2011-08-31: Fries With That


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Summary: David takes a group of students into the city for fun, and during a break he and Tyler grab a bite to eat at McDonald's in Times Square which is where Fiona happens to be having a meal as well.

Date: August 31, 2011

Log Title: Fries with that?

Rating: PG

New York- Times Square

In the center of Manhattan is Times Square. Many stores, theatres, and restaurants are brightly lit in the area. The big screens at the center of Times Square constantly flashes the latest commercials, and the latest stock prices revolve around the buildings. It's one of the busier areas of New York City, especially during New Years, where the infamous ball is dropped here. If you're lucky you might even see the Naked Cowboy.

It's nearly evening as David, dressed in a white shirt with a black tribal design, green cargo shorts and sandals. He walks down 42nd street in Times Square with a group of students following him. Stopping in front of Madame Toussaud's, he speaks loudly for the students to hear him, "Ok, those of you going to the Wax museum, we are meeting in one hour, so go through and enjoy. Your tickets have been paid for already, so enjoy." He pauses, "And no trouble!" He then smiles and bows, "Those of you not going to the museum, feel free to hang out around Times Square. Don't go too far and we'll meet up in an hour." When the large group of students split up, David exhales and looks about deciding if he wants to actually check out the McDonald's or hit somewhere else.

Fiona also seems to be checking out the McDonald's! Well, if by 'checking out' you mean chomping away at a quarter pounder with cheese. Go figure, yeah? She is dressed a bit differently from last times David probably saw her; more practical sneakers and black cargo pants replacing the skirt and boots. There's also a nice big purple streak through her hair that wasn't really there before, and is pretty noticeable.

Lurking amongst the students is the bright blue eyed Tyler. Normally bounding with energy and the most talkative kid on the block he's rather subdued in mood to go with his casual style of dress today. He's wearing a simple pair of dark jeans with a thick belt, artistic t-shirt, purple sneakers, and a dark blue hooded sweatshirt which is hiding his dirty-blonde hair. The group is splitting up around him so since he's no interested in looking at wax figures at all he slips into the nearby McDonald's to check out the board when he spots a girl nearby and has to comment, "Awesome hair."

Still weighing his options, David finally decides on McDonald's when he spots Tyler heading in. "Oh well, the busiest McDonald's in all of Manhattan. But good for people watching. All those kooky tourists." David walks in and shakes his head at the usual long lines and pats his stomach, "I'll wait, hopefully they die down." Following Tyler as he compliments the girl, David joins them and smile, "Hi again." He says to Fiona, waving, "And Tyler is right. Awesome hair. I like the big purple streak." David invites himself an sits down at her table.

Munch munch. Fiona turns to look at Tyler with eyes much the same color as her hair, and a look of surprise on her face. She gulps down her food before talking, "Thanks! It's… was sort of an accident," she smiles back. A look of recognition crosses her face as David sits down, "Hey, I know you. I saw you in the park that one time," she nods.

"Oh," Tyler says in surprise as he notices the young woman's eyes. "You've got matching contacts too? That's pretty sweet. Looks good on you." A pleasant smile is given as David pops up to sit at the strangers table. "You two know each other then? Cool, cool. I'll just go stand in the line and pray I don't age a few years waiting to get food that'll shave years off my life span!" He slips away to the shortest line then turns around calling back to David. "Want me to grab something for you, dude or you're cool with gellin' over there?"

"Yeah, and sorry about that. There was an emergency and I had to leave right away. I'm David." He extends his hand in an offer to shake. When Tyler heads off to face the long line, "Tyler, get me a McDLT or ask if they have McLobster. Some McDonald's have those. Oh wait, or see if they have Cuban Sandwiches. Some of the ones in Miami have those. If they don't have any of those then just get me the two cheeseburgers meals." He leans back in the seat, "So how've you been since the park? I really felt bad just leaving everyone like that. Did everyone stick around after I left?"

"No, they're… I mean, yeah, they're contacts…" the girl answers Tyler, trailing off for a moment. Nah it seems like everyone kinda split up," Fiona smiles, shaking his hand, "I'm Fiona," she nods. "It's okay though, it's not like it was a big pre-planned party or anything," the sorceress laughs. "'n I've been fine. You know. With the storm and all. But it seems like everything's pretty much back to normal now."

