2010-02-20: FRENCH TOAST!!


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Summary: French toast in the cafeteria. Emo at the coffee pot.

Date: February 20, 2010



Xavier Mansion - Cafeteria

There is a large cafeteria for the students. Blue and white tiled floor lines the floor and there are large windows that let in a lot of light. Six sturdy blue plastic chairs sit around each white table. There are a few snack and soda machines along with a few microwaves and refrigerators sit along one wall.

Normally, Sunday Breakfasts are the interesting ones, but today, Cam's chosen to make something really nice. He walks into the cafeteria carrying a VERY large tray. The tray contains quite a few servings of a stuffed french toast. The cream that peeks out is tinged orange. The sauce brought with them is a very deep red. Cranberry Orange Stuffed French Toast! Yay! The rest of the food will just be what the cafeteria offers, but he was feeling up to this. After setting it down somewhere, where people can get it, he takes one plate for himself and walks to a table.

Dunstin is pretty much settled but getting used to being in such a busy atmosphere, he's still not used to that. It's a weekend so he doesn't have to worry about classes but he is hungry. Walking into the kitchen he is stopped by the smells and spots the french toast. He doesn't think that a student made it, but he's happy to take a plate and get something to eat. He looks around and goes over to the table where Cam is sitting. "Mind if I sit here?"

Lucas enters the caf and makes his way to the coffee maker. He's wearing the same tattered blue jeans and wife beater he had on yesterday, the blue flannel left unbuttoned atop it all. There are bags under his eyes, having not slept, and he pours himself a large cup of coffee, which he then begins putting way too much sugar into it.

Mike the Macheen has been here since early, with a stack of books. Not wanting to wake his roommate, he's diligently working on homework. No writing backward, in microfont, in white ink on white paper, or otherwise expressing the intense annoyance he feels for the truly amazing boredom the math generates, and the annoying relevance of the picky details of social studies in its various forms. Strangely he hasn't had any weird problems with school this week since he started this lenten discipline. This is also unfair.

The mechanical boy looks up as Cam moves, and sees the stack of french toast. Food. That's… very useful for the biologicals. Usually he's comforted by the fact that he can just refuel but french toast? FAVORITE darnit.

"Uhm, sure. Must be new." Cam says, offering a nod to Dunstin who comes in. Looking over to the sleepy Lucas, he chuckles. "There's French Toast up there. Really good if I do say so myself." he chuckles, pointing to what he made. "You're more than welcome to help yourself, Lucas." Mike, he's seen around, but never really talked to. He doesn't know the guy. What can he say?

Dunstin nods to Cam as he sits down. "That obvious?" But then again he's got that awkward 'where the hell is everything and I don't know anyone' vibe about him. "I'm Dunstin, Dunstin VonThurston." He says introducing himself. Lucas gets a curious glance as he looks like some kind of teenage construction worker to him and Mike, well he can't help but mutter "Woah, Golem." He then looks back at Cam. "Yeah, I just got here two days ago. Never been to a bording school before."

Six sweeps into the room with a laughing apology for someone in the hall. "Sorry!" Mainly because his wings are lifted high and partially opened. Someone's in a good mood. "Hi!" The teen says brightly, dressed in a blue and white, sleeveless uniform. The thing is snug of course, but he's the build for such things. It covers the front, but leaves his back bare. For good reason. "..Is that Cam made food?" Asked as he all but descends on it. No, he doesn't seem to mind that he dropped into this conversation without warning. "I'm Six. New too." And apparently accepted since he's wearing a uniform. With that he starts heaping french toast on a plate. With three hands. Yum!

Lucas takes his sugar coffee and looks over at Cam, "Ah ain't hungry." He then looks over at Dunstin, and says, "More like prison camp than boarding school," he offers with an eye roll. He looks at the other new guys, with all the arms, and just shakes his head, muttering, "…Ah hate this place." He sighs, and chuckles, before taking a drink of his coffee.

Mike barely heard that. He grins (internally) and says, in a conversational tone, "Nah. Autobot. Different system. Not magic."

He finishes the last paragraph of an essay on historical uses of oil (whale oil in this case) and looks up. "Hey Six, Lucas. Hello Bringer-of-Toast, you must be Cam. Hi new kid."

