2011-06-14: From Gale To Typhoon

Players: Gale and Texas Twister

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Summary: Texas Twister gives Gale one last lesson.

Date: June 14, 2011

Log Title: From Gale to Typhoon

Rating: PG

NYC - Ellis Island

For generations this was the gateway to America, with literally millions of immigrants pouring through the doors to find new lives and new hope. These days it's a museum dedicated to that heritage. Wide corridors and high ceilings cause every sound to magnify and echo and distort. That, combined with the weight of history, tend to breed a sense of reverence and quiet not unlike a library or church.

Having summoned Kael to Ellis Island, Kael will find the historic island closed to the public at this time, but with permission from SHIELD, Drew Daniels, dressed in his SHIELD blue uniform with his signature cowboy boots and white cowboy hat, stands at the edge of a wharf waiting for Kael. He smokes a cigarette as he leans on a wooden railing. There is a small box at the opposite end of the wharf away from the Texas Twister. “Let’s see how long it takes him to get here.”

With the summons from Tex, Kael found it perplexing about the night time training session. But, he did get out of the manson, sneaking past some of the most nosey schoolmates that are the resident night owls. The mutant arrives via landing from his flight near his teacher. All in all, it did take him a short time to get there. Somewhere in the range of ten minutes or so. His hands are stuffed inside of his shorts pockets, with the squad shirt from school clad on his torso.

Tipping his hat to Kael, Tex takes a long drag from cigarette and then puts it out on the tip of his boot, “So, Kael, you’re graduating from Xavier’s. Congrats.” Pulling the brim of his hat up revealing his eyes as he looks to his student, “Glad to see the professors there have given their seal of approval, but you still need to impress this teacher, pardner. And so.” He looks to the box at the opposite end of the wharf. “Over there is your diploma from the Texas school of Aerokinesis and Wind Manipulation.” He grins, “If you want to graduate, go ahead and get it. But you have to go through me to get it.”

The aerokinetic blinks a bit before he opens his mouth to speak, but he closes it. Kael just lets out a laugh, "Well, I haven't graduated /just/ yet. Besides, you never know if a baddie is going to interrupt the ceremony or something." You can never know what happens at Xaviers. Kael looks over at the box at the end of the wharf and then looks back at Tex. "You… have got to be… kidding me. Me? go through you?"

Laughing himself, “Comes with the territory. You never really earn a diploma until you fight some villains.” Tex then smirks and says with an authoritative and confident tone, “You’ve earned your right to graduate. You will graduate from Xaviers. And who knows, maybe you might just get that box.” He takes a defensive stance, “Come on, Gale. It’s time you became a Twister.” Despite the corniness of the statement, Drew seems to mean it.

Gale clicks his tongue a bit, his hands slowly moving from his pockets as he lets out a sigh. "Alright. Let's do this." The winds around the aerokinetic freeze in place, only within ten feet of him before he starts to run towards Tex. His left hand raising up before the fingers bend inwards into a fist; a few softball sized balls of air shoot towards Tex from the left.

The smile never leaving his face, Tex prepares for the coming Gale. He leaps up into the air to ride his own generated wind as he stumbles a bit as he is hit by one of the balls of air, “Softball, huh. That’s a decent sport. Me. I tend to like water sports myself.” Using the his aero abilities on the water, the wind picks up massively and as Gale runs forward waves upon wave of air pushed water splashes the wharf and attempts to make things a bit more difficult for Kael.

Kael grins a bit before he stops running, back-peddling slightly form the water before holds his hands up in the air above him. A swirling dome of the element whipping around him before started to overcharge it. The quicker the winds spun, the harder Kael was controlling them. When the winds reached the critical mass, they exploded outwards; pushing the water away from him for a moment before Gale pushed himself upwards into the air and shot towards the box.

Nodding his head as he hovers above the wharf Tex is surprised to see Kael reach his critical an then seeing the air explode outward, Tex rises up, but he is pushed back a bit but the air, but he has enough wherewithal to summon the wind around the box. As Gale pushes himself towards the box, he will find it swallowed whole and surrounded by a minor cyclone of whirling and powerful wind. Landing down on the pier, “You’re pushing yourself. Good. But do you really want this?”

