2011-04-08: Friendly Conversation


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Summary: Pietro comes over to talk to Tony on his lunch break.

Date: April 8, 2011

Log Title: Friendly Conversation

Rating: PG

Stark Towers

Tony's Lab at the Towers

It's well before noon on a typical Friday in New York. Shows were happening later in the day, sports teams were practicing, kids were at school while adults worked the nine to five. With no meetings slotted for the day due to outside the company issues Tony may remain passed out at his desk down in the lab beneath the Towers. Having been up all day previously, and well into the morning he had finally fallen asleep where he had been working. If for some reason Pepper or one of the other few that ventured down into the depths to drag him out into the world were to happen upon him he's still wearing the clothing he had yesterday and there's a collection of empty energy drinks disposed of in a bin next to the desk.

The security lets him in without a bleep, and the suit clad Avenger smiles in finding a passed out inventor at his desk. There's a shake of the head and a rustling plastic bag is placed down near Tony. Two very large boxes of chicken nuggets and an assortment of sauces. Pietro doesn't bother waking Tony however. Instead he unbuttons his jacket and sheds it. This us hung up out of the way so that he can start making coffee. Means there's chinks and other sounds, like running water, as he rinses out the pot, peering at it. You use this a lot, don't you? Washes it out, gets the maker filled with grounds and water, then checks the mugs. Okay, those are clean. Pepper does a good job after all.

Slowly the slumbering inventor flattens hands against the desk to push himself up to a seated position. Tony groans as his body protests the movement having been stuck in a slumped over position for hours and he eyes the bag nearby then spins his chair around to find Pietro mucking about in the small kitchen. A yawn wide enough to rival the lion that used to start the MGM flicks is unleashed. A mental check of the time accompanies a groan with a muttered curse in Italian. Wait a tick! Turns back around to spy the bag and all but attacks it. Pietro might find it funny as in mere moments there's a line of dipping sauces sat out and Tony's got some sort of system for dipping the chicken nuggets.

It's a good thing you have regen, that's all he's got to say about it. Hearing you move, Pietro glances back to find you assaulting the meal he brought. Now if only he could get you to eat more properly. Ah well. Arms are folded and he watches you from where he leans back against the counter. No tie, but he is well dressed today. Then he does something rare. "I shouldn't have gotten involved last night. I'm sorry." With Tabitha. Let his temper get the better of him, as he always does.

Tony has a nugget swimming in a sea of sweet n' sour when you shock him with an apology. Letting the nugget stand in the sauce he peers up from the desk to find you leaning against the counter with that serious expression he knows well. "No, you shouldn't have." What was he going to do with Pietro? "I accept the apology. I also appreciate that you felt the need to defend me as not many would." Turning back towards the chicken nuggets you are no doubt awaiting the however. It doesn't come for a time until he's eaten several more nuggets. "In this case it was a poor decision even though I know why you lashed out." Turning the chair around leaving the food alone for a moment he sighs softly, "She's a kid, Pietro. A pretty messed up kid and despite what I may or may not be doing due to circumstance you really ought not to have come down on her."

The however always comes. How many lectures has he gotten? Lost count over a decade ago. Some things about Pietro never change. He does at least leave a mug of coffee near your elbow for having poured two. Wanted some himself. "Of course, because I know absolutely nothing of abusive fathers." Sarcasm there as he goes to sit on on couch. "And when I was her age I was a terrorist. As she nearly was. No, I don't agree that I shouldn't have. The last thing you need is another pebble on your weighty pile." Plucks imaginary lint off his slacks as he speaks. Idly actions that he's not truly conscious of doing. "Like so many others she would keep asking for more, until you broke and flailed, because you never actually admit when you're nearing your limits. Better she believes me the bad guy."

Abusive seems to inaccurately depict either father in this case. There needed to be a harsher term or terms to convey the depth of damage caused by their actions. "It is not your place to decide how much I can or can not take, Pietro." Tony swivels about on his chair to pick up the cup of coffee then swivels back around to be able to see Pietro across the room. "As much as I appreciate your concern you're assuming quite a bit." Sips at his coffee. "Despite the fact she's never asked for a thing from me. Well, other than to not bend her guns into a pretzel." Recalling Tabitha's parting comments Tony falls silent for a moment. "I've done the right thing. Points a finger at Pietro, "Even if there has been considerable drama."

Why is it that he's smiling to himself as you claim it's not his place. Pietro hides it somewhat with a coffee mug. Not terribly well though. "You'll have to excuse me, but I'll never be one of the people who are willing to watch you bury yourself. No matter that you believe you are doing the right thing. You always do. So deal with it, or change my security clearances, because I won't be stopping." Even if it causes drama. He'd much prefer a girl angry at it over watching Tony have another meltdown. "And if she's never asked anything, then why is she always here? You don't have to use words to get Tony Stark to turn yourself into a doormat." Yeah, that one always makes him growly.

Shake of head, barely masked slip of a smile, and Tony's drinking his coffee with his eyes firmly on his sneaker clad feet that are tapping lightly at the concrete floor. "I'm used to you stirring up trouble, and your mouth getting you into trouble. Been that way for a decade and will probably be that way even when your an old man." Turning about again Stark settles his coffee mug down onto his desk and continues to eat the remaining nuggets before they become cold. "To answer your question. Who else was she to turn to? I'm the only sane person she knows which is a scary thought in and of itself. Don't think badly of her," glancing across his shoulder to where Pietro sits. "At one time you were a troubled young man and I sought to help you. Similar."

