2011-02-08: Fun In The Snow


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Summary: Quill, Mason and Megan goof off a bit in the snow in the Quad.

Date: February 8, 2010

Log Title: Fun In The Snow

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Quad

There is a square side walk of pavement with a nice grassy area in the middle with a few stone benches and trees along the corners. The pavement leads to the paths to the grounds of the school, the Dining Hall in Xavier's and the Ramsey Dormitories. It's not particularly large but it's a nice place for students and teachers to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

One thing that's been great this year is the snow. There's lots of it, and even with the snowmans popping up over the lawn, there's still penty for a mischevious little porcupine. Ducked behind what looks like a snowfort is Quill with a stack of snowballs next to him. There are little peak holes carved into the side so that he can see whose coming which is helpful cause he spots someone walking out of the mansion towards the dorms. Quill grabs two snowballs, pops up from behind the fort and hurls them with accuracy at unsuspecting victim with a grin as he waits for his projectile to hit it's target.

Mason doesn't even know what to do with snow. Sure, he was born in Denver, but he lived most of his life in Los Angeles county. There's not a lot of snow there. He is carrying his guitar, well protected in its case. A day like this isn't a day to tote around a several thousand dollar keyboard. He steps out from the dorms, bundled in a heavy coat, scarf, knit cap, gloves, red sunglasses, and snow boots. He's prepared. He glances at the snowmen, not noticing that the snow fort has someone in it quite yet. "Man, snow is bright," he says to himself, looking across the grounds.

A very distinctive figure steps out of the mansion and just stands at the doors for a moment, looking up at the crisp blue sky with a small smile on her face. Megan's light blue coat is zipped and her hair hidden under a matching knitted cap. She flutters her wings for a moment before taking a couple of steps and starting to flit towards the dorms. Only to have two round white projectiles come flying at her! There's a little squeel of indignation as the snowballs hit, one in the chest and one in the face. She drops ungracefully to the ground and runs for the nearest cover, her arms over her head to guard against further missiles, cursing quietly in Welsh.

"Boom Headshot!" Cries out Quill as he raises his arms in victory. He's dressed in a winter coat and quills seem to poke out through his knit gloves and hat. "It's also cold roomie!" He cries out to Mason as he hurls another snowball in the musicans direction. He laughs as it's the funniest thing in the world as Megan drops and runs for cover.

Mason hears Megan's squeal, and glances back to the fort, just in time to see a snowball hurtle at him. He ducks, and it hits the top of his head, knocking his knit cap off, revealing a mess of blond hair. That must be his roommate. "Evil knave!" He bellows out, straightening himself up and pointing a finger back at Max.
"Don't worry, fair Megan!" Mason shouts in his best heroic voice. "I shall slay the evil beast who afflicts you!" Wow, who knew he could use such fancy words? He quickly puts his guitar on the ground, and then pulls off both gloves. He is a bit of a cheater, admittedly. He lands in a push-up position, into the snow, and slides one hand across the ground beneath. The ground beneath Quill's feet suddenly jolts up and to an angle slightly, knocking the snow fort down and inward toward the prickly prankster.

Megan peeks out from behind the snowman she's hiding behind and glares at the snowball-thrower, "T'ain't funny, ye daft boyo!" Her cheeks and nose are red from the cold and having been hit by the snowball and she brushes at the snow on her coat with one mittened hand, her wings protectively held straight out behind her so that they don't provide as much of a tempting target. Then Mason is shouting and she shifts her attention to the popstar at the dorms and her cheeks flush a little brighter as she swallows, "I c'n take care of myself, ye know, Mason." It's a weak arguement, however, and she falls silent, eyes widening slightly as the snow fort crumbles on top of Quill; a slow grin brightening her face as she gives a whoop of delight.

Quill is buried under a pile of snow but it doesn't stop him from laughing. "Curses! Stopped by the pathetic bard!" He says standing up with snow clinging to all area of his clothes and quills. "Remember….we're roommates." He says with a mischvious grin and finger point at Mason. He looks over at Megan. "What are you talking about?! Taint funny?! It's /hil/arious. Just be happy I'm not hitting you with the yellow snowballs."

