2009-04-22: Free Flyers


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Summary: Two members of Freedom Force run into one another

Date: April 22, 2009

Log Title: Free Flyers

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Mutant Town

//Mutant Town, also known as District X, has become a haven for mutants. This section of town doesn't care what you look like, accepting all mutants no matter what their appearance. Most of the businesses in this section of town are mutant run ranging from small convenience stores to clothing shops to restaurants to night clubs. The buildings here aren't the high rise buildings you might find in mid-town but most are about 5-6 stories high. Mutant Town might not be the most luxurious section of town, in fact it's fairly run down, but this section of where mutants are safe and welcomed regardless of race, religion and culture. //

Up above Mutant Town, one might just spot something slightly out of place. A glowing blue disc. And atop that disc, the gray and blue costumed member of Freedom Force known as Defense. Still in his old costume, the young man's just out enjoying the night air since his neighbors made it impossible to sleep tonight. "A nice, quiet night. This Freedom Force thing has turned out pretty well so far," he speaks to the stars with a little laugh. He's done nothing but meet his boss so ofcourse it's gone well!

Gabriel doesn't really have a costume, though should think about getting one if he is going to be in the Freedom Force for the long haul. The black-winged mutant soars through the air and sees a fellow atop a glowing blue disc. He was going to make a stop in mutant down, invest in some of the businesses there. He is a public mutant, and was seen with the Freedom Force on television a couple months ago. The winged mutant decides to take a chance and wave o the other airborne man.

Defense seems to be badly humming a little song as he directs his disc along. Seeing someone else up in the air surprises the young man but he recovers quick. Smiling, he returns the wave and directs his disc closer to the winged man. "Hi. Nice night, isn't it?" he asks. Before he can ask another question, Defense pauses and looks Gabriel over a few times as if trying to figure out if he knows him.

"Jes, eet ees a nice night." THe avian says, he's carrying a sword with him, but none of his throwing implements. Gabriel looks at Cole as he's trying to figure out who he is. "My company, TechNoir. I'm their branch head in New Jork Ceety." Maybe he's seen him giving announcements and addresses on his company's progress.

Eyes narrow behind goggles at the sight of the sword but Defense keeps his smile. He tilts his head back in thought at the announcement, hood falling back. "Really? Say…were you in the news recently? I get the feeling I've seen you somewhere before."

"Een California jes. I was working with the Freedom Force during the invasion, when we took back Los Angeles." He says, moving back to watching where he's flying, his wings making a flapping noise every time they move against the air. Gabriel is used to flying, and controlling his flight.

Defense is distracted by Gabriel's wings for a moment, appreciating the sight. He jumps and almost steps off his disc when those two F-words come up. "I knew I saw you from somewhere! Freedom Force! Uhh…hi. I'm Defense. Guess we're teammates or something," he says awkwardly before offering his hand.

The avian looks to his new teammate and nods. "Jou're on the team as well? That ees good. We've been idle ever since the invasion ended, but I tink Havok ees working on that. I offered to help with the complex, but he hasn't contacted me with anything jet." Gabriel smiles, getting to know a new team member is exciting, well, not when they have obsidian knives shooting from their hands, but that's another story.

Nodding, Defense makes his disc wider and gestures toward an open space to indicate that Gabriel's free to land if he so wishes. "Yeah. That Havok guy found me in the city and and offered me the job. Figured it seemed like a good idea so I accepted," he says, mood increased significantly. "Complex? We have a complex? I just got a card and told to sit tight…"

The avian lands on the disc. "Thank Jou." He says to the other Freedom Force member. "Well, no not jet. I offered up to assist. Cause we are going to have one." Gabriel says, looking at Cole.

Defense offers a quick smile. "Nothing to worry about," he waves his hand slightly then nods. "Oh. Well, that explains why I didn't get an address," he chuckles. "So, nothing at all's happened since that stuff in LA?"

Seraphim shakes his head. "No, nothing jet. It seems like activity has been low recently. But I do need to contact Havok soon." He says, looking towards where they are going. "At least, nothing that the Freedom Force was needed."

Defense seems to be directing the disc towards a nice, flat roof. "Yeah, I haven't seen anything big go down either," he remarks. "Gotta talk to the H-man too. Ran into this pair of psychos and I wanna know if the Government's got anything on 'em."

"Yust a pair of crazies? What happened?" Gabriel asks, looking to Cole, he's always interested in hearing about encounters.

Cole takes a deep breath. "Well, first I ran into this chick calling herself Blind Surgeon. Dunno what her deal was…but she just seemed off. Was dealing with some MGH dealers. Don't really trust her," he explains. "And then there's some freak named Bloodbath running around. No clue what kind of powers he has if any but I caught him threatening to kill a woman and then using her to try and get DNA samples from me. Said something about waiting for a superhuman to show up. Sounded shady…"

"I've never heard of either of them. Probably just some crazies escaped from Bellveue. Looking for attention, but it's worth mentioning to Havok about." Gabriel offers. Not knowing what else to say, and certainly isn't going to go out of his way to find them. If they really are baddies, they'll make themselves known eventually.

