2010-07-23: Free Ride


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Summary: Jill gets free chauffeur service due to Kisha offering to turbo charge Cloud's Ford Escort. And then they play video games and talk about stuff.

Date: July 23, 2010

Log Title: Free Ride

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

Early Friday afternoon brings something of a quiet calm to the student areas of the school. It's still too early for most people to have plans. Seated Indian-style on the couch directly in front of the TV, Jill kills a little time with a video game controller in hand while the rec room is still largely empty. Sure, she probably has other things she ought to be doing, but it's Friday! A small bowl of pretzels and a half-empty soda can rest on the coffee table in front of her.

Slipping into the Rec Room with the faint smell of fresh solder lingering like perfume comes Kisha. The technology addicted teen has her attention fixed on her odd looking touchscreen computer and mutters to it under her breath in Russian. Even for those who can't speak the language it's obvious from her tone that she's probably saying some quite obscene things. Drifting as if on auto-pilot she wanders towards a spare spot on the couch without even glancing up.

The last five days have been pretty awesome, Cloud's been in Boston since Monday and only got back an hour of so ago, it was cool seeing all his old friends and was pretty hard to leave but there was a chance he could give himself away so had to leave at some point, he's dressed in pale blue jeans, a white t-shirt, black sneakers and a black baseball cap backwards covering up his now bleached blonde hair (drunken dare), wandering towards the pool table he spots the two girls, he only recognizes one, "Hey Jill".

Jill's attention is briefly diverted from the game, craning her neck to look around the room when her name is spoken. "Oh, hi! Uh… Cloud, right?" The blue girl's face breaks into a smile and she waves at him, only to do a quick double-take at Kisha, her roommate. When did she get here? Jill speaks no Russian, so can only glance sideways at the inventor. Uncurling her legs from beneath her, she leaves the game paused for a moment and asks cheerfully, "So where'd you get off to? Haven't seen you in a few days." This to Cloud, obviously not the roommate she sees every night.

"I don't suppose anyone knows how to prevent subthreshold drain current do they?" Kisha wonders aloud, sitting herself on the couch and resting the computer on her knees. "The latest batch of chips I've been working on aren't up to standard and it's wasted hours and hours of work."

Cloud nods and smiles, "Yeah, Cloud", before leaning against the pool table, "I headed back to Boston for a few days to catch up with some old friends, it's been a while", he shakes his head at Kisha, "Na sorry, cars are more my thing".

A look of confusion briefly crosses Jill's features before she gives Kisha an odd sideways glance, then unpauses her game. "Sub-… umm, yeah. What? No." She sounds as if she's almost used to hearing things like that. "Sounds like fun, though," remarks the blue girl to Cloud. "I keep bein' surprised that all those places really aren't all that far from here. We're kind of in the middle of all the cool stuff on the east coast, huh?"

"What kind of cars? I can hot.. fix.. just about any," Kisha says with eagerness that tails off awkwardly. She glances up from her screen and peers at the TV. "What're you playing? Anything good?"

Cloud nods, "Yeah I guess it's pretty cool having all these places not too far from here", "I'm good with most cars really, I pretty much put mine together out of parts, and I can hot.. fix… them too", he grins.

"Guilty Gear," Jill replies without taking her eyes off the TV, a seasoned gamer move. "It's okay. Never played *this* one before, but they're almost all the same anyway." She settles back more casually once she's won this fight. "I want to do all the touristy stuff, sooner or later. Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, all of that."

"Escort, and it's held off campus, just so you know", Cloud would rather she didn't hot.. fix his car, "It's nice to meet ya Kisha", "I haven’t actually done any of that touristy stuff, but I can see why it would interest you".

"That's what I thought, that we weren't allowed to have cars," the blue teen says, nodding to herself. She smirks, blue lips spreading to show a sliver of white teeth. "Not everything has to be 3D, or HD for that matter. It just has to be fun to play." A devious look crosses her face. "So, Cloud… if you've got a car, you could probably take people places, right?" Oh, such a loaded question.

Kisha blinks at Cloud. "An escort? I suppose it being made out of spare parts can't impact too much on performance then!" she teases. "I've never been one for games. So I can't say for sure if it's fun or not, but my brother would know. If we were still on speaking terms anyway." She shrugs and begins tapping away on her computer again. "I would build myself a car if they'd approve it, but I guess it's not gonna happen."

