Wildman Wade "Deadpool" (Future)
Character Name Here!
Portrayed By Ryan Reynolds
Gender Male
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Aliases Deadpool, Merc with a Mouth, Jack, Chiyonosake ("the Wolf of the Rice Wine"), Rhodes, Corpus, Lopez, Hobgoblin, Thom Cruz, numerous others
Place of Birth Rumored Canada
Current Location The Future!
Occupation Hunter, Mercenary
Known Relatives Deceased
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Healing factor; Immunity to disease, telepathy and foreign chemicals; Superhuman strength, agility, reflexes and stamina; Extended longevity.
First Appearance New Mutants #98

I'm a wed-hot sportsman after wild game. Heh-heh-heh-heh. (All in best Elmber Fudd impersionation of course)

The rise of the Sentinels wasn't a complete worry or concern for wildman Wade, even finding it a great opportunity to find some awesome work, be taken care of and maybe even praised. Becoming a Hunter seemed like a choice idea at the time and Deadpool of course hopped on the band-wagon, nameless faceless mutants he didn't much care for was no major concern for the Merc, they were after all generally at one point or another d-bags (at least in his eyes).
For years Deadpool has been a dedicated, hard-working and competent Hunter despite his antics and constant running mouth. It has only been recently that he's begin to get sloppy, a recent incident even occurring where two Hunters and a patrol of Sentinels were destroyed, Deadpool was the only survivor - having returned with only one arm. The other he claims he lost somewhere, "Very effectively lodged up some Rebel Mutant sphincter" It has since then regrown of course.

By all appearances, Deadpool really loves his work as a Hunter.






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