Kael stops in the air, dropping out of it to land on the wharf a couple dozen feet from it before he looks over at Tex. The teen's white hair whipping out in the element before he looks over at his teacher. His eyes flick back towards the cyclone around the box. "I knew that this wasn't going to be easy," muttered the teen before he ran for the edge of the wharf, leaping off of it to surge himself up into the air. Heading for the top of the cyclone.

Making eye contact with his student, Tex nods his head and watches Kael run and then leap into the air. He seems uncertain of what Kael will actually do. He makes no move to stop Kael to see what off the top of his head technique Gale will perform. Drew leans on the wooden railing and watches Kael while focusing on the cyclone surrounding the box.

The aerokinetic sends himself up into the air, floating over the opening of the cyclone for only a second before Gale disperses the winds around him and starts to fall down into the eye of the storm towards that box.

As Tex watches this tactic he thinks, risky to just launch yourself into a storm like that but also, very bold as it risky. He nods and smiles, but he does not decrease the speed or power of the cyclone so as Kael falls into the eye. Kael will find it a bit bumpy but when he reaches the white gift-wrapped box, the cyclone ends. Tex nods, “Pretty good. Bold and nice with the balls of air, but, this isn’t over just yet.”

Kael is bumped back and forth within the air as he tries to stabilize his fall with his own wind. But the cyclone just sucks it away from him. He lands around the box and he picks it up as the winds disperse around him before he laughs. "Hah!" THen he looks over at Tex with a chuckle, "I was taught to think on my feet, and I do like to think outside the box." His smile turns into a quirk of a brow before he asks, "… What now…"

“Well, open the box.” Tex smirks as he leans on the railing, “You did very well. The Xavier staff has done well with you. Actually with all of the students that I have met.” He sighs a moment as he thinks about Connor. But then smiles as the progress that Kael has made. “When I first met you were already doing well for someone so young. But I am glad to see you have come even further. SO have yo given any thought on what you are doing after graduation?”

Kael opens the box, taking off any wrapping that there was before he lets out a soft laugh. "I was thinking of staying there, helping out the students as they come in. Being a teacher's aide essentially. Unless well… you can think of something better." He looks down at what's in the box.

Inside the box is a brand new white cowboy hat with two certificates. One authenticating the cowboy hat, which is a smaller version of The Texas Twister’s and the other is a diploma graduating Kael from his tutelage under the Texas Twister an making him an honorary Ranger. “Well, you could always attend Barnes. Kisha, Leo, Mike, and Rashmi are there. They used to be Xavier students. Plus, Even being at Barnes, you could still help at Xaviers.”

Kael lets out a soft laugh as he picks up one of the certificates, and then the hat is picked up and turns over in his hands. "Wow… Tex…" He lets out a laugh before he puts the hat on, tilting the rim up to look up at Tex with a grin. "I honestly don't know if Barnes would be right for me. I mean… I really don't know if it'd work for me there."

“Well, that’s true. But like how you dove into that cyclone taking a risk. IT might be worth taking another dive. Again, there is no way to know until you try it.” Looking at the boy, his eyes beaming with pride, “It might be good to have a change. The Institute is great which route you go, you will help a lot of people. Mutant or otherwise.” In an unTexan move, he gives Kael a big bearhug, that is hug Texas style. “Proud of you, boy!”

Kael rubs at the back of his head, laughing a bit, "I… guess you're right. I do have the summer to think it over I think." He hms a bit before he lets out a 'grk!' at the bearhug and catches his hat as it falls off of his head. "Thanks, Tex!" The teen laughs as he dangles from the man's arms.

Dropping the boy from the bearhug. Tex looks over the Kael and his hat, “You know. You should change your name. You are not really a gale anymore. Maybe not a Twister, but maybe something more powerful. What do you think?” He ponders some names for Kael.

Kael grins a bit before he puts the hat back on, hming softly as well before he lets out a soft laugh. "I guess Gale was kinda hastily chosen when I first came here. CAuse it rhymed with my name." He hms a bit before his eyes light up for a second. "Say… there isn't any one with the code name Typhoon is there?"