He stands and stretches. Pok klink reseat ponk. "What's on for today?"

"You mean Mutant High?" Cam chuckles lightly before shaking his head. "Cam." He offers in response to Dunstin before Six asks. "Yup. Orange Cream French Toast with a Cranberry Syrup." He calls before sighing at Lucas. "What's wrong?" He asks, just leaving it at that. He's seen some negativity from the boy before, but not too much. He doesn't know the volatile emotional state of some students. Yet. Looking at the mechanical marvel, Cam blinks. "Uhm… yeah."

"Mike." Six says in pleased greeting as he sits near the metal one. "Cam, marry me." Orange Cream French Toast with a Cranberry Syrup? He died and went to heaven. Doesn't say any more because he's too busy stuffing food into his mouth. Neatly, but stuffing none the less. Wings settle around the teen, tucked in as to take up as little space as possible. But after a moment he leans over to peer at Mike's homework. "You aren't doing weird stuff today. You not feeling well?" Slightly mumbled for food, but coherent. Durnstin and Lucas are given a little wave.

"Autobot? So do you like battle the Decepticons?" Dunstin asks of Mike before looking back at Six and Cam. "Uh hey, yeah, I'm Dunstin." An second introduction for Six. "Dunstin VonThurston." He's just used to saying the whole name when introducing yourself like being a VonThurston proves something, but here, he knows it doesn't. Just habit. "Cam food? Did you make this?" He says after eating a few bites. "Where did you learn to cook like this?"

Lucas just rolls his eyes again at everyone, taking another drink of his coffee. He looks over at Cam and just responds, "Nuthin'. Ah'm fine." He moves over to an empty table in the corner and sits, nursing the warm styrofoam cup.

Mike looks at Lucas with his usual lack-of-expression, then shrugs. He walks over to Dunstin and offers a handshake. "Mike Draakos," and shakes his head, "nnot really, only inn the online forumm. I'mm juszt yet-another-mutant."

He reaches up and taps the side of his collar, activating one of the devices there. Metallic is replaced by human seeming, with a slightly wry grin on his face.

"Image inducer, great for when I need to make a human expressionn. Sadly, still cann't eat."

"It's not legal here, Six. And, I don't know you well enough." Cam says, with a shrug. He's used to responses like that when he's been cooking. He gives Dunstin a nod. "Uhm… self-taught. Been taking a class for the week or so I've been here. But, a lot of it is stuff I learned on my own." He says, giving a bit of a blush. At Lucas, he doesn't say anything. After all, how does one respond to that. "Too bad. Like I said, it's good, even if I do say so myself."

Not bothering with the formal, Six beams a smile at Durnstin. "Six. No, it's not my real name, but that's what I like to be called." Cheerful, this one. "Oh yeah, Cam's a great cook." Noddling, he returns to his food. The teen is making short work of it. He watches as the image inducer does it's work. That thing is so neat. "Psh." Said with a grin about the marriage. "Just keep cooking." That's what he wanted anyway.

Dunstin looks over at Lucas, aka Mr. Anti-Social and then looks at the others. "Is he like School Grounds Maintenance and thinks he's not supposed to interact with the students here?" After all, to Dunstin, he looks like he might be just someone who helps around the school. "If you can't eat, how you survive then?" Dunstin is curious on that one. "This is really good Cam. I don't think I've had another schoolmate that could cook before."

Lucas takes another drink of his coffee, and watches the others. When Dunstin makes his comment, he shakes his head, "Careful, Newguy. You wouldn't be the first student Ah killed." He looks back at his coffee, and then considers if maybe that was too much. He sighs, and glances back at Dunstin, "Look, Ah'm havin' a bad mornin'. Sorry."

Mike shakes his head, muttering "Yeaah, that'sz gonnaa hellp."

He looks over at Dunstin. "Why would he be Maintenance? And he's got the mutant power to blow sztuff uup. Lucasz, you didnn't kill anyone."

It occurs to him that he didn't answer a question. He turns to talk to the guy with the wings. "Hey, Six, I gave up deliberately messing with my homeworrk for Lennt."