"I could take people places, if I had a reason to", Cloud scowls at Kisha, he's proud of that car, it's the one thing he's used his brain to do successfully.

With the game still paused on the character selection screen, Jill makes her best puppy dog eyes at Cloud. He's already got one foot in the grave for admitting he's even willing to be a chauffeur, it should only take a little more pushing. Pretty please? She stops short of fluttering her eyelashes, but is seriously considering it anyway.

"I think my room mate might be trying to coax you into driving her somewhere sometime," Kisha points out with a complete disregard for subtle. "And if you do in the interests of karmic rewards I would gladly offer my help in turbocharging your car. Do you have a nitro system fitted yet?"

Cloud grins, ok that is insensitive, "So if agree to play chauffeur for Jill, you'll help me turbo-charge my car?", if that’s the case, he'll happily drive her to where she wants to go.

"Th-" Jill starts to rebuke Kisha, but exhales with a roll of her eyes and nods. "Yes. Yes I am. I've barely been out of the house since April. I wanna go somewhere. Anywhere." She shoots a sideways look at her roommate. Car tuning in return for free rides?

"It's a win situation for everyone," Kisha points out with a smile. "Cloud gets work done on his car, I get to play with a nitrous oxide injection system and you get to see the city. Although I should point out the system is probably only legal if it's connected on school grounds /only/."

Cloud nods, "Then it's agreed, I take Jill out for a few drives and Kisha uses her skills to help me with my car", he sits on the pool table and scratches the back of his head, "So where do you wanna go?"

"So putting nitrous oxide in a car makes it… go faster?" Jill cocks her head to one side, trying to figure out how that could possibly be true. It takes a moment before she returns to the here and now. "Uh? Oh, I don't even know yet," she says thoughtfully, tapping her knee with the video game controller. "And I bet I have to ask the teachers for permission first."

Kisha shrugs. "It does indeed," she agrees. "And during Summer I'm pretty sure you can go anywhere without telling anyone. No-one else seems to be shackled to campus."

"I think she's talking about her…", he doesn't know how to say it, "her blueness?"

"Well yeah, but…" Jill waffles, casting a pleading look at Cloud. At least he understands. She makes a vague gesture toward her face. "You know. It takes like two hours to put on enough makeup, and I'm not very good at doing it myself."

Kisha glances at Jill, then back at Cloud before finally turning towards Jill again. "Oh. That?" she wonders. "How about one of the spray tan kits? Adapted properly to spray skin colour make-up it'd take no time at all."

With a somewhat blank look, Jill regards Kisha. Just 'Oh. That?'? "Umm, I really don't know," she says uncertainly, chewing on her bottom lip. Wouldn't it just leave her looking VERY tanned, like some kind of beach bunny? "I've never tried, I guess."

"Have you ever seen Ganguro girls? It was on an internet article," Kisha offers, poking at the touch screen and bringing up a wikipedia page. "Worst case scenario you look like that. We'd need to give you silver or blonde hair though, but anyone who saw you would simply assume you had terrible taste in fashion!"

"Errm, couldn't she just get one of those things Mike has?", it makes more sense to Cloud to do that rather than going though all that trouble to make her look normal.

Leaning over to get a good look at Kisha's computer screen, Jill recoils. "Gah! Oh. Oh my." She grimaces. "Ah, it's like a reverse raccoon." Politely as she can, she pushes the screen away from her so she doesn't have to look at it any more. "And I am blonde." A pause. "Was. Was blonde." Exhaling a long breath as though she'd just eaten something distasteful, she picks up the controller again. "What things?"

"I didn't say it was a pretty plan," Kisha admits with a shrug. "Not that I'm an expert on make-up or anything. Mike as in the rumoured boy of ultimate cuteness?"

Cloud shrugs, "I can't remember what it's called, and I’m not sure about the cute thing, depends on how you see things I guess".

The blue kid perks up a bit at that, raising an eyebrow. Cute boy? Hmm. "So what does this cute guy have?" She turns to Kisha and asks in a hushed, conspiratorial voice, "How cute?"

