2009-06-10: Freedom Flirting


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Summary: Cole's goggles are missing. Danny helps him find them.

Date: June 10, 2009

Log Title: Freedom Flirting

Rating: R

NYC - Liberty Plaza - Freedom Force Headquarters

The Freedom Force Headquarters consist of a receptionist at the front, preventing unauthorized entry to the rear areas. The actual headquarters is primarily a war room for discussing and strategizing. At the moment, there's simply a cache of computers and maps, as well as some interesting weapons. The place is still being built.

In nothing but his boxers right now, Cole Arron steps off the elevator and into the main area of Freedom Force's HQ. He's a bit damp from the shower but doesn't seem to mind. "Where did I leave them?" he mutters, looking around the room quickly.

Danny has been feeling better the last two days and he's just come back to the headquarters from checking up on his cat. He loves that little guy. Walking into the main area from a different direction from Cole, he spots the boxer clad mutant and smiles. "Where'd ya leave what hot stuff? Your clothes?"

Cole jumps and blushes, shield forming around himself from waist to knees. It doesn't do much to cover up the boxers as the shields are see-through but Cole banishes it quickly. "Hey Danny," he greets. "Just looking for my goggles. I think I tossed them in here when I got in from patrol."

Danny chuckles and yawns, stretching his arms and wings. "Ah'll help ya look for 'em." He says as he even looks a bit better and not pale and run down like he has been off and on. "Ah just took a fly home tah feed Mr. Cat. Had tah spend some time with him." Danny says with a chuckle as Mr. Cat is still in the playful stage.

Cole smiles, walking over to look Danny over. He reaches out to check Danny's forehead. "Good to see you're looking better though," he says. "How's Mr. Cat? He attack your wings yet?"

Danny doesn't feel hot as Cole check's his forhead. "Ah'm feelin' fine right now, which is good so Ah'm gonna enjoy it while Ah can. And yeah, he's tried and Ah will say it hurts like a bitch when he pulls one of the feathers out." Danny says with a chuckle as he can't help but wrap his arms around Cole in a hug. "Ya look sexy, ya know that?"

Cole returns the hug but blushes. "I just try to stay in good shape," he says. "And your wings are okay, right? He didn't pull out any vital feathers or anything, right?"

"That makes two of us." Danny says with a smile as he does try to keep his body in the best shape that he can. "Nah, Mr. Cat just likes battin' at 'em. He's a good cat over all and Ah really don't know which feathers would be more vital or not."

Cole shrugs. "I dunno either. We'd have to ask Gabriel," he says. "Just…glad you're unhurt."

Danny smiles at Cole and shrugh. "Ah'm hard tah hurt rememember? Ah'm a rock." He says winking at Cole, but he's not rock anymore. "Ah can roll with a few punches, Ah may be sick a lot lately and have asthsma but Ah'm still a black belt in Tae Kwon Do."

Cole smiles. "Still doesn't mean I can't worry about you," he ays. Stretching, the shield maker moves back to hi goggle hunt.

Danny smiles at Cole and runs a hand through his hair. "Ah like that
you worry about me Cole." He says as he goes to help Cole find his goggles. "If Ah ever get to flirty let me know." It's just he really does like his teamate.

Cole snickers. "You won't get too flirty, trust me," he says. Getting down, he starts looking under consoles.

Danny walks over to one area to check and ends up spoting Cole's goggles. "Good, cause Ah just don't want things tah get uncomfortable or anythin'. Sometimes Ah can get really flirty, especally when Ah think a guy is cute. And Cole, Ah think Ah found what your lookin' for." He says with a smile picking up his goggles.

Cole blushes under the console. "You did?" BUMP! Sounds like Cole hit his head pretty hard. He comes out from under the console a moment later with a shield around his head. "Where were they?" he asks. "And don't worry…I think you're cute too."

Danny rushes over to Cole as he hears the 'bumb' and even if he sheilded his head from the bump, Danny can't help but stroke his head lightly. "You okay Cole?" He asks sounding worried. "Ah found them over there, they slide inbetween those two chairs." He says pointing to a pair of chairs next to eachother.

Cole blinks and blushes. "I'm okay. Just bumped my shield," he says. Looking over towards where pointed, Cole smiles. "Thanks Danny. I gotta stop stripping out of my costume the second I get in the door."

"You'll never hear me complainin' about that." Danny says with a chuckle. "Ah still gotta get a better costume. T-shirt and jeans ain't much of a costume and Ah'm parta a real team now."

Cole smiles. "Well, I know who to introduce ya to then!" he says. "The guy that made my new costume. He's an awesome designer."

"Really, well Ah soon as Ah get mah real powers back you'll have tah take me." Danny says as he doesn't think it's a good idea to go with the wings. "So are ya up tah anything tah night or just hanging round here?"

Cole smiles. "Right. I'll be sure to come with ya and stay the whole time," he says, remembering his own visit to Jesse's shop. "Well. I was going to toss my costume in the wash then play some LEGO Batman. You want in?"

"Alright, you can tell me what looks good and what doesn't." Danny says putting an arm around Cole. "And Ah'll take ya out for dinner or something, take you out on an offical date." Danny says hoping that Cole goes for it. "And sure, that sounds good. Ah haven't played Lego Batman yet."

Cole blushes and nods, slipping an arm around Danny once he puts his goggles on. Goggles and Boxers…yep…Cole's a dork. "Sounds great to me. Dinner, costumes," he says. "And don't worry, it's tons of fun."

'Well Ah like Batman and Ah loved legos when AH was a kid and Ah get tah spend with with ya so Ah think it sounds like tons of fun." Danny says as he turns to give Cole a quick kiss on the cheek. 'Ya know you're making me feel over dressed.'

Cole blushes at the kiss, leading Danny into the elevator. "Well, then you can strip down to your undies when we get up there," he says simply.

Danny blushes a bit and smiles. "Sounds like Ah plan Cole.' He says with a smile as he walks with Cole. "Maybe Ah should get an apartment here sine Ah'm spendin' most mah time with you and it'd be easier tah take care of Mr. Cat.'

Cole nods, reaching out to touch Danny's wings out of curiosity. "Sounds like it'll be cool. Move your apartment and Mr. Cat here. I'll even help take care of him."

Danny stops in his tracks as Cole touches his wings and shudders slightly. He smiles and looks at Cole with a chuckle. "Yeah, they senstive and…it feels nice when they're touched." He says before raising an eyebrow at Cole. "Ah think Ah might, it'll be more convenient and and Mr. Cat likes ya."

Cole gets a mischievious little smile, letting his fingers trail over Danny's wings again. "Sounds like it'll be cool. Might be able to get you the room across from mine."

Danny closes his eyes and lets out a soft sigh. "Ya know if ya keep that up, Ah might not let ya play Batman Lego." He says he really does like the feeling of his wings being touched. Just something about the sensation. "Ah'll look intah movin' in."

Cole chuckles and shakes his head about the wings. "I'll help ya move too so don't worry about that."

"Ya just want me tah move in here don't ya." Danny says as he leans in to give Cole a kiss. Hey, he likes the guy. "Well Ah'll thinking about it but it's definately likely Ah'll be movin' in here." He says as likes the idea about moving in to the building.

Cole returns the kiss as they arrive upstairs. "Good," he declares, tugging Danny along to his room. He unlocks the door and grins. "C'mon in," he says, pulling his teammate in and making sure he touches the wings as he does.

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