2010-01-21: Freaky-Friday


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Summary: Surprised are doubled up.

Date: January 21, 2010

Log Title Freaky Friday

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Observation Deck

Glass windows surround the circular room giving a full view of the school grounds. Two telescopes sit in front of the window for students to looks at the stars. A few comfortable chairs are placed up here for students to relax. Its a quite place up here that allows the fresh air in through sky vents in the summer and is well heated in the winter.

Needless to say, Robyn was pissed off earlier, so he's come up to the Observation Deck for some time to himself. He's lying on one of the couches, broken arm lying over his stomach, looking up at the ceiling. He looks less tired than yesterday but he still hasn't shaved in a while, giving him some light, teenage, stubble. He has his headphones on and seems to be in his own world. Like the last few days he's wearing a pair of Xavier's sweatpants and a black, Nightmare Before Christmas t-shirt.

Richard is still getting his bearings around here. Though he hasn't ventured out here yet. "Oh wow, this is cool." Richard says, a somewhat similar voice to Robyn's own. The new student approaches a space on the window and looks out, head pressed up against the window. "You can see /everything/." Yeah, Richard is intrigued by most of the things at this school. He's currently wearing a New York Rangers jersey, of course, it's a Gretzky, and some blue jeans.

Robyn looks up as he hears the voice and pulls his head phones off and some Depeche Mode can be heard playing, great music for when you're feeling down. Since Richard is looking out the window, all Robyn can see is The Great One's name. "Yeah, the view is nice, relaxing." The observation deck is his favorite spot to come to relax.

"Yeah, I mean, being out there is cool, but sometimes you want to just see it and not be there." He offers before turning around to look at Robyn. "I bet a lot of dudes bring the girls over here to make out at sunrise or something all cheesy and…" He canters his head as he looks to Robyn. He figures this is the guy that Dallas confused him with.

Dallas exits the elevator just ahead of …himself? He's looking back towards the other person as he says, "That has to be the most freaky thing I've ever seen. And cool. And weird. Do you get my powers, too? And if so, I wonder what would happen if we both tried to call my shadow at the same time?" He's dressed in an Xavier's t-shirt and jeans, with black sneakers on his feet. Apparently the novelty of the situation is working at knocking him out of his more usual (of late) taciturn mood.

Skyler exits the elevator just behind… himself? "I do," he answers his twin, stuffing his hands in a pair of jeans. He's wearing a t-shirt as well, but this one has the logo of some local band silk screened on the back, and a name tag with his name on it plastered over his left breast. "I don't know what would happen. Odds are I'd have a copy of your shadow as well. That seems to be how it works."

Robyn just stares as Richard turns around as he sees…himself. "Oh shit." He says studying Richard's face. "You…you…look like me." He can't really think of anything else to say to that and thinks is beyond weird. In fact the two Dallas's walking in don't go noticed as he just stares. "Lack of sleep, that's what it's gotta be. Lack of sleep and food and too much stress."

Richard just stares back at Robyn and he sees….something like himself. There are a few differences between Robyn and himself. the biggest being the hair. Richard's is gelled spiky, and Richard is just an inch taller. "Hi there." Is really the only thing he can think of saying.

Dallas shakes his head. "No, I don't think so. My power is to /call/ my shadow. He's his own …um… thing. So either you'd call the same one or maybe get one of your own. Something we need to test before we ever go out in the field together." He just assumes that Skyler wants to be a member of the X-Men one day. Who doesn't? He looks back to see Robyn and Richard and nods at Robyn, "I told you had to see." He blinks and remembers something, "Ah, Robyn, Richard, this is Skyler. Who is obviously not me. And not related. This is his 'thing'. Mutant-like."

"Robyn I know," Skyler says to Dallas, stopping short when he sees the twins being… twins. "Uhh… Richard I don't. But he looks awfully familiar, but I just can't put my finger on it…" He says all this with a perfectly straight face.

Robyn looks at Dallas and Dallas/Skyler in disbelief, pointing at Richard. "Am I going crazy? Have I finally lost it?" He asks not meaning to be rude but he hasn't been in the best of mental states in a while. He looks back at Richard and just shakes his head. "Sorry..uh…I'm…Robyn. Robyn Larkin." He says holding out his hand to Richard. "I'm just…really weirded out right now."

Richard arches an eyebrow before saying to Robyn. "No, that guy over there said you looked like me." He says. "But I know it's just a coincidence." He looks back to Robyn and shakes the hand. "Richard Cooper." He says, before taking a seat. The 'Alien' is a little amused, but he's got other things on his mind than being convinced that he has a twin.

Dallas crosses over to put his hand on Robyn's shoulder momentarily. "Not crazy. Skyler's a, um, shapeshifter. Richard says he isn't." He isn't going to say what else Richard says because well, that /is/ crazy. He says, "Sorry, I didn't know you guys would be meeting for the first time. I wanted to introduce you to Skyler and when you weren't in the rec room or the art room…." He shrugs, "So, um, yea. Maybe not my best plan."

