Neena "Domino" Thurman (Future)
Portrayed By Rhona Mitra
Gender Female
Date of Birth ??
Age Appears late 30's
Zodiac Sign ??
Aliases Beatrice, Neena Thurman, Vicky Carlisle, Samantha Wu, Luisa Mendoza, many others.
Place of Birth Still claims Chicago, IL.
Current Location New York
Occupation Mercenary/Rebellion
Known Relatives Beatrice (mother), Lazarus (Half-brother)
Significant Other ??
Identity ??
Known Abilities Probability manipulation where things just tend to go her way. Skilled marksman and close quarters hand to hand combat.
First Appearance Impersonated in New Mutants #98 by Copycat

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The rise of the Sentinels and the fall of local mutant establishments lead to a scattering of mutant-kind. Different means of handling things, a way to hope and cling to survival if they were not already captured and locked down in the camps or forced into servitude. At the beginning she watched as New York became a large red ember on the coast line, burning, falling, humans and mutants all running.

The hunt was on.

There was no debate on what side she would take, but there were groups, bands of underground mutants becoming their own uprising and resistance and there is where her choice had to be made. Passive, passive-aggressive or just plain aggressive?

Years had passed and once this all began she had not heard from nor seen Cable. Perhaps that was her own fault for staying in New York where the jobs were abundant and defense for what she had come to believe in was needed. Her kind – he had his own revolution, this was hers. Who lived from the X-Force, the X-Men, or even those of her past? Deadpool had been here, and as much dismay as that had brought it would be perhaps even a relief to see him after a couple years alone and in search.

Those couple years bled into nearly a decade, of those, two she had been captured and locked into an encampment. Left alive but the collar that locked around her neck kept her powers at bay, and there was no luck, even in her own attempts to escape that left her struck down several times and near death. Scars riddle her form, one in particular running across her back from her left shoulder blade to her right hip. Perhaps there was still some luck she managed to survive that blast when she tried to get free.

Hope was something she had then learned to put in the back of her mind. She kept her strength and her iron will, still practiced to keep herself fit when the time was allowed because if the day came that she would ever break free, she would not fall behind. That day came with a lone group of mercenaries took down the Sentinel guards and blast through the walls of the encampment, the collar falling free of her neck. Many ran, fled for their freedom but Domino remained and fought until the camp was left to ashes and embers and her body ached, but the smile returned, her eyes edged with hatred and a new intent.

What she was not expecting was the approach of someone behind her, and when she whirled to land a hardened and weight enforced kick to where a face would be a helmet stared back at her and was slowly removed. Jakob, a familiar face from the past stared back at her, though heavily evolved from the kid she met before.

Domino left that encampment with the group of mercenaries that Jakob - now Arsenal - was with, returned to the collapsed building her things had been hidden in and dug them up. They were a lone team of their own now and more years were spent fighting this war as a motley group of rebels, protecting each other with their lives while they laid them out for their kind.


  • 6/5/2020 - Joins the Underground Rebellion


  • Two Browning Pro 9's.
  • Two .30 caliber RFA Machine Pistols
  • One HK-417
  • Repairing a plasma hand cannon.
  • Knives in wrist sheaths that trigger open.
  • Throwing daggers wrapped around her thigh and hidden in various places.


  • Amazing thing!
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