2010-04-22: Fox Guarding the Hen House


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Summary: James makes Julian an offer he can refuse. But doesn't, much to the hyena's surprise.

Date: April 22, 2010.

Log Title Fox Guarding the Hen House

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Library

Like most Libraries, this one has that respected quite hush about it. A desk to check out books sits next to the door, next to the desk sits a statue of an Orangutan with a sign saying Return your books or else. Row upon row of books goes up and down the room. In the middle of all the shelves are two computers for looking up titles and a group of tables for students to sit and study. Along the back wall are windows with padded window seating for students to read in quiet.

It's nearly the weekend, and James is sitting in the library doing his darndest to finish his history report before Saturday. So, with a few books spread out before him, he puts the finishing touches on the assignment, giving the paper one last scan. Pencil tapping nervously, he slams the writing utensil to the table and announces to himself, "Yes! FDR can kiss my butt! I'm done!"

In true form, Julian makes his presence quite known at a startling pace. "What, not a fan of the New Deal?" He says, before stepping over to James himself. The telekinetic's cobalt eyes look at James and analyzes him again before stopping before him. He doesn't say why he's here as he knows James had asked him to meet up. The X-Forcer just waits to hear what James had wanted to talk to him about.

James tightens his jaw exposing rows and rows of teeth in surprise, hackles raising ever so slightly, "Yeeeeh!" The hyena furrows his eye-ridges for a moment, giving Julian such a look, "Frek' you scared me!" Yeah, he did too, the hyena's heart beating hard in his chest. After a moment he adds, "Actually, that's what the report is on." He puts his paw over the paper, "And this signals an end to all my make work as well." Not that the X'er probably cares, but James is happy about it. Finally, however, the reason for the meeting is brought up. "So, sir…I was wondering. I just got through a rough patch in my life and wanted to return the favor to the school. So, maybe kinda thought about possibly offering my free time to you if you needed a hand watching the grounds?"

Cobalt eyes look over the mutant very well. He's not exactly sure about it. Not in a sense that a seven foot tall mutant who looks like a hyena wouldn't be pretty intimidating. Mainly because he knows who he would have to go through to see if James is able to do some help. "Hmm, I'd say yes." To hell with Scott if he disapproves, the Headmaster did call for any willing student to volunteer. As for the rough spot in his life, Julian doesn't pry. He's long since abandoned that game of being in everyone else's business.

And it's those cobalt blue eyes that make James feels exceedingly uncomfortable. Their previous meeting didn't go so well, considering James had just almost slain Lucas. And while Julian had offered less harsh thought on the matter, the hyena is sure that it'll he be held against the decision. There's a sigh, "Yeah…that's kinda what I though. No prob..Wait." He wrinkles his face a little and gives Julian a close inspection, senses flaring, "Did you just say 'yes?'"

Julian raises a brow to James as he doesn't believe that Julian said yes. "I didn't stutter, James." He says, looking to the student with a smirk. The telekinetic is as headstrong as always. But he can always back it up. But then again, he's ever one to be predictable.

James shakes his head a bunch, "No sir, you didn't. It just wasn't the answer I was expecting." There's a smirk, "I think you're the only person on grounds that doesn't seem put off by my reputation." Which is exactly what the security detail needs. The hyena blinks a few times, "So…cool! Umm…now what?"

"If you think your reputation was bad, you should have seen mine." Well, Julian's wasn't as bad, but still pretty notorious, and to some in the school still is. "Now, we wait. Be ready if there's an emergency, you see two students fighting, break it up. You see someone looking like they are about to demolish some walls, stop 'em." It's quite simple, but nit exactly enough to qualify as 'brain dead'. "Make sure you're up on all your DR sessions, all that stuff."

James listens intently as his gaze watches the much more experienced X'er, "Yes sir, sure thing." He might even stay out of trouble…mostly. He grins widely, "This'll be fun." So says the beast built like a tank, "And..umm…educational." That last part thrown in just to dissuade any fears about James going a little too far with this assignment, "Thanks, Sir! I’ll try not to let you down." Note: 'try.'

"Good, because if Scott hears about you doing something like before. It's not just gonna be /your/ ass, it's gonna be /mine/." And Julian can't have anyone messing with his standing in the system. Julian is one hundred percent sure of that.

James holds up his paws, "Oh, no…I'm done with that." At least until the next time. "Addison fixed things, so no worries," gets added at the end for validity. James grins, "Sides…I hear rumors about the people that screw up around you. They have a habit of tripping…down stair wells…a few times." Hyperbole if ever there was.

"Oh that used to be when I needed alibis. Nowadays I have a more direct approach." He's bullshitting, but Julian's reputation still isn't shining, so it could be true. Even now the difference between Julian coming in is different than he is now. It's as if something was lifted during their conversation.

James laughs a little, crossing his arms as he does, "Oh, I'm gonna like working with you." And, in part, he thinks he will. Julian's rep somewhat matches his own; his rumored actions and M.O. something the hyena can understand. Even in his toned down state. Smiling a little, he gives the X'er a nod, "Thanks."

Julian gives James a hard nod before he starts to walk away, going back to what he does. He feels the same way, even if he doesn't express it. "You know how to get in touch with me." He offers before turning the corner and he's outta sight.

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