Portrayed By Bartec Borowiec
Gender Male
Date of Birth 11-1
Age 30
Zodiac Sign
Aliases Greyling
Place of Birth Chicago (AU)
Current Location NYC
Occupation Crazy
Known Relatives None
Significant Other ??
Identity Public
Known Abilities Telekinetic/Telepathic
First Appearance ???

Nonono, you're supposed to say what's on your mind. You did that next week.


In the years between, Addison and the Phoenix grew closer and closer, becoming one in mind, spirit, and body. Earthly problems became less and less of an issue to him. However, when the attacks on the two schools happened, a schism formed in his head. Addison remembered who he really was and what the world he came from was like. His mind… shattered in essence. At least, that's what people say.

He can no longer see the devisiveness between his world and this world. He still sits as a Redeemer, keeping their base secret and secure from those that he can. However, he fears that there will be one or two that can see through. As for Phoenix? Nobody knows. The bad thing is, he used to be a respected teacher. Now, about the nicest thing that can be said about Addison is, "He's a nice guy. Batshit crazy, but nice."


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