2012-06-06: Frustrations To Friends


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Summary: Ahmed and Nick get frustrated with each other to quickly turn buddy buddy again.

Date: June 6, 2012

Log Title: Frustrations to Friends

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Ahmed and Nicholas's Room

Slightly bigger than the old room, the new rooms fit two students comfortably. Each room has off white walls with a dark brown carpet. There is one window in the middle of the wall that looks out over the grounds. Each room has two beds, two dressers, two desks and two closets, one for each student.

Classes, at least for Nicholas, are over for the day and he's currently lying on his bed in the room shared by him and Ahmed. He just hasn't been in a social mood so he's decided it's best for him to just relax up here rather than snap at someone underserving. The country music that Nick seems to be fond of plays in the room as he lies throwing a small ball up so it hits the ceiling and uses his powers to try to make a small sheild for it to reflect off of, but it seems that more often than not the ball hits him. "Stupid turtle." He mutters.

The door opens and closes without any preamble, and Ahmed walks in on the turtle comment. This is the one place in the school he doesn't spend most of his time hiding in his ghost-cat form, so for most other people it might be jarring to see a real person instead of an intelligent large cat. He stops, and arches one dark grey eyebrow before his fanged mouth parts a bit to say, "Turtles aren't usually dumb… they're just slow. What's up?"

The ball goes up and is ignored as it comes down as Nicholas sits upto to greet his roommate and the ball falls on the bed behind him. "Not the animal of the turtle but just something that annoying blind chick Tara said. Think turtle when trying to make a shield but it's not working. Maybe cause I find her so annoying I don't want her advice to work." He admits with a shrug. "So what's up with you dude?"

Ahmed watches his roomie for a long moment, and then says, "With the way you use your Jedi powers, why not think of it like a third hand sticking out of your chest? You know… catch the ball, but don't catch the ball? Zen master stuff." And chuckling, he moves to flop on his bed, bouncing a couple times as his pack and a box from Amazon.ca bounce off the ground very lightly, "Not much. Tonight I'm going to be on RPing with the furries. We're supposed to go investigate a haunted castle in the northern borders. Supposedly, a princess committed suicide there, and her vengeful spirit began corrupting the rest of the place. You know. The usual."

"Sounds..uh…well, I hope you have fun with it." Nicholas is quite out of his element when it comes to that sort of thing. His tone isn't rude just more obvious that he's lost. "I might try some meditation tricks my ex-girlfriend's Mom taught me when I first go my powers and go from there, see if it helps. I just don't really know how to…uh…mold my mind? Make it do what I want it to do."

Sitting up on his bed, two pale and claw-laden hands press together, "Okay, seriously… lemme drop some Danger Room on you." Reaching down he picks up the box, and begins cutting the tape with his thumbclaw, "If you don't believe you can do it, then you can't do it. You told me yourself… it's all mental. So you have to believe you CAN, before you will. See?" And as if to demonstrate, his chest becomes sodden, and then a rough hand-like protrusion comes out of it, and wriggles goopy fingers towards Nick, "You don't think it will work, so it doesn't."

"It's not that I don't believe it will work it's just…okay there's so much stuff I've found out I can do with my powers. Even fly eventually but right now I really want to be able to make a sheild of some sort." Nick says and looks at the goopy hand, grins slightly and grabs the ball and tosses it lightly at the hand. "Catch. Anyway, it's like I'm trying to focus my mind in front of me and then spread it out and after spreading it out, harden it. Most of the time, I can't keep it up if I get it out there. Or as I start to try to make it bigger it just goes away."

Ahmed thrusts his chest out in a 'manly' fashion, and Chesty the Hand catches! Though the ball sinks in a bit before it comes back out, and then a full arm to the elbow comes out and flicks the ball back your way as he opens the box, taking out the obligatory air cushioning, "There's your problem right there. When you spread, things get thinner. What you need is more mind. Or maybe you're just seeing it wrong. I dunno." Taking out a T-shirt, he passes it over to Nick with his normal hands. It's a girl's T, pink in color, and has a picture of Fluttershy doing 'The Stare' with the words 'You Want Some Too?' under it, "Here… this is for you to give to Jill."

