Armande "Darkstorm" Gilpatric
Armande Gilpatrck
Portrayed By J.R. Celski
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 18, 2004
Age 16
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Darkstorm
Place of Birth Another Dimension
Current Location NYC - Morlock Tunnels
Occupation ???
Known Relatives Kenta Gilpatrick, father
Significant Other ???
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Air Control, Ghost Sword
Faction Redeemer

I am the son of Darkstar, I want to avenge his death.


Armande Gilpatrick grew up around Xavier's. Much of his life in the other dimension was forgotten to him. He grew around with his father and grandparents, even following in Kenta's footsteps and showing interest in music. He went to public school in New York City and never showed signed of being a mutant, not that his family cared. He was very headstrong like both his parents but always seemed to get along well with people When Armande was ten, he started to take guitar lessons, wanting to learn after watching his father play many times.

When he was twelve he was at Xavier's with his father when the Sentinel's attacked. Kenta grabed Armande and brought him along with Sam and Lilah to escape. For a while things were fine until hell broke loose a year later. In the streets of New York, mutant hunters attacked a small group of mutants, since Armande's X-Gene hadn't manifested yet, Kenta hid him as he fought. Armande watched his father and the others die fighting. For days he didn't move from his spot among the wreckage, hiding, starving and crying. Eventually he was found and brought to the Morlock Tunnels as someone from Xavier's recognized him as Kenta/Darkstar's son.

A year later, age 14 his powers manifested in an odd combination, a bit from his mother, controlled the four elements, and a bit from his father, darkforce. He had air control and his father's Ghost Sword. For the last two years he's practiced with his powers the best he can as all he wants to do is fight against the sentinels to get revenge for them killing his father and the other mutants that he knew.



  • "I said it!"


  • Armande grew up around Xavier's since he was 5 years old.
  • Armande's powers a mix of his mothers, control of the four elements, and his fathers, Darkforce.
  • Armande's codename is taken from his mother and father's codenames: Maelstrom and Darkstar.
  • Armande followed in his fathers footsteps and learned to play the guitar, he still has Kenta's guitar which he keeps safe.


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