Mason pushes back up to his feet, and shakes the snow off of his hands. "Man, that really is cold!" He dashes across the quad toward Megan. "See! I'm heroic!" he announces with hands on his hips. "Now I have to carry you back to the castle where we get married and live happily ever after!" He never misses a chance to flirt. He's left his gloves and guitar behind, though, on the other side of the quad.

"Ye wouldn'e dare!" Megan pales for a moment under the flush of cold and then scowls at the prickly mutant, "If ye do, ye won't live t'regret it…" She flutters her wings slightly, the faintest hint of pink dust falling to the ground around her. Then Mason is racing towards her and she blushes at, once more, being 'saved' by her favorite singer. When he mentions being carried back to the castle, getting married, and living happily ever after, however, she turns scarlet and looks at Mason in shock for a moment. Her mouth works, trying to come up with something to say in responce to such a statement, but her brain doesn't seem to be working anymore…
Poor little Pixie…

Quill just grins as Pixie says he wouldn't dare, but then who knows if he has any snowballs left after the tumble of his white fort, also, he could have just been bluffing. "Uhoh Megan! Watch out, Mason is working his Boyband Charm on you! If you fall for it, you could have fangirls all over America looking to pluck off your wings from jealousy!"

"Hush, you!" Mason answers Quill, bending down to scoop up some snow, pack it into a snowball and hurl it in Max's direction. His aim isn't the best, and it falls well wide of his target. He shakes his hands from the cold. His face is a little red from the comment. He's laughing, but the guy look at Max receives is 'shut up'.
Megan's black gaze shifts from the blond popstar to the porcupine boy that's already hit her with snowballs and she sticks her tongue out, "Ye're just jealous." So there! She almost shyly looks back at Mason and shakes her head, "I think Mister Summers might not approve of doing such a thing, Mason…" It's hard to tell if she's teasing or not at the moment. Hopefully she didn't take that comment seriously! After a moment she giggles and shakes her head, wrinkling her nose at Mason not wearing gloves. Almost casually, she bends and scoops up a double handful of snow and packs it into a ball which she throws in Quill's direction. Here's hoping that it either misses, or that she got some that was free of her pixie dust.

Quill has the same maturity level of Megan and sticks his tounge out at Mason and his 'shut up look'. He doesn't bother diving out of the way of Masons' snowball but he fire a few quills at Megans' snowball causing it to move off course just enough to avoid hitting him. He then looks at Megan and sighs, putting a hand to his forehead. "You're right Megan. I am jealous. My forbidden love affair with Mason was never ment to me. I'll except it now and take down all my posters of him and pass them onto you."

"That's right, Mad Max," Mason announces, boldly turning to face the same direction as Megan, and reaching out an arm to put around her, presuming he isn't stopped. "It's over between you and me, Megan's way better looking than you are, anyway." He waggles his eyebrows. "I think there's lots of things Mr. Summers doesn't approve of. Fortunately he does approve of the dance coming up." Was that him asking her to the dance? He leaves the statement mysteriously vague.

"Oh brawd…" Megan rolls her eyes at Quill's dramatics and shakes her head, shoving her mittened hands into her pockets, "And ye talk about rabid fangirls wanting t'pull off my wings. They'd snatch ye bald if they heard ye say that." Then Mason's arm is going around her and her eyes widen into twin black pools of shock. She licks her lips lightly, not really hearing the joking (at least, hopefully he's joking!) about something being over between him and his roommate. She swallows nerviously and looks up at the boy beside her, and blushes brightly, "Um… dance?" Sounds like her brain isn't exactly working at 100% again…

"Quills for all!" Max says with a laugh as not a whole lot seems to phase the kid. "And Mad Max has gone beyond Thunderdome. Two men enter, one man leaves! MASTER BLASTER WOO!" Who knows what he's going on about. "Goofy Goggles is pretty awesome, I don't mind him. And dance…hrm…gotta find a girl to go with. Hey Megan, if you don't wanna go with fancy pants we can cut a rug together!"

Mason lets a curling smile cross his face, and it grows even wider when Quill steps in. The popstar doesn't seem to mind the competition, and releases Megan, casually stepping backward to put both himself and Max in Megan's range of vision. "I think it's best to let her decide," he says graciously. He motions to Max, sitting still on the ground and covered in snow, "Max…" he then motions to himself. "Mason…" He adds with a laugh, "or maybe neither one of us, if we're not cool enough."

