Dunstin VonThurston
Dunstin VonThurston IV
Portrayed By Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Gender Male
Date of Birth November 31, 1993
Age 26
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Lord Luck
Place of Birth Newport, Rhode Island
Current Location New York
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Dunstin Eisenhower VonThursdon III (Father), Mary-Lynn VonThursdon (Mother, deceased)
Significant Other Cameron "Cam" Phillips
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Probability Manipulation
Faction Redeemers

It's not about what you did before, it's about what you do now.


After the death of Cam’s parents, Dunstin and Cam became closer in their relationship. Dunstin’s father even ‘took’ Cam into their family to help him adjust to the loss of his family. Since the VonThurston’s don’t have to worry about money, Dunstin the third even willingly paid for College for Cam. Thus Dunstin went to Brown University for business while Cam went to Johnson and Whales near by. The two remained close in their relationship.

In 2016 - Dunstin’s junior year of college - he heard that Xavier’s was attacked and that mutants were public enemy number one. Dunstin VonThurston the Third was outted as having a mutant son and there was a hostile take over of VT Textiles, leaving the VonThurston’s with nothing. The house, cars, almost everything, was lost. In 2017 they moved into a small apartment but it was hard time just finding a job. Dunstin was kicked out of college and the family savings were running low. That’s when the Sentinels came. Dunstin, who now has control over his luck powers and can choose who gets good luck and who gets bad, was able to give luck to him and his father and they were able to get to the right places at the right time.

Using his luck, Dunstin was able to get him and his father to safety and find the Morlock tunnels. For the last few years, Dunstin has been going on missions to rescue mutants, using his luck to get them to safety. His father is one of the few humans among the mutants underground and with his lack of X-Gene he’s aided in the mutant cause and helped where mutants can’t go.


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  • "I said it!"


  • Dunstin no longer requires dice to control his powers.


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