's eyes go wide a bit as he listens and all he can says is, "Whoa…" He sets the jug back down, and puts it away with a nod as he says, "Yup, I have the power to control wind. Though… heh… I'm not that quite good at it." He moves back to the island to enjoy his cup of juice.

"Control is often the most difficult thing we have to learn. If you wish, I have been meaning to talk to Scott about taking a few students aside to help them learn. If you would like, it may be possible for you to sign up for such a thing. It may be easier for you if you had someone with powers to likeness of yours." Still smiling, Ororo has a wonderful aura about her that would put nearly anyone at ease. The woman practically radiated safety and warmth.

Speak of the devil, Scott is actually entering the kitchen. The Headmaster's red lenses are his signature, and it seems as if it's another long night. He's coming in for coffee. Scott looks into the kitchen before coming in, noting Ororo and a new student in his squad. He doesn't say anything as he starts to make his coffee, he seems in thought.

Kael brightens up at the thought of that, and he smiles almost just as bright. "I personally thing that was be awesome!" He doesn't mean to yell, and he mutters an 'oops' before he clears his throat and goes to speak right when Scott comes in. The aerokinetic falls silent as the headmaster comes in, and he busies his mouth with taking a drink of his juice.

Turning her head to smile to Scott, though to the Team Leader, concern would easily be picked up on those expressive features. "Good evening, Scott." Holding back from berating the man softly about not enough sleep and apparently not enough food. A healthy meal and a full rest would do Scott a lot of good, but Ro keeps it to herself. Chuckling softly at Kael's enthusiasm, "We shall see, then, Kael." Is all she offers the excitable student as she takes a bite of a slice of papaya.

The headmaster looks to both people in the kitchen. "Evening." He says, taking a drink of coffee and starting to look in the fridge, leftovers tonight. "How are you two?" He asks, making idle conversation. Though the difference would only be known to Ororo. The Headmaster places a plate in the microwave, rice a roni and chicken. not too bad. "Kael Langford. I'm Scott Summers, Headmaster." He handled Kael's registration in the school, but hasn't met him yet. Another staff member had the honor of introducing him to the school.

Kael smiles sheepishly at Scott, looking a bit of an awe fashion as he spots the red lenses and he asks probably the most asked question by new kids at this school. "Why do you wear those?" He looks back at Ororo with a small smile before he says, "I hope that it happens. I'd love to have any help I can get…" He trails off as he looks back up at Scott… or his glasses/visor really.

Ororo stands and puts a hand on Scott's arm and sets the food back into the fridge with a very motherly eyeing. "Sit, enjoy your coffee, I will make you something to eat." Ororo was an exceptional cook and often fretted over people's diets. She opens the fridge and takes out one of the few steaks set to thaw. Searching through the cabinets and coming up with a large potato she sets in the oven after it heats and even brings out some carrots from her rooftop garden. kept in a neat bag. She smiles as the student asks Scott that and nods, "I will make sure that you get that help you wish, Kael."

The Headmaster looks to Ororo as she offers to cook him dinner. He shrugs and moves to the island, it's been a while since he had a real fresh meal. "Thanks, Ro." He says as he takes another sip of coffee, idly spotting Kael's glances to his glasses, add another hash mark to the list of students who've asked that. "These let me see without blasting what I'm looking at." He says, simply. Looking to the new student. "You're on my squad, The Corsairs." He says, quite bluntly. "You'll have a chance to see what I mean, very soon."

Kael sips at his juice and then gulps down what he drank as Scott says that last thing. "Really? Neat." He grins a bit before he looks over at Storm and smiles happily before looking back at Scott and gnaws on his lower lip a bit before he asks, "What're the squads for? The teacher that picked me up told me some stuff, but I was too busy looking at the stuff outside of the car…" New place. New sights. You can understand, right?

Chuckling softly as she shoos Scott away and sets about cooking the steak to a nice medium with a wonderful array of herbs and bit of oil to make sure the meat doesn't dry out or scorch. Taking maybe a little longer than Scott's previous rice-o-ronie would have taken to nuke, but so much better for him. She lets Scott and Kael speak as she lets the sliced carrots cook a short while with the steak. After a short while, she plates the steak, veggies and the potato with the fixings that Scott prefers and Ro somehow knows. Setting the plate in front of the man before sitting again to take a bite of her fruit.

Scott gives a nod to Kael. "Yes, I'll have a meeting in the Danger Room so my new squad members can meet the others." That means you, Kael! Scott looks to the plate set down for him. "Thanks again." He offers before cutting into the steak, he's hungry, but he's not tucking in like a mad man. "The squads are our teams here, every student age fifteen and older is assigned to one. They are designed to build team skills and problem solving strategies in that team." He takes a bite of steak and potato, swallowing before continuing. "The school has a total of five training squads. Alpha Squadron, The Corsairs, The New Mutants, and The Hellions, are all for students to learn their powers and team work. And the last squad is X-Force, those are graduates of the school, who for different reasons have stayed here. They are responsible for defending the school in an emergency. THey are also like Resident Advisors." Well, that was a lot of explaining, though it takes that long of an explanation.