"Dude," Skyler says to Dallas. "Robyn /knows/ about me. We've met. We were kidnap buddies. I've been around here for a while, so most people know about me." He gives Robyn a sympathetic look. "I think he's just shocked at finding somebody who looks just like him who /isn't/ me."

Robyn nods to Skyler's words. "Yeah, and I'm friends with the other Robin." He says as if it should be an obvious answer to why that matters. "And I won't be in the art room until I get my arm out of the cast, not easy to sculpt with this." He says holding up his white cast, which he should get people to draw on. "I'm sorry, I don't think it's a coincidence that we look almost exactly alike. It's just….surreal."

Richard decides to give the outside a look again. "I think my folks said something about that. Shoe…maker something or other." He shakes his head. "Something about how cause there are so many people in the world, that someone not related to you can look exactly like you." He's quite sold on his own theory, so there's little moving him to a more…obvious answer.

Dallas looks between Skyler and Robyn. "How am I supposed to keep track of who people know? I mean, with what you can do, people could not even know they know you." He pauses for a moment, parsing that sentence in his head and finding it acceptable. He cuts his eyes sideways at Richard and says, "Ah, Richard was also adopted." Hint. Hint. Hint. Nudge. NUDGE! HINT! He tilts his head towards Richard a couple of times to make sure that Robyn gets it.

Skyler rolls his eyes at Richard and says, "Or maybe you're clones bread by a mad scientist, and the cloning pods got separated after his lab blew up." Real helpful there, Sky. To Dallas he says, "Yeah, that's why I wear the name tag when I copy somebody who's here."

Robyn laughs at Skyler as he says that cause he doubts it true. "Wait you were adopted too? What if we're…what if it's not a coincidence?" Robyn sure as hell doesn't think it is. "You're birthday isn't next Wednesday is it? And are you turning seventeen?"

Richard raises his index and middle fingers of both hands. "Adopted." Yes, he just did that. "My birthday…well, they say it's next Wednesday, my 17th, but I may never know if it's for real." Richard offers before crossing his arms and looking out the window again.

Dallas gives Skyler a slightly dubious look at that idea but then pauses and shrugs. He calls a living shadow and throws park benches at demons. Who is he to tell other people that clone labs are silly? He gives Robyn another of those significant looks and glances sideways at Richard, waiting for the new student to drop the big bomb on the conversation. Sounding not quite innocent he says, "Um, why is it you may never know, again?"

Skyler continues on with his silliness. "Or, oh! He could be Robyn, but from another dimension where he got different parents, but some how slipped into this universe without knowing it!" He thinks for a moment. "Or Richard is an alien who sampled Robyn's DNA to experience what it would be like to to be a teenager at Xaviers," he says conspiratorially."Or," he says folding his arms, "You could be twins."

Robyn goes to a couch and sits down and shakes his head. "Dude, we look exactly alike, both adopted and we have the same birthday, what says we're not like…twins separated at birth and wait, to eliminate any clone theories." A 'look' is shot towards Skyler. "What are your powers?"

Richard gives a scathing look to Dallas when he asks why. He's caught bullshit from other people before, and this wouldn't be the last time. "Alright, you know, just cause of what I think, doesn't mean you've gotta be a prick about it." He's not a dumb jock, and he's not gonna just sit there and take it. So, he simply stands up and starts heading towards the elevator.

Dallas just smirks at Skyler's quips and folds his arms over his chest and tilts his head in an almost stunningly obvious 'Go ahead, stun us' stance and expression that fades quickly at Richard's response. He winces faintly and says, "Hey, dude! Hold up a second. Okay, I'm sorry. We don't have to talk about it. In fact, if you want, I'll take off and you can chat with Robyn." He moves to get between Richard and elevator, talking as he half-runs to fetch up with a skid and squeak of sneakers in front of the elevator doors. "Don't run off just because I was being a jerk."

Skyler gives Robyn an innocent shrug with his palms face up in a "What?" kind of way before Richard stalks off. He winces as well, but doesn't follow Dallas, instead remaining rooted in place. He doesn't want to gang up even more on the new guy than he already had been.

Robyn sighs and shakes his head, brushing his bangs out of his face. "Richard…what if it is, us…being twins or something…I'm gonna keep wondering." He says as he's not sure of what Dallas said that pissed Richard off so much. "Dallas just has a habit of joking around with people."

"Yeah, no. I get it, use the freak guy as your comedy, great. Totally." He says, before measuring Dallas up. He looks to Robyn as he finishes talking. "No, it's not a joke, I'm sure he'll tell you all about it." Richard quips before taking the right thumb and index finger and pinch the top of Dallas' shirt, with just those two digits, he picks up the slack from Dallas' tee, and just as easily he picks up Dallas. Moving him over to the side, and placing him down gently, Richard pushes the button for the elevator. Damn, waiting for the elevator to come back up. This isn't awkward at all now isn't it.

