2011-06-11: Future And Flirting

Players: Cloud, David, and Jem

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Summary: Cloud, David and Jem discuss flirting, the future, and other things.

Date: June 11, 2011

Log Title: Future and Flirting

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

It’s Saturday afternoon and David, dressed in his staff outfit white and gold bodysuit adorned with various X’s and a pair of yellow cybershades. He stands by the island with a various ingredients as he appears to be trying to make something to eat. Emanating from the shades is a large holographic image of a cookbook with the pages of the book turning back and forth as David seems entranced by whatever he is about to cook.

Pretty much just killing time and trying to distract himself from the fact that he has absolutly no idea what he's gonna do when he leaves Cloud heads to the kitchen, he's dressed in beige cargo shorts, red sneakers, and a white t-shirt, he so unsure of what to do next he's not even hungry this is just another method of procrastination, as David seems so focused on what he's doing he crosses the room to the fridge without saying anything yet.

Still caught up in his own mess of trying to prepare a meal, David look over different spices and then decides, “Ok, now for the veggies.” He looks over to fridge and then blinks when he spies Cloud, “Oh hey.” The image of the cookbook disappears as he offers a half-smile, “How’s it going, Cloud? How’s Star doing?” He hasn’t seen either of the students since the Africa incident.

Cloud looks up from th fridge when David notices him, "Hey David, didnt wanna disturb you", he shrugs when asked how Star's doing, "She seems to be doing fine, we're not really talking at the moment"
“That’s ok. I’m trying to cook or at least prepare some kind of meal without having to rely on the chef’s skills. Trying to do some stuff on my own.” David shrugs and sighs as he starts to clean p the mess and put the spices back on their rack, “Sorry to hear about you and Star. Was it a typically sibling fight or is there more to it? And even without speaking, I was wondering how she’s been since what happened in Nigeria?”

At a panicked pace, Jem comes running into the kitchen with her hair blazing upward on fire, "Ah! Ah! Ah! AH!" she screams running around like it really isn't supposed to be that way, probably hoping to catch someone new who doesn't know about her, "Ohmygod! AHH! A—ohhhh…" the girl catches sight of Cloud and her panic deflates to disappointment, the flames in her hair dying out and her curls settling back nicely upon her head. Her hair now clean better than any shampooing could do. "Damnit, Cloud.. you ruined it." the girl complains, wearing a pair of lower cut daisy dukes and a black cut off Rolling Stones shirt.

Cloud shrugs, "She started yelling at me for flying off campus with Jem, it annoyed me she keeps treating me like a child", since whats happened in Nigeria, "She seems fine, just got on with things, decided where she's going next year and everything", speaking of Jem Cloud barely moves when she comes running in, "Ruined it?, what did i do?"

“Well I am glad she is good, but she has a tendency to keep things bottled up. I think I will mention to Xorn to seek her out. But I am glad to hear she has made her plans for after graduation.” David smiles for the first time in awhile, “It’s nice to be the one seeing everyone graduate. Your class is the first graduating class I worked with as a staffer.” He leans against the island after cleaning the whole thing up, “What are your plans?” And then Jem comes running in her aflame. David is rushing towards her, when her prank ends. He simply blinks, not having met this student. He shakes his head when suddenly a holographic image of Jem pops up with small details from her school file.”Ms. Savalion, I didn’t realize you were much of a prankster.” David, looking as if he himself is a student, tries to come off stern, but then smiles, “Pretty funny, Jem. I’m David Alleyne.”

"Yeah well, someone has to liven this place up. Otherwise, we'll have moping people around here, like Cloud. I think he thinks too much, but that's just my opinion." The blond girl shrugs her shoulders going down to a much more subtle mood than when she initially arrived. "Eh. No one was hurt. I'm prettymuch flame proof, but you know how that goes. Nice to meet you." she plants her hands behind her on the counter, leaning back into it, peering over at Cloud, "By being here." she remarks. "People can't be expected to freak out about my hair being on fire if they know that it is sometimes supposed to be."

