2009-03-31: Freedom


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Summary: The final fight between the worlds.

Date: March 31, 2009


Rating: R

Staples Center, LA

It's taken a while to plan, but the stage has been set. The call was sent out world-wide, to anybody with a desire to help save their world, and get the invaders out (with the exception of a few allowed to stay behind). Inside Staples Center, the armies of Our-Earth are gathering. Standing tall in the center of Staples Center is a large computerized portal. Energy runs through it as one mutant sits near it, typing and fighting with the keyboard to keep it under his control.

Standing next to it are a man with long red hair, and a few others. Two of them are wearing costumes more like ones belonging in this world, while the other four are dressed in shades of black, white, and gray. "Whenever you're ready, Forge. And when everyone else is ready. We think we've got a way to trap him." He says bluntly.

Along with the X-Men is Sam Guthrie, big white C on his chest over his black uniform and googles on top of his head. It's good to be in a fight like this and it's good to see some old faces that he'll have to catch up with later. Taking a deep breath the blond smiles as he rolls his sholders back, ready for some action.

One of the kids to come along with the X-Men is Daisuke, code name Howl. He has on his read and white Hellions uniform with the arm sails to assist him if he decides to try to fly at all tonight. He stands with Eddie and Jared and what ever X-Students are in the area at the moment. He's nervous as hell but has a smile on his face. "This is so strange, we're going to another dimension…"

Christopher, Shine, is ready and in his generic X-Men outfit standing by Jared and Eddie, also known as Mr. Faith, and his husband Jeri aka Buff. There's a glow about the photokinetic as he looks around at his friends, family and peers. "Good luck guys."

*Some* people are excited about going to another dimension. Kitty Pryde, on the other hand, has airwalked up to the platform where Forge and the others are gathered and the programming and doublechecking and dimensional maths are being employed. And she's hovering. Hovering in the 'I am in your personal space warily checking your maths' way, not in the 'off the ground' way.

Bouncing slightly on his heels is Mr. Faith. Eddie may be nervous but he's excited. Pulling his goggles over his eyes, the teen glances around. "We don't need luck, Dad. No way these guys are gonna beat us," he says confidently. "Right?" he asks Dai and Jared.

Over with the other Young Avengers, Hulkling adjusts his glove and looks down at his teammates. "Think we'll be fighting the other you again?" he asks quietly. The shapeshifter isn't exactly relishing the idea of fighting duplicates of his friends/family again.

Dressed for battle, Keith Flinn's with Drew and kaden. He yawns, acting bored. Of course, he's also scanning the crowd for any good looking guys. "Just so you guys know, I may be a bit late getting home. I have an appointment with someone for after this," he remarks to the younger spirits, not explaining about the person he met on the way.

Jared is ready and waiting for the fight, if a little on the nervouse side since he knows his place is mostly as back up and to keep the good guys on their feet. At the moment he is dressed in a generic X-Student unifrom with the white and green colors of Aplha Squadren and an added white arm band with a large red cross on it. "Strange does not even start to cover it. At least you and Mr. Faith have code names, I haven't come up with anything other than Medic." Jared has already been throug his streatching routine, twice, waiting for things to start and is honestly thinking of doing it a third time.

Floating above the scene is the teenaged super hero known as Wave. Dressed in pure white leather with a golden starburst pattern over his heart and a mask rather like the one worn by DC's Booster Gold with crome lenses the teen is wreathed in a golden glow as he scans the crowd watching the others that have shown up to fight the menace. After a few seconds so that he can know where everyone is the teen

As the armies gather around him, Havok of the newly minted Freedom Force looks about to his own team. "Guys, we have to win this. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. We're in it to win it. Let's do it. We've been talking and getting to know each other this past week. Work it like a team." He offers a firm nod.

"Young Avengers, get yourselves ready. This is for our world." Wiccan says, eyes crackling with electricity. Apparently, for this battle, he'll use whatever he has at hand. He's been saving his mutation-based magic to focus on the real stuff. But for this, he needs all the strength he can get. Silently, he reaches a hand out for Hulkling.

The union jack clad Avenger doesn't say anything at all. Lionheart prefers to save her strength for the fight at hand. Reasoning is all well and good, but when the enemy is being mentally controlled, there's no point in waiting around for them to try to talk it out. For this, action matters. Reaching over her shoulder, she pulls out her staff and simply waits for the portal to open. Though she does allow herself one loud call. With no other leaders about, she looks to Spider-Woman. "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!"

Nathaniel has squeezed his long, lean frame into his version of the New Mutants' uniform, worn beneath a long, comfortable black coat, as much to hide the uniform as for the extra protection it gives him. He stands near the others of his school, his hands tucked into his pockets while he watches the higher ups working by that weird portal. From the way his eyes keep flickering around the room and the mild strain on his expression, the empath is not enjoying the sheer amount of people surrounding him; nonetheless, he only slips on a pair of sunglasses to try and keep the headache from getting worse, doing what most everyone else is doing - waiting for things to happen.

With an arm over Drew's shoulders, the fire spirit smiles. "We're getting our world back love." He says as he looks up at Keith with an eyebrow raised. "Fine, they you don't get to celebrate with Drew and I when we get home." He's nervous, the other spirits would know that but right now aslong as he's with the two of them he can act like he's not annoyed and nervious.

Silent Image, the mute Young Avenger, has opend up a mind link with the rest of the Young Avengers. ~should We follow up with a Young Avenger's assemble?~ kids the mute telepath as he waits to put his mind and illusions to work.

Dressed in red and yellow, and showing every possible curve, is Spider-Woman. She smiles at Lionheart, the only part of her face visible under her mask. "I guess it's a girl power sort of night with the Avengers." She says with a chuckle, waiting to go to town.

Forge calls out to anyone that's within range, "I'm losing it. Get yourselves ready for it." With that, the energies flood the machine, coalescing into a solid blue field. Finally, the energies begin to display a scene. On the other side of the scene are an amassed army of glassy-eyed soldiers. Some human, some mutant, some are versions of our own superheroes stuck out there. None of them seem to be in control at all, as most of the people here have gotten used to the appearance of said types.

The Dark Force user known as Kenta is also present, not in any costume at the moment. He doesn't really have one yet. He's pumped for the fight and looking to get this war over with. His warm up for the fight, a cigarette. Standing with the X-crowed, the Xavier's music teacher patiently puffs away while waiting.

Next to Havok is a man all made of rock, a red sandstone looking rock. Danny nods goes through a quick few streches. "Ah'm ready sir!" He says with a bit of dertimnation, he's ready for Freedom Force to rock and roll.

One of the people here has superpowers and is a realitivly good person but would he ever call himself a superhero, no. He's here beacuse his world is at stake, his beer is at stake and his sex life is at stake if there is no place to call home, to call earth anymore. He's a man for the average college kid who likes to get high and watch a Will Farell movie and wearing a Pink Floyd T-Shirt over ripped jeans, that man is Darrell.

The Mayfair-Parker patriarch is present. All four of him. Buff, standing in four separate bodies, all near one of his other family members is ready for this. "They're not in control. We have to be careful." He says softly, not intending for it to carry very far. As the portal opens, all four of him simultaneously shift into a defensive stance.

Standing near Buff is his housekeeper, clad in his costume, gained when he was the holder of the Time Gem. Zodiac, looking normal save for a pair of large, curled ram-horns on his head, adjusts his star-clad costume. "This is the least offensive of my powers, but I'll find a way to make it work." He says simply, rising on a wave of heated air as he looks into the portal.