Kael swallows the last of his juice and gulps slightly at the sound of a meeting. "I never did do good with public introductions," says the wind controller quietly as Scott takes a bite. Then he nods at the rest of it and lets out a soft drawn out 'oooh'. "Now I get it.. I think." He hms a bit and then asks, "What's the Danger Room?"

Ro stays quiet while Scott explains the reasons and reason for the squads. Team work was the key to it, though. Storm and Cyclops knew that well enough as they've faced enemies time and time again that they could not have bested without their team behind them. Even someone like Logan appreciated the effectiveness of many over one…even if he didn't like it. She works at the fruit in her bowl with careful neatness. "It is like a learning obstacle course that was designed to allow Mutants the full capability of their powers. Difficult to explain without demonstration. It is where we train."

Scott finishes another bit of steak and carrot as Ororo answers Kael's question. Seems like this Storm woman knows her stuff around this place. Scott appreciates her contributions to the school and it's students. "You may not be good at public introductions, but five others not including me is not really public." He has him there, the point on the small squads is for the students to get more attention to their needs, you have to master working with a small group before you can work with a big one.

Kael looks a bit lost at that prospect but he nods a bit. "I think I can understand that. Though… I don't know how well I could train. I mean… all I can do is make wind go faster and float like half a foot off of the ground for a few seconds." He lets out a small huff, crossing his arms on the island and resting his head on it; turning it to look at Scott. "I guess so… Though, I've already met Owen… He was in the medbay. I kinda got lost and wound up there with the help of Jared."

She nods her head, "It allows us to better gauge power levels and where improvements can be made. Contrary to popular belief, even teachers train with one another in such squads." She chuckles softly, "Some enemies can seem impossible to defeat, though none are all powerful as they oft claim. Loudly." Smiling a bit as she finishes the last bite of the fruit. "Do not underestimate your powers. You are still young and there are many things that wind can do." She smiles a bit softly.

Scott swallows another bit of steak before saying. "And all I do is shoot energy out of my eyes. But that doesn't mean I can't do a lot with that." When it comes to his squad members, he is not the headmaster, he's their counselor, their instructor, someone they are supposed to be comfortable talking to. Even if his outward demeanor is still dead pan.

Kael blinks a bit before he starts to say something but stops. That took the wind out of his sails. "I guess you're right." He looks over at Storm and archs a brow. "Really? Even the teachers train with one another? And what else can wind do? Other than move really really fast and tear things apart with just sheer force…" For a teen, his imagination is shot on what he can do.

Ro chuckles softly at Scott's down grading his own powers. "It is the application of your powers that makes them great." Making Scott's point a little more eloquently as she stands to clean her bowl and set it in the sink to dry. She smooths down the front of the purple sun dress before smiling at the two of them. She laughs softly at the question, "Of course. We never truly stop learning or improving upon one another. As for what the wind can do…more than one sitting would offer justice. It can be as destructive as it is soothing. It carries bitter cold as well as searing heat. It is the conduit of all things in our world."

Scott gives a nod to Ororo as she takes his point further. "Exactly." And then it's off to work finishing off the rest of his steak. A little fast to eat, but he's got a little more work to do before going to bed.

Kael goes a bit silent at the destructive comment and he nods softly. "I know all too well of the destruction it can cause." He bites his lower lip and sighs a bit; shaking his head for a moment before he rests his head on his arms. "Still makes me wonder what I can do. Wonder if I can cut something with wind… That'd be sweet." He gets a childish grin at that idea. You can tell he's envisioning something in his mind.

Ororo only chuckles, "We shall see, Kael." She smiles and pushes off the counter and puts a hand on the student's shoulder. "Though, always practice your abilities in a safe environ and where you cannot harm anyone by accident. That is another reason we have the Danger Room. Soon, you and I shall attend a session." She pats once before moving for the door. "It is growing late and I do have an early morning. Scott…at least promise me you'll sleep at some point this evening?" She smiles to the man before turning to walk from the kitchen and towards the elevator.

The Headmaster looks to Ororo when asked the question. "I will." He assures her as he stands up with his empty plate and rinses them off to place in the dishwasher. "Same goes to you Kael, it's getting late. But if you stay up, just keep quiet." He says, knowing many students are home by curfew, but don't actually go to sleep until later.

Kael lifts his head up at the mention of a session and he blinks. "Really? Cool." He smiles wide before he stands up from his seat, moving to the sink to rinse out his cup before following the headmaster's suit to put it in the dishwasher. "I'm gonna head there now. Hopefully it's not too chilly outside." Then he starts to head towards the door, so he can head for his dorm.

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