"Maybe I just need to go into the danger room with a pitching machine and try to deflect baseballs for a hour a day. At least if I get hit I know it's not permant but it'll sure hurt at the time." Nicholas says catching the ball before taking the shirt. "Ponies." He says with a bit of distate. "Why not give it to Jill herself? Why do you want me to give it to her, I know she's like the visiters down there instead of me just being, hey, this is from Ahmed."

The 'Ponies' comment is given a sour look, and then Ahmed replies, "Because it's not from me, it's from you. C'mon… you're sweet on her. Girls like getting presents. Something new will help her sorta… push on. After what's happened, she could use a little girl power." The box is dug into some more, and he comes out with a small porcelain snow leopard figurine, which joins five others on his nightstand, all under the watchful gaze of a much larger plush of the same breed, "And you've been so busy being Nick, I thought I'd help you out."

"I got her flowers." Nicholas says with a bit of a frown. "And anyway she's probably lonely down there without many visitors, it'd be nice for her to know other people besides me just care." He says putting the shirt down next to him and crossing his arms over his chest. "Besides, I don't even know if she likes me back. And what's that supposed to mean? Me being Nick?"

Ahmed rolls his eyes and falls back on his bed, staring up at the ceiling, and crossing his arms over his chest, leaving room for the third to gesticulate for him, waving and adding emphasis to his words, "You're so busy figuring out what's gonna go wrong, you don't look at what goes right. You're never going to know if she likes you until she shows you she does. Until then, you just show her you like her." Then the chest-hand waves dismissively and turns into an evaporating puddle on his chest, "Besides… Jill doesn't like me. Seriously… the only people that do are you, Nigel, and occasionally Taylor. I'm cool with that. I didn't have too many friends at school, and I don't here. I'll deal."

Nicholas looks at Ahmed and starts to laugh. "Man, there isn't anyone Jill doesn't like and from what I've seen Shane is fine with you. It's not that people don't like you Ahmed, it's that you don't want many friends. I think you're afraid to have more than a few friends." He then gets serious, lying down so he's on his side facing Ahmed. "Ahmed, honestly…I don't think I could deal if anything else went poorly in my life. I'm barely holding on as it is. And yeah, I'll admit, I'm scared that if I show her I like her and she doesn't feel the same I'll scare her away and that'll be that. Also right now…I doubt she's looking for a boyfriend with her…after the whole Dracula thing."

Pushing back up into a sitting position, Ahmed shoots his roomie a flat look, "You're full of it. I remember when I first met you. The only thing on your brain was your family. They were gone, you wanted them, and nothing else. When bad things happen, we always reach for the things that give us comfort. I saw it too many times back home, and I'm seeing it here. What she needs is people who care. And you do. So quit walking around with your Jedi skull shoved up your Jedi backside, and show her that the Dracula thing doesn't matter. You're still you, she's still her… life goes on." The c'est la vie attitude presented in him standing up and going to his desk, dragging his pack with one leg so he can fish out his school laptop, "If you can't get your head on straight about a girl, you're never going to be Obi-Whatever Kenobi."

"Damnit Ahmed, you act like I just ignore her." Nicholas says sitting back up looking annoyed. "I visit her when I can, I'm down there keeping her company but maybe I'm trying to push you down there to give her the gift /you/ bought her, YOU did Ahmed because I care about her. I want her to feel like she's got a family here and friends here who give a damn about her instead of just one guy. Ever think of that?" Nicholas says with a scowl. "But instead you're so darn shy that you can't even go down there to say I hope you're hanging in there to a girl who was upset when you and I were fighting!"

Ahmed keeps his back to Nick, trying to hide the hurt and slightly angry look as he powers up his school machine, "I do you a solid, and now it's all on me? I see how it is…" The standard school logo appearing in the background after the OS tagline vanishes, "Besides… Doctor Reyes won't let me in the clinic unless I go in human form, and I hate the clinic. So… unless you can somehow miraculously make me walk in the door on my own two… you're kinda on your own there. I'll send her an email, okay? Something nice. Now will you get off my case about your girl?"