Not far away, amongst the students of the X, one small young man bounces in place. Moving over to Nathaniel, he plants a kiss on the empath's cheek. He's glowing brightly, with eyes as bright as a 60 watt bulb, and body nearly as bright. His energy is very overbearing. "Looklooklook." He says pointing to the corner of the battlefield. "Darkforce." He scans around for the stronger folks in the group. "Somebody, throw me over there. I'm about to explode. I'll take'em all at once. Anybody? Please? FASTBALL SPECIAL!" He says, hopefully.

Hulkling takes Wiccan's hand and gives it a squeeze. He grins over at Silent Image and then up to Wave. "Why not. Here's hoping it goes as well as the last time I yelled it…" he pauses and takes a breath. "YOUNG AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!" he calls out, feeling a tiny bit less worried now that he's said it.

Keith smirks. "Don't worry, K-man. We'll be celebrating but I sorta promised someone I'd join them for something before this," he explains. "I promise I'll bring ya back something fun too," he says with a wink. When the portal opens, he chuckles. "Damn. Reminds me of this bar I went to in Rio once…" he trails off.

Eddie quickly gives Ricky a hug. "Hey, if I get someone with fire powers, I'll give you some flames to work with, okay?" he whispers. Overhearing the battle cries gets a slight flickering of Mr. Fath's scars and he swallows. "Man…I hope I get to yell that one day…" he whispers. When the portal opens, the teen's eyes scan the crowd and he takes another breath. "Oh boy…"

Insta-phase. Shadowcat — who, incidentally, has swapped out the gold in her uniform for a medium-dark blue (which makes for an altogether darker look in general) — steps away from Forge and the platform again, and pulls her hair into a ponytail. She looks preoccupied, and hasn't actually spoken to anyone there yet, but at the 'FASTBALL SPECIAL!' her gaze snaps sharply to its source, focusing on him briefly.

Nathaniel catches an arm around bouncing Leo's middle and kisses his cheek lightly in return, then shakes his hair back and focuses on the opening portal, staring at the glassy eyed people on the other side. He sighs quietly and pulls off his sunglasses, tucking them into the pocket of his coat, "New Mutants assemble?" He glances over at Leo's cry for a fastball special, but he leaves him to finding his own superhuman-strength type to toss him, since Nathan is hardly up for it. Instead of taking a defensive stance, he closes his eyes and does what he rarely enjoys: spreads out his senses. It makes it easier to purge if you're full, as all bulimics know.

Jared gets ready for what needs to be done standing next to his fellow X-Students takeing a deep breath. "Ready to go when everyone else is. You guys be careful…and does anyone know how they are being controled?"

Wave nods at the other Young Avengers, "Come on guys, lets go kick some buttox." As the other battle crys go out Wave just grins and toses out another one for the heck of it, "LEEEROOOY JEEEEENKINS!!!"

A new costume on the field emerges. A rather buff man in a white leather outfit with a red music-note motif drawn all over. Swinging past Maelstrom, he gives the guy a wink. A soft song emanates from his body as he flies into the portal, ready for something different and new. The music gets louder and louder around his body, until lyrics can be heard. Yo check it out Ive got a plan, heres my intention. The frat boys in the club are lame, lets start an altercation. Its just what Im used to, just want to fuck shit up. Ive got my whole damn crew, come on what you gonna do. I kissed a boy and they liked it. Got all the honeys in the club excited. I kissed a boy just to start shit. That homeboy was not about it" As it goes, a smile crosses his face as he holds a suddenly appearing red bat, swinging it at some of the opponents, aiming for arms and legs to disable, rather than permanently injure. A few of the unprotected, lower powered folks go down.

On the outside of the gathering is a young teenage boy, Tsunami, covered in water. His body slides along the liquid. "They're behind us, too!" He shouts out, water flowing from his body to the remainder of the army that was on this earth. A large group of feral mutants and mystics… and a large group of super-strong individuals. A small wave flows from his hands, sliding out and picking up two ferals (Pallaton and Werewolf by Night) and raising them into the sky, until one of them causes the earth beneath his body to split. He holds himself steady, but releases the ferals with a growl.

Daisuke looks at Eddie and smiles. "Why don't you yell 'Young X-Men Assemble' or 'New Mutants Assemble? And Nathan, you read my mind." He asks before going serious and takes a deep breath. He looks to Jared and gives his hand a squeeze. "They're controlled by the Shadow King." He's just hoping that his bad luck doesn't come into play here. Once everyone goes into the portal, he'll go with Eddie, Jared and the rest of the X-ers.

Shine looks at the four Buffs and nods. He floats up a few inches in the air, a glowing beacon. He does a few arm streches in the air and smiles down at his family of..superheroes? "Alright, I've done this twice so third time's a charm." He says in regards to going on missions agains the other dimension as he starts to fly towards the portal since that's where they need to go.

Another one of the people to join the fliers in the air is Cannonball, rockets sounding strong. "Aw shucks, Ah think Ah seem mah entire family there." He growls out as he does see a whole line of Guthries, superpowered and not, as he follows the soundtrack into the portal.

The armies on the other side still haven't moved yet. Well, they hadn't at that time. However, now, they begin to march as one. They're trying to get through the portal, to fight on our land, but with the size of the portal itself, many of our own will easily be able to get through as well, taking the fight to them.

The Grey King glares. "Keep them back, and keep them down. Try not to damage the machinery. If you see a very short man, let one of us know. The telepaths." He says certainly, knowing what body Farouk is hiding in. "Focus on them. Do not hurt them. Simply disable them however you can." He and the telepaths rise as one, gripping hands. "We must find Farouk." They act as a single unit… Other-worldly versions of Silent Image, Jean Grey, Charles Xavier, Emma Frost, and Elisabeth Braddock."

Jared nods at Dai as he tells him the people they are fighting are controled by the Shadow King. "Damn, and here I was hoping it might be something my powers could have a chance snapping them out of." When the wave of heroes gets ready to move Jared plans on sticking close to Howel and Mr Faith, figuring if they need help he is at least a halfway decent fighter.

Wave half expects someone to slap him for yelling Leroy Jenkins, but really with a raid as large as this one someone had to do it. As people start to charge on either side his firt move is to create a wave of solid light that will start in front of the heroes of his world and roll forwards crashing into the other worlders to try and nock as man of them as he can back and off thier feet.

Eddie chuckles a bit. "Cause it wouldn't be the same, Dai," he teases. "Glimmer," he says, closeing his eyes. Scars flare up blue and Eddie starts boosting an Avenger he saw so he can mimic her powers for a fastball special. His costume tansforms to a blue and white version of Lionheart's. He reaches out to grab Glimmer and sends him hurtling into the crowd of baddies. "Fastball Special!"

Keith returns the wink as the music man goes by and then lifts off into the air and flies towards the portal with a lazy smirk. Seeing some girl dressed like a stripper on a cloud of gas trying to aim a rifle, he flicks his wrist and blows the cloud away. He's even nice enough to slow the girl's fall slightly.

"Remind me to smack Wave for that, love?" Hulkling asks Wiccan before running into the fight. He pulls back a fist and sends it flying forward. It connects with a man in white and blue armor, sending him sailing over the heads of some of the other invaders. "Oops…"

There's a wave of fire that rushes over Kaden's hands before he prepares to go through the portal. He's not going with out Drew or Keith though as he turns to help Drew out, and sends two firey blasts at the two feral. Which singes their hair and causes them yelps of burning pain but nothing that will kill them. They pissed the Kaden off.

Dante has the mind link up and creates an illusion of a large dragon that flies throught he portal and breaths a realistic wave of fire on the front line as he heads in after it. The four of five people the 'fire' hits scream as if they're being burned but no real damange is done to them. Ah Illusions.

Spider-Woman flies up into the air and is another to head into the portal. Once on the other side she immedately runs into Madame Hydra, which is an odd conicidence. There's a smile as she starts to go into a hand to hand combat with the woman until she's knocked out.

