Franky Stein
Portrayed By Arnold Schwartzeneger
Gender Male
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Looks 22-23
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Aliases None
Place of Birth New York City
Current Location New York City
Occupation Bum, Monster
Known Relatives None
Significant Other None
Identity None
Known Abilities Enhanced Strength/Endurance, Body Weapons, Absorb electricity, Mutant Sense
First Appearance Unknown

Hy em not a Monshter, hy em a goot perzon. Mebee not too Shmart, but shtill a nize guy.



Audio Log #1: This is the audio log of Doctor Kraus Himmler for project "Patchwork". My mysterious benefactor is paying me well to create what he claims is to be humanity's greatest weapon against the rising Mutant menace. I am awaiting delivery of the biological samples that were promised but have already started growing the vat tissue tissue needed to be crafting the subject's brain. What they are asking for is sheer madness, but the checks cleared so let's give it a shot eh?

Data Log #34 - Biological sample data.

Sample #1 "David Gruebeck". Mutant ability, the power to transmute living tissue into an organic metal, increased strength and stamina. A former gang-banger by the name of BullDozer, killed while in flesh and blood form in a raid by Los Angeles PD.

Sample #2 "Jasmine Stillman". Mutant Ability, Shape-shifter. Killed in Miami Florida by Friends of Humanity.

Sample #3 "William Turner". Mutant Ability, The storage and manipulation of electricity. A small-time crook by the name of "Megawatt". Shot through the skull by a SWAT sniper in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

Sample #4 "Jacob Marks". Mutant Abilities, Psychic Location, bio-regeneration. A bounty hunter going under the alias "Tracker". Killed in the line of duty in Houston Texas. Regenerative powers not strong enough to survive Decapitation.

Audio log #12: This is the audio log of Doctor Kraus Himmler for project "Patchwork". The cloned tissue from the samples are growing well but the individual mutations are not bonding on the subject frame. Tests show that without further engineering of the X-gene proteins the differing samples will not be able to co-exist in the same body. I fear that altering the genetic structure however will weaken the individual powers if not alter them altogether. So far my sponsors have not complained about the needed time for this, I hope it stays that way.

Audio log #25: This is the audio log of Doctor Kraus Himmler for project "Patchwork". Subject number 6 is a total failure, the genetic materials are literally devouring each other and causing widespread genetic instability. The Subject physically melted on the table as the genetic breakdown liquefied the tissue. A new approach will need to be taken.

Audio log #56: Success! All four genetic samples have been fully integrate into the base subject body. The key was to introduce each sample at different stages of the base body growth. When sample number one was introduced to the beginning growth stage it turned the skeletal structure into organic steel, an unexpected but welcome side effect. If the growth process continues without incident I can implant the finished brain into the base body and begin the subconscious weapons and tracking thought patterns. It won't be too much longer.

Audio log #74: (Sounds of breaking glass, a male voice shouting. "SHIELD agents! Hands above your heads and surrender!" Automatic weapons fire echos in the background before the doctor can be heard again) No… NO! It isn't ready! The programming isn't complete and the physical cosmetics haven't even started. (Sounds of electrical crackling) The power.. the power is out. I need to get the backups online before (Explosion) NO! The entire system's been surged! I… I have to run.. I have to get out of here!"

End of Prologue

The creature known simply as Franky started it's existence as four separate mutants in different parts of the country. Each died a rather tragic and untimely death before thier bodies were stolen by the Friends of Humanity and brought to Doctor Kraus Himmler for experimentation and the ultimate creation of what was to be an unstoppable mutant hunter, unfortunately things didn't go quite to plan.

The entire project was the brainchild of Multi-millionaire businessman Hugh Willhelm Myers. The Myers family were old money, having started their fortunes in South Carolina in the Slave trade before the civil war. After the war the family secretly funded groups like the KKK and watched them wreak havoc upon those that they once saw as little more than property, revenge for the loss of their most lucrative source of income. In the years and decades that followed the Myers family grew their fortunes with legitimate businesses like textiles and railroads while keeping a much darker trade in drugs, human trafficking, piracy and weapons dealing. Their legacy is written in blood and even to this day the family maintains a legitimate front while giving aid to those who foster terror and death around the world. Their latest focus has been upon mutants. Seeing them as less than human, Hugh Myers has been funneling funds and weapons to groups like the Friends of Humanity as well as giving public support to anti-mutant political programs, most importantly the Sentinels. When the Sentinel project was shelved Myers sought several times to try and restart it only to fail each time, soon afterwards one of his European connections provided him with something interesting. A research journal by an anonymous genetic scientist with notes and theories on X-gene mutations and how they could be combined to create super-soldiers. The writings had a decidedly "Master Race" lean in them and were likely German or Latverian but whatever the source Myers saw them as a foundation for an all new weapon against the mutant threat, using their own powers against them.

