Envy (Future)
Eris Dysnomia (Envy)
Portrayed By Milla Jovovich
Gender Female
Date of Birth December 21, 1974
Age 45
Zodiac Sign Saggitarius - Tiger
Aliases Envy
Place of Birth Chicago, IL
Current Location New York City
Occupation Former Crime Boss
Known Relatives See Below
Significant Other Wrath - Missing
Identity Known
Known Abilities Crystallokinesis
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Faction Hounds of Ahab
Alternate Versions Eris
First Appearance** The Battle of Cedar Hill
Theme Song Juke Joint Jezebel by KMFDM

NOTE: This is Envy 10 years in the future. Please see the page for the Envy of our time for a better understanding of her powers, history, personality and characteristics.


Fascinated by the number of mutants she found in New York, Envy eventually helped found an all mutant crime syndicate. The mutant mafia was run by a group of seven mutants: Envy, Greed, Pride, Sloth, Gluttony, Lust and Wrath. Due to the abilities and code names of the top members of this group, they came to be known as the “Seven Sins”. Within a few short years of arriving within the city, Envy had become one of the crime bosses of Mutant Town.

Shortly before the attack on Xavier’s and Barnes, the “Seven Sins” fell under attack. Specialized soldiers including a few mutants began picking off the top seven bosses in the guild. They came for Envy three times. She was able to defeat her assailants the first two tries, but the third group contained a mutant with an extraordinary ability. Envy found that she was unable to defeat the other mutant. Rather than being killed or captured, she released a large amount of energy and encased herself and the other mutant within a large crystal.

The two remained trapped for some time. The remaining guild called in Telepaths, who confirmed that both were alive, but they could not find a way to awaken the woman. Shortly after the sentinel attacks, the remaining members of the syndicate disbanded. Envy’s crystal disappeared soon afterward.

It was assumed for many years that the crystal was destroyed and that Envy had died, but survivors from recent raids have reported being attacked by a woman who can create crystals. Envy was awakened but suffered from partial amnesia. It would appear as though she has been undergoing some reprogramming since that time. Envy now works as a Hound of Ahab.

Powers Upgrades

  • Envy can now create crystals within a 50 foot radius of her body. She has perfected her ability to relocate minerals to the extent that she can cause them to erupt from the ground, building walls, and out of bodies of water with greater speed than before.
  • Envy never learned how to fully transform her body into crystal, but she can cause crystal spikes to erupt from her body. Though these spikes appear to protrude out of her flesh, they cause her no harm. Once the spikes are removed or retracted there is no mark left on her body.
  • Envy has apparently been given further martial arts training since joining the Hounds. Her speed and reflexes are slightly lower than that of an Olympic gymnast.


Date Log Title Cast Summary
June 6, 2020 The Battle of Cedar Hill Envy, July, Kaji, Kalindi, Mikhail, Rashmi & Volk Rashmi, July & Mikhail defeat a Sentinel in Central Park. Kalindi brings in Envy & Kaji to capture them, but Volk steps in to rescue the three.
June 8, 2020 The Warzone Annalisa, Chezlie, Deadpool, Envy, Julian, Kael, Rashmi, Sabina & Volk A massive battle erupts in Times Square over the life of a captured mutant girl.
June 9, 2020 LOG MISSING Ahab, Caleb, Envy & Heather Ahab discusses his plans to change history by using Heather's ability.
June 10, 2020 Memories of Another Life Envy & Lust Eris runs into one of the members of her old crime syndicate.
June 13, 2020 Reawakening Envy, Heather, Kael, Rashmi, Vincent, Volk Vincent awakens from a decade of sleep to find himself in a battlefield between the Hounds & Sentinels and the Redeemers & Rebellion.

Friends & Family

Name Race Relation Notes
Ahab Altered-Human Envy's Master Freed Envy from the crystal prison she created. He reprogrammed the woman to be one of his loyal Hounds.
Carl Costa Human Envy’s Father Assumed to still be in prison. Envy has not even tried to look for him.
Adrienne Costa Human Envy’s Mother She was evicted from her apartment after she was no longer able to pay her bills. She disappeared shortly afterward.
Bernie Costa Human Envy’s Uncle By the time he found Envy she had become one of the top members of the Seven Sins. She helped him to become the Don of the Chicago Mafia and worked with him until the demise of her syndicate.
Don Rizzo Human Don of the Chicago Mafia Envy oversaw the death of this man so that she could place her Uncle in charge of the area.
Kaneda Sensei Human Envy’s Sensei Martial Arts master that trained Envy. He still resides in Japan.
Seven Sins Mutants Envy's Crime Syndicate An all mutant crime syndicate that lost power when the Sentinels attacked. The seven bosses included Envy, Greed, Lust, Sloth, Gluttony, Wrath & Pride. Some of the top members were believed to have been killed in the mutant extermination, but a few have been seen lurking around the city recently. Their current whereabouts are unknown.
Wrath Mutant Envy's Significant Other One of the "Seven Sins". He and Envy had a romantic relationship until the Sentinel attacks. His current whereabouts are unknown, it is unknown whether or not he is even alive.

Changes in Appearance

  • Despite this being ten years in the future, Envy looks only to have aged about five years. Her body apparently went into stasis while it was trapped within the Crystal.
  • Envy has an M tattooed on her face.


  • "If you surrender now I won't have to kill you."


  • Envy has occasional flashes of her past life. Her amnesia may not be permanent, but that coupled with her reprogramming by the Hounds make her difficult to reach telepathically. It is perhaps possible for a very powerful telepath to restore Envy to her former self.


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