And Kitty? She surveys the crowd on the other side for a moment, seeing who's where, who's who. Then it's one step through, and she drops like a stone, disappearing below the floor of the mirror location. Silence and darkness, and the dimly felt thunder of many, many feet overhead. It's a slow, leisurely swim through the ground before the girl comes up for air in all of one motion, pretty close to where she was aiming. Three people off from a man with black hair and a dark suit, normally blue eyes beginning to glow blankly red as he brings his hands up. "Pete," she whispers over his shoulder, after elbowing her way through the crowd to get to him. It's not until he starts to turn that she gets up on tiptoes and goes for the Mackage Distraction. The kind where she gets a kiss *and* an opening.

As the fight begins, Havok doesn't bother crossing dimensional boundaries, preferring instead to stay on the right side of his world. However, as anyone begins to walk through the portal, he blasts them, glaring softly as the first one takes and absorbs his energies with no damage. Funny, Scott had the opposite problem. Running, he uppercuts the other version of his brother.

With the warcry on, Wiccan takes to the air, staff raised as lightning crackles around it. "Bindthembindthembindthem." He chants, looking at the incoming superstrong ones. Magic lashes out, wrapping around a Green-Haired woman and Man. Polaris and Dr. Samson as we would know them in our world. Who knew Lorna was strong?

Lionheart doesn't need to be asked twice. "Looks like it, Jess." She says simply, running out towards an alternate version of Wolverine, only to pause as she hears a cackling laughter behind her. "Play with my pets, lady. They're fun." Glaring, she turns to the voice, and rushes her instead of the feral mutant. The girl? Danielle Moonstar… protected in the middle of the ferals…

Big bat like wings sprout from Kenta as he flies on over to the portal just in time to meet up with a bunch of men dressed in yellow with tophat like head pieces. AIM soilders, and about a dozen of them. Kenta starts to hit them with his life draining sword, any damange he takes from their weapons quickly healed as he drains their life force to regenerate himself. They're taken down fairly easily and left unconscious.

Danny stays with Alex for the time being and right behind Scott is another rock covered superhero but with grey jagged rocks. "ROCKET PUNCH!" Yells the mutant known as Rockslide as he fires his arms at Danny, who easily dodges both of them and starts hand to hand combating the fellow rock man.

Another person to jump on the other side of the barrier is Darrell, his energy threads slicing through a bunch of weapons the non powered people have. He figures disabling their weapons is an advantage as he quickly runs down the line, not too far from a certain musical mutant.

Nathaniel isn't a particularly impressive young man. He's not glowing, he's not throwing people, or going through things; he doesn't even have the good grace to fly or look dramatic. Instead, he moves between those charging the portal, sliding his way through as best he can. He leaves the stronger heroes to the stronger heroes, but when he finds himself opposed, Nathan finally lets go of the emotions roiling about in his head. He's not even sure what to expect, in all honesty, but the three that approach the boy suffer from a seeming ripple effect. Aim is the only thing Nathan bothers to control, funneling an entire army's worth of pain, fear, despair, paranoia - any negative emotions he can get his hands on - straight into those three solitary mutants. He drove his parents crazy on accident; now he gets to do it on purpose.

Wave bursts through the portal just behind his wave glowing brightly before he appears to split into three almost identical versions of himself, one Red, one Blue, and one Yellow. Of cure all three are holograms, and the real one is invisible behind the images using them as distractions while he does what he can to try and find all of the short males on the invader's side…and of course point them out wiht lare flashing neon arrows as he finds them for Grey King's sake.

Jared has his senses tuned to higher order life forms, and is trying to see if there is any kind of fundamental difference between the people he knows are form his world and those of the ther world in case he might get some kind of advantage in knowing that.

Hearing the call, Buff laughs, running over to the student. Of course, Eddie's already beaten him to it. He smiles to himself. "That's it, son. Trust your teammates." He says before the four of him begin running towards the super strong. Sure, he's not as strong as several of them on his own, but when he's teamed up with his other selves? He's a hell of a powerhouse…s.

Seeing the pyrokinetic spirit a little bit away, Zodiac flies over. "Hey, mind if I borrow some of that?" He asks, taking some of the fire that's being wasted in excess parts of the burst and shifting it from the places where it is to the places he wants it. A few hairdos catch fire amongst the villains, screaming ensues. The fire he's moving is only as hot as Kaden makes it.

There's a loud "WHEEEEEEEEE! Thanks, Faith!" As Leo goes flying. The young mutant is having the time of his life. Sure, it's dangerous, but that's half the fun of it. A flying white bullet streaks through the sky, cutting through the darkforce tendrils tryin

g to grip him. As he comes to a rolling stop, he silently thanks Nate for the lessons, landing and looking around. Surrounded, he bites his lip. "Here it comes…" He extends his arms and legs, standing in the shape of an X as a brilliant wave of energy escapes his body, wrapping around all the dark forcers around him, slamming them down with the purity of Living Light.

At least Daisuke knows he isn't going to meet himself this time around. He's styaing close to Jared and Mr. Faith, standing protectivly infront of Jared as his powers are offensive. Which comes into effect as a girl made of liquid metal and a telekinetic dressed in red and black, Mercury and Hellion for those that know them, charge right at them. Daisuke lets out a scream of sonics, knocking the two back and Mercury does this nice, almost splattering at the blast, but that doesn't stop the two from still attacking, minor set back.

Cannonball is met in the air by his otherself and it's the immovable object meeting a brick wall. The two slam into eachother before flying back. There's one thing that our worlds Cannonball has over the other-worlds, his fight with Gladiator. And Sam uses that knowlege and how to redircet the kinetics against himself to knock him down to the ground unconsioucs.

Shine is not too far from his family as he's sending flashes of light towards group Buff is fighting to blind them trying to give his husband a bit of an edge, like he needs one, but he has his husbands back. After a few blinding flashes, he also sends a few light blasts in their direction as well.

The psions flow along, hovering over the crowds, trying to remain invisible to the enemies until they can find him. ~~We're looking for a man. Just a few inches tall. His name is unknown, but he possesses telepathic powers as well. Farouk is using him.~~ They call out, searching overhead. Grey King leading the bunch, despite the fire surrounding them all. They psychics aren't attacking, thy're just watching.

The watery spirit glares as the ground is swept from under him. "Thanks love." Tsunami says to Wildfire, who just saved his bacon. He whips his hand around, a lash of water extending from it and cracking across a purple-haired man's face. The man just glares, as a sound of laughter issues from around him. Suddenly, a few people will find their shoes tied together… somehow.

Music continues to play as the sonic mutant bats and shields himself. As the other one approaches, he holds a bat over his head, stopping a swooping figure from decapitating. Looking at Darrell, "I gotcher back, bro… DARE?" He shouts, blinking before turning away.

Unfortunately, Ricky does get a glare from Kaden, but he doesn't say anything. He just doesn't know him at all. The fire is several hundred degrees but nothing to crazy as he doesn't want to end up melting the pavement and severly burning people. He's still over there helping Tsumani with the ferals, sending a firey blast at Rhane this time, ewwwww the smell of burnt doggie hair.

Silent Image, while on the other side, is staying as hidden as possible, with the help of an illusion, as he guides an illusion of The HULK! to run through the lines and scatter them. The poor people that believe they're hit with that giant green fist.

Spider-Woman has taken out other-worlds Madame Hydra and is now fighting other-worlds Task Master? She seems to be in luck as she's fighting their world's versions of who she dispises. After a few excahnged hits, Spider-Woman gives him a good does of her Venom Blast and he goes down like a ten pin.