"I heard he has an engine built in," Kisha proclaims with a dreamy look in her eyes. "Doesn't that sound amazing?"

Cloud raises an eyebrow at Kisha, "Ok then…", some girls are just plain weird.

Cautiously, Jill scoots a little further down the couch and quite coincidentally away from Kisha. "Uh, yeah!" she finally says, faking a bit of enthusiasm. "Sounds… that sounds great."

Kisha sighs. "You can't understand unless you've got machine schematics in your mind twenty four hours a day," she laments. "I think I've got the designs for my cellphone imprinted into my brain so strongly I could build one while sleepwalking." The touchscreen computer is hefted again and she begins doodling with her fingertip in a program designed for technical drawing. "What does the device actually /do/ Cloud?" she wonders, getting back on topic.

"It makes you look more ordinary", Cloud doesn't want to use the word 'normal' incase it offends Jill, "Mike's hides the fact he looks like a human car".

"No," Jill begins slowly, responding to Kisha. "I guess I can't understand, then." Several long seconds pass, Jill pursing her lips and looking in Cloud's direction. "Huh," she finally comes out with, like she didn't expect him to say that at all.

Kisha gives Cloud a stern look. "By doing…? I mean is it a holographic projector? Does it use lasers to blind everyone within a two mile radius? Does it make you invisible? Seriously 'more ordinary' is a pretty vague term."

Cloud shrugs, "How am I supposed to know how it works, it just sort of does, ask Mike or McCoy", geez, seriously how is he supposed to know how something like that works.

"It could just be one of those pairs of glasses with the fake nose and moustache," posits Jill, her eyes lifting toward the ceiling in thought. "But if so, I don't think I'd want one."

"If it's something really cool can I take a look?" Kisha asks, her head flicking around to face her roomie fast enough that it probably hurts. "I promise I won't take it apart. I just want to try sense the internal mechanisms and learn how it does whatever it does."

"Well anyways, I’m gonna head back to my room, I got some things to do, nice speaking to you", Cloud gives a wave before turning and walking out of the rec room.

Jill raises her hands, palms out, looking a little defensive at Kisha. "Um, but I don't have one. I don't even know what it is." She glances around for some help, but Cloud is very diplomatically taking his leave. She twiddles her fingers after him in a sort of defeated wave. "See you later, then. I'll try to come up with something fun to do!" she calls after him. Then it's just her and Kisha, and something about that bothers Jill.

Kisha blinks a few times. "I said if it's something cool," she points out, her eyes flicking back down to her computer. "I know you don't have one yet, but I expect if other students have them you'll be allowed one soon. Probably just need to ask a teacher for it."

"Yeah, probably." Jill pokes the tips of her index fingers together shyly, as if the idea of asking the teachers or staff for anything makes her nervous. The fingertips stick together briefly then draw apart with a thin, viscous string between them. It snaps soundlessly. "You… you wanna play?" she asks after a silent moment, offering the game system's controller.

"I can ask on your behalf if you'd like?" Kisha offers with absolutely no ulterior motives whatsoever… "And sure. I don't play many games though, so I might be pretty bad. I tend to find making them compatible with my operating system is too tricky and so I basically haven't played any in months. If not years… My Dad never let us keep any of the games consoles my brother brought home you see." She shifts a little closer and rests her touchscreen computer down on the couch beside her.

"You're already offering to fix Cloud's car so he'll give me a ride somewhere, but… sure. I'd appreciate it. I don't like to make a fuss." Jill hands over the controller and springs up from the couch to nab the second one from the entertainment center. "It's been a while since I borrowed my friend's Xbox, too. My nana says we can't afford a whole lot of stuff like that, so I was always borrowing them from my friends. I think I still have a bunch of Mary's stuff in my room back home." Settling back into the couch, she asks, "So where are you from? I don't think I've asked yet."

Kisha takes a few moments to idly poke and prod the controller, getting a feel for the buttons and ranges of motion. "Detroit," she answers. "It's… not as nice as New York. I don't think I'll be going back unless Dad specially asks me too. After all if I stick around here I might get Iron Mans autograph, which'd be cool." She smiles. "And don't worry about the car thing. I /love/ taking things apart and if it's Clouds car it isn't on school grounds. Which means I can work without worrying about being watched all the time. This place is /filled/ with security systems it's a little creepy to be honest."