Using his contacts with the Friends of Humanity Myers choreographed the theft of several corpses from morgues around the country of those that had the powers he sought to use. After a bit of research he came across Doctor Kraus Himmler, a genetic scientist banned from the industry and recently jailed for illegal testing on human subjects and decided that this man would be perfect to head up the new project. Pulling a few strings and buying off several Judges he had Himmler freed and though anonymous sources offered him the job. Setting him up in a secret laboratory in a mostly empty industrial district outside of new York city. While progress was slow Himmler did eventually have a working prototype and was beginning the final processes needed to bring it to full operation and begin testing. That was until SHIELD raided the lab.

SHIELD had recently raided a FoH safe-house and seized communications on their computers about the thefts of the corpses and their intended destination. While there was nothing leading to Myers the information did lead them to Himmler's lab and his FoH guards and the ensuing firefight severely damaged the facility destroying it's power supply and setting much of the complex on fire. While the FoH guards and Himmler were captured the SHIELD agents never got deep enough into the lab to find project Patchwork, though they do know of it's existence. It was thought to have been destroyed in the fire. This was not the case.

A power surge in the laboratory triggered one of it's mutant abilities and awoke the abomination. It had only received the bare minimal of it's intended programming and ran mostly on pure survival instinct as it broke free from it's growth pod and smashed through a wall into the sewer system only to emerge from a runoff drain several miles from the lab site. Naked and disoriented from it's premature awakening he wandered into the city only to fortunately be found by a kindly old Nun named Sister Bernice. Seeing the burned and scarred form she mistook him to be a homeless man that had been robbed or rolled and directed him to a shelter where he was clothed and given a hot meal. His mind was nearly a blank slate, he spoke little to no English and what he did speak was in a think almost indiscernible accent. The shelter figured he was strong-out on drugs and gave him a room for a few nights, during the day he simply sat in the main room watching the television. What little programming he had kicked in as his brain began to absorb knowledge from what he was seeing, his vocabulary skills improved slightly and he began to grow more responsive. With no memory of a real name he adopted the tag he was given by one of the other homeless men in the shelter due to his scarred and stitched appearance. Franky, Franky Stein.

After a few days he was forced to leave the shelter and wandered the streets of New York. Most folks simply kept their distance from the hulking figure that stared blankly ahead of him as he trudged through the city, his wanderings eventually taking him to Hell's kitchen where he witnessed a two figures fighting off a small gang of men wearing the FoH's insignia. He wasn't sure why but the symbol seemed to be familiar and he walked closer. As he approached his gaze fell on the two figures, one of them a woman with bright blue skin who was hurling balls of flame from her hands, as he watched her something in his mind clicked on and he saw her with a faint green outline, his limited programming kicking in and he simply said the word "Mutant" without fully understanding what it meant. He then looked down at his own hands and saw a similar green outline, speaking the words again. "Me.. Mutant."

The Foh thugs took notice of this revelation as one turned towards him thinking he was going to help the other two and shut him with a taser. The jolt of electricity hurt for only a moment then another subconscious ability kicked in and his body absorbed the jolt. The momentary shock was enough to break him from his mental fog and he lashed out with a single backhand strike that sent the man flying nearly 20ft through the air to crash into a dumpster down an alleyway. The rest of the thugs scattered in the face of this new threat and the mutants did likewise, leaving him standing in the street with more questions now than ever.

Skills and Talents

Franky possesses the equivalent of a 7th grade education in regards to reading/writing and mathematics.

He can understand both Spanish and Chinese at a basic level, able to read/write basic symbols like letters/numbers and speak basic words and some simple phrases.


Super Strength - Franky's strength and endurance are well beyond the human limit. His base strength allows him to lift 10 tons at it's maximum and his punch force has an average impact of 3 tons with a maximum of 7. He is fully capable of the hand-clap shockwave and stomping ground tremor attacks common to super-strength characters.

Endurance - Franky's body can withstand tremendous amounts of punishment. His body can withstand impacts of up to 3 tons of force, making him immune to any physical damage by average strength weaponry and even firearms up to .50 caliber will flatten against his skin with only cosmetic damage. It requires extreme levels of fire and cold to cause damage.

Poisons and drugs are ineffective unless in dosages strong enough to affect an elephant or similar powerful creature. He's skeleton is an organic steel, withstanding impacts of up to 10 tons of force before breaking.


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Hugh Willhelm Myers - The original founder of the Patchwork project, Myers could very well become a problem is he finds out that Franky is Project patchwork. Myers is cruekl, cold, calculating and has his fingers in almost every industry. He has alot of friends, and alot of money to pay off anyone else to get what he wants.

Doctor Kraus Himmler - A brilliant genetic scientist, though with the morals of an eel. Currently serving 50 years to life for grave-robbing, illegal science practices, hate crimes, and other charges.

Agent Doug Crumb - The SHIELD agent in charge of the raid on the Laboratory where Project Patchwork was being held. He has all the doctor's notes on the project, as well as what scientific data survived the lab's destruction. He would be very alarmed if he discovered that Project Patchwork survived.


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