Nathaniel lifts his attention from the people he's left in fetal positions around him as that explosion of light goes off, grinning slightly to himself. At least Leo finally got to explode; he begins heading in that direction, feeling the difference between good and 'bad' and reacting accordingly. Though he is careful to keep out of the way of the more offensive mutants, he is sure to blast anyone who comes at him with that same deadly mix of emotions, the pent up energy of Xavier's finally getting some time off the leash. He slams his palm into the nose of an attacking human, overloads his system with an overwhelming sense of self-loathing and fear, then continues trotting in the last place he saw his fellow teammate.

Coming out of his boost, Mr. Faith grins to Buff and offers a thumbs-up. He frowns when he sees who's attacking Dai and then grins when he sees his friend's attack. "Great shot, Howl!" he calls. Closing his eyes again, Eddie starts to spread a boost out. Zodiac, Shine, Buff, Howl, Medic, Cannonball, Shadowcat, and Havok are the first priorities. He applies a three-times max power boost to most of them, onlt a two and a half time boost going to Medic and Havok right now. Suddenly, Eddie's uniform changes to a blue and white version of Cannonball's and Faith blinks. "Umm…" he says right before blasting off. "HOW DO I STEER THIS THING?" he yells, crashing into someone that looks a lot like a woman in black lingere as he goes.

Hulkling turns to see who Wiccan's bound and flashes his lover a smile before running for them. He picks up the bound Lorna and tosses her at Doc Samson. People missile!

"All my planning, a waste! This is not right!" the alternate universe's Crimson Cowl seems annoyed as she watches the battle from above. She doesn't seem all that worried about being attacked. Just annoyed.

All three of the Holographic Waves keep dodging around in air twisitng, turning, and letting out bright flashes of light in the same color spectrum that they are made of to distract as many people as possible. Hearing that the psions are looking for a man only a few inches tall Wave redefines his search to help them out trying to find the miniature man, glad that his powers give him a chance to see anything larger than a photon.

Jared might say something about not needing to have Howel in front of him in a protective stance, but he is focused on keeping track of who is hurt and might need him on his side. As Howel hits the other world's Mercury and Hellion he suddenly stops and lands a spinning round house kick right into thin air…which turns out to be not so thin as a green reptilian mutant who was invisable gets nocked to the ground.

Okay, alterna!Pete's lapels, grabbed. Shadowcat's nose to nose with him, staring into those eyes, fading from glowing red to brown, and from brown on their way back to blue. "I heard your Kitty is in the bone-claw wristband stage. My Pete is being an inconceivable fuckhead. You're *good* at screwing over telepaths. You're *really* good at *fooling* them. And I *know* you can hear me. If you fight off the mind control and help me kick some ass here, *we* can have *sex*." She makes a persuasive case.

The boost is great, for Havok, as he feels himself ripple with energy. "Ha! Whoever did that, thanks! Just what I need right now, since I can't blast him." And his skill more than makes up for things, considering that their world's folks don't have quite the knowledge they do. It only takes a few moments for Havok to take down the alterbrother.

As Wiccan flies, he sees a face. He stares for a moment, starting to shake. "I… I don't want to hurt you. But if you don't stand down, I will." As he says this, he holds his hands out, a sword forming in them. "I know you're not my mother, but you're close enough." A hex bolt flies at him, spinning him around. "That does it." He flies towards her, chanting loudly, "NoMoreCrazyNoMoreCrazyNoMoreCrazy."

She happens to catch a glance of it as she's spinning. "Huh? A kid dressed in this?" She blinks before turning to Danielle. "Girl, stronger people than you have tried to bring about my fears. I've already lived them. I died saving my children." She backhands the AU-Moonstar, who goes unconscious. The Ferals suddenly look about confused.

After getting done with the other-worlds AIM agents, Darkstar moves on to his next oponent, the other-worlds Spider-Woman. He seems to be in some trouble as he stops and stares at her with a funky smile. Curse you pharemons!

Danny on the other hand is still battling it out with Rockslide, and finally he gets the last hit with a round house kick to his face. He turns and starts using all his tae kwon do skills against his next oponent, a card weilding, bo staff using Cajun. After a card explods in his face, doing nothing, he brings a few fast kicks in to fell the flirt.

Darrell on the other hand is trying to do what he can without hurting people. "Thanks Jess….JESSE?!" He says with equal shock. "Behind you!" He says as sends a few energy threads to wrap around a woman in yellow diving claws first at Jesse, Hellcat, and slam her into the ground.

Wave's holograms are taking heavey fire, but thankfully none of them are real so the attacks pass harmlessly through them, a few from people actually throwing things at them come falling back on the armies of the other world. After a little bit of work Wave does manage to find a couple of people that fit the description of man a couple of inches tall, who he points out with big flashing neon lights.

Jared feels the sudden boost from Mr. Faith and just grins as he looks at the other worlds Anole. The green mutant's mouth opens as his prehensile tongue shoots outwards to try and strangle Jared only to be grabbed mid air by the mutant healer. "Thanks for the boost Mr Faith. now its time to step on a lizzard." With his strength and speed both boosted along with other powers Jared yanks on Anole's tongue bringing him flying at him only to be hit squarly with his free hand.

In his usual show of theaters and un-necessary effects, Remy comes crashing through the building from a window up in the boxes. The Cajun always was one for bravado. "Can' believe y'all stahted dah pahty widout meh." In a flash, Remy's hands are glowing with cards. "Y'all can relax now, Remy has retuhned." With a grin he runs headlong into the skirmish. Noting Danny's take down oh his other self Remy feels the need to state out, "Bien fait mon brave, but dis Universe's Remy be a bit toughuh non?" He's on the verge of running in to help his friends when he's suddenly stopped dead in his track. "Non, dis can' be Chere…" Remy's staring into the face of AU Rogue.

There's a sudden stop to the psionic-circle. ~~He's here! Somewhere.~~ Grey King's voice rings out as they all begin glaring around, trying to find the target. He displays an image. Those that have seen him before would recognize the figure as Shortpack… the diminutive telepath.

Buff is doing a multiple pounding on an AU-Guido Carosella. Trading blows and sharing power before he stops. "Weak heart." He gives the man a good pounding, causing him to overabsorb. "Jared, over here. Quick. We don't want him to die, but he's having a heart attack."

The sparkling New Mutant begins leaping from head to head, planting quick bursts of energy at each one as he flips around the battlefield, much like a not-as-lucky Longshot. He's taking his own share of injury, as his costume is already ripped and damaged, but he's healing as he goes. He's trying to make it back to his teammates and his boyfriend. "Too bad I don't have Dagger's tossing power." Glimmer grumbles, stunning everyone he touches.

The mystic Zodiac keeps moving whatever excess fire isn't being used where it should be and burning away… eew. Poor Sabretooth. Stinky charred, regenerating flesh.

Daisuke was able to knock back Other-Mercury and Other-Hellion but they came back and right after getting with with a TK bolt, knocking him to the ground, Howl gets a power boost. With a smile he lets out a stunning attack to hit both Mercury and Hellion with his sonics. They fall to the ground unconsious as he starts to get up.

Now that he's taken out himself, Cannonball has decided to go after his sister, Husk. She's torn off her skin to reveal that she's made of some sort of metal as he slams into her, picking her up and bringing her into the air. Sam drops Ohter-Husk to the ground, letting the weight of the metal carry her. She doesn't have time to shed her skin and ends up lawn darted in the ground up to her chest.

Hearing Buff call for Jared, Christopher looks around and flies over to Jared. "Nice on." He says smiling. "Your father needs you over here." He says as he grabs Jared, flying with him towards Buff as quickly as possible.