"Oh, I hadn't thought about that! A lot of those superhero types live in New York, don't they? Like Batman, but for real." Jill is obviously not a newcomer to video games, flicking her thumbs across the controller quickly to select a character. "I knew I'd seen some little security cameras around, but they aren't in our room or anything. … Are they?"

"If they are I'm pretty sure I'd have woken up drawing something similar to the designs by now," Kisha ventures after a moments consideration. "And if I'd found any I'd have taken steps to remove them. The idea of people spying on my work isn't especially enjoyable for me." Finally she decides upon a character, using the selection process known as randomly pick one after twiddling the controller for a bit. "But yeah pretty much every hero who is worth the name comes to New York. Although I only really care about Iron Man, he's just cool. Plus the hot and rich parts help."

"I just wouldn't want people spying on me at all." Jill casts a quick look at Kisha, putting two and two together on what she finds 'hot' in a guy. It seems to involve being at least partially a machine. "And the only mutants most people have heard of are the bad ones, so Nana wasn't real happy about me being one either. But I told her that I bet Spider-Man is one but I don't think that helped any."

"I think at least one of the Avengers might be a mutant," Kisha offers, trying to be helpful. "But aside from that I think she's probably right. A lot of people here seem potentially dangerous. My power made me blow myself up, which wasn't very fun. It's also why I'm only allowed to experiment with devices with staff on hand to test everything."

"I just never gave it a lot of thought." Jill tenses just a little as the fight is about to start. "It was like, there's that kind of people, and then there's the rest of us." With a gravelly, deep-throated 'Let's Rock!' the game starts up. The blue girl keeps talking as if she doesn't have to concentrate. "But you're still okay? After being blown up? All I did was spend a few weeks living in a bathtub. I don't *think* I'm dangerous to anybody."

Kisha has, in the warm up time, idly loaded a website listing the moves for her character. Her sly tactic isn't especially helpful though, because her brain is far more intent on figuring out how the controller is made than how to play the game. "My arms are sore sometimes and the scars will always look pretty horrible. But no-one else really got hurt that much and I learnt an important lesson. So it's all worked out. I suppose you could be dangerous, like if someone slipped on you while you were a puddle."

As sweet as she might appear to be, Jill apparently knows no mercy. In just under three seconds, her character has hit Kisha's seven times. "I read about that, how people with mutations tend to hurt themselves worst of all. Like one guy I already met, said he blew part of his own face off." She winces, more at the thought of that than the severe beating she seems to be dishing out on the TV.

"One boy I've heard about has /nuclear/ hands," Kisha informs ever so slightly filled with glee at the idea. "Doesn't that sound cool? And uhm horrific too I suppose. But anyway what about you? Where did you live before here?" She doesn't seem overly concerned with her impending defeat, button mashing with hands used to constant rapid motions allows her to land the odd hit now and again.

"Nuclear arms, huh?" Strategy is no match for random button mashing and the one-sided brawl becomes more back and forth. "The bay area, in California. Technically we live in Oakland, Nana works in Berkeley, and I went to school in San Francisco. But they're all so close together you could walk if you wanted to. I liked it there."

Kisha nods. Random though her button mashing maybe her attention seems to drift a little too much to do more than postpone her defeat, largely thanks to her touchpad and the attempts at using set moves from the website she's on. "This is the first time I've lived anywhere you would want to walk outside. Back home it wasn't very safe wandering around by yourself, although my brother made sure I knew how to deal with anyone causing trouble."

"That I don't know about. I read the stuff the school sent us, and we have to learn self-defense, like four years of it. It's required. So maybe this isn't such a great neighborhood." Jill's triumph slows a bit as she asks, quite hesitantly, "Your family… are they okay with you being here?" She isn't sure if she's crossing a line with the question or not.

"My Brother isn't talking to me /ever/ again and my Dad is… I guess he resents that I've surpassed him at his own job and I don't even need to try," Kisha explains distantly, leaning forward on the couch to better see the action on the screen. "As for the self defense I think it's not the area which is the problem. Much more likely it's because of militant anti-mutant protesters and the like, after all if people find out we have powers we would need to protect ourselves until the police came."

