2009-06-04: Freedom Gathering


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Summary: Members of Freedom Force are at their nice base.

Date: June 4, 2009

Log Title: Freedom Gathering

Rating: PG

NYC - Liberty Plaza - Freedom Force Headquarters

The Freedom Force Headquarters consist of a receptionist at the front, preventing unauthorized entry to the rear areas. The actual headquarters is primarily a war room for discussing and strategizing. At the moment, there's simply a cache of computers and maps, as well as some interesting weapons. The place is still being built.

"AIM, AIM, AIM," Cole Aron, also known as Defense, mutters to himself as he sits at a computer in Freedom Force Headquarters. He's in his civvies right now and is biting his lip as he works. THe shield maker is trying to find out everything he can about 'Advanced Idea Mechanics' and the 'Super Adaptoid' thought Freedom Force's resources. Never hurts to know the enemy. "I hate this mouse," the mutant mutters, vaguely wondering if any of his teammates were around.

After a long work out, Danny's not feeling so hot. He was doing fine the last two days, even working at the bar but New York City is a cesspool for illnesses and it seems Danny might be catching another. He's packed up his gear and is about to head back to his apartment for some rest when he hears Cole and walks over where he's on the computer. "Hey Cole, what's up?" He asks. He's wearing a pair of jeans and a white shirt with the holes cut in back for the wings and he looks a bit pale.

Cole jumps, skin flashing blue as a shield forms then fades over it with his being startled. "Danny," he smiles. "Just looking up what I can on the jerks that made the thing that messed up everyone's powers," he explains. He pauses when he notices the paleness. "Are you okay?"

Danny smiles and chuckles at the shield. "Yeah, Ah just ain't feeling so good. Ah was feelin' fine this mornin' but half way durnin' mah work out Ah started feeling not so hot." He says walking over to sit next to Cole. "Really, what kinda information ya findin' out on this? Cause Ah can't wait tah get mah powers back, Ah liked bein' rock."

Cole frowns, looking Danny over and reaching up to feel his forehead. "So far I'm just finding out that they fought a bunch of people like the Avengers and the X-men. Haven't read through it all yet."

Danny does feel like he's starting to run a bit of a fever as Cole reaches over to touch his forehead. "So AIM, this is whose behind this?" He asks as he reads the screen over Cole's shoudler. "So these are the yags we have tah find tah get them tah reverse this?"

Cole nods. "Yeah. That's what Spider-Woman told me. Advanced Idea Mechanics and their Super Adaptoid that they stole from the Mansion," he says. "Danny, you have a fever."

Danny looks surprised as Cole says that he has a fever and then shakes his head. "Ah really want mah old powers back Cole, Ah hate bein' sick all the time. It was like this when Ah was a kid." He knows he's already told Cole about that but it's just not pleasant. "Super Adaptoid?" Danny hasn't really heard of this stuff.

"Jes, no, no. There is nothing wrong wit me, Personal reasons, Stewart. No I will not make a speech to make up for the one I mees, that ees final." He offers before closing the phone loudly. The man's arm falling to the ground with that motion. "Uuuhhh. This ees so estupid." The right arm of Gabriel picks up the dangling mass of flesh spaghetti that is his other arm. The former avian looks around the main room, slightly embarrassed at his situation.

Cole's frown just deepens. "Danny, you're going to bed and resting. I have some medicine in my bag that should help you," he says, standing. "Yeah, it's normally some freaky robot that copies powers but they apparently made a new one," he sighs. When Gabriel appears, Cole blinks at him a few times. "Hey Gabriel," he greets, looking at the arm for a moment. "Are you melting? I can turn the air up…"

Danny smiles at Cole and can't resist flirting a bit. "Only if you come to bed with me." He says right before he hears Gabriel's voice and blushes a bit. "Oh, hey Gabriel." Danny says as he's now sporting Gabriel's wings. "Ah probably should take some asprin or something, Ah just hope it doesn't last long. Ah was just gettin' back intah workin' at the bar again." Danny really does enjoy bar tending.

