2010-04-25: Fresh Air And Cigarette Breaks


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Summary: Travis enjoys the NYC skyline and meets Troy while he's having a smoke break.

Date: April 25, 2010

Fresh Air And Cigarette Breaks

Rating: PG

NYC - Ellis Island

For generations this was the gateway to America, with literally millions of immigrants pouring through the doors to find new lives and new hope. These days it's a museum dedicated to that heritage. Wide corridors and high ceilings cause every sound to magnify and echo and distort. That, combined with the weight of history, tend to breed a sense of reverence and quiet not unlike a library or church.

Having never gotten the chance to see New York, Travis has finally decided to come up to Ellis Ilsand for some fresh air. He's got on a long jacket to hide four of his arms as he just sits out side on a bench and looks over at the Statue of Liberty and the New York City skyline, something he hasn't taken the time to do. It's obvious to those are Barnes that he's a fellow student with his blue cargo pants and gray shirt that says BARNES on it under the jacket. The museum is closed but Travis is more interested in the outside sites than inside ones.

Landing nearby, heading to the island itself, possibly on his way inside is Troy. He's in his image induced form after he lands, showing himself to anyone there. His automatic clothing is also Barnes logo. In the air, however, he was in his actual powersuit appearance. As soon as he touches down, he pulls a cigarette out of a small pouch he wears about his waist. He lights it and takes a deep drag as he groans. "Finally. Things don't stay lit in the air."

Travis looks up at Troy and notice he's in similar attire as his. "Hey." He says in a bit of a friendly tone, not overly upbeat though. "You go to Barnes too? Sorry, I'm still new so I'm not recognizing everyone yet." Even though Barnes is still building it's student base it's hard to meet everyone at once. "I'm Travis, Travis Smith." He says holding out his hand, there's a twitch under his jacket as he tries to keep his other arms still.

Raising an image induced eyebrow, Troy looks. He doesn't take the hand yet. "Troy. Troy Bay. Yes. College student and powers trainer. Specialty in mutants." He explains with a shrug. Taking another drag, he goes ahead and extends his own hand. Why not? He's getting used to this friendly thing, finally.

Travis shakes Troy's hand and nods. "I'm just a college student, and a mutant. Just found out a few weeks ago I am one. Nice to meet you." He says just trying to make a few friends at the school but so far, noone really seems normal. Misha's okay and Teddy…well…he's just a bit overly excited fanboy for Travis's tastes. "So are you gonna be one of the people trying to train me in how to use my powers?"

"Possibly. I've got knowledge with some odd powers that most people never see. It's very likely that I will be." Troy says with a nod as he inhales a little more smoke. "Though it could be one of the others, too. I tend to work with up close powers, strength abilities, and agile abilities more than anything." He explains. "History."

Travis looks around and takes his jacket off slowly to reveal his six arms, since he doesn't notice anyone around. "This is my power, I have six arms. Don't worry, I'm getting used to people staring and gawking as much as I hate it." Travis admits as people tend to stare when they first see him. "Everything here is just so weird to me. I always thought I'd be going to college for baseball."

"Could be worse. Try being stuck in a suit for the rest of your visible life." Troy says, turning off his image inducer to show his suited face. "As far as I know, I may never be out of it." He shrugs. "And possibly. Do you have other abilities besides the arms?"

"I'll just be in a large jacket in public the rest of my life to hide the arms." Travis says with a shrug as he's not brooding about his situation, just kind of looking on the bright side and trying to deal. "So you're stuck in a suit, that's kind of brutal." Travis does comment as he can't say one's situation is worse than the other. "And yeah, each arm has a different power but I'm still unsure about it. I did it once and everything is kind of a blur."

"Happens that way the first time or two." Troy says with a nod. "My first… well… first time in this suit. I left Fury stuck to the floor for an hour." He grins a bit. "Course, I dunno what my roommate went through the first time."

"I don't know what my Roommate, the one I met, went through. Teddy, he's a little bit…well he's superhero nuts. Seemed weirded out that I don't read superhero blogs. Sorry, but, where I'm from, Superheroes are kind of something that happens over there, not over here." He says with a smile as he pushes his hair back. "And I bet Mr. Fury didn't like being stuck to the floor for an hour. I haven't met him yet just heard about him in passing."

"I told him it was his own fault. He put me in the suit. He can deal with the consequences." Troy says with another half-grin. "Teddy… Young Avenger?" He asks, raising an eyebrow. "Heard they were here."

