This is a list of our character pages. Any character approved on Marvel Revolution for the future plot is more than welcome to update their pages on a regular basis. We will have a listing of characters both by game-name as codenames are fairly useless in the future.

Character Names #, A-H

Character Names I-O

Character Names P-Z

Missing In Action

  • Aaron (his body disappeared after a fight with Sentinels. It seemed to melt away into the remaining plantlife nearby.)
  • Angelo
  • Ben (last seen carried away by a woman with six arms in 2010)
  • Billy (Last seen after graduation at Barnes. Doesn't keep in touch with anyone. Has been spotted once or twice weilding a pair of nearly twin swords)
  • Jennifer (Hiding away in isolation. Much like her cousin, Bruce has done at times)
  • Jonas (Hasn't been seen after a meeting with US military Brass. Current status: Unknown.)
  • Keld
  • Matthew (No one has seen Daredevil since the sentinel attacks.)
  • Tara (Last seen being a one-woman strike team on a Sentinel Base. The base was taken down to rubble. Tara never resurfaced)
  • Taskmaster (Moved to Latveria.)


  • Wesley Cordova (Turned to living lightning and died traveling in a closed circuit in a Sentinel compound.)
  • Gabriel Dumont (Publicly executed for treason after condemning the USA's course of action with the sentinels.)
  • Sam Guthrie (Publicly executed as a mutant, alongside his wife, Lila Cheney in 2019)
  • Kage Kisake (Died in a Sentinel Attack in Manhattan)
  • Rojani Lowari (Died in the same Sentinel Attack that took Siegfried)
  • Pietro Maximoff (Killed during the first attacks.)
  • Christopher Parker-Mayfair (Died helping the school get away from the Sentinel attack. Exactly as laid out in plot premise on game)
  • Andres Reeve (Died in an attack by the Friends of Humanity after Registration went into effect. During the fight, he sent several of them insane into attacking each other. However, he didn't survive the debacle.)
  • Cloud Rosen (Died in Sentinel Attack. Absorbed too much energy. Exploded. Took two sentinels as well.)
  • Dante Torren (Died in Sentinel Attack on Barnes Academy)
  • Siegfried Werner (Dead in Sentinel Attack in Manhattan.)
  • Pete Wisdom (Died in Sentinel Attack)
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