The disc lands on the rooftop and then just flickers away into a small shower of glittering lights. Defense then nods. "Yeah. Internet had nothing on 'em either but considering all the MGH trouble I ran into down in Florida I get a little wary when people get involved with it. And that other guy was just creepy," he says, shuddering slightly. "So umm…not to sound rude or anything but what do you do? Ya know…powers other than the wings…which are cool by the way."

Looking to Cole, Gabriel gives a sigh. "I wish I could show you what else I can do. But, I have nothing to prove it." He says, he is without his throwing knives, or anything projectile. "Sword-fighting I guess you can say is something else as well.'

Cole pauses, faint blush on his face for just a second as his mind jumps somewhere it shouldn't. Shaking it off quickly, the mutant glances at the sword and then smiles. "Sounds cool. You can fly and slice stuff up. The H-man mentioned the team was pretty straight-forward in terms of powers…"

"Jes, the team is straight-forward. We all have advantages. The one disadvantage, is we don't have much on defense." He admits. He really oes wish he had a throwing knife to show that he never misses, but he's still without.

This brings a smirk to Defense's face. "Well, got plenty of defense now," he says, jerking a thumb towards himself. "My powers focus on defending."

"Ahh, that ees good. Now eet ees more balanced." The angelic mutant says, looking over the ledge and watches the ground below them.

Cole nods, surrounding himself in a glowing 'armor' shield and turning to give the air a few punches. "Yeah. I'm no slouch in the attacking department either," he muses. "What else does the team have?"

"A woman made from razor sharp obsidian. A man who can turn to stone, Havok, myself, and now you." He says, looking to Cole, standing close to the ledge of the building. Gabriel isn't going to jump off, though he does enjoy doing that every now and again.

Cole moves to stand on the edge with Gabrie, a bit surprised. "Razor sharp obsidian? Man…" he trails off. "Sounds like the team should be called team Bashy Slashy instead of Freedom Force," he jokes.

The avian looks to Cole. "I haven't even used my sword in combat jet." Gabe says, not really picking up on the joke. "Well, she can do other things… I think."

Cole blinks a few times. "Well," the shield-maker declares. "I hope she can do other things," he murmurs. "Why haven't you used your sword yet?"

"Cause when we took over the stadium, I was using a sniper rifle using tranquilizer darts." Gabriel says flatly, he doesn't embellish his actions at all. He's modest.

Cole blinks. "Tranq dart sniper rifle…interesting," he says. "Well, I guess that's cool," he states with a shrug. "Better than bullets anyway."

"Ja, it ees better than bullets." Gabriel looks to Cole. "I never meess." He says simply, sadly he can't prove it right now.

Cole blinks a few times. An eyebrow is quirked skeptically. "You never miss?" he asks. "Now is this just bragging or are you like that target-headed weirdo and have some kind of power?"

Gabriel shrugs. "I don't know if it's a power, but I just never miss." He's not bragging either, it's just true.

Cole chuckles a bit. "Alright, one day I'm gonna ask ya to prove that," he says casually. "Hopefully the Freedom Force base or whatever will have a dartboard."

"I happen to have the record for most consecutive wins in darts at my alma mater. Both 301 and 501." He says, now that is boasting, he does enjoy a good friendly game of darts. Gabriel gives a smirk to Cole, seems like this new member is going to get along with him quite well.

Cole lets out a little chuckle. "Oh, I do like a challenge," he muses. There's a pause before Cole takes a breath. "Did…did you get any trouble at school for having those?" he gestures towards Gabe's wings. "Or…did you have them then?"

The mutant gives a shake of his head. "No, never. My eschool was open towards mutants, I had to transfer to another eschool though when my father's company needed his attention over in New Jork." Gabriel says. "No one really gave me any trouble if they didn't like that I am a mutant."

Cole remains quiet for several moments. "That sounds nice. A place open towards mutants. Like this town," he gestures down at Mutant Town before going quiet again. "So. We've got a five-man-band going with this Freedom Force thing," he chuckles.

"Looks like it." Gabriel says, looking around this place. "I enjoy that a place like this can exist. Seems people are getting to accept mutants, we certainly weren't going anywhere."

Cole chuckles and nods. "Yeah," he says, stretching. "Well. It's been great meeting you but I need to head home," he says. Pulling a card from his pocket, he holds it to Gabe. It's got his contact info on it. "If ya need anything, gimme a call," he offers.

The avian takes the card and gives a nod. "Sure thing. Hope to see you soon." He offers to Cole before allowing him to go off to wherever he;s going.

Cole offers a grin. "See ya," he says, hopping right off the rooftop. A few moments later, he rises back up on a glowing blue disc. A wave is given before he takes off towards another part of Mutant Town.

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