Cam looks at Lucas and glares before suddenly remembering something. He turns away quickly. "Sorry. Almost concentrated too hard." Lucas should get the meaning behind it. He doesn't look at Six, but nods around a mouthful. "I plan to. I like it in the kitchen." he explains. To Dunstin, he adds. "Well, my family couldn't cook to save their lives, so I taught myself." He hadn't heard any rumors about dead students. That was before his time. Thankfully, so he blows it off with what Mike says as just having been made up.

Having no idea who Lucas is, neither does Six really care. A shrug to Durnstin and he scrapes at his plate with his fork to get the last little bit of french toast on it. "Leave him be." A smile and he puts his fork down. "Cam, that was awesome, thanks." In Mike's answer, eyebrows raise and he laughs. "That's cool. Not that I understand Lennt really, but it's a good thing you did that." Makes it easier on poor Jono, trying to grade this stuff.

Even if Lucas is telling the truth, Dunstin just thinks it's some kind of scare tactic. "Well I've got the mutant power of Luck so I think if he tried to blow me up, he would find himself quite unlucky." The problem is, Dunstin can't control if it's good luck or bad luck, but he bluffs a bit. "Concentrated too hard?" He's not sure what Cam was talking about. "No one in my family cooked, that was Louisa's job."

Lucas chuckles, "Luck, huh?" He smirks, "Well, Ah don't know that makin' me unlucky would change nothin' none. Ah'm pretty right unlucky as it is," he says, his southern drawl rather obvious this morning. He looks at Mike, and shrugs, responding with some disbelief, "Whatever." He looks over at Six then, and asks, "You fly?"

Mike loves this inducer. Can do stuff he couldn't do before. He raises one eyebrow at Lucas, Spock-style. Rashmi would be doing that glare she thinks is a look of infinite patience, but Mike's not that invested, and he doesn't need to make Lucas' day any worse by fighting over something that can't be changed.

He returns his attention to the new-to-him guys. "So, do either of you drive?"

"I can. A little. I was about to get a hardship license down there, because nobody could take the time to get me to and from school without making me late or too early. But, I haven't had much practice." Cam says with a shrug. "I'm alright though. If a little too cautious." He admits. After all, it's the better way to be, in his mind. "Luck? That's neat."

Wings rustle as he's addressed by Lucas, and Six leans slightly to give the other a look. "Are you being a complete asshole for no good reason?" Asked back in way of answer, even if he's smiling. "Of course I can fly." And then he's returning his attention to Mike. Six lifts a wing hand about driving, "If you mean me, I can. I don't fit well into most vehicles though." If that weren't obvious. "Car, truck, and the big fishing boats." Not terribly well, but he can. Then again he's seventeen.

"Back home I was learning how to drive, I have a car but no license yet. I should be able to get it in a few months." Probably once Summer Vacation hits. Dunstin is a few months shy of being able to get a drivers license. "I have a sweet BMW back home that my father got me to learn on and for my first car." He doesn't mean to be the spoiled kid it's just how he was raised. He's not trying to rub it in anyones face, he's just used to being around other kids from wealth. "What's it like? To have wings?"

Lucas scowls at Six, "Ah got reason." H shakes his head, and turns his attenton back to his coffee.

BMW! Nice. Mike's grin goes thoughtful as he realizes… wait, most likely not because his dad's a mechanic, given all that's involved here. Have to research that family name.

He scratches at the back of his head. "I was hoping they'd let me help teach driving. Can't do it yet. Not safe."

Mike hasn't heard any gossip about Lucas' reasons, because in this one thing, so far, students haven't been blabbing. So he figures it's the thing with his Mom and … SO not his place to break that to anyone else. He does give a sympathetic glance in Lucs' direction though, and then walks back to the table where his books are stacked, and grabs a thermos from next to the stack.

"Dude, no offense, but you're acting more emo than Robyn looks." Cam says towards Lucas with a slight roll of his eyes. Sure it's a little harsh, but what little he's seen Lucas, the kid seems to have some kind of emotional problems. Fluctuating between happy and whiny. "Beemer?" He asks of Dunstin. "Rich kid." He says with a nod. "I was lucky if I was gonna get a third-hand Kia." Considering how cheap THOSE are… He doesn't say anything about Six. It's obvious, so why point it out?