Tyler looks over at David like the man's crazy. "McLobster? You've got to be kidding me. That's all sorts of incredibly terrible right there. Do what I can." The teen spins about to idle in the line peering up at the board from time to time till it's his turn. Thankfully once you get your order placed the wait time for the food is minimal. AND he's back! "No dice with the fancy stuff, man. You do get your dual cheeseburger action though." Food put down on the table with the empty cup he stands there for a moment gauging whether or not he'd be a third wheel. "Mind if I join you?"

"Well, Fiona. I guess I'm glad I wasn't too rude." When Tyler brings the food, David offers a smile and a thanks, "Sure, join us." Introducing the two to each other, "Tyler, Fiona. Fiona, Tyler." Standing up to grab the cup to fill with a drink, "Yeah, Irene was crazy. Thankfully it didn't hit up by where I live." Looking between the two, "Either of you want a drink?" he asks.

"Nah, I'm good," Fiona holds up a large plastic cup full of some kind of brown liquid. "Go ahead," the girl gestures, nodding. "Oh yeah?" she raises an eyebrow at David's comment on the storm, "It knocked the power out for a couple of days here."

"If you could grab this here cup and hook me up with some orange soda that'd be great, David. Much thanks!" The cup in question is on the tray he's still holding as he takes his seat at the table. Tyler goes about opening up the box to his double quarter pounder with bacon and dumps his fries into the empty top of the box. "It's nice to meet you, Fiona. You guys were talking about the hurricane? I rode that out in my room pretty much ignoring the craziness."

Nodding and grabbing the other empty cup, David goes to the soda fountain and fills the cups up and returns passing the orange soda filled cup to Tyler and sipping a sweetened ice tea for himself and sit back down at his seat, "Yeah, it only rained by us. There were some strong winds and a few trees downed, but nothing too bad actually. The city and other spots got hit much worse." Making a refreshed sound as he drink the iced tea, "Dang, I was thirsty."

"Nice. We hid in our basement. Some of our neighbors were told to evacuate though. So we had some over friends over," she laughs, "It was almost like a party, except when the power went out. But then we lit a bunch of candles anyway," Fiona nods. "So, whereabouts is 'up where we live,' if you don't mind me asking? I'm upper-west-side."

Tyler thanks David when he returns offering the cup of soda. With that set down on the tray he takes to opening up a container of bbq sauce and a container of sweet chile sauce to dunk his fries in. "Can still party by candle light. Excellent time to tell spooky stories or play silly games to pass the time. What can you do? Well, other than use devices that still have power in them." He chuckles then pops a few fries into his mouth. "We live in Westchester. You know near the big Salem Center stuff. Lots of trees to get uprooted up there and tossed about like twigs."

Blinking at what Tyler dunks his fries in. "Wow, I don't think I have ever seen any dunk their fries in that." David tears apart nearly 6 packets of ketchup and drowns the fries in them. "I'm having more ketchup than fries." He laughs, "Yeah we're in Salem Center so not too bad for us." Chomping down on a cluster of fries, "And yeah it sounds like you had a lot of fun. After the storm how was your area of the Upper West Side?"

"Well not too bad… our basement didn't flood, because we recently had it sealed, but a lot of others did," Fiona nods. "I spent a few hours helping one of our neighbors bail theirs out… it was pretty nasty. I was glad I didn't have to go home to it," she grins, finishing up her hamburger and leaning back slightly. "Oh! I have a friend who lives up there. Well, my boyfriend, actually."

"Glad you pulled through the storm without too much drama. There are areas that are totally wrecked that I saw on the news. Like half of this one beach is totally gone." Tyler chimes into the conversation before picking off a piece of his burger to dunk into the bbq sauce container. Glancing between David and Fiona he laughs about the sheer amount of ketchup that's wound up on David's fries. "You should try some of the dipping sauces. Some are good others aren't so great. Beats ketchup though. Ketchup makes everything taste like ketchup."