Cloud shrugs, "I don't know yet, it's kind of freaking me out everyone knows where they're going next and i don't", he raises an eyebrow when Jem comments that he thinks too much, not some thing he EVER thought he'd hear someone say about him, "Not my fault you chose to run in here, should've tried the rec room"

“Well I think we won’t freak out as much. You’re not the first student with flaming hair.” He thinks for a moment, “Well. When I was a student, Match’s entire boy was aflame. He had a Ghost Rider thing going.” A holographic thumbnail of Match appears, then again the various Phoenix’s have all had flaming locks at some point, thumbnails of Jean Grey as Phoenix, Rachel Grey as Phoenix an Addison as Phoenix, pop up. He shrugs, “But none quite like yours.” David smiles. “Thinking a moment about Jem’s comments. I guess sometimes you can appear a bit too contemplative, Cloud.” He smiles, “But you can never think too much, I suppose.” All the holographic images disappear back into David’s cybershades and he asks the students, “Well, time is running out, graduation is next week. Why not stay the summer and decide, or you could always work here?”

"Actually, I've been compared to the Human Torch." Jem mentions with a shake of her head, but she doesn't really seem too thrilled about the comparison. "But I make it look way more stylish than he does. Not to mention? Mine comes in different colors." So that already makes her better, doesn't it? The profiling that David seems to be displaying has Jem looking a little.. uncertain, "Do you like.. document everything? Store it like a computer? Because that can be kinda messed up of you're trying to get away with something." The blond girl leans herself into Cloud's back, draping her arms over his shoulders, "Oh, it's your fault. And even if not, I can probably find a way to make it your fault."

Cloud just blanks there, "Contemplative?", he's actually pretty well read about the Phoenix having researched it a lot last year, as Jem draps her arms over his shoulders he smiles, "Yeah?, i'd like to see you try?", to David, "How could i work at school, i've got nothing to teach".

Removing the cybershades, “The shades allow me access to the school files is all. But I agree it makes it difficult to get away with things.” David smiling and nodding as Jem speaks, “Well, the different colors makes you stand out, so I bet you are way more stylish than the others. At the very least a better dancer, gymnast, and ice skater.” Leaning against the island, “You, guys, hungry? I can whip something up.” Going to the fridge and looking through the different cold cut options, “Well, Cloud, you could always join X-Force or being a teacher’s assistant. You can’t teach right after graduation. You have to at least have a degree or be an X-Man, from what I understand.”

"Damn right I'm more stylish. I'd like to see J-Storm skate around on fire the way I do. That takes practice, and work. If I didn't know my way around the ice, I wouldn't be able to be that unique with it." Jem's fiery personality isn't exactly as bright as it normally is. She does perhaps look a little weary, as if she might be in need of a nap or something. "Actually, that is kinda why I came inhere. I'm feeling a bit drained and I wanna eat a bit before I lay down for a few. I haven't eaten anything in an hour or so." She even yawns a little, trying not to get it in Cloud's ear. "You should totally like.. massage my calves while I watch TV and doze off." she tells him, "That's what a real friend would do."
"With my rep i really doupt they'd let me on the X-Force, they're like the back-up X-Men right?", Cloud can do pretty well in the Danger Room, it's just real situations that he has trouble with, "Jem, you seem to be confusing the word 'friend' with the word 'servant', and i really don't do coattails".

Beginning cold cuts out, David pulls out the bologna and salami for himself. “What do you guys want to eat? What type of sandwich can I make for you?” He then grabs some white bread for his sandwich, “And I guess X-Force is secondary X-Men.” He smiles as he never thought about it, “Well I a on X-Force, we are pretty much the security around here. I think that would be the best route for you. Stay with the mansion, you could even take part-time classes at a local university. And there is always Barnes.” When David hears Jem talking about Cloud rubbing her calves, he shakes his head a bit, “Friendship and servitude can also be signs of young romance.”

"Oh, that's where you're wrong. See, I didn't tell you to it. I said you should which implies a suggestion. Whether you do it or not is entirely up to you, but the offer was given, so if you're not inclined to show off your massuse skills.." The girl shrugs her shoulders, "That's on you, really." With another little yawn, the girl hops up to sit on the counter, "Besides, I thought you'd jump at the chance to just sit around and mellow out for a bit. You could probably use a nap yourself." She crosses one leg over the other, having to laugh at David's words, "Romance? You're not the first one to think so, let me tell you. Cloud is cute," Jem shrugs her shoulders, "In that adorkable sorta way. But I'm just kinda like this with everyone. Cloud is just easier to do that with because he is comfortable with that kinda stuff.
At least so far." Aside from a little verbal flirting, it has all seemed pretty platonic so far.