Travis chuckles at that and then nods. "Yeah, I guess they are. I had never heard of them until recently. Though Teddy wants me to copy something some other guys did in their room which I think is a fun idea. Putting up fake windows in the room." Travis doesn't know that Troy is in that room. "Teddy was…he's not bad it's just he's very fanboish, but then I guess I'm just as bad if you get me on the subject of baseball."

"That's my room. Danny did that. I tried to help,but he had me drunk." Troy grins. "I didn't do very well at my parts. But that's ok." He chuckles. "It's just me and the bartender and Misha right now. Haven't really gotten to know Misha yet. Just Danny. He's a good guy."

Travis looks at Tory like he just found out something amazing, and he kind of did. "Wait, so there are parties that kind of go on here, or at least people who know how to have fun." Travis was a bit of a jock in High School, he went to his share of parties. "I haven't met Danny yet though I did meet Misha. Weird voice, seems nice enough but that's kind of cool. You have a bartender roommate."

"Technically suitemate, but same thing, more or less. We just get our own rooms. One main room." Troy laughs. Hes beginning to get adjusted to the chemicals and have a mostly normal semblance of self. "YEah, we know how to enjoyu ourselves over there. I'm the only smoker though. Danny's asthmatic.

"I'm in the same kind of room setup, which I'm glad I don't have to share a room with someone. I've never had to so it'd be weird now." Though if Travis had to in 'normal' college he'd have a roommate. "I don't smoke, I always thought it would hinder my athletics but I do drink. I just have to be kind of careful cause my Mom got a job here and I don't need my Mom seeing me with a beer in my hand." Though she probably knows, Moms usually do.

"College life. But better." Troy grins. "Single rooms means more privacy. ADulthood means more allowance than kids get. As in you're allowed to have 'friends' he says with a laugh. Boarding schools don't usually allow that and not at all for kids." Hmm. Mother's here. THat's not so good. "Poor thing. No time away from mom."

"Actually it's not that bad. My Mom and I are close and she's not watching over my shoulder at every turn." Travis says with a shrug. "After my father passed away, we've kind of latched on to each other so I don't mind her being here honestly. And I've never been to a boarding school before so I don't know how it is. I've always gone to public schools."

"That's good at least. Not the dead fater thing, of course." Troy says with a nod. "I have no family. I'm alone." He says simply. "Basically, SHIELD is my family. Because of everything they've goiven me." He ponders. "I did go to a boarding school for a bit. Never again if I can help it."

Travis nods but doesn't say anything, he misses his Dad, a lot, but he doesn't talk about it. He doesn't talk about a lot of his past. "That sucks, about being all alone. I don't know how I'd handle that if I lost my Mom. But with this place being your family, it's really not that bad or awkward here? It's not that…I dunno..military school strict?"

"It's life, ya know? I deal with it." Troy says with a firm nod. "I've been through worse. Trust me. That demon infestation a while ago… that was hell. Literally. Hell on earth." He says, grimly, putting out his cigarette and lighting another. "It's not as strict as it could be."

"I don't know much about it honestly, I was…well I was living in a place that wasn't too close to New York City. I heard bits but sometimes, it's like New York City is a whole different world when you don't live by it." Travis says shaking his head. "I dunno, I'm not really looking forward to this new life, I'm not really a crime fighter, I'm just..I'm just me is all."

"You don't have to be. SHIELD may just want you to work for them. Like a soldier. Not the same as a crime fighter." Troy say with a shrug. "They wanted me to teach and to train. SO that's what I do. EAsier than it could be."

Travis nods and stays quiet for a bit. How does one say that they're here because the government thought it'd be safeest for him. "I don't know what they have in store for me but a lot of exercises with the arms right now. Really, it's not bad having six arms, just kind of weird right now. It's just I had to pretty much disappear from my friends." Again.

"I wouldn't worry too much about it. Everyone says they know what's best for you and that you'd be safest there. It's always a lie. When you're a mutant or a superhuman, no place is safe or healthy for you. You just learn to deal with it, regardless." Troy says, sardonically.

Travis stands up and smiles at Troy. "Well it was nice meeting you, I should head back inside now and finish up my homework before tomorrow. Let me know if you guys are going to do some drinking or something, if you don't mind, I'd love to join you. I wouldn't mind throwing in some money for whoever is old enough to buy stuff." Travis says as he nods at Troy. "Again, it was nice to meet someone who seems a bit more normal."

"Believe me. I'm far from normal. But you're more than welcome to come by if you want. We're easy people here. Well, I'm a bit high strung and offputting sometimes, but that's just me." Troy chuckles and offers a wave. "Gonna finish this." He waves his cigarette

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