2010-07-12: From The Future


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Summary: Betsy and Connor aren't exactly from this…time.

Date: July 12, 2010

Log Title: From the Future

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored. That's how Robyn feels right now. Not being able to do much but lie there and watch movies, that's pretty much what he's doing. The laptop is on a rolling table in front of him and there's one of the cans of soda that Jinx brought him sitting there with a straw on it. The nurse helped him into more of a sitting position so he's not just lying down, which is a nice change. There's a small stack of DVD's on the table as he's been going through his movies, right now though, he's currently watching Disney's Alice in Wonderland.

It had been a long night for Betsy, in more ways than one. Traveling ten years into the past had taken quite a physical toll on the Asian woman, and despite Connor's best efforts to keep her comfortable in her room, she managed to drag herself to the infirmary in the middle of the night to use the Shi'ar tech to help her heal. It had been worse than she had initially thought. Lots of internal bruising, a major concussion, some hemorrhaging, and lacerations on the palm of her hands. The sound of Robyn's music wakes her up, and she groans, from her bed, slowly sitting up.

Appearing in the middle of the room, Connor/Volk's usual entrance is whisper-quiet unlike the rougher entrances his younger self often manages. In each hand is one of Christopher's best forged nine-inch chef's knives that he tucks into the belt of the jeans he's wearing carefully. Looking around, for a moment he misses Robyn's presence. Stalking up to Betsy, he leans over to look at the medical scanners, drawing a blank at the alien symbology and readings before he frowns and whispers, "What the fuck are you doing… you told me you were going to stay in bed."

Hearing Connor's voice, and the swearing, Robyn looks over the best he can. "Connor?" He says cautiously as he looks like his friend by doesn't talk like him. "Who are you talking to cause I can't really leave this bed as much as I'd like to." And as much as he'd like one of Lucas's breakouts he knows it's not a good idea in his condition.

"That was the plan, luv," comes Betsy's cultured British accent. "Until I started bleeding out of my ears and nose." She goes and presses a few symbols on the bed, and looks at the readout and scowls. "I should stay in bed for another couple of days." Having said that she disconnects herself to the machine and hops to her feet, studying Connor. She considers Robyn for a bit before answering, "Hallo, Robyn. I'm Betsy Braddock."

Reflexively going for the stolen blades, he stops, and then gives a flat look to the asian woman as he mouths the word 'Fuck' once more and then with a exhale takes the knives from his back and leaves them on Betsy's bed as he walks over towards Robyn. Seeing him in bed like this, but alive makes Volk stop for a moment as he looks the scene over, "Whoa… umm… you're looking… well." Stumbling a moment as he flashes his eyes to Psylocke and then back. As he approaches, his gait is a bit different, something more confident in his walk as he approaches his former/current roommate, and goes to look things over, "Did the Doctors check for any spinal injury yet? Can you move your toes?"

Both Betsy and Connor get a confused expression. "Hello…" He says awkwardly but then as she knows his name he figures Connor told her. "How do you know her Connor?" He says confused. "And are you okay? Yeah..? You saw me yesterday and the day before. You know it's my arm and ribs that are broken, I have internal injuries, the head injury, a concussion, the cuts and bruises and scrapes and my neck, Lucas has read that damn thing too many times. And why are you concerned about a spinal injury?"

Betsy gives Connor a look back. «We should be honest with him,» she sends to him. «You may be able to play at being your younger self, but I can't play at being dead. Besides. Frost is here. She'll find out soon enough and we're going to need their help.» To Robyn she says, "He's just concerned for your wellbeing, that's all."

Connor frowns once as he pokes at the chart, and then looks back up at Betsy, "Timeline's fragmenting worse…" Looking back up at Robyn, "You… allright… this is going to sound weird, but bear with me Robyn, and we'll get through this. First of all, this isn't like the situation with Selene, so don't panic. I'm still me, but we're from ten years from now. Remember that incident in Central Park? The one where James was harpooned by Ahab? Well… that was the beginning of this. I must be remembering things wrong again, because something happened to you sometime this year… and you ended up looking about like this, but worse…" Letting the chart notes fall away, he looks shakes his head, gritting his teeth, "We can't really afford two days, unless you want to just tell them all. Worse comes to worse, we have SHIELD resources, and the mansion armory."