Jill grimaces visibly, sorry she asked that now. "I'm… sorry," she apologizes lamely. Now her gaming rhythm is off and she's button mashing just about as bad as her roommate is. With a soft sigh, she says, "Yeah, that's kinda what I thought. I've never met anybody who was like that, though. But I haven't spent much time outside since it happened. And my friends probably think I'm dead or something 'cause I haven't updated my Facebook page in months. I don't think they know what happened, but maybe they do. I'm scared to find out."

Kisha winces slightly. "Better that than a public display," she offers, doing her best to console. "My explosion thing was during the school science fair. Not everyone thinks I'm a mutant and they certainly couldn't prove it, but enough people wondered. Worst of all I never did find out what the device I built did before it went fwoosh." She glances towards her roomie and grins. "Don't worry about it. It wouldn't have been healthy for me to stay there anyway. Much as I love my brother he's a bad influence on me, like when he taught me to drive in a stolen car."

"Umm, well, actually…" Jill chuckles nervously like she's got a funny story to tell, only it's not actually funny. "It kind of happened during P.E. class in the gym." In a move that is technically tournament legal, Jill's character ends the fight with a tricky 'instant death' technique. The whole conversation has taken an awkward turn.

Kisha opens her mouth then thinks better of it and closes it again. After a little pause in which she checks the moves site out she finally says "Oops. I guess people must know then," she says sheepishly. "Your clothing did change with you right? Because if not that was probably more embarrassing than my mishap."

"Ah, no. No, it didn't." Jill clears her throat gently, not to chastise Kisha but out of a lingering sense of embarrassment. Three months later. She doesn't look over at the other girl. "Still doesn't, but maybe I can learn how."

"Or just learn to shape the appearance of clothing?" Kisha suggests, avoiding eye contact too. "Because then you can pretend you can turn cloth into… what exactly are you made from?"

The blue girl in question isn't offended by the question, but takes it as an opportunity to espouse what she and her great aunt have managed to figure out. "Cells, still. Not the normal kind, apparently. They're more like…" Jill makes a vague attempt to mime her thoughts out with her hands, not helping much. "Amoeba. A lot of them. A LOT lot. And I can sort of do clothes already. The black shorts and stuff I wear just before bed? That's… not real clothes."

Kisha ahhhs. "That makes a lot of sense," she admits. "I'm not sure if I've said it yet, but I'm quite sorry about the noise my computer and inventing must make. I'll try and be considerate as best I can, but my power has caused me some problems with an obsessive nature…"

"No, no," Jill responds, sounding diplomatic and shaking her head. "The sound doesn't bother me too much. It's mostly white noise. But it does get kind of warm with all that stuff running all the time. But… if you can't help it, then I guess…" She trails off. "You think everybody here has to go through this? I've never had a roommate before and we're all kind of… special needs, if you take my meaning."

"A wise student said that everyone seems to balance out fantastic physical or mental abilities with flaws in the same or other areas," Kisha replies cheerfully. "Or something to that extent. Connor I think it was. I'll try work on the cooling, perhaps build us some kinda aircon?"

Jill nods thoughtfully. "That might be nice." Maybe having an inventor for a roommate won't be so bad. And it's not like she'll be much trouble for Kisha. Her eyebrows lower a notch as she thinks harder about the first thing Kisha said. "So wait, does that mean something's wrong with me?"

Kisha glances up and down at Jill. "You turned into a blue slime and can't turn back?" she suggests. "If you have troubles keeping your shape that's likely to be one of them. There could also be other downsides to a single cellular structure, but I'm not really a medical expert. To be honest I doubt anything is more severely wrong with you than it was before you changed. Only some of us get the more severe troubles."

"Oh." Jill purses her lips. "Oh yeah. I guess that is a pretty big downside already, isn't it?" She lays down her controller and picks up her soda can for a short sip. "I'd worried about that. Like, what happened to my brain? How come I can still think and remember stuff that happened years ago? Not to question good fortune or anything, you understand," she reminds with a little tip of the can in Kisha's direction. "But it makes you wonder."

"You probably don't want me to wonder too much," Kisha solemnly informs, putting her own controller down and grabbing for the re-assuring weight of her touchpad. "I tend to need to learn the answer when someone asks how. Which could be bad given the topic. At a guess though I'd presume your single cells are /all/ your brain, like a distributed processing network of some kind."

