Chezlie Deseret Rockwell
Portrayed By Maria Valverde
Gender Female
Date of Birth October 13th
Age 26
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases None
Place of Birth Hildale, UT
Current Location ???
Occupation Print Shop
Known Relatives Sarah (mom), John (dad), Brenn, Rayette, Chance and McKayla (siblings). This is not counting her 7 other step-moms and 60 odd half brothers and sisters.
Significant Other none
Identity ??
Known Abilities Dermatelekinesis
First Appearance ???

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After graduating from the Xavier's Institute, Chezlie opted to do the one thing she didn't actually think she would; go to college. She ended up enrolling all across the other side of the country at Evergreen College, located in Olympia. Evergreen is the exact opposite in lifestyle and philosophy from what her childhood entailed, and this was the main reason she decided to apply and when excepted, enroll. College life for her wouldn't be too different from most other students. She felt lucky that her mutation could easily be hidden and it seemed the friends she made were all open minded enough that when mentioned, no one seemed to care. The crowd she fell into was definitely the piercing and tattoo type kids, which with her back tattoo, was extremely easy for her to fit in with.

After four years, several more tattoos, some piercings and a degree in printmaking, Chezlie would make, along with many of her fellow students, the exodus up into Seattle and begin working at a little print shop that specialized in screen printing for t-shirts and posters. The money wasn't great, but life was fairly simple, allowing her to afford most of the simple pleasures in life and her gym membership. It was hard not having a free and always open state of the art facility like Xavier's, or the simple, but still free to students facility at Evergreen. It was as if any dreams of becoming a super hero had completely vanished.

It would be years later, while visiting her mom in Salt Lake City that Chezlie would hear about the attack of the Sentinels on the Institute. Feeling it only right to try and get back to New York, she'd book a flight and immediately set out that evening only to be hijacked with her mom on the way to the airport by a sentinel. She'd be the only one taken captive while her mother would be left, injured on the side of the road. It turns out the potential to brainwash her was leaked by a character from her past - Olin Oman. He basically traded her information in order to save his own ass.

Like all the others, Chezlie was subjected to much brainwashing, drugs and conditioning. It would turn out everything Olin told them was correct - Chezlie was very easy to brainwash. So easy, that it made ten times more sense to actual condition her into one of the Hounds instead of just a hunter. She'd already been brainwashed twice; living within her fathers fundamentalism and again with the Oman's, so it made sense it could be done again. So mentally re-writing Chezlie's mind was almost too easy. Getting back into training was very easy and fluid for her since she had been keeping herself in decent shape. She also received the 'M' tattoo across her right eye, marking her as a mutant, but as a Hound, this is usually covered by a strange masks she's begun to adopt.


Dermatelekinesis - The basics of Chezlie's power centers around the fact that her skin acts as a two way psionic transmitter of whatever is drawn upon her. Objects can be pulled free with enough mental concentration, appearing materialistically as a willowy, translucent and glowing version of the drawing. Characteristics can also be granted from the drawing, causing her to momentarily gain enhanced abilities, though this is much harder for her to perform. The temporary aspect of the drawings makes it very difficult for her to mentally call forth an object or imbue herself with it's characteristic, like her skin is not familiar with the abstract and cannot transmit it into being with ease. Hence the idea of tattooing the teen quickly came about, giving the body something that is always there and thus familiar. The more familiar an object becomes, the easier it is to recall and the stronger it's qualities become. Simply using paint or chalk to draw something onto Chezlie will really only produce a visual effect and not much else.


-Old -

Small Katana tattoos - The two tattoos of small samurai swords fall from her shoulder blades and down to her waist. They're interwoven by the waterfall, but were inked into the teen first and in their entirety, which is what mostly matters in her abilities, and can be removed as two identical swords, 22" long - 5" handle with 17" blades. Like everything else that can be pulled free, the swords appears a willowy and transparent objects, glowing a faint blue. There permanent status and constant use has made them much easier to pull from within her body. The blades themselves can be very sharp, though without any concentration function as a normal, well made steel sword. Through intense concentration, the edges can be finely tuned so that they can slice through all metals, excluding Adamantium. The sharper the edge is made, the more concentration and then the more mental fatigue. Hold the swords at their sharpest for more than five minutes will leave Chezlie with such a painful headache as to render the teen useless. With littler amounts of concentration, she can do the opposite and make the edges dull. Both swords have a strong mental link to the teen, and if they were to be destroyed, would take her mind with them, leaving her little more than a mindless body.

Waterfall Tattoo - Part of the telekinetic absorption is the thoughts related to the design in Chezlie's mind, though the waterfall specifically was done through suggestion, she none-the-less has specific connotations that have become true. So with the waterfall comes the thought of fast, fluid moving liquid and this thought is then transmitted into the ability to move with a speed and fluidity that is beyond the human means. By no means has she been granted super speed, only being one and a half times faster than your fastest human. What really comes through is the fluidity of her movements, very reminiscent of a slithering stream of water cutting through a ragged landscape. Similar to this -

- New -

Mountain Design - Her right shoulder and arm have been completely outfitted in a traditional style artwork of a mountain range, working it's way from her wrist all the way up to her shoulder. The landscape is dotted along with little Bonsai trees and one small, continuous stream; the greens, browns and blues much more brilliant than the dull, rock tone the rest of her flesh has been injected with. She's learned, that with a little concentration, her flesh will take on the toughness of rock, making it very good for striking a foe or blocking an attack.

Sailor Style Dagger - This tattoo is very colorful with an intricately designed gold handle. The blade itself curves slightly forward, making it similar in design to a kukuri. This tattoo is found at the base of her left forearm, just below the underside of her wrist. It acts in all the same ways to the swords on her back, but just much smaller in size.

Japanese style Dragon, Smoke and Fire - Wrapped from her left shoulder and twisting all the way down her left arm is a long, green and scaled dragon, smoking eschewing out from it's nostrils and twisting it's way back up her arm, filling in the caps that the large snake like body does not fill in. There's two large fangs hanging from it's open mouth as a stream of bright red and orange fire spews forth. The flames end at the top side of her left hand. Though it's more of an illusion than anything else, with concentration, Chezlie can make a translucent version of the dragon, the size of a thick but small snake, fly free from her arm.

Sugar Skull - The top center of her chest has a colorful Mexican style sugar skull inked into her skin. It's very intricately designed with little wings of filigree sweeping around on both sides. Written in old English font at both of her collar bones, and just above the skull, are the words "Jack Mormon." This tattoo really serves no function with her powers, besides being able to lift the design from her body.


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