Thinking for a second, “Typhoon. Off the tome of my head I don’t think there is a hero named Typhoon. And you are definitely more of a Typhoon than a Gale.” Tex laughs, “I guess Texas Twister is a bit much, huh.” He shrugs and laughs, “Is your family coming up for the graduation?”

Kael chuckles a bit. "Then I do think that I've found my new code name. Let's see if I can make it stick, hm?" He pauses a bit before smirks, "Did you really think that Gale was too weak of a code name? I thought it rolled off the tongue easily." He shrugs with a smile before the parental question is asked, and he looks to teh side a bit. "I… don't think so. My mother might, but my father and I don't really see eye to eye."

“It’s not that it doesn’t roll off the tongue. It does and is a lot quicker and easier to say than say, Texas Twister, but Typhoon implies power. And you are powerful.” Tex scratches, “I figure. You’ll probably even surpass me. Student surpasses teacher.” He smirks, “Oh well, no disrespect for Mr. Langford, but he’d be an idiot not to go to his son’s graduation. Well, if you’d like. I won’t mind going.”

Kael stifles a laugh at that before he says, "I think that I would like that very much." A smirk plays over the teen's mouth before he tilts his head down with a soft laugh. "Honestly, since I've come to New York, and been going to Xavier's. I've had a hell of a time. Literally and figuratively. But, in the end, I've come out stronger." And jaded.

“Then count me in attendance. Plus I should speak with Mr. Summers and Ms. Frost on a different topic.” Tex then nods, “Well given some situations I have heard that the students there have been through. I think y’all have no choice but to come out stronger. Now that your time as a student is coming to an end, what was the best part about going there? What’s your best memory?”

Kael hms softly, lifting his hat off and running a hand through his hair. "Best memory…" He chuckles a bit, as two play out in his mind before he answers with, "The day that I figured out how to fly. It… was just amazing."

“Why do I feel there is more to the story than just flying.” Tex quirks his brow and then smiles “Well, that’s good. How’re the students? Make any life-long friends there?” HE shakes his head, “In a way I am envious. When I was your age I didn’t have my powers and didn’t have much in the way of education and when I did learn… well it wasn’t very pleasant.”

Kael just smiles, names of friends past and present running through his mind before he says, "Aye, I've found someone to stand by my side. For as long as we can stay together." A warm smile graces his lips before he shakes his head. "The students are… well… how else do you expect a school of mutants to be?"

“Oh?” Tex quirks his brow and grins, “Is that love you’re talkin’ about?” Tex starts to laugh, “Ah to be young and in love. And I have an idea of what students at a school of mutants can be like. Powered-students at Barnes are the same way.” He shakes his head as he ponders how to deal with some of the more annoying students.

Kael rubs at the back of his head with a chuckle. "Yeah, it's love. And I can't imagine life without it at the moment." He looks up at Tex with a chuckle, "Somehow, I can imagine. With Kisha, Rashmi, and Mike over there? I'm sure that there's a lot of things that can happen."

“Oh that’s really sweet, there. You got yourself a lil pardner at Xaviers. Well that is good. Look forward to meeting this person. Enjoy it and hopefully it lasts.” Tex shakes his head, “Well, Rashmi and Mike seem like good folks. They are good kids with good heads on their shoulders. Just like you.”
Kael chuckles a bit, slipping his hands back into his pockets as he looks around. Then up at the Statue of Liberty. "Heh, I think that Rashmi is more of the patient type. She seems to be able to think things through easier than anyone that I know. And I don't really know Mike… he always stuck me as not all there…"

“They’re both good students. I agree about Rashmi as for Mike, really smart guy. I think once you get to know him more, you’ll understand him a bit better. I guess with his mutation. He sees things very differently from how we see things, I guess.” Tex shrugs, “Well, it looks like it may be past your bedtime.” He looks at his watch, “I don’t need Xaviers mad at me for keeping one of their own out too late.”

Kael smirks a bit. "I'll keep that in mind." Then he quirks a brow as he smiles. "I guess you're right. I should get back." He takes the hat off, looking at it once more before he smiles, "Thanks, once again. For everything you've been helping me with." He gives Tex a hug before he puts the hat back on and takes off into the air towards the school.

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