"Yeah…" Robyn says as he tries to process it all. "So you're not Connor…but you're Connor from 10 years in the future? Like bondage Heather?" He says as they've resulted to calling future Heather that. "No…not right now, please." He says closing his eyes as he has enought to deal with in regards to James. "The begining of what, that Selene person being inside JAmes?" It's just…so confusing.

Betsy chuckles, walking around Robyn's bed so he can see her instead of just hearing her and she rests a reassuring hand on his shoulder. Gently. "The beginning of the unraveling of our universe. Selene is a threat, yes," she explains. "But she has as much to lose if Ahab continues to act in the past as the rest of us."

Connor grunts softly as he goes back to check the hallway, and then returns to the pair, and looks at Betsy, "Look, Bets… I'm all for happy reunions and shit when we have time. All it's going to take is one sweep from one of the in-house tepes, and I can guarantee we'll have a bunch of your old friends down here to drop the hammer. Might be better if I get off-campus fast. But I need money. Any accounts I can drain off for cash?" Looking back at Robyn, the eyes seem calm and clear, and there's a brief note of apology in them, "Sorry you get to be the one to hear all this, Robyn. Don't look at your emotions, focus on the facts. Fact. There's a man named Ahab who wants us all dead. Fact. No one has been able to do anything yet because he's covering his tracks, and Fact… we're here to put things right, by any means necessary."

Robyn already doesn't like this Connor, and hearing this conversation, he's finding himself kind of shutting down. "You know if this is some secret conversation that the two of you are having, can you have it out in the hall. I don't know why you're pointing out that I'm the only one who gets to hear this because of where I am but, I can't do anything. And fact for you, there's a 17,000 year old evil bitch inside one of my best friends and you were supposed to be helping us save him." He says as he's not sure what's goign on but his main focus is the woman who pushed him in front of a car. "And you're talking about stealing?" he's just so lost, stupid time travel.

Betsy sighs, putting a hand on her forehead, rubbing her temples. "It's a matter of priorities, luv. While Selene is in James she'll take care of his body. While Ahab is out there, he's doing damage to the timeline. If he does too much, the entire universe will collapse in on itself to keep any residual damage from bleeding out to the multiverse." And to the last question she shakes her head. "No. I'll give my brother a call and he'll help out with whatever we need."

Connor gives a casual shrug and motions towards the door, "He's scared right now, Bets… look at him for a moment. It's what… thirty seconds to track the bitch down, tag off on assault runs until you can get in there and stab her psychic essence into hamburger. Problem solved. And a hell of a lot easier than how THEY want to handle it." Flicking his eyes towards Robyn for another moment before he stops himself and sighs, "Robyn… I can't make you understand what's going on right now. Bets has a better handle on things… I'm here for muscle and violence. Sorry, kid." but the old instincts are there, and he reaches out to ruffle the young man's hair once more, "For what it's worth? I miss you. A lot. And right now… the Connor you know has been worried sick for days over you, and was trying to come up with something to make you better. Problem is, he blames himself. But he always pulls that shit."

Eyes do narrow to Connor and there's a sigh. If he could turn his head away he would but the nect brace makes that a bit impossible. "Yeah well, now I'm worried about the Connor I know." He grumps as he's not really in the best of mental states to handles this. He's already worried about his friends and his own life. "So time is being fucked up and you and need to fix it here? How?"

Something is strange. And Addison, along with his resident Phoenix Force, can feel it. Opening the door, he stands resplendent for a moment, as host. The door seals behind him. "Might I ask… what this is?" He raises an eyebrow, holding for a moment to look to Robyn. Instinctively, he moves to protect his student. This isn't the Addison that either Betsy or Connor of that timeline know. He's not crazy or supersane, whichever. This one… is just a man. A protective instructor who happens to be exceptionally powerful. The problem with the Phoenix is it's link to time as well. So, yeah. He's feeling it all around. "You're supposed to be dead. And you're NOT my student. Robyn? Are you ok?"

