Dingo (Future)
Dingo (Bruce Jumbuck-Boomer)
Portrayed By David Beckham
Gender Male
Date of Birth June 21, 1978
Age 41
Zodiac Sign Gemini - Snake
Aliases Bruce is now known as "Dingo" to most.
Place of Birth Melbourne, Australia
Current Location New York City
Occupation Refugee
Known Relatives See Below
Significant Other Jack Boomer (Missing, Presumed Dead)
Identity Public
Alignment Chaotic
Faction Rebellion
Alternate Versions Bruce
Known Abilities Psammokinesis, Psammic Form
First Appearance All the Little Things
Theme Song** Puritania by Dimmu Borgir

NOTE: This is Bruce 10 years in the future. Please see the page for the Bruce of our time for a better understanding of his powers, history, personality and characteristics.


Bruce continued to fight for mutant rights and did much to attempt to gain mutant superiority. Many of the actions taken by Bruce were seen as terrorist activities and he became strongly disliked by the general public and the more peaceful mutants in the city. Eventually his identity was made public and he went into hiding. He took the codename “Dingo” as his permanent name and stayed in the shadows, working through a network of mutants he had met through the years.

While hiding from the public eye, Dingo and a few like minded individuals managed to create a school of sorts, the primary goal of which was to combat train young mutants for the perceived immanent war. The school was not publicly known, and consisted of a few unused tunnels which were rebuilt to suit their purposes. Most of the “students” were outlaws or runaways who were drawn in by the “school’s” message of mutant superiority. The group continued to violently attempt to push their agenda, leading to quite a few skirmishes between Dingo’s students and the students of Xavier’s.

The media attention surrounding Dingo drew in a couple of people from his past that he did not expect to see. Jack Boomer, realizing that Dingo was still alive, traveled to the United States and reunited with his former lover. They were married shortly after and worked together to train the vagrants and runaways of the tunnels.

Dingo’s sister Kimber also traveled to America, though she disagreed strongly with Dingo’s actions. She eventually landed a position teaching music at Xavier’s, something which led to many arguments between the siblings. Kimber’s presence did quell some of the violence between the two factions however, since Dingo did not want to see her unintentionally injured.

When the Sentinels reemerged, Dingo’s own group grew in numbers as he began taking in displaced mutants and those who went into hiding. He urged Kimber to join him underground, but she insisted that Xavier’s was the safest place. He received a panicked call from her on the night the Sentinels attacked Xavier’s, but by the time he made it there the damage had already been done. Kimber did not survive the attack, something that Dingo still blames the former X-Men for to this day.

Dingo’s own school was destroyed shortly after Kimber’s death. Many of his students were killed, captured, or scattered. He managed to escape, but Jack has been missing since that day. Having lost everything within such a short amount of time Dingo began wandering the city until he came upon the Rebellion. He lives now only to destroy those who took everything from him. Consumed by hatred, Dingo does not care what price he must pay to achieve his retribution.

Recently Dingo discovered that Jack is being held in one of the mutant detainment facilities. He was made an offer by those in charge that if he cooperated with them and assisted in the destruction of the Rebellion, they would release Jack. Dingo does not trust these people, but he turned against the Rebellion all the same. He believes that even if he never does set Jack free he can at least improve his husband's living conditions by working as a Hunter. If he ever gets Jack back in his possession he will strike back at the humans with deadly vengeance.


Date Log Title Cast Summary
June 8, 2020 All the Little Things Betsy, Dingo, Rashmi, Robin, Robyn & Sophie Rashmi, Robyn & Sophie meet up in the Underground. Dingo shows up and chastises Betsy & Robin for not killing a Hound when given the chance.
June 11, 2020 The City of Night Dingo & Domino Dingo happens upon Domino and tags along as she does some black market shopping.
June 15, 2020 New Allies New Threats Arsenal, Dingo & Vincent Bruce, Vincent & Arsenal discuss abilities and Sentinels in the tunnels.
June 19, 2020 Jail Break Dingo, Hope, Hosea, Hunter, Jesse, Pietro, Robyn, Thought & Volk The Redeemers & Rebellion break into one of the camps to free the trapped mutants. Things do not go exactly as planned however.
June 19, 2020 The Traitor Dingo & Daniel (NPC) The Traitor from the Rebellion meets with the man who’s been manipulating him.
June 21, 2020 Vengeance of the Stray Dog Dingo, Jono, Kael, Max, Rashmi, Robin, Robyn, Scourge & Theo The Mole is finally revealed as he goes on a rampage through the mutant base. Ties are cut, supplies are destroyed, and lives are lost.

Friends & Family

Name Race Relation Notes
Terry Jumbuck Human Dingo’s Father They never made up. Bruce's father died of a heart attack in 2015.
Bindi Jumbuck Human Dingo’s Mother By the time she tried reaching out to Bruce, he was already in hiding. She moved in with her brother Rodger and still lives in Melbourne, VIC.
Kimber Jumbuck Mutant Dingo’s Younger Sister She came to the States to find her brother after he made the news. She disapproved of his actions and ended up teaching music at Xavier's. She was killed during the Sentinel attack.
Rodger Jumbuck Human Dingo’s Uncle Currently living in Melbourne, VIC with Bindy.
Jack Boomer Mutant Dingo’s Partner Jack resurfaced and came to the states. He and Bruce were married, but Jack went missing during a Sentinel raid.
General Murphy Human Dingo's Commanding Officer Came to the States after Bruce made the news. He offered Bruce diplomatic immunity if he returned to the RAIC, but Bruce refused and has not seen the man since.

Powers Upgrades

  • Dingo’s range and stamina have increased by 25% each. He can now control sands up to 30 feet in each direction, giving him a 60 foot diameter area of influence.
  • Dingo is now able to transform skin-tight clothing into sand when he goes into his psammic form. He can rematerialize wearing the clothing.



  • Dingo brews an extremely potent and horrible tasting alcohol he calls "Dog Grog".
  • Dingo still wears his wedding ring, even though he has not seen Jack in nearly five years.
  • Dingo has Aboriginal Tattoos over much of his body.

Changes in Appearance

  • Dingo is now 41. He looks a little grizzled with age, the stresses of life causing his hair and beard to turn silver in some places.
  • Dingo has an eye patch and claw mark covering his left eye. He sustained the injury about a year ago while fighting a feral Hunter.
  • Dingo always wears the left arm and right leg of golden armor. This is because he lost both of the limbs in battles with Sentinels. Within the armor one would find replacement limbs crafted out of sand. Dingo is able to use the sand limbs as effectively as his real ones. He has used his sand limbs long enough that they no longer tire him at all. He does not even need to focus on them to keep them intact as he has long been able to do so subconsciously.
  • Dingo's costume now consists of a black body suit and the left arm and right leg made up of golden armor.


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