2009-04-20: Frustration To Elation


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Summary: Addison is taking frustration out in the DR. Brian joins him and changes his mood completely.

Date: April 20, 2009

Frustration to Elation

Rating: PG

The day after the big problematic event, and Addison has still not properly calmed down. So, in order to help himself help others, he's in the Danger Room, running a scenario of his own. The landscape is charred rubble, he's flying in the center, surrounded by robots that look amazingly like what WE know as Sentinels. Addison is NOT holding back. The machines are being torn apart at a very fine level, and there's a mask of rage on his face.

The Danger Room display outside of the door said that the room was in use. But no squads were scheduled for the simulator. The energy manipulator had entered in his code and it lets him in. He's wearing his containment suit, gauntlets, heavy boots and all. The integrated circuit design glows red with power coming from the mutant, the circle 'X' symbol filled completely. He doesn't say anything as Addison does his work on the sentinel.

Raising a hand, an arm rips off of the not-quite-sentinel, each piece of the joint hovering in air as he tears it apart. Addison hasn't quite noticed Brian's entrance yet. A screech comes from the fire that spreads over his body as he flings his body into the 'sky'. It's then… that he finally notices the other person and he pauses for a second, rage still on his face before he realizes. His face softens slightly. "Pause." He says simply, flowing to the ground, much more gracefully. "Hi."

Brian watches, with great respect, to the power that Addison wields, it takes a lot of power to take something apart than ripping it to shreds. "I hope you don't mind, I took a chance on who was in here." He says, the exposed skin on his face blushes just a little.

"No, it's… perfectly fine. I was just relieving some frustration." Addison admits, running a hand through his hair as he walks towards the team mate. "I'm sorry, I'm not exactly the happiest person in the world right now." He runs a finger over the bridge of his nose.

"What happened?" He asks, not having heard of what happened yesterday. He just stays in his room most of the time, quietly working on things. Brian gives another look to the 'sentinels'. "Are these from your Earth?" He asks, having seen this worlds version before, from logs and what can be re-created in the Danger Room. "They kinda look like sentinels."

"This… student. I couldn't tone his sex drive and his actions out of my head. So, I went to let him know that I know what's going on. I wasn't going to tell Mr. Summers, but just let him know he has to stop. Instead, he threatened me and became very… rude. I wanted to rip his psyche out and replace it with that of an eight year old girl." Addison says with a sigh before shaking his head. "But I didn't. I called Mr. Summers." He stops next to the other X-Forcer. "Yeah, they're the alien warmachines."

Brian again looks at the machine. "Oh. So, I guess that happened instead of the Mutant Registration Act over here." Yeah, alien invasions have a tendency to halt the gubernatorial process. "Well, the rules say no sex on campus. If he's under seventeen, he could get someone in a lot of trouble. Probably the school."

"Even if he's over seventeen… He's still a student. I mean, we'd be fine to, we're both adults and not trainees, but he's…" Addison blinks, suddenly blushing deeply. "Not insinuating. Just… stating. Hypothetically." Where's that erase button? "Anyway, yes. The Aliens had our world under control for five years."

"Yeah, he's not a minor, and the school is in charge of all students. I read that in the info I had to sign before coming over here." Brian says, looking to Addison, blushing. "I've never…yeah…" He says, blushing a fair amount himself. "How many of the others have you met? The one's from our squad?" Trying to change the subject.

"I worked with Julian once, on a mission to rescue Daisuke. And I think I met Kenta. That's all of us. We're not really… a big group. Of course, most of the adults are in the actual team. We just have a few things to work on." Addison coughs, looking down. "I need a lot of practice keeping myself from being drowned by the sea of minds out there."

"Yeah…things to work on." He won't deny that he's got things to work on, but it's mostly mentally. He's seeing a person for that. "I bet it's hard being a telepath…" He comments, not really knowing himself on how hard new telepaths have it.

"Very. But, I'd hate to be without it. I'm so used to feeling everyone around me that I'd feel… blind without it." Addison admits as he looks Brian over before offering a grin. "Hmmm. There's also something I'd like to try with you." He forgot the earlier comment and is thinking in a different way. Who knows how it sounds, though.

As far as the other way that comment could be taken, Brian does not see it. For years his focus was on other things than relationships or sex. "Like what, You want to dive into my mind again?" As a student, Brian was always up for strategy meetings, analyzing and problem solving are his forte.