"Thank you for believing me sane." Bitter sarcasm there, for all he doesn't think you believe him mad. That's an issue that isn't easily let go. For him at least. "Tony, there are a whole city's worth of people for her to turn to. They've been there the entire time, but she chose not to see. I don't think badly of her. She's going to try and better herself. I disagree with some of her choices is all. Now, you can't compare Wanda and I to this. Not entirely. Things were very different back then." Pietro sighs over that however. So very different. "We weren't reliant on you." There's a shrug for that however. "The only thing I find ironic is I know she believes I act this way because of her appearance. Then again how could she know I lived among the Inhumans for years." Few of them actually appear normal human.

Tony pulls a face at Pietro for the mans clear insanity. They go back and forth on this a lot so he knows Pietro won't take the comment seriously. "I never meant entirely, Pietro. There are however similarities which is unfortunate for you all. "We're likely to continue arguing, however calmly we may be, over this situation with Tabitha. I would rather we didn't as will no longer need my support in the way that she has these past few weeks. I'm not certain that she believes that you're being a dick is related to her physical appearance." Nuggets dispatched the desk chair Stark sits upon wheels over towards the couch. "Life will certainly not be easy for her. I merely hope that she finds confidence in who she is so she can give the finger to those who are unable to accept others differences."

There's a hand wave. He knows. He knows. "Yes, of course it is." Someone doesn't believe it's over. "Just like Theodore, and Kaji, and Anita.. and who knows how many others. You have far too big a heart, Tony Stark. Which is ironic considering many insist you don't have one." Pietro shakes his head over that, completely ignoring that he's a dick. Well, he is, and he doesn't care. "If she doesn't believe, then why is she always stabbing at me about it?" That her appearance isn't human. There's one thing the two of you certainly agree on. "As do I." Hope that Tabitha finds the strength to carry on. "Barnes should help. Being among people who won't have issue with her abilities or appearance will do her a great deal of good."

Eyes to the heavens the chair scoots till Tony is in front of Pietros feet. "Because she's struggling; thats why." They could argue about this all day. That being Tony's need to help those he finds could use a hand to reach their potential. "Barnes will be good for her in numerous ways if she sticks with it." Reaching over to a workstation nearby Tony brings down a bits and pieces of machinery to tinker with while holograms pop up about the room running information and various designs. "I've spent the better part of the night seeking information on the names that have been dropped in regards to the drug trade and have located the lab technicians that Mr. Wilks mentioned. I managed to toss in a brief request for a meeting with your father and had an extremely bizarre call from Anita."

A foot shifts to catch that chair. Trapped! With mug in lap, held between hands and idle fingers rubbing the smooth surface, the man watches you with a small smile. Not upset, no matter his sarcasms. His demeanor shifts slightly for that you've been searching. A bit more serious here. "And?" Idly catches something before it drops to the floor and holds it there so you can tinker. Not something he would have done a few years ago. "For all of it really." Explain it all, Tony! Really.

There's a lot of information to go over so Tony does his best to not babble it out in one long unbroken sentence giving Pietro time to absorb it all. In the end it means they're both going to have to pound the pavement, do a bit of interrogating and of course snark at pretty much everyone they run into. "I should stop…" reaches out for the little piece that Pietro has in hand and nods in thanks before putting said piece into the device. "…this and take a shower, get ready and all that."

Pulling in his leg and that chair of Tony's moves. "There are a great many things you should do, but you will continue on as you always have." Pietro teases. "I notice you didn't tell me what was strange with your playmate." He means Anita. Not sure if she counts as a 'friend', for there's that whole sexual aspect going on. Trying to at least be a smidge polite here. Really. "And as for the rest, you do have my comm number. I can be anywhere you need to be in the blink of an eye." Which you know very well.

Scooted about by Pietro's foot anchored on the chair Tony doesn't seem all that bothered by it and quite possibly isn't even paying attention to it at all. "Ignore messages? Me? Nah…" Tony teases even though he has deleted an entire inbox today and only briefly checked in with Potts. At the mention of Anita the device in Tony's hands lowers to rest in his lap as he gazes up at the reclining speedster in front of him. "I'm not sure what is going on with my friend. She was behaving oddly and I didn't have the time to puzzle it out. I'll spare you the details but there is definitely something off. I'm going to have to find time to see what is going on with her."

With this Pietro rises to his feet, hand to Tony's shoulder. Mainly to ensure that the inventor doesn't smack into him as he idly wheels around. There's a grip there before he's pulling away to rinse out his mug and place it in the sink. "What counts as odd?" Asked on the way there. "I've only met the woman twice, and briefly." Sadly the speedster must go. "I must be off. There are a few hours of school left, and I can't be absent. You do what you need, and contact me." His time here is done. Brought the inventor a meal, and snarked at him. No day is complete otherwise. Taking up his jacket he lays it over an arm. "Don't forget to shower."

Tony peers up at Pietro for the touch to his shoulder and watches the speedster clean up a bit. "It was the manner in which she spoke not to mention what was actually said," brushes it off with the flailing of a hand. "Nothing you need concern yourself with." The device is sat down on the table when Pietro mentions that he needs to be heading back to the school. Sort of forgot that it was Friday already. Don't forget to shower? "That's not possible. I have to smell nice while annoying city officials, and fighting the good fight. Thanks for zipping in, Pietro." He'll forget to clean up, forget what he was doing a minute ago, and generally get lost in seas of incoming information before he remembers that he ought to really shower and unearth himself from his lab. So begins another long day for Anthony Stark.

And Pietro is sure you will never change. Then again, neither of you will. "That's what friends do." Zip in for a little while. "As difficult as my friendship can be." He knows. Oh yes, he knows. With that he heads to the door, pausing to pull his jacket on, "Jarvis, annoy him about the shower?" There's as smile for that as he departs. Back to school and hordes of screaming children.

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