Frederick "Fred/ The Blob" Dukes
Frederick Dukes
Portrayed By ??
Gender Male
Date of Birth 08/23/1972
Age 36
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Aliases The Blob
Place of Birth Lubbock, Texas
Current Location ???
Occupation ???
Known Relatives ???
Significant Other ???
Identity Public
Known Abilities Gravitational Mass Allocation, Super Durability, Super strength
First Appearance X-men #3

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Fred J. Dukes was born in Lubbock, Texas. He was always a little on the tubby side, but it wasn't until he began manifesting that he began to truly expand. He became fairly socially inept; prone to tempers and fairly destructive. In the early days, his time became consumed by the internet, where he felt freed from himself. However, he quickly found a place to channel his growing abilities. Thinking himself nothing more than a freak, he began performing in the carnival, where he earned the codename The Blob.

It wasn't long before he was discovered as a fellow mutant, and he was extended an invitation to meet the X-Men at the Xavier Mansion. He didn't really care; it was just an attraction to Jean Grey that lead him to accept the invite. However, faced with what he perceived as insulting, snobby attitudes by the X-Men crew, reminiscent of his peers outside the circus, he became increasingly irate, and turned down a request to join the team. He felt his was superior to them. His attitude earned him a mind-wipe decision, but he briefly escaped. Insulted and all kinds of ticked, he returned to the carnival, where he took over and lead his fellow performers against the X-Men, which turned into an utter failure. Xavier wiped his and the other performers of their memory of the X-Men, and the Blob returned to the circus.

He spent a few more years in the carnival, cultivating a fragile ego in the entertainment world, but he was soon confronted again with an invitation of a different variety. Seeing use in his abilities, Magneto approached the suspicious Fred with a proposition. When Fred didn't immediately accept, a deft blow to his head returned the memories of his confrontation with the X-Men. Fred quickly accepted the invitation.

Since then, Fred has become a fairly well known lackey. Other than just Magneto, he's occasionally come under the the services of others. His loyalties have always returned, however, to Eric for whatever reason.


Superhuman strength and durability, particularly more of the latter. His fat cells can absorb impacts— from bullets, to cannonballs, and even missiles. His skin has great elasticity, and is invulnerable to lacerations, puncture, frostbite, and even disease. However, his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth are more susceptible to injury, and his biggest vulnerability is fire and heat in all its various forms. He is also virtually immovable when he is in contact with the ground (and so long as he is), thanks to a mono-directional gravity field extending five feet from his center of balance.


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