2011-06-13: Friends Or Rivals

Players: David and Julian

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Summary: Two rivals meet up and start a friendship?

Date: June 13, 2011

Log Title: Friends or Rivals

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Dining Hall

In a school for children the dining room is decorated to be practical instead of elegant. The walls are a pleasant tan color. Two large windows line the walls looking out to the school grounds. A large table for at least forty people sits in the center of the room. Two chandeliers hang from the ceiling to light up the room. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the kitchen so food can be passed back and fourth.

It’s rather late at the Institute, and after good workout, David, dressed in Xavier Institute sweats an red cybershades, pats his stomach, “Ok time for a quick bite.” The school chef has retired for the day, but left out some fruit and snacks for any students who may stay up late. Looking between some apples and some oranges, David ponders, “What am I in the mood for?” Sighing he picks neither and reaches for a piece of watermelon. “This’ll do nicely.”

Thinking much the same, though tonight he's dressed more casually, Julian steps in the great kitchen of Xavier's. The X-Forcer steps lightly, seeing someone quite familiar. Though Prodigy's glasses have most likely already caught on to his presence. The somewhat jovial attitude of Julian seemingly changed in an instant once he's caught on to David's presence. The telekinetic simply stands, a somewhat displeased look on his face. But nothing meant for instigation, of course. With age comes somewhat of an air of civility on Julian's side of their rivalry.

As his cybershades seem to momentarily flash, David lets out a silent sigh as he thinks to himself, <Been able to avoid all these months.> He places the watermelon on the plate and without even turning to Julian, “Getting a late night snack as well, huh?” He takes a hearty bite of the melon and then turns leaning against the table with the fruit and snacks, “Julian, been awhile. How’s it hanging ?” Its is said with a tone of civility than friendship.

"Yes." Is all he says to the first question, an apple starts to lift up and land in Hellion's hand. The telekinetic takes a bite before continuing. "Well enough." He responds to the other question. "You?" He asks, a slight tone of disinterest on his voice. Civility here, at its very core. The telekinetic's attire this evening is reminiscent of his own uniform, red shirt under a black button-on, blue jeans and a pair of red and black custom sneakers, still showing off the wealth in areas.

Looking over his fellow X-Forcer, “I’m good. Just finishing up some reports on the students before the big graduation.” David takes another bite from the watermelon, “Oh I was talking with some of our former classmates in the New Mutants, reminiscing what with a new group graduating and all. And only Sofia said to tell you hi.” He offers a friendly enough smile, “How’re the Hellions doing?” While their squadrons were rivals, it was really only Julian that he had a problem with.

"I still talk to Brian and Santo. Same with Cessily." He smiles when he thinks back to competitions that his Hellions had won. Julian takes another bite of apple. "The others…I haven't seen since the big graduation party back in L.A." Of course, the one he held for his closest friends, which consisted of mainly the Hellions. "Our Hellions and the current ones are so…different." He says with an obvious disdain. He of course believes his were the epitome of teams. "Tell her I said hi back." He says in mention of Sofia.

“Sure I’ll let Sofia know. Ill give the other Hellions a call too.” David finishes the watermelon and grabs some napkins to clean up, “You’re right, your squad and this squad are very different. Hosea has got to be the best Hellion I’ve met and with Megan joining them. It’ll be nice to finally have a consistent Hellion squad.” He then looks about for something to drink. Heading to the soda fountain, he shakes his head at the options and then just pours himself some water. “All the students have come along way from when we were students.”

Hellion's disdain lingers once individual members are brought up. "Either way, I've got a feeling there's gonna be some kind of revival of the old Hellions. It's like clothes, the old stuff will come back eventually. And I hope I'm there to see it." Of course, he'd be aiming to be an X-Man by then. "Anyway, I enjoy the students that help out when they're called." Meaning the ones that come to him and ask to help out with security and the like around campus.

“Well you never know. They did make a Rocky Part Six, so really anything could happen.” David shrugs,
“So you’re planning on sticking around then?” David quirks an eyebrow and shrugs as he sips fro a glass of water. “It seems like we never really leave this place. I wonder which of these new alum will follow in your footprints.” He smirks a bit as he mentally goes through the list of students graduating and thinks aloud, “Which of them is the next Julian?”

"None of them." He says quite matter-of-factly, even a little insulted by the statement. "I'll be an X-Man by then." He says, quite possibly teaching the Hellions himself. Much to his own hubris, no one could be the next Julian, cause the first is still around, and the same Julian is still here too, becoming more and more apparent as the conversation goes on.

“Oh I don’t know. I think there are some that have your.” David pauses a moment and scratches his chin as he thinks the word. He shrugs, “Actually, I take it back. Julian you are one of a kind. Indeed you are.” David smiles, “And who knows maybe we’ll become X-Men together. And teachers. Start a whole new generation of New Mutants and Hellions.” David actually chuckles, “That’s be something. Fighting side by side.”

Hellion starts to look a bit…off as he hears David's words. "Alright, what gives?" He asks, not able to keep it in any longer. "You're /flattering/ me of all things." No matter what, he never figured David to do that to him. "So?" His tone slightly frustrated. "You don't like me, I don't like you. And here we are talking like we are Summers and McCoy chatting about 'the good ol' days.'"

Blinking a bit and then laughing, “Sorry? You don’t like me?” David shrugs, “I’m trying to be nice. I had figured the crap between us was high school politics. We’re older and hopefully on our way to X-Men. We’re both on X-Force and TAs. Without our squad mates. I figured we might actually be able to be friends.”

Julian turns to David and looks him over. "Really?" He asks, unable to really tell if David is being truthful in this situation. Quite honestly, he is more than a bit taken aback. "After all the shit I've done to you?" And the stuff David had done to him, for that matter. "My style hasn't changed much since we were students here."

“Well, clearly we won’t become best friends or anything like that. But we were in high school at the time. I don’t expect you change. Your personality is what makes you who you are.” David shrugs and then smirks, “But we have similar goals and similar experiences. We both went through hell being students here and now we are both back and both on X-Force and aiming to be X-Men.” David pours two glasses of water, one for himself and then another for Julian, “If you want it.” He points to the water but means a friendship.

Julian holds his hand out to the water, sliding it to his hand, and takes a drink. "As long as you know I'm gonna be me still." He says before finishing the glass. The telekinetic moving the glass to the sink before nodding to David. "I gotta get going." He says, before turning and heading towards the faculty dorms. Once he's away he mumbles under his breath. "Still think it's a useless power…" A hang-on from the old days it seems.

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