Nathaniel is trying to make headway, spreading uncertainty and imbalance where he goes rather than trying to throw out those overpowering bursts. This works for giving him a bare second to slip past people, trying to make his way to Glimmer as Glimmer works his way back towards them. Distracted by his aim and unfocused in his ability, he has only a bare second warning of windup - he stops dead in his tracks - before the tall teen is thrown a few feet backwards by the swinging arm of a huge, muscle-bound man sporting a truly unfashionable belt. He rolls into a crouch, coughing hard as wave after wave of sickness and pain spreads away from him, infecting people in a pretty wide radius before he can rein it in, firing another blast of psychiatric nightmare at the larger mutant, bent over but fixated on revenge. The big man ultimately takes a powder, crumpling to the floor and twitching unattractively.

"What's da madduh Remy? Ain' yah happy tah see me?" Rogue flies towards Remy punching him in the chest sending him back. "Chere, don' madduh w'hey ya from, don' make dis any hahduh." Remy winces as he feels himself winded. 'Great. The first fight he jumps into and it's gotta be Rogue.' Rogue flies over to Remy throwing a wave of punches at him as Remy does nothing more than dodge them for now. "CHERE DON' MAKE MEH DO DIS!" Remy cries out as the cards start glowing a dangerously hot shade of pink. "Fo'give meh ma coeur." Remy whispers as he shuts his eyes and sends a handful of cards flying at Rogue, exploding in her face, knocking her back. Before he can see the extent of damage if any, Remy uses the momentary distraction to jump headlong into the fight, putting some distance between him and AU Rogue.

"I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO CONTROL THIS GET OUTTA MY WAY!" Mr. Faith, currently mimicking Cannonball, goes crashing through a wall. A moment later he crashes through it again and knocks a man off a glider. He just manages to stop mimicking Cannonball in time to skid to a halt on the ground behind Zodiac. "Ow," he grumbles from the dirt.

Keith curses as a few bullets go flying by, a few clipping him. He scowls, looking down to see an anthropamorphic raccoon with a gatling gun shooting at him. "Get lost!" he yells, sending a tornado to pick the rodent up and toss him into the crowd of ferals.

Alternate Crimson Cowl sighs and decides to try heading for the portal. Hopefully nothing will hit her on the way…

This isn't working, this isn't *working*. Maybe— maybe this version didn't have that training. The 'shrug it off' training. The ability to fool telepaths. Kitty's staring at AU!Pete's eyes, and he's just… blank. And then all of a sudden he's lit up again, glassy fiery eyes and burning hands and Shadowcat *phases*, hard. The swipe that the mind-controlled alternate Wisdom takes at her rakes across her front, long burning sharp fingers cutting through costume and flesh, but not burning. Kitty has a second to look shocked, and then she's moving in a blur of limbs and fists, and the other Pete— mind control makes him *so* much less dangerous. Either that, or— but Kitty can't think about that. She starts dragging him off, phased, intent on depositing him someplace he won't get trampled. No partner today, and a bleeding midriff. She looks grim. "When I find that asshole," she promises the unconscious doppelganger of her former lover, "I am kicking his teeth in."

The water manipulator glares about himself as he begins whipcracking the water around his body. It's the first time he's truly used his water offensively, and it's working quite nicely. That's when he's punched by a guy in a green costume with a large tail. "You do realize that's nasty lookin'." He mutters, looking at the man. "Don't screw with someone who controls water." He says, tugging his hand towards himself. The man begins to look immediately sick before passing out. Water hovers in front of where his body was. "The human body is mostly water.

The dancing soundtrack laughs. "Dare, we have to TALK when we get home." He chuckles as there's a loud MOO from beneath him. A cow… in a cape. The cow raises up on it's hind legs and begins to advance on Remix… "You have GOT to be shitting me." The cow bares its fangs. "Oh hell no." He says, taking a shout and turning it into a staff as he smacks it into the cow's head. Along with this comes a new song. "Kung Fu Fighting."

There's a spash of water that hits Kaden as forces him flying back a bit, and pissed off, he scrambles to his feet. AU-Hyrdo "Oh fuck you asshole, you're going to pay!" Kaden says as he brings a large blast of flame right at the guy with his watery lower half. Kaden really dislikes most water and right now, it's obvious he's pissed off and not going to be un-pissed off for a while.

The illusions stop as Dante hears Addison. Small, Shadow King, he starts spreading his mind out, going trying to pinpoint that one being mentally. He's cut off any mental connections he has with his team and is focusing trying to find the guy the Grey King is talking about.

Spider-Woman goes to fly to Lionheart when she spots a man on a flying tandem bike with an umbrella flame thrower. "Oh not this guy." She mutters to herself as she flys over to knock down that cursed bicyle and Turner D Century.

Wave, the real one, is nearly nocked out of the sky by a lucky hit by someone that did not even realize he had hit an invisable hero till he appeared. The holographic Wave's vanish, but the arrows pointing out a couple of shrunken invaders, including what has to be Ambush bug, have not faded yet. Wave looks right at the slightly surprised human with a plasma gun that graed him and then points behind him yelling, "Look, Its Howard the Duck!" before blasting him with a solid waves of light nocking the man out.

Jared is more than a little angery, and could go all day bouncing Anole back and forth by his tongue like one of those paddles with the rubb3er ball attached, but he is needed elsewhere. As Christopher flys over to him the teen whips Anole at a small group of people even he as a fanboy does not recognize and holds out his hands for his Step Dad to grab. "Forget landing Pops," He yells out not realizing he is actualy calling Christopher anything but his first name or sir for the first time, "Just drop me and go."

Lithos had not planned on going to the fight, he had already kicke dthe ass of his counter part and as far as he was concerned there was no more danger to his element, the Eart of this world, but a few shots of Jaeger and the knowledge that several of his friends were fighting have put him in motion. The pavement outside the portal starts to shake, and split revealing the ground underneight which ripple like water as a figure clad in full plate armor made of black flint and looking like something out of a H.R. Geiger nightmare raises from the ground.

That's when he's discovered. The tiny figure of a man, inhabited by Shadow King's presence. He's shouting and yelling from where he stands. "You haven't a hope of winning." Of course, from the size of the body, his voice is very reminiscent of that of Yzma. "You may as well just let go!" The tiny figure is near the feet of Lithos, actually. He had snuck out and hidden until the earth mover rose.

~~THERE~~ Grey King shouts. One figure separates itself from the Psychic Ring. A single blond female… Elisabeth Braddock. She steps towards him, a mental and physical facade of fear on her face. She screams, running towards the tiny figure…

It's just not a good day to be a Cajun. Remy rolls out of the way as a plasma blast goes off inches from his feet. "Remy…" That silky voice calls out from off to the side. Note to self, treat women better and reduce the list of angry girlfriends. Belladonna glares at him as she fires off another blast. "Mon dieu, dis even worse den all mah nightmayuhs combined…" Remy tosses a series of cards at her which she manages to dodge fluidly. "Someone mind helpin out dah Cajun befo ah go back wid dah nickname of wifebeatuh?" Only Remy could somehow manage to find a cliche punchline to throw out at a moment like dis. He looks over and spots Kitty. "How bout a tag Petite?"

Nathaniel is running out of stamina, quickly; despite his endurance building practices, his power takes a lot out of him. He has given up trying to work his way through the fighting towards his squad members, instead now acting as something of a line as he sends people into gibbering when they come near enough to become a threat. Twice, he is knocked off his feet - he even gets a nice electrocution burn on his arm when another mutant attacks him in a way he doesn't predict - but he stays where he is, letting his powers feed off the tide of emotions around him and using himself as the barrel of the gun that fires them. He's got a half-ring of people in front of him and to either side, now, that are less than sane, but he's seriously starting to drag, partially bent over and leaning on his knees.

"You betcha," Kitty calls back to Remy, voice carefully light and very slightly dissociated. Alterna-Wisdom safely stashed someplace he can sleep off the headache and assume that it was a *really great party*, she's sprinting back, holding a hand over her midsection. "HEY LADY! You got bigger problems than revenge on Remy!" Pryde yells at Belladonna's back, jumping up and twisting round to kick, using the momentum from her sprint to give it the weight she's having a little trouble with.