Gabriel's arm stretches back to it's right place. "No, I'n not melteeng. I just got thees weird, nasty power." He really dislikes the, gross things that this power leads to. "Danny, are those…wings?" He says, looking to his teammate. The young man adjusts his suit for a better fit, taking a seat at a closeby chair.

Cole blushes a bit but continues to frown at Danny. "I'll join you when you're not sick. And you shouldn't be working while you're like this," he tells his teammate. Looking to Gabriel, Cole nods. "So you got some kinda…stretchy powers?"

"Even more reason for me to get mah powers back and get better." Danny says smiling at Cole before looking at Gabriel. "Yeah, Ah got wings, Ah think there your powers." He says turning back to look at them. "Ah didn't realize mah balance would be all off with them." He says as he kind of feels bad having Gabe's powers in front of him.

"Jes, though it gets easier after a while. I've got lots of clothes made around those wings eef jou need something to wear while you have them." Gabriel offers, loyal to his teammates. "Jes, some kind of Mr. Fantastic power. Eets disgusting. I think the only worse power would be having one like The Blob's." The former avian says with a light shudder.

Cole sighs a little. "Then you, bed, rest. Let me worry about tracking down these crazy terrorist beekeepers and figuring out how ti fix the powers," he says. He then smiles to Gabriel. "Well, considering you could have gotten something like turning into a giant slug…maybe a little disgusting is a lucky thing," he shrugs.

Danny starts to stand up and puts a hand on the chair as if to steady himself. "Ah'll head home once the room stops spinning." He has a bit of a way to go all the way to Mutant Town but he knows he needs to get home. It's just one of those things where he's gone to feeling from bad to worse. "Ah guess Ah'll see ya guys later, let me know when ya have more leads." He says as he squeezes Cole's shoulder lightly. "Thanks for the offer Gabe, Ah might take ya up on that." He says as he starts to make his way out.

"A slug? Well, I guess you're right. Still. Stretching yourself out the the thickness of an inch, still pretty nasty." Gabe offers. "Whenever jou want Danny. Jou have mu number." The ultra-accurate man says before walking around the war room.

Cole jumps and moves to stop Danny. "No. You're staying here tonight. Using my room," he says firmly, worried about his teammate now. He tries to turn Danny and send him towards his room. He then turns back to Gabriel and frowns. "I found out from Spider-Woman who sent that green thing out to mess with everyone," he tells the formerly winged man.

"Really? Who was eet?" Gabe asks inquisitively. He takes out the sniper rifle from the California encounter, starting to disassemble it for cleaning.

Cole pauses at the sight of the rifle, nervous shiver running down his spine. "Advanced Idea Mechanics. Buncha terrorist scientists."

Gabriel looks to Cole. "Something wrong?" He asks before starting to talk of AIM. "I've heard of them, gave the Avengers some grief a while back?"

Cole shakes his head. "Just not a gun fan," he admits. The shield maker then nods. "Yeah. They've caused lots of people grief," he says. "And they're lead by a big, floating head."

"Well, dis one is a tranquilizer, I uhh. Never miss where I aim." Gabe offers a little proudly, though he would much rather use knives instead of bullets, but there are times where a little escalation is needed. "MODOK. I heard about it as well. But only a picture and a name."

Cole nods "Yeah, been looking up what I can about them in the computer," he explains, gesturing towards the screen. "Never say never though…" he chuckles. "That'll just encourage the universe to try and prove ya wrong."

"Eet hasn't happened yet. But I'll remember that for next time." Gabriel offers, continuing to take apart the firearm.

Cole leans back and nods. "So…how are you holding up? Adjusting to the new powers alright?"

"Eet's fine really, a slip up every now and again." He offers, continuing to work on the firearm. "I hope Danny will at least have some fun with those wings. There's nothing like flying without a plane."

Cole shakes his head. "I don't think he's been flying," he says. "And I really don't think he should be. He's sick. Without his normal powers I think he's got a messed up immune system. He needs to rest."

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