Hosea Ikbuku
Portrayed By Corbin Bleu
Gender Male
Date of Birth December 5, 1992
Age 27
Aliases Prophet
Place of Birth Tribal Village, Nigeria
Current Location Xavier Mutant Detention Camp
Occupation Counselor/Pastor
Known Relatives ???
Significant Other None
Identity Public
Known Abilities Dimensional Shifting
First Appearance ???

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After graduating from Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Hosea went to college and got his degree in counseling. He returned to the school and became the full-time counselor for the students and staff alike. When the school was attacked in 2015, Hosea's powers were of great value. Because he could indefinitely evade capture, he drew the attention of many Sentinels to help ensure the escape of the other students. After all had escaped who were going to escape, he chose not to follow them into hiding.
Hosea knew from his own experience what horrid life was awaiting those who had been captured, and believed that God desired him to go with them to the camps. He surrendered himself, and was placed back in the Xavier Detention Camp. His job changed only slightly in his mind. To suffer and die was not his concern. Instead of plotting escapes, however, he chose to spend his time tending to the souls and minds of those who were imprisoned. He gives uplifting advice and encouragement, and often volunteers the little that he is given to live off of so that others may have an easier life in the camps.



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