Hearing the word there from Grey King, Daisuke decides to go over and try to help out in any way he can, that is until one guy known as Paste Pot Pete, okay, okay, the Trapster, fires a wad of glue to stick Daisuke to the ground. Before he breaks free, he sends a sonic stun blast at the guy, knocking him cold.

Shine, at Jared's request, drops him and goes to help out. He sends a light blast at as hard as he can at as hard as he can at woman whose quite heavy set, Big Bertha. If it wasn't for the boost he wouldn't be able to hit her hard enough to send her rocking backwards and fall to the ground unconscious.

*Thoom* *Thoom* Come two foot steps as Stilt man makes his way towards where the Parker-Mayfair family are fighting. Cannonball goes to fly over to stop him. "Buff! Shine! Oh god, you two are married, Buff and Shine?" He just shakes his head as he flies rigth into the Stilt-Man, causing him to fall over backwards.

Havok is now standing back, panting lightly as he directs from his vantage point, letting his energy fly across the front of the portal in short bursts. With Cyclops down, he's not having to worry as much about it, just making sure to make it feel more as concussive than it could be.

Wiccan uses the handle of the sword to butt his Other-Mother in the forehead. "Never use magic against a mage. It's easier to just surprise them." He says, thinking of something as he bites his lip. "Seethetiesthatbindseethetiesthatbindseethetiesthatbind." He closes his eyes, opening them up afterwards. His eyes glow a light blue as he sees strings from each of the people in the fight… the Alternates… connecting them all to the figure of the shadow king. Taking an idea, he slices at one of the strings to see if it frees the person.

Lionheart is currently going toe to toe with their Brian Braddock. Go figure. She's got the strength to top him, but he's got the skill. He HAS been doing it longer than she has, but fortunately, they're not really damaging each other at all.

Remy smiles as Kitty comes to his rescue. "Mah Heroine." He bats as he checks to see who the closest target us until he see's that Kitty's grabbing her side. "You ok Petite?"

After taking care of Hyrdo, Kaden turns and looks at Drew. "How you doing love?" He asks sounding pissed off even if what he's saying isn't. His hands are burning quite furiously and the heat has been getting hotter. "I don't know how long before I might lose control…" He warns Drew since he can't control his temperature any longer.

ilent Image, using his mind and with the help of the cry, knows exactly where he is, he heads over to the area and concentrates, sending a mental push attack, with all the force he can towards the target, hoping he's not fucking anything up.

Spider-Woman lands next to Lionheart and decides to help out as she reaches out to grab Brain Braddock and give him a venom blast. "How you doing Captain Brittain?" She asks with a smile, having a great time.

Looking up at the call, "Yeah, we figured that out a while ago." Buff shouts at Cannonball as one of his duplicates suddenly gets a broken arm. There's a shout from Jeri-Prime as he bites his lip. "Damn, that hurt." He groans, continuing to fight as he tells that one to stand out for a bit.

Bouncing over the tops of the heads, Glimmer finally makes his way to Neuroshock, reaching out a hand and letting the energies flow out. "Lemme strengthen you." He whispers. He may not be Meryl Silverberg, but he does believe love can continue to bloom on a battle field.

The stellar Zodiac gets an idea in his head. He can fly. He has ram's horns. Surely his skull is tougher… Taking the idea, he takes a ramming flight at an old woman bearing much stronger horns than he has. He gasps as he comes back to realize that it's their version of his own grandmother. "Ohcrap…"

Lithos does not run, he does not shout, he does not look like he is in any hurry at all as he walks twords the melee in progress. That is until he hears the tiny annoying voice at his feet. The master of earth and rocks turns twords the diminutive creature not realizing he is someone that the telepaths have been looking for. The earth mover pulls up his left leg, the one made entierly of rock, and trys to stomp on the figure, but not with his full strength since he just wants to nock the little guy out and not smear him across the ground.

Jared is luckly a trained gymnast, so he knows how to take a fall and get up running, which is exactly what he does to end up next to his Dad and the man having a heart attack. Quicker than he sould be the dark haired teen ends up climbing the massive bulk of Guido and placing one hand over his heart, and reaching out with the other twords the broken armed Jeri pouring healing energy into the guy. "Good news, his hear tis fixed. Bad news, he is gonna wake up full charged about…NOOOW!" The healer's last word comes out as something like a yell as his patient throws him off his chest as he comes too.

Standing on the ground Wave takes a moment to catch his breath and just barly ducks as a man in a skin tight red leather suit nearly takes his head off with a kick. The photokenetic teen just grins as he sees the little horns on top of his attackers cowel and creates a halo of light blue light around his head. "I always wondered who would be better in a fight between and angel and a devil."

Nathaniel reaches out to Glimmer, curling his fingers around his hand and smiling at him through his mussed, sweat-dampened hair, "Thanks, sweetheart. Better timing can't be found." Glimmer's energy does more than help him get his brain back in order; it helps heal up some of the damage his fellow heroes have laid out on him, though it'll take longer for that burn on his arm to heal, the tattered remnants of his coat and suit adding insult to injury. He squeezes Glimmer's hand before lifting his head and sending a thorough shock through the three nearest mutants, whether they're attacking him or not - just so long as they're bad guys. In that same weird ripple effect, they go from startled, to screaming, to curled up on the ground.

As opposed to Wisdom, Kitty just leaves Belladonna where she falls— it's not just a kick that does the trick, it's a kick followed by a chop to the back of the head. Ninjutsu comes in so *handy* sometimes. Then she's blowing a breath out around her teeth, glancing at Remy. She's *bleeding*, she's torn up, but she mostly just looks faintly annoyed. "Oh, I'm fine," she says to the Cajun. "Just mad. Not at you. 'Scuse, I gotta go thump a member of the Captain Britain Corps." She starts stomping through the crowd, phased, on her way over to Lionheart and Brian.

Hulkling goes flying suddenly, carried on a beam of yellow energy. He's followed a moment later by the Alternate universe version Nova. The human rocket! Landing with a thud the young Avenger reaches into the ground and uses a large chunk of it to smack Nova away with. This sends the man coasting past Wiccan. "Sorry!" Hulkling calls after almost hitting his lover.

Keith blinks as the wind he was about to send suddenly stops. He looks around only to be hit by a PK-Bolt to the forhead. "Ow," he mutters, facing off against Justice. The wind-spirit smirks a moment. "Ooh…" he trails off.

Eddie starts to get up only to see a shadow getting larger around him. Looking up, he sees Stiltman falling towards him and squeaks. Quickly stretching a boost out to the three Young Avengers as well, his costume becomes a blue and white version of Wiccan's. "Getawaygetawaygetaway!" he casts a 'spelly' without notcing. This sends Stiltman coasting in the other direction. He falls…right onto Crimson Cowl. The wom

The woman yells…and a glowing cube of some kind flies from her and up into the air! It's caught by the waiting hand of…what appears to be Noh-Varr. The alien looks at the cube, looks at the fight below, and then just flies back through the portal. He got what he wanted.

"Betsy, how nice to see you again." Farouk chuckles. "Have you come back to me? I highly doubt that. I know you like your freedom too much. I'm NOT falling for your ruse." However, he does attempt to jump away, only to be stomped by Dmitri.

Despite his movements, Betsy sighs, something forming on her fist. "Thank you." She says to Dmitri. "Maybe you didn't believe it. But you'll believe this. My psychic knife. The focussed totality of my psychic powers."

There's a scream from Farouk's body as the psychics decend onto the prone form, all of them forming a field about him.

