2009-04-03 Frost And Fuzz


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Summary: Two students with a bit of insomnia have a chat.

Date: April 3, 2009

Log Title: Frost and Fuzz

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Woods

Pine, Oak, Birch, and many other trees can be found in these woods. Paths lead all through out them for students to take walks. The occasional bench can be found along the paths. Students shouldn't worry about wandering too deep in these woods as its almost impossible for them to get lost here.

It's about three-thirty in the morning and most people are inside sleeping. Or doing 'adult things'. Lucky them. Someone's outside though. On a bench on along the path in the woods is one Owen Folger. Dressed in jeans and a tank top, he's apparently asleep. A book, 'Hero' by Perry Moore, rests open on his chest. Seems he fell asleep while reading out there.

Even though it is three thirty in the morning, Max is still working off the meds he took today. Even though he's not hyper right now, he is still awake. He's taking a walk in the woods, and he is actually walking. His usually spikey hair is relaxed and without product, he tried to get to sleep, but just can't. As he comes closer to Owen's location he peeks down at the guy from afar, trying to see if his eyes are open.

Owen's eyes are closed and he's in his human form. Shifting in his sleep, the book falls slightly but doesn't seem to wake him.

Intrigued more with the book than the older student, Max picks it up. Flipping through the pages, not really reading it, just skimming it. "Huh" lightly rings out as the boy continues checking it out.

The book seems to be about a young teen just coming into his powers and trying to deal with them as well as trying to deal with being gay. Owen's page-marker's about half way through the book. After a bit of stirring, Owen starts to wake up though. "Man…what did Ah fall asleep on?" he asks no one in particular, eyes still closed.

The movement of Owen doesn't startle Max, unusually. The young teen looks to Owen and places the book down. "In the woods." He replies, to Owen. He's wearing some pajama pants with the X-logo on them, and a blue shirt, soon to have 'New Mutants' heat-pressed on it.

Owen cracks his eyes open and looks around. Eventually, he focuses on Max. "Howdy, Little Guy," he greets. "You lost out here or jus' couldn' sleep?"

Max's movements are focused, he's standing still, not shaking around or anything. "Can't sleep." He says plainly, seems like he loses a lot of his spark this way. "You?"

Owen shrugs. "Ah don' sleep much," he explains. "Ah figured Ah'd come out here tah read then. Guess Ah fell asleep," he chuckles.

The cryokinetic gives a nod to Owen. "Oh. I kept your place in the book." He says, pointing down. He gives a small yawn. His eyes lowering a little. "I'm Max." He says, a little introduction.

Owen smiles. "Thanks but don' worry 'bout it. Gonna end up startin' the chapter over anyway. Don' remember what was goin' on in it," he laughs a little. "Ah'm Owen," he offers a hand.

Calmly Max takes Owen's hand and shakes it. Max's own skin is very cold to the touch. "Nice to meet you." He says, looking around, wondering if there's wildlife to be seen.

Owen doesn't seem to mind the cold, powers resisting it. There's not much else other than bats, bugs, and the occasional rodent to be seen. "Ah like it out here. Sorta reminds me of home…" he comments quietly.

"Home to me was a lot of honking, sirens and every now and again, hearing the waves." Max misses it every now and again, but then again, he visits his folks when there's a good long holiday. "I don't get out here a lot in the day. If it gets warm I start to melt." Well, not literally, but he does get heat exhaustion easily.

Owen blinks a few times. "Where you live, Little Guy?" he asks, not recognizing the description. "Ya melt? Wha? Ya're made of ice or somethin'?" he asks, looking Max over.

"Bahston." Max says, forcing the accent. In Max, it's not really that present normally. The boy closes his eyes and focuses on turning to ice. His body does infact turn into organic ice, after a couple of seconds. "Even not looking like this, I have to be in the cold."

Owen stares. "Dan' it…" he trails off. "Looks like Ah'm not the only one that can turn intah somethin' else…" he trails off. "So you're a lil' snow cone," he muses. "Lets make sure tah keep ya where its nice and cool then, Max."

The boy changes back to flesh and blood. "Yeah, my old room used to be like an icebox. But then they gave us roommates. But Nate's cool with it being cold in the room." He looks towards Owen, giving a yawn again. "You turn..into something too?" he asks.

Owen nods slowly. He raises a hand and fires a weak DarkForce blasts up into the leaves. As he does, the teen becomes covered in fur, his canine teeth sharpen into fangs, and his eyes start to glow and become completely green. "Ah go all fuzzy when Ah use mah powers," he says, spreading his arms to show them off. Yawning, he glances towards the dorms. "Maybe we should head back tah the dorms."

The transformation doesn't make Max scared, he's seen a lot of physical mutations, so this isn't that big of a scare. The short mutant gives a nod, his eyes are getting heavy, close to crashing now. "Yeah… the dorms sound good."

Owen nods, closing his book and glancing around. "Alright, Lil' Snow Cone, you get some rest. Ah'll get ya back tah the dorm," he mutters, deciding he'll find whatever room belongs to Nathan and Max on his own. Stretching, he reaches over to pick Max up as he stands. The cryokinetic's reminded the DarkForce user of one of his younger siblings so it's 'Older Brother' mode. Unless stopped, Owen'll teleport them back to the dorns and carry Max all the way up to his room.

The small cryokinetic doesn't protest to the picking up. In fact, Max may already be asleep when Owen finds the room.

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