The soda can pauses at Jill's blue lips, her features slackening as she gets lost in thought. "Huh. That sounds possible, and kind of neat." She starts to take another sip but pauses again as more thoughts occur to her. "It's interesting, at least," she ventures. "Do you think I should go talk to the school nurse or something?"

"I think the school has a mutant Doctor and there is also Doctor McCoy who is smarter than virtually everyone in the world," Kisha suggests waving her hand at the window in a grand sweeping motion. "Although he's so busy most days you might not spot him for a month or two. Personally though I would get every test done you're comfortable with, but make sure the information is kept secure. If nothing else it'll mean they can run you through the 'advanced' medical devices I've been told they have here. And by advanced I mean /really/."

"I believe it. *Everything* here looks insanely expensive." Jill shifts in her seat to move to the edge of the couch cushion. She gives a soft titter of laughter. "I bet x-rays would look weird. I'll have to ask my advisor about it." Expelling a reluctant sigh, she shifts her weight further to stand up and pick up the bowl of pretzels she'd left largely untouched. "There's so much stuff to do, it's not even funny."

Kisha nods in agreement. "You have no idea! There is a ton of expensive machinery hidden around the grounds," she says in a conspiratorial whisper. "Security systems and the like I bet, just be thankfully that your to do list doesn't include secretly working out how it all works. Who is your squad leader? I'm sure they'll be able to arrange for suitable tests."

"Uh, Summers, I think," Jill replies, chewing her lip. "I got to meet him really briefly the first day I was here, but I haven't gotten so much as an email since." She shakes the bowl of pretzels enticingly before Kisha, offering her some. "And I meant just how *nice* the whole place looks. You'd think for a high school it'd be less… breakable and nicely decorated. I mean, I went to a private school and it wasn't half as nice as this. This is like somebody's house."

"I think it is? There is a painting of a Charles Xavier in the Foyer," Kisha points out with a shrug. "As for breakable… I don't think it's as easy to break as it looks. From what I've heard in my brief time here this place is built to withstand frequently being blown up and has stood up to all kinds of disasters without collapsing."

"Well, yeah, but I mean like he's still living here. Like at any moment somebody's gonna come out and tell everyone to get out of his living room." Jill shakes her head, strands of her hair bouncing with a mass and bounciness that shampoo commercials can only dream of. "It's weird. But…" she begins in a conceding tone, "I'm getting used to it. I actually kind of like it."

Kisha frowns. "The school and the surroundings? Or being a mutant?" she wonders. "Personally I rather like both. Plenty of space and reduced price materials, free electricity and medical facilities on hand. Plus I can make cool stuff like ray guns if I really want to. Well, with a few months work and plenty of vigorous testing."

"A bit of both, I think," says Jill thoughtfully. "I mean, I'm blue and made out of… stuff, but if you look on the bright side, no worries about broken bones, cavities in my teeth, or shaving my legs anymore. And even sharing it, our dorm room is bigger than my old bedroom. So there's always a silver lining, I guess." She lifts the bowl of pretzels for one last temptation. "Last chance before I go put these away. Then we could play a different game, if you want? It's Friday and I don't feel like doing any work right now."

Kisha nods. "I'll pass thanks. In my medical I was told I had a horrible diet and should avoid salty snack foods," she sullenly mutters. "Stupid really, because I mostly just eat cold pizza and drink lots of strong coffee. Which along with plenty of soda is the foundation of a healthy computer programmers diet. At least that's what the internet says anyway." She winks. "As for games I guess I could be convinced to take a little break from my projects, providing you go easy on me until I find a character who I can do the moves for. Just to be sporting."

"That doesn't sound healthy at all. But neither does being a computer programmer." Just for grins, Jill flicks one of the little pretzel bows into Kisha's lap before she heads for the kitchen. "Oh, fine. I promise I'll go easy on you. This time." Wait, how did she throw a pretzel if one hand is holding an aluminum can and the other is holding the bowl that the pretzels are in?

Kisha eyes. "It's not going easy on me if you grow extra arms during game time," she points out, waving her finger sternly. "And who cares about healthy when cold pizza is /so damn tasty/?"

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