Nicholas pushes himself up and walks over to Ahmed, sitting next to him if he can. "Look, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. But everyone hates going to clinics, epsecially ones like the medbay. I don't like going down there but I'm going to visit my friends because I remember how lonely and boring it was when I was stuck down there. And an email isn't personal." Nick says with a sigh and shaking his head. "What is it your so afraid of here?"

Ahmed's desk is next to his bed at the foot, so sitting close is fairly easy, but he still doesn't look back as he begins up a document and begins to look it over, homework from one of his classes, "Last time I saw Jill down there she looked human. She was asleep, but she was normal allright? All of you are normal. You have normal hair, and normal eyes, and normal skin… normal everything." The last said a bit more softly than the others, "Look, it's my damage, and I'll deal, just like I've always been dealing. This place is a good home for me, and I'm used to being in a small amount of space."

"Ahmed…she's not normal." Nick says quietly, eyes averting away from his roommate. "I didn't want to say anything cause it's her problem but she's a vampire okay? She got kidnapped by Dracula and now…she's a vampire. I don't want to push her into anything because she's afraid she'll do something she'll regret I think. It doesn't matter what you look like Ahmed, if you looked normal you'd still have issues cause you're a mutant. Being normal looking didn't help me out with jack, I'd happily look like you if it meant my family was still alive."

Ahmed pauses in doing his homework, and then sits back a moment before saying, "How different is being a vampire from being a mutant, huh? Maybe it's a little callous of me… but I don't see much difference. If the movies are to be believed anyways, not all vampires are soul-sucking assholes of the goth abyss." Still not looking at Nick though, he leans forwards on his desk, and closes his eyes, "Can we not have the family argument again? Please? I'm not up to banging my head on brick walls."

Nicholas looks at Ahmed and lets out a sigh, shaking his head and flopping down on his own bed. "You're determined to be convinced that you're an outsider because of how you look, even among people who are just the same as you. At least both of us are alive." He says looking up at his ceiling and reaching for the ball to start floating it around the area above him.

Ahmed finally closes the laptop for the moment, and then throws his hands up in the air, "Fine! You win! The guilt is strong in this one… but I'm not giving her the shirt. That's from YOU." And turning around to face Nick, he crosses his arms over his chest, but is oddly smiling, "Keep it up, and I'll make a proper Jewish man out of you yet."

Nicholas looks at Ahmed and the smile is returned with one of Nick's grins. "Eh, I'll always bee the good Christian boy…cept I haven't been to church in ages." He doesn't usually talk about his faith but he does have it. "I'll give her the shirt if you promise to make an effort to go down there and say hello, or even sneak in as a snow leopard, I just know it'd mean a lot to her."

Extending his hand, Ahmed's palm turns shiny, and then a tendril of goop shoots out like Spiderman to try and snag the ball from the air, missing and causing the line to collapse and land on Nick's chest, "God is infinite, Church is over-rated." And he tries again, this time snagging the ball, and starting a tug of war, "I can't cook for a vampire… that kinda rules out the usual MO. So what… just… walk in and say hi? I suck at that."

"Well…I don't know if any food is off the menu she just, uh…drinks blood." Nick says trying to avoid a shudder as the game of tug of war is won by Ahmed at that shudder. "And thanks for the goup, I think I'll put in a bottle and keep it by me for…well till it vanishes." He says trying to unsuccessfully wipe it off his shirt. "I feel like the guy in Ghostbusters."

Victory is short lived as the ball is flung back towards Ahmed, and whacks him in the nose. He falls back on his bed, rubbing at it as the ball bounces and then rolls merrily back towards it's master. He then grumbles back, "At least it evaporates clean… imagine how nasty the room would be if it didn't? We'd be living in a giant snot ball."

"Are you okay?" Nicholas asks as the ball hits Ahmed as he jumps up, forgetting about the ball for a bit. "And if it didn't you'd be living in a giant snot ball, I'd be finding some place else that wasn't goo central." He jokes before picking up the t-shirt and looking at it before shaking his head. "Why do people still love this? I mean I understand with girls cause it's girly but…eh, I don't get it."