"Actually, I noticed that the power flows all over your body. That it's in your arms, your legs, your head even. It's just itching, waiting to come out." Addison says with a grin. "Have you tried… focussing it from something else? So that in an emergency, you may be able to use something else?"

Brian looks down a little bit, kind of embarrassed that this happened while he was not really himself. "I had energy come from my sixth chakra once." He says, pointing to where the third eye is. "Just once."

"Have you ever tried channelling it that way again? Now that you're in control of things?" Addison asks, moving over to place a hand on Brian's shoulder with a grin. "Me, I just always channel everywhere. It's the whole… telekinetic thing."

"I umm, never really tried that again." He says, taking the head glove off. The Unstable Molecule fabric coming down like a hood behind his neck. His eyes glow with crimson energy, and a spot starts to glow at the point where he mentioned earlier. Before a cracking booming sound errupts and lets loose, sending itself as far as it can in this simulation. His head does bend back at the end from recoil. He's not used to using anything but his arms for energy expulsion.

As the head snaps back, Addison immediately reaches out telekinetically to try to hold and prevent it from snapping too hard. Don't want damage, after all. "It works." He says, with a half-smile, moving to let his hands take the place of his mind.

"Thanks." He says, as his emerald green eyes look back to Addison. "I had gotten used to that on my arms. It always happens, unless I brace myself. So, you think that I can use this on any spot in my body?" He asks, slowly becoming enlightened.

Addison's hands don't move. He doesn't mind holding the back of Brian's head at all. "I think so. I don't know for sure. I'm honestly mostly just trial and error with powers. But I usually see things in the right way." He blushes a bit.

Brian looks above, his head still resting on Addison's hands. "I guess this is the place to try it then." He says, wondering one thing.. concerning energy shooting from his feet. This may be seen by Addison, as Brian pictures himself leaping using energy to propel himself upwards.

"It may be quite possible. But, you'd want to practice in getting the energy out of your feet first. I'd brace myself against something before trying to fly." Addison chuckles, letting a finger move up into the other red hair. "I think it would be possible, yes. I'm more than willing to work with you on it."

"Sounds like fun, I know I'm willing to work on it too." He says, still looking up to Addison. He's unsure of what to do next. Looking at his teammate's face. He raises up and starts to move into a kiss on the cheek. He feels a connection to this guy, and is still a little confused, but it feels right to him.

The kiss on the cheek causes Addison to blush, but a bright smile crosses his face quickly. "Uhm… yeah. And stuff." He doesn't knowwhat else to do right off. But he's obviously happy.

"Yeah..and stuff." He says, not knowing what to say after that. "Should I have not done that?" Brian asks, a little embarrassed.

"No, I'm… It's quite fine with me." Addison says with a nod as he moves around to face Brian headon. "I'm… yeah. It's good." He nods. He's stammering. Brian seems to bring that out in him.

Brian continues to look to Addison. "Okay, cause for a sec there, I didn't know ." He doesn't know how stuff goes with relationships. "So, what do we do now?" He asks, wondering on what comes next.

"Well, I suppose we practice with powers. We work our way into learning just what all you can do. Or…" Addison says, blushing deeply as he leans forward to give a kiss back in return, but this time, softly on the edge of the other young man's mouth.

After the kiss from Addison, the energy mutant makes a smile. He chuckles a little bit. The first time he's been this genuinely happy. "I umm, liked that. A lot." He says, he's usually not bashful, but he can't help but look like a boy trying to talk to a crush for the first time.

Addison just nods, agreeing. Eddie would be squealing with joy right now to see this. But, Eddie's not here, and that's the good thing. "Yeah." He runs a hand through his hair before lowering it to reach for Brian's. He's just as much an amateur at the whole thing.

Brian's jet black short hair is easily run through. Nor would he move against having his hair reached at. He moves inward towards Addison, and reaches a hand to hug the other teen.

Addison leans in happily, before leaning in for a slight whisper. "Maybe we should do this away from the Danger Room." He chuckles. The mood has shifted. The 'sentinelish' thing?Unimportant now.

Brian starts to say something. "But wh…Oh." He gets it. "Yeah. We should." He says, looking to Addison again. "Did I make you less angry? Or is this a good distraction?" He asks, giving a smirk to his crush.

"Yes. You cheered me up." Addison says, honestly. "And I hope you're proud of yourself, mister. Making me lose my rage." He reaches his own arms around the other before calling out, "End program." and chuckling.

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