Megan just stares at Quill for a couple of minutes while he goes on about… something… "Goofy Goggles?" Confusion is very evident in her lilting voice and she shakes her head, silently dismissing whatever the other obvious mutant is talking about. Wait a minute… "You want me to choose which one of you to go to the dance with…" Panic! She doesn't want to disappoint either one of the boys, but… She points at Mason, "I'm sorry, Max… I've gotta pick Mason." And she really does sound like she regrets she had to turn one of them down. The curse of being just a little too sweet: She doesn't like to make people feel left out.

"Yeah, Goofy Goggles, Scott. Ever seen his uniform with that silly lookin' headgear? But his powers sooooooooooooo cool." Quill says. "But Gambit is the coolest, not competion there." He nods before looking at Mason. "Unike you, I'll always be cool enough. Cause I'm too legit. Too legit to quit. Or something." He shrugs before looking at Megan and grining. "No problem!" He says cheerfully like it really doesn't matter to him. "It'll be fun! I get to shake my groove thing." He says as he does a horrible little booty shake dance.

Mason laughs as Quill does his dance, and flexes. Not that you can see any muscle form underneath his heavy coat. He bounces back to his guitar and gloves, plucking them up in his right hand, leaving his left free. He walks back to Star on his way into the mansion. "Time for Science class," he says, which clearly explains the presence of his guitar. He reaches out to take Star's mittened left hand, and then with his thumb he pulls the mitten back enough to reveal her wrist before ceremoniously giving the wrist a light kiss. "I'll see you later," he says in a suave and tender tone. He passes on to the school. As he reaches the door he points back to Max with a smile and no comment, then disappears into the mansion. It looks like he left his knit cap on the ground, though.

"Aye, but ye should show some respect for the headmaster, shouldn't ye?" Megan just shakes her head a little at the irreverent comment about Scott's uniform. She can't resist a little giggle at the comment about Gambit. Then comes the little horrible dance and she clamps one hand over her mouth, her eyes wide as she tries not to laugh out loud at Quill. When Mason returns from retrieving his guitar and gloves, her eyes widen as he takes her hand, a deep blush making her look like she's been in the sun far too long and making her freckles look light in comparison, "Um… Aye…" When her hand is released, she cups it to her chest and covers it with her other one, "Ddiweddarach…" She doesn't seem to realize that she's slipped into Welsh again as she watches him head back into the school.

"I am showing him respect, I gave him a nickname." Quill says with a nod as he likes giving people nicknames. "He's also my Squad leader and is a great teacher, there I gave him respect." He says with a nod. "See ya later Mason! Watch where you step, I know where sleep!" He then gives a really bad 'evil' laugh that breaks into a giggle as he finds himself hilarious at times. "So Megan." He says pulling himself out of the snow and walking over to her. "Why are you afraid to laugh?"

"I ain't afraid t'laugh." Megan draws herself up to her full height and fans her wings a couple of times, "I just didn'e want t'laugh at ye. T'isn't polite." She watches after Mason for a moment before turning her full attention to Quill, "I suppose I could laugh at ye if ye really wanted me to…" Her voice is teasing, mischief dancing in her eyes.

Quill leans into whisper something to Megan, like it's a big secret. "Guess what, I do it to make people laugh. Cause I'm funny." He says before pulling back with a grin. "Though Mr. Parker-Mayfair didnt' think I was funny yesterday. I Antiqued him!" He says with a giggle. "But I'm not allowed in cooking class again." He frowns with a shrug. "And anytime you wanna laugh at me, do it. I'm laughable!"

Megan giggles softly and shakes her head, "Aye, ye are that sometimes." She blinks a couple of times and cocks her head slightly to one side, "Antiqued?" What in the world does that mean? She shakes her head at him not being allowed in cooking class anymore, "Mister Parker-Mayfair is really nice. Ye shouldn't give him too hard a time." She shoves her hands into her pockets again and hunches her shoulders slightly, "His class is fun, too!" Then comes permission to laugh at him anytime she wants to and she giggles again, wrinkling her nose and nodding.