Cloud goes bright red when Jem calls him cute, "Y..yeah we're just friends, Jem's just a massive flirt", wait did she just call him a dork?, "I think that Barnes place is where Star's planning to go, don't really wanna go to the same school as Star again, i love her an all, but we tend to fight if we hang out too much".

“Well, a regular college could do well for you too. Maybe you should talk to July. She’s at ESU, I think.” David pauses a moment, “Yeah, Empire State University. That reminds me, maybe I should call her. It’s been awhile since I’ve spoken to her, since I’ve been back.” David makes the others the same sandwich that he has made for himself and passes the plates to them, “Enjoy.” He notes the patter between the two and simply smiles.

"Yuuup. Big flirt." Jem agrees with a nod, "Thanks." The girl reaches out to take a sandwich. "Since we're on the subject. I have a bit of a question. It's a little hypothetical, and just kinda something that that helps in identifying personalities, but.." she looks at Cloud, "Would you ever have the nerve or the courage to ask me out? Or to be your date for prom or something. Don't answer that right now.
Meditate on it and get back to me. I want you to realllly think about it. For now though.. I'm gonna take a little nap, get a little recharge on my batteries. I'm almost running on fumes." the girl moves for the door with her newly acquired sandwich, tossing up a hand, "Late!"

Cloud shake his head, "I can't really afford university, i don't really wanna ask my folks, plus i'm not sure if it's for me, i don't really seem like the student type", Jem's question has him completly loss for words until she leaves the room, "Err, bye!", he's not really sure what to say now.

Laughing at the interaction between Cloud and Jem, “Enjoy the nap.” As she leaves, David ponders, “Too bad she wasn’t a student here when we had the Barnes/Xavier’s dance. It would have made for an interesting time.” He smiles as he heads to the fridge, “What do you want to drink?” As he ponders his options, “Well, college isn’t for everyone. You could always look for a job. While you decide what to do. Maybe ask some of the staff about opportunities. Maybe Magneto could use some assistance at the Genoshan embassy or maybe you could do outreach work in Mutant Town?”

"Water please", Cloud barely notes the comment about the dance, "What do you think she meant by that?", does she just like screwing with his head?, "I really don't wanna associate with Magneto, i mean i get what he tries to do, but the guy's kinda dangerous, and the mutant town thing would be pretty much holding up a big sign saying 'look at me, I'm a mutant'"

Tossing Cloud a bottled water, David grabs some orange juice for himself, “Well, she could have meant anything by that. For all our vaunted abilities and powers, we are still bewildered by women. Maybe she is interested in you and this is her way of finding out if you are interested in her. My suggestion after you have thought about it for a while per her request, answer honestly. Would you ask her out on a date.” David smirks, “As someone who ha a girlfriend while he was a student here. Be careful.” He pours his glass of OJ and then returns the container to the fridge, “Well, you could always just find a job around Salem Center or if save up to get an apartment somewhere. Or maybe you could be a hero and adventurer.”

Cloud catches the bottle and drains half of it before talking again, "I would gladly trade my powers just to be able to understand women, cos i'm pretty sure that half the time they're just screwing with us, also i'm pretty sure she's made it her aim to set me on fire at least once before the end of the month", he considers the options David mentions, "I'd have to get some kind of dodgy costume though wouldn't i?"

“Well I don’t know if I’d go that far, I kinda like my powers. But I understand you. I remember how awkward it was for me and Nori. Especially on my part.” David laughs embarrassingly, “Maybe there should be a class on romance. I could imagine Ms. Frost having a field day with that.” As he decides whether to have another sandwich or not, he smirks, “You could just wear a paper bag over your head.”
The cybershades begin to flash and activate and a holographic image of Noriko comes to life, “David? Are you there?” David turns to Cloud, “Speaking of girlfriends.” David smiles, “I have to take this call. But I’ll come back to finish our conversation.” David begins to walk out of the kitchen, “I’m here. I was just speaking with one of the students.”

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