Darrell looks back to Jesse and agrees. "Yeah…definately." He says as he moves his energry threds to grap around another, a blond girl with coloured lights called Dazzler, and throw her full force into a girl with pink shades, a yellow jacket and fireworks. Both Dazzler and Jubilee go over and are down for the count. "Man, I need a drink."

Darkstar dodges a crowbar swung by The Wrecker, but it clips his arm. He winces in pain before running him through with his ghost sword enough times to cause him to passout. "Thanks buddy." He says before flying off.

Danny, Danny, Danny, the guy without a codename, he's still in rock form and is still sending his rocky kicks at who he can, at the moment it's who this world knows as Machette.

"Just fine, Kaden. Perfect, even." Sure, Tsunami says that, but there's a lot of blood flowing through the water. Well, there's a lot more coming suddenly, as a grown from behind him shoves a pair of claws through his chest. He coughs… sputters… and the water around him rises, before falling away, as he does… Drew is down. And not breathing.

Remix laughs, "Me too, sexy. Me too." He says as he finishes getting the Hellcow into a pen of wood. "Vampire Cows. Who'da thunk it?" He asks. About then, a flying noise comes at him. He sighs softly, creating a thin wall of sound in front of the screaming duo. The Cassidy/Rourke's go down.

Wave is grinning like a fool as he dodges another kick form the AU-DareDevil and blocks several punches with light shields he creates just for the length of time he really needs them. "You know, I always wondered how you could fight so well with a mask with no eye holes." Wave leans backwards to avoid another punch, not seeing the leg sweep that drops him to the ground. With a grin he looks up at Daredevil not caring that he jsut got dropped on his butt. "Any one ever tell you that you look like Ben Affleck?" The moment of confusion from Daredevil is just what hte photokenetic wanted as he hits him with blast of light that sens him flying before he floats himself upright again.

Dimitri is just wrapping the mini-psionic in a flint straight jacket when Bettsy stabs him right though his foot, good thing it was not the flesh one. IN a gravely voice he says, "I thought the point was not to kill them." Not condeming, or questioning, just saing it. With a shrug the earth mover turns twords the portal, reaches out a hand, and closes it in a fist. On the other side of the portal a large fist shaped collum of rock suddenly punches out of the ground under the very back line of the invaders sending several flying.

Keith grins, letting Justice fall onto a pile of unconscious bad guys. Ofcourse the mind-controlled hero is naked. Yes, Keith just defeated someone by stripping them. Well, really he sucked all the air out of the guy's lungs but the stripping was fun too. Using some of the tattered stolen costume as makeshift bandages, Keith starts to whistle a tune. Right up until he sees what happens to Drew. He pauses and scowls. He shoots for the one that stabbed Drew, winds swirling around his arm and he attempts to stab the clawer with wind blades.

Hulkling blinks, just staring at the old man trying to hit him with a feather duster. "Why would they send their -Jarvis-? he asks no one in particular as he gently knocks the old man out and sets him aside. Just as he's about to rejoin the battle, a little purple ball of chaos crashes into him and takes a bite out of his arm. The shapeshifting tosses alternate Nightshade away before looking down at the wound. "Okay…gross. That thing actually -ate- part of me,"

Jared bounces up from where he lands quickly, and takes a charging run at the Guido that threw him only to veer off at the last moment to try and dart around him and attack his knees. "Big guys like him tend to be strong yes, but all too often they are not half as agile as the super pumped gymnast."he says, trying to focus on healing the wound.

Eddie, mimicking Wiccan's powers, rises into the air wreathed in lightning. "Oh this -ROCKS-!" Mr. Faith exclaims, the rush of power rather enjoyable. When he sees what Ricky's up against, the caped booster scowls. "Get away from my boyfriend!" he yells, sending lightning flying at the woman fighting Zodiac.

As Drew takes a stab through the chest, there's actually a few tears from Kaden. Sure he should realize something, but right now, he doesn't. His entire body errupts into flame and he glares at Wolverine. A scream of anger rushes over Kaden as a wave of fire rushes over him with enough heat to start melting flesh and blackening the pavement below the feral almost immediately. The heat radiating off the area is inteneses, getting above a few thousand degress. Someone upset Wildfire and hurt one of the few people he cares about, he's not thinking straight.

Daisuke is still stuck in the glue set by paste pot pete and he screams at his feet to break himself free, in the mean time though, it's just Dai's luck, as just as he gets free he gets jolted with lighting by a blue haired girl with gauntlets, we know her a s Surge. It looks like Howl might need some help.

Darrell chuckles at Remix and runs a hand through his hair. "And who would have thunk I'd be fighting next to you wearing that sexy outfit." He jokes as he flings his energy threads around the ankles of some pink chick and pulls her down to the ground. Blink go thud.

Nathaniel winces as he feels that flood of anger and pain from their side rather than the other, falling to a knee beneath the weight of it. Kaden's anger is hot and singes his already raw empathic treads, the teen groaning quietly before he backtracks along that rage. With Leo nearby, he trusts him to buy Nate enough time to follow through with his plan, doing nothing more than sending pulsing waves of calm in Kaden's direction to at least try and get the man under control enough not to burn up his comrades.

"It's not to kill. It's to get him out and…" All the psychics suddenly stiffen. Along with that, the glassy eyed looks on all of the Alternates clear up. Confusion sets in as they stop fighting. Betsy looks at the others that are gathered around. "It's… It's holding. He's stuck in the trap we set." She says, smiling brightly before gasping. "I… I can't feel any of you." She's almost crying about that loss, but at the same time, sacrificing her own in order to save their world… someone has to do it.

With tears in his eyes, Grey King nods. "Thank you, Betsy." He says softly, as he looks about, ~~Those from the invading world… step back through the portal. Those from this world, please make sure you're on this side. Though, I know some will wish to stay here to make amends.~~ He is one of them. He's not passing through that portal again. He pets Betsy's hands softly. "You will see this through when you get back, right? Close it down. Destroy the machinery?"

AS the battle comes to an end, Havok lets his energies go back down, looking about for his team. "Good job." He says, succinctly as he glances about. "Everyone, you have the appreciation of the US Government." Hey, as the leader of Freedom Force, he can speak for them. He's smiling, despite the damage that's happened, and his own injuries. They won. That's all that matters to him.

Landing to the ground, Cannonball just watches everyone leave. He smiles and pushes his goggles up, wiping some sweat from his brow. "Another day in the life of the X-Men." He says and he enjoys it. He walks over to Addison and the rest of the telepaths. "Thank y'all, for all your helps, it's appricated."

Breathing deeply, Wiccan's first though, "Hulkling?" He asks, looking around for his boyfriend, letting the sword fade away into his soul. Spotting the hybrid alien, he flies over, happily, making sure to be on the right side of the battle. "Man… I… I knocked out Mom." He shakes his head softly, draping himself over Hulkling's shoulder.

Staying in rock form, Danny looks to Havok with a smile and puts a hand on his shoulder. "Thank ya sir, Ah think this settles it, Ah'm stickin' with y'all and Freedom Force. Ah just gotta think of a codename…." He says as he looks around, satisfied that the war is over and he had a part in ending it.

The fires around Kaden die down with thanks from the calming wave from Nathaniel. He doesn't even notice Wolverine is pretty much regenerating adimantium skeleton. He just goes over to Drew, naked from his clothes burning off, and kneels down next to him crying. The thick headed idiot is forgetting they can't die. "Drew…" He says hugging the water-spirit's body to him.

Wave fades into visability next to Hulkling and Wiccan grinning like he had a lot of fun, and barely breathing hard at all. "Dudes, I just kicks Daredevil's ass. Best, Feild-trip, Ever. Now lets get our butts outa here before we get stuck.