Ahmed waves it off, "Just smacked it… the schnoz is fine." Sitting up and showing it's not even bloodied, then adding a smile as he wipes at it a few times, "I cannot help that you're too much of a dude to get in touch with your kiddie side. It's cool because well…" He then motions towards the window, "In a world where we see more violence and misery coming out way, it's a show that shows kids there are other ways to solve their problems, and that not everything is bad. It looks all the stupid dark, moody crap in the eye, and says, 'Yeah, and?'."

'Okay so it's good for kids. And I have a kiddie side, it's more filled with dude things like Star Wars and…uh…Avatar the Last Airbender." Nicholas says hoping that Avatar is considered a 'dude thing'. "I grew up on Spongebob, Rugrats, stuff on Nickelodeon you know? Oh and I like the occasional DragonBall Z and Shane's getting me into some her cartoon anime stuff since she's sleeps about as much as I do lately." Which Ahmed would know full well that Nick doesn't sleep much and tends to hang out in other areas of the school on sleepless nights.

Exhaling hard, Ahmed goes back to his desk, while his goop all turns into vapor, leaving that weird corpse-ash scent in the air for a few moments, "Spongebob? No wonder you're so messed up. Spongebob was done by a guy who was trying to present the seven deadly sins. No joke. Give me Phineas and Ferb instead. At least then I get some decent music." Opening the laptop back up, he then says over his shoulder, "Cartoon… anime stuff. Sometimes I wonder if you're not really an alien. It's just anime. If you're going for the geek street cred, at least get the lingo right."

"Spongebob is hilarious, especially when your five." Nicholas says defensively. "Actually I didn't want a ton of television there was so much to do with the stable and I usually found video games more interesting. I miss having all nighters of playing Halo or Call of Duty. It was great, David or I would spend the night at eachother's house over the weekends, we'd all get on X-Box live, my girlfriend and a few others from school would jump on and we'd play all night. And I'm not an Alien, I'm just from North Dakota is all. It's just…different out there."

Ahmed wavea it off once more, "Yeah, lucky you… my parents thought video games were a bad influence. Most I got to see was on Youtube. When I'd be on RPing with my friends at night, I'd watch playthroughs of games I knew I could never have. The parents… they thought those things were a bad influence on kids. I had better things I could do like study, or help out with the aunts and neighbors. It kinda sucked, because a couple of the families back home had Wiis… and so the kids some days might get to play, but only if there was adult stuff going on."

Nicholas grins at Ahmed and leans foward. "Okay since you dont' leave the school, you've got access to all these great systems here. I got an idea, how about Friday, we talk to one of the teachers, hell they can chaparone if they wish, about setting up some sort of sleepover in the rec room. Set up a few Televisions from around the school, rearrange the room, put down sleeping bags, get a ton of pizzas and other junk food and you can have a night of Wiis and other games. It'll be fun."

Ahmed puts up a finger in counter argument, "Allright… on one condition. I get to see you play a dance game."

"Oh, I see how it is, in order to get you to do anything fun, I have to agree to do somethign first." Nicholas says and in a mock huff crosses his arms over his chest. "I try to do something nice for you and all you want to see is me being embarassed." He then grins at Ahmed and chuckles. "How do you know I haven't played one before?" Granted he hasn't but Rock Band he's pretty decent at.

Ahmed ends up sticking his tongue out in reply, biting down on it almost playfully before saying as he leans back in his chair, "Because THIS way the social embarrassment is mutual. Now… you're going to invite Jill. So she can see that she's still normal, and still welcome, and still has to suffer like the rest of us."

"I was planning on it, I mean I figure get whoever wants to come, I figure more than just you need the social push." Nicholas says lying back down on his bed with a yawn. "Jill's cool. At first it was just how nice she was and how it was like she was constantly just letting me be a jerk, and then I started to feel guilty anytime I made her make that face. Then she was commenting on my Portal skills and her magic tricks….it just, she's, cool. Anyway, we're making you a character in Guitar Hero so we can have our band."

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