Heather Brown
Portrayed By Amy Lee
Gender Female
Date of Birth August 12
Age 26 (293 in fast world)
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases Timeslip
Place of Birth St. Louis
Current Location Xavier's Institute
Occupation Escapist
Known Relatives Dan Brown (deceased), Cheryl Brown (deceased)
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Time manipulation
First Appearance ???

Somehow, I never have enough time.


Heather stayed with the Xavier’s Institute until she graduated, which was only shortly after her enrolment due to her speedshift. Her mother and father, having escaped from prison, found their way back to their daughter and, through the use of her father’s illusions, tricked her into joining with them to take control of St. Louis once again. With her abilities often boosted by her mother, and her perceptions wildly altered by her father, she unwittingly aided their climb to power. Their reign didn’t last long, however, and the arrival of the Sentinels, immune to Heather’s parents’ tricks, quickly destroyed both Mindbender and Upgrade. Heather, however, managed to escape this initial confrontation.

Without her parents to control her, and the general increases to her powers because of her mother’s boosting, she managed to evade the Sentinels. She is not a freedom fighter, but when she enounters members of groups such the Rebellion and the Redeemers, she has been generally helpful in the past, but it seems as though she has her own agendas and ideas on what to do about the sentinel menace. She continues to suffer from her soliptic delusions and therefore doesn't extend her trust to anyone…


  • 2011: Heather graduates from the academic program, but stays for psychological treatment.
  • 2012: Cheryl and Dan Brown take Heather back to St. Louis
  • 2016: Cheryl and Dan become the first victims of the sentinels in St. Louis.
  • 2018: Heather returns to New York to try and hinder and antagonize the sentinels and Hunters as much as possible.


  • "My name is Heather Brown. Codename: Timeslip."


  • Heather's synaesthesia allows her to more easily remember auditory information from her distance past.
  • She still believes that she is the center of the universe, but with the time afforded to her by her abilities, she has more reason to believe herself a source for knowledge.
  • Heather enjoys playing strategy games and will do so with anyone amenable to the idea and that is friendly enough to do so.


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