"We'll need to keep it open long enough to get the prisoners we've captured back through." Lionheart says to Addison. Of course, that was the plan she heard, but who knows how things change over time. She's just glad it's over. "Now, I need to find my own Braddock again." Yes. She's a little obsessed with that. Damnit, she wants her kids.

Joining Wave, Wiccan and Hulking, Silent Image is grinning too. ~What, you plan on leaving me behind?~ He jokes as he only hears Wave talking to Billy and Teddy. ~Well that was exciting and the Young Avengers are awesome again.~ He thinks, shaking out his blond hair before re-tying it back.

Jared nocks Guido to the ground, and takes off running. He knows he can't face the guy in a one on one, but he can always lead the big man into danger. Of course he does not notice that he is not followed, or even that the other side has stopped fighting till he ends up next to Howel. Finding him having been zotted with lightning Jared's eyes actualy flair with white light as he focuses every bit of his power on the man he cares for. "Dai, how is it that the one of us with no offensive powers is the one that had the least problems in this fight?"

"PARKER-MAYFAIR ROLL CALL! HELLION ROLL CALL!" Buff shouts with a laugh, wanting to make sure that everyone in his family and in his care is safe. "That includes you, Ricky." He looks around and sees Kaden holding the body of Drew and just shakes his head softly. "Poor kid…" He's too far gone for Jared to help.

Next to Lionheart is the other Avenger, Spider-Woman, she puts a hand on her shoulder and nots. "I'll help you find him." She says as shakes out her black haired mane. "I got to fight Madame Hydra and TaskMaster, that just felt good." It always feels good to fight your past.

Hulkling raches back to pat Wiccan's head as he's drapped on, still working on healing the bite out of his arm. "I knocked out evil Jarvis," he counters, teasing just a bit before trying for a kiss.

Keith barely has time to dodge out of the way before the fire erupts. Landing, he frowns and puts out hair-fire. He pulls off his cargo shorts, now only in athletic shorts, and walks over to Kaden. "Hey, K-man. Get dressed. And stop worrying. Drew'll be back in the morning, remember?" he says, leaning in to kiss the fire-spirit quickly. "Hey! Music Man! Sorry but can we move our appointment to tomorrow? Got some family business that just came up!" he yells to Remix when he spots him.

Eddie lets out a breath as the battle ends. He stops boosting and mimicking, costume fading back to normal. He may be injured under it but thankfull his powers somehow fix his costume each time. It takes him a moment to realize he just stopped boosting in mid air. And can't fly. At all. Squeaking, he falls, trying to muster up energy to mimic and hoping someone catches him first.

Daisuke is just about to get hit with another lighting blast from Surge when the control is broken and she snaps out if it. Heading back to the portal. Howl just lays where he is on the ground, hurting a bit, and breathing heavy as Jared walks over. He blushes a bit and smiles. "Thanks Jared, and you don't know my bad luck yet." He says as he leaps up to give Jared a hug after the healing. "Let's go over to your Dad for his roll call." He smiles as he keeps an arm around JAred.

Looking to Nathaniel, Glimmer holds his hand tightly, moving over to the other New Mutant here. "Faith! We made it!" He calls before giving his boyfriend a full blown kiss. Hardly innocent. Ohyeah, he hasn't told Eddie about that yet. Oops. Well, he had to learn sometime. "You really were amazing, babe." He grins, wrinkling his nose as he glimmers. His light isn't nearly as bright as it was when they were coming here.

Shine flies up and catches Eddie as he starts to fall. "Careful there Captain Muffin pants." He teases as he flies down to Jeri with Eddie in tow. "Hey babe, looks like we're all gathering here." He says runing a hand through his hair. He looks over as Jeri says poor kid and just shakes his head. "Oh man…"

Nathaniel continues to flood that calm in Kaden's direction, even after the anger's faded, if only because it seems to be the one thing keeping him conscious. He eventually exhausts his own powers, however, despite the energy jolt his boyfriend gave him not so long ago. He embraces the slighter, but stronger mutant tightly and returns that kiss, running his fingers through Leo's hair and blushing faintly. His response, however, is to inform Leo, quite serenely, "So were you, 'brite, fucking pinnacle of the New Mutants… Sorry about this." The contact with Kaden snaps off, Nathan's eyes roll up in the back of his head, and just like that, the battered empath passes out. He'll feel better when he doesn't feel quite so emotionally drained - and, you know, rib-brokey and burny.

"I'm here." Zodiac says, flowing down to catch his boyfriend before he falls, also giving a nice healthy kiss of his own. Hearing Faith's name called, he turns his head and looks. He snickers softly. "Friends of yours?" He asks, ruffling Eddie's hair before putting him on the ground near the family.

Kenta lands on the ground and joins Addison, after all they're both in X-Force together. "Heya Grey King, how ya holding up?" He says giving him a smile as there doesn't look to be a scratch on him. This invasion went a lot better than the last one he was in. He reaches in his pocket, pulls out a cigarette and lights it, post fight smoke, aaaah.

Tsunami lays there.

Dmitri loaths to leave his world, even if he could still use his powers in the other one, so instead he waits at the portal's edge watching the heroes return and waiting for Kaden and Drew. Normaly patient enough that he could wait for ages, or perhaps epochs, the earth mover looks almost impatient until he finally spots Drew and Kaden in the thinning crowd. Seeing that Kaden is a little too wrapped up in things to realize they should just lift up Drew and carry him Dmitri reaches out, and pulls the ground underneith the other spirits up, and over the ground twords him.

Jared hardly cares who is around and whats going on, as soon as he gets Daisuke healed and walking he reacts on instinct and swings him over for a kiss. Not an innocent peck on the cheek, but at least closer to PG than any kiss Glimmer is likely to give someone he cares deeply for. After letting Daisuke up he keeps an arm around him as he now lets the other mutant lead him to where the roll call is happening. "Fuck luck, lets go get Mr Faith and see if I can't heal everyone in this parking lot."

Turning at the word music man, Remix winces. "Sure, man. Completely understand. Hope everything… is ok. Lame, I know." Yeah, Jesse can see the kid is dead. How can THAT turn out ok? He instead turns to Darrell and runs a hand through his hair. He also takes off his pants (He's got something on under it, after all) and offers them to Kaden. Sure, they're going to be big, and they're expensive, but for a kid that just lost his best friend… one does what they can. "How you getting back, Dare?"

Looking over at Jesse, Darrell just shakes his head. "Man…so you're a fucking superhero too?" Darrell can't help but laugh as he puts a hand on Jesse's shoulder, but he sobers up at the scene running a hand through his messy hair. "Oh shit…" He shakes his not knowing how to deal with it. Harsh reality has a hard time sitting well with Darrell. "So you wanna go get a drink and talk about…things?" Darrell offers to his roomate.

"Don't wworry about it! He'll be back to life in the morning! We're weird like that!" Keith calls back to Jesse with a grin. Reaching down to pick up Drew, the wind spirit sighs and looks to the other spirits. "Let's get going. Xane probably cooked up something nice for us."

Eddie squeaks when caught and kissed and then blushes at Shine's nickname for him. "Daaaaad!" he squeaks. Hearing Leo, Faith looks over then blushes as he sees that kiss. "Just my teammates…" he trails off. He wobbles a moment before leaning against Ricky. "Okay…remind me not to mimic so many people so fast again. Kinda dizzy…" he mutters.

The war is over. Everything is done, except for the moving. The world is safe, again. New doors have opened, old ones have closed. Some of those dead in our world are back to life by their alternates coming to live the peaceful life they can have here… well… more peaceful than in their own.

Taking a moment, Addison breathes deeply, nodding to Kenta. Just before he falls over, exhausted, into a deep sleep that he sorely needs, he speaks. "For the first time in a very long time, I'm holding up really well. I think… everything will be alright."

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