Portrayed By Xavier Samuel
Gender Male
Date of Birth 01/06/93
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases Fable
Place of Birth Waterford, Ireland
Current Location New York
Occupation Hound of Ahab
Known Relatives Brother, Father
Significant Other ???
Identity ??
Known Abilities Magic
First Appearance ???

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Caleb O’Callahan – Caleb stopped aging when he turned 17 (the magic recognises the welder as an adult at this age) when the magic bonded with him completely, merging his life-force and becoming the key aspect of which keeps him alive. Caleb stayed on at Barnes until he was technically 22, which was the year of the attack on Barnes. He helped with the evacuation of the school and managed to survive due to his flight and phasing abilities, however not long after he was found by the Hounds of Ahab, Ahab tied Caleb’s genetics to him. He converted Caleb mentally and physically into his obedient slave.

Powers – Over the course of the ten years, Caleb gradually learned to regain complete human form and has begun to learn how to use his abilities without transforming, however when he does transform he tends to favour his Ghost transformation. As said in Caleb’s app i said he would gain other power sets, but as for one I haven’t figured them out yet, my idea is for in human form he has a form of super strength and speed, and weak electric and fire manipulation, but will tend to favour his ghost-like powers.


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