Chloe McMillan
Portrayed By Taylor Swift
Gender Female
Date of Birth 29th January
Age 26
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Aliases Etoile
Place of Birth Chicago
Current Location New York
Occupation Student
Known Relatives All Missing Presumed Dead - Arthur McMillan (father), Joan McMillian (mother), Jane McMillan (younger sister) —
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Superspeed, Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Digestive System
First Appearance 5th February 2010


By the time Chloe had finished studying at Xavier's her super speed had increased to a point at which a normal life was never going to be an option for her. Inspired by Quicksilver, who had mentored her throughout high school, she signed up for college classes at Barnes Academy. And of course the added incentive that SHIELD would regrow her a new hand to replace her prosthetic hand if she signed a contract to work with them afterwards was especially tempting.

Because of Barnes policy of students needing to study at a 'normal' rate she found herself with 'years' of super speed time to spend however she liked. Always an active women she threw herself into various hobbies, splitting her time between a dozen styles of dance and a variety of martial arts.

When the Sentinels attacked Barnes Academy Chloe was one of a group of students lucky enough to break through and get to the relative safety of an obscure SHIELD storage facility, used to store items take from minor league super-villians, within the city. Unsure exactly how long the building would remain safe the students, Chloe amongst them, agreed to loot the building and split up. In the hopes that at least one of them could find help for the others.

Eventually Chloe found her way to the rebellion after a few months on the run, having escaped capture through a combination of sheer speed and the training she received at both Barnes & Xaviers. The relief at seeing people she knew from her school days who had managed to escape was almost overwhelming after her time spent hiding in ruined buildings and living off whatever she could scavenge.

With a purpose other than simply living from day to day she quickly began volunteering for whatever work she could, eventually ending up working in Rashmi's strike team where she has since been putting her finely honed combat skills to good use.


  • What's happened since you've been approved?*


  • Chloe still keeps her old cyborg hand as quite possibly the worlds creepiest mp3 player.
  • She now moves 36 times faster than a Human in peak condition. (1080mph)
  • Her body is durable enough to withstand collisions at her top speed. Making her extremely hard to injure.
  • Chloe keeps a veritable arsenal of weapons. Including an energy spear able to cut steel, two Russian Bayonets, a pair of Chinese Butterfly Swords, a side-grip extendable baton and cigar tubes filled with home made thermite.


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