Dallas lets out a surprised noise that sounds suspiciously like an 'Eeep!' as he's lifted and moved out of the way. When he's set down, he blushes furiously and scowls but doesn't say anything as he straightens out his t-shirt. After all, he asked for that, in a way. Richard gets another look, speculative and strange before Dallas shakes his head and says, "Okay, you /could/ have just asked me to move." There's a grumbling, almost petulant tone there and he refuses to look at either Robyn or Skyler, not wanting to see if they are laughing at him.

"Woah, hold on there a sec," says Skyler holding his hands up defensively. "Nobody said anything about 'freak guy'. Hell, we've got a kid downstairs who turned into a friggin' /robot/ and can meld with /cars/. Hell. I'm a genetic xerox machine, if you want to talk freaky. You're downright /normal/ comparatively."

Robyn isn't laughing, instead, he just seems frustrated. He just wants to figure out why Richard looks like him, has the same birthday, is the same age and why they are both adopted. And the fact that Richard doesn't seem to care, or notice, it makes him feel like he shouldn't be curious about it. "Let him go, he wants to be an idiot, let him. Cause it's such a freak thing that we look exactly alike." He doesn't know the other side of the conversation.

"Sorry, it's just I didn't know if you would have." Richard says to Dallas before he looks back to Robyn. His eyes are a bit red. "It's cause I'm not from Earth." Ding, there's the elevator, and Richard is in quickly, pressing the ground floor button. "I'll let you three laugh about it where I can't hear."

Dallas shrugs and says, "Ah… I kind of wouldn't have. But you still should have asked." He winces at look and tone and sticks his hand in the door before the elevator can close. Just in case, he calls his shadow, letting it flow over him like a tide of slow oil rising up from feet to head and sealing him in darkness. The shadow is settled for the moment, rather than rippling as it has been for the past few days. "Dude. I am sorry. /Really/. I shouldn't have made fun of you. Look, it's a small school and we're all in here together. So just let me say I'm sorry and come back and talk with us. Not like you can avoid us forever anyway. Or, like I said, I can take off. The other two didn't say anything."

Skyler pinches the bridge of his nose in exasperation and sighs, flopping down into one of the chairs. Again, he lets Dallas and Richard talk it out, deciding that his presence would just make things worse right now.

"What the fuck is going on here?" Robyn says to noone in particular. Not from Earth. "Seriously, what the fuck?"
He's not laughing at Richard, he's actually wondering if Skyler was right. "Can I please just find a hole to crawl into and hide until everything is over? Please. I can't take anything else, I really can't. I just want to disappear." He rests his head back on the couch and breaths deeply. "Okay Robyn, you've lost your boyfriend and was beaten up by him, been through hell, got rescued, found out your friend is a complete fucking moron and there's an Alien who looks exactly like you. What else could go wrong! Nothing!" Yes he's lost it and talking to himself.

"I'm sorry then." Richard says before looking down to the floor. He's in that time between being angry and sad, to normal. "Well, if you want me to come back, you're gonna have to let me through." To what Robyn says, Richard is wincing a bit, not knowing what's been going on with him. "If it's any consultation, I mean consolation, I'm more than confused myself too." He doesn't even know if that's going to help.

Dallas steps off to the side and lets his shadow drop. He gives Robyn a concerned look and then his brows come down and he says, pugnaciously, "Hey! Did you just call me a moron?" Given his average scores at Xavier's thus far, he might be a /tiny/ bit sensitive at that.

Robyn gets up in a daze and shakes his head. "No..Rashmi's the fucking moron." His voice sounds strange, like overly relaxed and he has this dazed expression on his face. "I think I'm going to go find out what an Elephant's favorite color is." He says waving his hand, yup, his mind has officially gone on vacation for now as he goes to leave the Observation Deck.

And as soon as one gets off, the other gets on. "Okay…tell a guy when you find out!" Richard requests before Robyn leaves. Who knows if Robyn is serious or not, Richard himself has no clue. He is a little concerned too, but he's not really in a position to go and knock someone out of it.
Dallas nods at Robyn. "Well, duh. We already knew that. And yea, maybe sleep is a good idea for you. You're getting a little loopy, Robyn." He nods good night to his friend and then looks back to Richard. "Hey, so … how much do you bench?"

Skyler looks like he's about to say something to Robyn before he goes but decides to drop it with a shake of the head.

The strong guy looks to Dallas. "Umm, a car?" He says, though he's only done it a couple times. He's not sure if that's his maximum yet. Richard feels a bit more than awkward at the moment.

Dallas grins and says, "Yea? Well, I max out at five tons, shadowed up. The machines down in the weight room give you a digital display and everything." He shrugs elaborately and says, "So if you ever want somebody else strong to work out with, look me up. Competition keeps people sharp."

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