"By tracking down Ahab before he can do more damage," is Betsy's response. She chuckles at Connor's assessment of Selene and she shakes her head. "I doubt it'd be that easy. It never is with her. As for as the Connor you know, we left him in Braddock Manor, being taken care of by the staff." When Addison bursts in, she gives Connor a look that says, 'See?' "I heard that I was dead in this timeline," she says, walking up to meet Addison. "If you like, I'll let you rifle through my memories. Might be easier than trying to explain everything."

Connor starts chuckling as he's commented at, and looks up at Addison, shaking his head, "Well… this is a twist. You're sane, she's dead, and I'm not who you think I am." Turning back to Robyn, he looks down at the young man and then shakes his head, "Yeah… I'm a dick. You don't have to say it, but I can see it in your eyes. But I have reason to be. Things I've seen don't let you go without changing you. They got to people like you and me worse than others. I'm angry because this place was everything to us… and after they burned it, they perverted it. Can't tell you more… it'd hurt too much. But I can say this… you never stopped trying to be my friend." And with that he walks away from his former roomie and approaches the Phoenix, "So how's this going to play out, hmm?"

Robyn just sits there after hearing Connor's words, it hits him a bit. He doesn't know, it's just too much for the young teen and he just stares up at the wall. "I'm fine Addison." He says, voice flat, but it's clear he's anything but fine. "The timeline is fucked, I guess it has to do with bondage Heather and Heather and James being evil in teh future and Cam and Cloud going missing."

Robyn's words tend to take priority to Addison. "If we could find them… well… My sister once changed Hounds of Ahab back to themselves when she possessed this." He explains, "But they're hiding in a way I cannot detect." He turns to Connor, working in reverse. "I don't know. How will it play out? Are you here to help or to stand in the way?" He asks, once again raising an eyebrow before Betys's offer gets a response. "It's not… the general way of doing things. Why not explain it first. As simply and efficiently as possible?"

Betsy nods at Addison, moving over to one of the beds to sit on the edge of it. She takes a deep breath and explains as best she can. "Connor and I are from the future. Connor's power allows him to have a somewhat sideways connection to the Nexus, which we used to have him swap minds with the Connor you know." She shakes her head, "Me being here wasn't part of the plan, since I didn't think it was possible. The idea was to have Connor to come back in time and get as much help as he can to prevent Ahab from damaging the timeline more than he has, preferably by killing the bastard, since his actions here have started to fracture the future."

Connor smirks a bit longer, "Call me Volk. It'll make things easier in the long run." And with that said he reaches up and pats Addison on the shoulder before moving over towards Betsy, and saying to her softly, "Jigs up… now stop playing hostess and lay down. Even I can tell you're pushing." Kissing her softly on the lips and then adding for the Phoenix's benefit, "The discussed plan was to get what I could from the Mansion databases during a security shift change, and then take off for New York. From there… I know where some SHIELD safehouses are. Simple matter of getting data from the inside if you have the right access codes. Coordinate it all, assemble a team… and go after him. But with Bets here… the plans changed. She needs recovery time, and we need information. I was hoping we could get her to Cerebra before anyone had noticed and said anything."

Robyn listens but this is all over his head. He just lies there and closes his eyes. He doesn't say anything as it's too much for him to handle right now. "Addison can probably help you two better than I can." He says and after a bit he drifts off if he wants to or not. Painkillers plus recovery is a lot of sleeping.

The ring of truth is everywhere. It doesn't take anything for Addison to detect that. "Alright then. We know they've got some of our students. And you're trying to get them back so that they don't… and Ahab doesn't… mess up the future any more than it already is. That, I can get behind." He says, the field blocking the door vanishing. "Though, it would have been easier to simply come to the door and let Scott know." He says with a bit of a smirk. "What can -I- do to help. If you tell me what you need from Cerebra, I can use it better than most."

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