A BMW? Six blinks at Dunstin for that. "…" Nope, can't imagine that at all. "Dude, don't rub it in our faces, okay?" It'd take everything his family has to buy even one of those cars, and they'd be living in boxes to do it. He's in the Cam area of cars. Six doesn't take insult at Dunstin though, and he pauses to think. "Frankly, I have no idea how to explain that. I've always had them. What's it like having brown hair, or blue eyes?" A helpless shrug is given, and a smile spreads. "Sorry. I do love flying though." The wings shift and lift for the emotion involved in saying it.

"Sorry, I wasn't trying to rub it anyone's face." Dunstin says as that wasn't his intention at all. He comes from a completely different lifestyle. And the term 'Rich kid' coming from Cam's mouth doesn't sound like a good thing either, so he goes for a change of subject. "Um so yeah, everyone here has powers? Like…everyone?"

Lucas takes another drink of his coffee. He looks over at Cam and answers, "Maybe Robyn's just a poser." He looks at Mike, catching that glance os sympathy, and he quickly averts his eyes from the roboboy. Mike must have gotten it pretty close to the mark. Lucas looks at Dustin and Six, "You two know what teams your on yet?

Mike drats, thermos is empty. He turns an apologetic look towards the gathered students, "I gotta go refuell, guysz. I'll see you laterr. Nobodyy blow up the doorms without me."

He turns off the inducer and gathers his books into his backpack, then heads out.

"No worries." Cam says to Dunstin with a chuckle. "Just not something a lot of us know." He shrugs a bit. "Robyn's an artiste. Not a poseur." He says, adding on the specific timbre to each word to make it accurate. And it's true. Even if that applies more to a specific branch of vampire.

Considering Six is wearing a blue and white costume at the moment, that answer is obvious, so he doesn't bother telling it to Lucas. Instead he smiles at Dunstin and nods about everyone having powers. "I believe so." Doesn't know for sure. "Even the teachers." A pause and he grins at Mike. "See you later!" Then back to Dunstin. "I've only been here a few days, but I haven't met anyone who doesn't have powers. This is a school for mutant kids after all." Looks pleased with that fact however. "You have some kind of luck ability? Mine is obvious." Real obvious.

"Refuel?" Dustin waves at Mike. "Nice meeting you Autobot." He says before turning back to Cam and grinning. "Hey, you saying that makes me have to ask, is there any kind of gaming groups in this school?" Like for nerds? He doesn't want to say that part but if not, he might have to start a Dungeons and Dragons group here. "Yeah, I control luck, but, only with the dice. The higher the better." The lower, and uhoh.

Lucas stands, since neither of the new guys acknowledged his question. "Why would Ah play D&D with someone who can alter dice?" he asks, perhaps surprisingly knowing exactly what Dustin was asking about. He heads towards the door, "Later, Chef," he offers towards Cam.

"Dude, he just says what the dice roll determine the luck. He doesn't control the dice." Cam says,rolling his eyes a little. "Don't know that there is one. Or that there's anyone else that might be interested. No clue." He admits, finishing off his breakfast. "I'd play, though. I haven't done it in a little bit." He says, coughing slightly. It's one of his geektraits. "Oh, and before… I can find anyone or anything if I know who or what it is. But… I don't wanna focus too hard on it."

Six can only shrug, and with the motions of four arms, about the refueling? Thinking about it has him grimacing. "He's a robot? Gas maybe?" Ew. A look after Lucas, but certainly no attempt to ask him to stay. "I've no idea what you guys mean, sorry." Never did gaming like that. Then again he's not had much chance to be a geek. "That's cool." To Cam for his ability. A glance to the clock has him sighing. "Shit, I have to go." Rising to his feet, wings spread, "I want to get out of this before classes start. It was great meeting you, Dunstin. See you guys later." A cheery wave and he's trotting off, trailing wings behind him.

Dunstin nods along with what Cam says before standing up himself. "Well, good to know there's at least one person. Nice meeting you Cam and nice meeting you too Six. I should get going and finish getting things set up." He's almost done though and then he wants to look through his schedule. "May Lady Luck be with you." He says to Cam and Six before taking off, and yes, it's said in amusement and not seriousness.

Watching everyone head out, Cam waves a hand. He's still eating a little. "Later." He says, primarily watching Dunstin go. Interesting new guy.

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