Annalisa "Supernova" Roland
Portrayed By "Ali"
Gender Female
Date of Birth July 4th
Age 27
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases Supernova
Current Location New York City
Significant Other July Lanford
Known Abilities Fire Generation, Fire Manipulation, Flight


Annalisa was still a student at Xavier's when the Sentinels struck, she was one of the lucky survivors. She had always had a terrible fear of her own powers, and of fire in general, but necessity forced her to overcome that fear, as it became a situation of do or die for her and anyone else at the academy. She managed to escape, and eventually found herself with other survivors inside of the tunnels. As time went on, and more and more mutants were rounded up or killed, she made a decision. She was always told her powers would help someday, and now she -could- use them to save people. She joined a faction dedicated to saving mutants from the concentration camps, the Redeemers. Though, occasionally, her powers were useful to the Rebels.


Originally, Annalisa had the ability to conjure flames of up to 5800 degrees, in almost any quantity, though her own fears held her back. Through training and sheer -need-, her powers developed more and more. She is now able to coat her entire body in blue flames, and while her ability to conjure large quantities of fire increased, as did her control. She became capable, with concentration, to form her flames into fantastic shapes, sizes, colors. On top of all this, she learned that by propelling her flames downward, she could simulate flight, though it is quite difficult to control.


Annalisa has completely gotten over her fear of fire, and while the flames of others can still harm her somewhat, she is totally immune to her own generated fire. Somewhat of a weakness, Annalisa has a great deal of concern for her friends and mutants in general, and that could be exploited. Also, if not wearing specially designed fabric, she has a nasty habit of totally vaporizing her clothing when fighting.


- Despite belonging to different factions, she has managed to maintain contact, and a relationship, with her high school sweetheart, July Lanford.

- A secret well hidden in high school, it is not hard to notice it now. Her entire back, from top to bottom, is covered in a series of awful burn scars, which she obtained upon her powers first activating.

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