"I know and I so love the taste of ketchup." David nods and then ponders, "But you know. I'll give it a try." He reaches a packet of mayo and pours it on the side of the tray with another packet ketchup and mixes them together, "I heard ketchup and mayo is the secret sauce they put on most burgers." Mixing the two up and dipping some fries in them. David offers a smile, "So your boyfriend is up in Salem Center. Cool. But traveling back and forth must be a pain."

"Um well not really, he's really fast, I mean, it's just easier for him, I guess. So he usually just comes into the city 'cause it's quicker that way than if I were to go up there. I mean, I go up there sometimes," Fiona twirls a fry in her finger for a little while before finally deciding to drown it in ketchup, putting it to a merciful end. "He goes to school up there."

Tyler cringes as he watches David mix mayo with ketchup. It's the sort of face that clearly reads as YUCK. "I'd hope that's not some businesses secret sauce its not much of a secret. Hell, people mix mayo with the Arby's sauce which I find equally disgusting." He'll be content to dip his fries and burger into his collection of sauces rather than pick the burger up and eat it like a normal person should. "I'm still pretty new so I've no idea what the schools are up in the Salem Center area save for the one I go to. Traveling to see each other must make things a challenge. I'm just glad my boyfriend and I live close by to each other 365."

Shrugging at Tyler's reaction and then dipping more fries and chomping on them with an exaggerated bite, David smiles and then reaches for the bbq sauce. "I'll try the other sauces too." Pouring some of the bbq sauce on a different side of the tray, David dips a single fries and tastes and then makes a similar YUCK expression. "Ugh." He sips some iced tea to take away the taste and then turns to Fiona, "What school does your boyfriend attend up there?"

The fries have been dispatched, the burger picked apart then consumed, and half of the orange soda is no more. With a full stomach Tyler takes a look at his watch then whips out his cell phone to find that there are messages for him. One in particular has him pressing his lips together thoughtfully then gathering up the trash onto his tray. "I hate to eat and run guys but I've got to call back on this message I missed. Thanks for letting me sit here and nice to meet you, Fiona." With a smile he departs their company then disposes of the trash before placing a call on his way out of the Mc D's into Times Square.

Fiona scratches at her cheek a little bit nervously, "It's um…" she trails off, "Well, see, he's a mutant," she admits, a little bit nervously. Not that it's all that uncommon. "He goes to a special school that's
just for mutants up there. I've never seen it, or anything, though."

Waving to Tyler, “Alright, but you have under an hour to meet us outside to take the bus back to the school.” Turning to Fiona when she mentions the mutant school, David smiles and laughs a bit, “I guess it really is a small world.” He sighs and then takes a bite out of his cheeseburger. “That’s pretty cool that you would date a mutant, especially if you are not one yourself.”

"Oh?" Fiona rubs the back of her neck, "Well, I'm not really," she smiles. "A mutant, that is. But I have my own issues. I can empathize with mutants. He's just a really nice guy though. He knows how to treat me! It wouldn't matter if he were a mutant or not. It's not like mutants are something less or more than human," she eyes another fry, plucking it from the container and sticking it in her mouth.

“Wow that is great. And I agree with your stance. At the end of the day we are all human. Mutant or not.” David offers a smile and finishes his other cheeseburger, “What’s your boyfriend’s name? What’s his power?” Leaning back a bit, he sips some of he iced tea.

Fiona blinks, looking a little perturbed that David wants so much information all of a sudden… "Well, his name's Jules. He's a teleporter," she murmurs - which is obviously why it's so easy for him to get around. "You wouldn't happen to, you know, be involved with his school, would you?"

“Well, you figured it out.” David offers a smile and then takes a moment, “Jules, huh. A teleporter?” David turns to the left an taps his chin as he thinks, “Jules Lynche?” David nods his head up and down, “Yeah, Jules Lynche. I met him recently. And yes, I work at the school and am an alum myself. He’s a good kid, but hasn’t been around for very long. You both must have only recently started dating.”

"Yeah, it's only been a week or so," Fiona nods. "I know it's pretty quick but… I dunno." She sighs happily a little, "There's just sorta… something about him," she nods, sucking on her soda. "Anyway, definitely nice meeting you, David. I've gotta get moving towards home, though," she nods again, rising from her seat.

David rises as Fiona does and nods, “Good meeting you again.” With that he finishes his meal and meets up with the other students to head back to the school.

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