"Well did you ever wonder what happens when you hit a five pound bag of flour with a rolling pin?" Quill is almost quite serious sounding when he says it. "It's really interesting, it goes *pooooooof* (complete with hand gesture) and it is a shower of white powerdy goodness. He didn't find it funny, I found it hilarious. Though cleaning it all up was not fun. It went from a pretty snow to an ugly paste."

"Um… No, I can't say that I ever have…" Megan blinks a couple of times and starts giggling at the discription of what happened and shakes her head, "Ye just couldn'e help yerself, could ye?" Then comes the description of cleaning it up and she wrinkles her nose in distaste, "Yuck! Well, I'm just glad I weren't there when ye did that. I'm sure it would have been horrible t'get off of my wings…"

Quill shrugs. "It was there and it seemed cooler than making muffins. Though muffins are delicious. And hey, it was horrible to get out from between the Quills but it was sooooooo worth it." He says as he goes to flop back in the snow and start making a snow angel. "It's all about making people laugh!"

Megan giggles and just shakes her head, "Aye, well some things aren't worth it." That's her thoughts on the matter, anyway. She watches Quill for a moment as he makes his snow angel and quickly kneels to make a snowball and toss it at him, hoping to hit him in the chest, "Maybe ye'll get lucky and someone will make ye some muffins."

Quill is hit by the snowball in the chest and stops moving, clutching his chest. "She…she got me Doctor. I don't think I'll make it." He makes a noise before closing his eyes and turning his head to the side. He opens one eye and whispers. "Tell my mama…don't be sad for me." He says before closing his eyes again in feign death.

Megan blinks a couple of times at the death act and just stares for several minutes before she suddenly busts out giggling. She gives a little hop and catches herself with her wings, fluttering over to sort of hover beside the younger teenager, "Ye're daft." That's her sage pronouncement about him, anyway. She sounds like she approves of his 'daftness', though, so maybe it's not entirely a horrible thing?

Quill springs back to life and hops up to his feet doing a nice little kip-up. "Why thank you Pixie!" He says as he approves of being called daft. He starts to brush what snow he can off of him but it isn't easy as it's not just in on his clothes but in his quills. "I'm gonna have to take a hot shower later, get myself de-iced. Or should I just salt myself so it just melts right off of me? I could be tastey to lick then!"

"Ye're welcome, I suppose." Megan is more than a little bemused by the thanks and shakes her head in wonder at him, lightly dropping down to her feet again, "I would think the shower would be better." Wait… Lick? Her eyes widen and she can't resist a little giggle at that, "And who, pray tell, would want t'lick ye? That could hurt with all them quills ye have."

"Not Mason." Quill says as he makes a face at the thought of that. "Nah, but my roomie is a cool just, just to easy to tease." He then shrugs. "Who knows, someone who thinks licking a porcupine would be super cool. And on that note, I'm gonna go take a quick shower before my next class. As funny as it'd be to show up like this, I really don't want to sit in a puddle all day. Wet ass, not fun."

Megan wrinkles her nose, "Um… I don't even want to think about ye and mason together." Yuck! She shakes her head at the thought of Mason being easy to tease and can't resist a quiet giggle, "Well, I think Mason is probably one of the coolest singers around. He helped all of those people in Mutant Town at that concert when things went sideways, after all." Then he's making his excuses to leave and she nods, "Aye, I need to go get something from my room before my next class." It's why she was heading for the dorms in the first place, after all.

"Neither do I, it's gross." Mason says as he's not into the manthing at all. 'You just like him cause he's dreeeeeeeeeeeeeamy." He says with a cackle. "That's what my sister says at least. She's like twelve." He says as he scoops up a handful of snow. "Well take care Megan! You're one coooooooool butterfly." He says as he goes into the dorms whistling to himself as he hides a snowball behind his back.

Megan rolls her eyes, blushing again at being teased about liking Mason, "He's a really amazing singer!" Yes, she's starting to get defensive now… She folds her arms over her chest and huffs softly, her breath coming out in a cloud. Apparently, she doesn't appreciate being compaired to a twelve year old. "Yeah, ye too, Max." She follows behind him, eyeing the snowball for a moment before she spots Mason's forgotten cap and picks it up with a little smile. Now she has an excuse to go find him. Hooray!

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