Ten years have passed since the current timeline on Marvel Revolution. In this change of time, everything has gone to hell. In 2015, Sentinels returned with a vengeance. Beneath the superstructure of society, they were being rebuilt and put on silent. They were simply biding their time until they could take over.

In 2016, The amassed armies of Sentinels destroyed two key locations for superhumans. Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and Barnes Academy. SHIELD tried to intercede and was completely obliterated from the inside out. Those that lived had several options. Fight with the underground resistance. Join with the rebels trying to reclaim society in the former Morlock Tunnels, cloaked from Sentinels by one man who lost his mind in the wars as he saw people destroyed. Become a mutant hunter, working with the sentinels and the new government. Be taken by Ahab and used as a hound in the hunt.

The world order has started affecting other countries. Food is scarce. Necessities are hard to find. But those still living make it happen. The USA has basically been cut off from all contact with other countries. Even Canada has erected a barrier to protect themselves from the USA's influence.

Where do you stand?

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